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12 Ways We’re Being Eyeballed, Indexed and Monitored to Oblivion


New secret multi-billion dollar NSA facility in the Utah desert to add to their massive Ft. Meade, MD facility. Feeling safe now? Big brother LOVES you.

by Zen Gardner


The latest announcement of recording capabilities being installed in American buses via their already invasive CCTV cameras has me hopping mad. It’s just sick. Yet the most astounding thing is the vast majority will swallow it as a needed feature to help fight terrorism.

After all, they have nothing to hide. They’re not doing diddly squat to stand up to anything, and have no intention to. “Obey..Obey” is what they hear.

Every possible 1984ish scenario immediately jumps into your mind as the slow mo intro of all this techno mumbo jumbo is laid on a naive and unsuspecting, weakened public.

Let Me Count the Ways

Let’s look at some of the current methods being employed to track and document our behavior,

1. Credit/Debit and RFID use: Every transaction, ID and passport use is monitored and tracked. Your buying habits are sold to corporations and your personal information given to the US Department of Justice in some form. Rely on it. Your privacy rights have vanished. RFIDs are soon to be in all forms of ID, used for medical records, are in your food and products for “tracking” and soon to be under everyone’s skin. Beware. That one’s a biggie.

2. Phone and Internet use. Forget it, they know everything. The NSA is in bed with the servers and providers so kiss internet and cellular privacy goodbye, subjects. Don’t believe that? Go googling before it disappears.

3. GPS and Drones. “Thanks for the self-bought tracking device, Philbert.” They can pinpoint anyone. GPS, phone, lowjack, OnStar…those just help. Watch for the policing drones and other technologies to follow soon. You are not alone…anywhere!

4. Smart Meters. They read all your home’s devices, track your activities and give off more radiation than a cell phone tower! Nice, eh? Clever bastards.

5. Chemtrails and EMFs. By now we’ve all inhaled, eaten and drunk enough metalic salts such a s barium, aluminum, and fluoride to be tracked from space. EMFs from cell and GWEN towers and the electrosmog stew we live in screw with your nervous system more than ever and influence your thoughts, as does your TV. Happy yet?

6. The Obvious CCTV cameras…and the Not Obvious ones. They’re now in America’s buses, as they are in the UK. In the UK they’re on the outside of the buses as well…never mind in trees in the countryside.Yes, it’s gone that far, and will continue to proliferate in the US in the same manner. Smile. There’s 8 to 12 in every intersection…don’t you wonder the hell why?

7. Scans and More Scans. Old news. Airport, transport, mobile and soon to be everywhere: Metal detectors, feel-downs and ups, and the latest: backscatter machines that unzip your DNA. Getting the picture? Highway checks have also started. Realize who they really fear yet?

8. Fingerprints and Iris scanners. Notice how many want fingerprints now? And iris scanners are already in place in many airports. In fact this was the first thing the NYPD did to anyone arrested in the Occupy demonstrations. Beware.

9. Facial recognition technology. “Yay! We’ll catch all those buggers now! But why am I suspect?”  Coming “officially” soon (which means they’ve been experimenting and using it for some time already…..) and..

10. Precrime detection! Yes, movies DO come to life! They’re working fervently on detecting your MOOD and will summarily assume at will you have BAD INTENTIONS with this one! Beware being pissed or on a bummer in public…YOU could be a terrorist!! Besides, they’re looking for DNA traits that indicate the same. You are mincemeat.

11. Intention To Trespass Outside the Country? Yup. Here’s a brand new doozey. “You gonna circumvent your domesticating home country’s laws on substance regulation, you wild and crazy thing? Damn you…you get back in the house right now!”

12. “Illuminating!” – Intellistreets now rolling out.  New street lights that include “Homeland Security” applications including speaker systems, microphones, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding. Orwell would be proud. This one is over the top and being put into place as fast as they can. (Go Here)


Nazi propaganda poster, 1944. Look familiar to anyone? Any fascist, aggressive, maniacal country machine you might know?

Fascism On Steroids

Some call this fascist clamp down the fourth Reich, but it might as well be the third Reich since it never really stopped–it just changed faces and moved to the US where they could take it to new levels. And we’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Can that really happen here? Please wake the heck up. It already has. The common American psyche has been rendered obsolete, while the laws are all in place just waiting for the next excuse to keep ratcheting it up.

“Oh yes we can!” Wash, rinse, repeat.

How to Feel Disempowered

–By thinking our votes make any kind of a difference and submitting to a system that tells us we can only go through those channels.

–By taking instructions from a compromised state controlled media.

–By waiting for responsible leaders to come to the fore in a completely corrupt system.

–By not believing it could happen here, as was the case in every country that was ever taken over by despotic powers.

–By hiding in religious beliefs and believing we’ll only get out of this when the “cavalry” appears.

Lots of ways, just touching the surface.

All while people still put money in their abusive banks, pay tribute to them with every deposit and purchase, buy their polluted products, and drink in their sewage in the media.

And most pitifully, while sacrificing their kids to adulterated and mutated food, an abusive medical system, and subjecting them to further indoctrination and drugging in a diabolical school system designed to further degrade their entire upcoming generation.

It’s pitiful.

How’d It happen?

As the line goes,

Question: “What do you think about this epidemic of ignorance and apathy?”

Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

Empowerment Awaits

When the lights of the world dim and seem to go out, the true lights of awakened humanity shine brighter and brighter. Realizing what is really going on and detaching from this tyrannical empire in every way possible and helping others to do the same is the living solution.

They’re nothing to fear. They swim in  fear itself and are living in its grip with an insecure need to dominate others. Don’t be fooled.

Make conscious decisions in the days to come and take control of your life.

If everybody snapped out of this control grid, our world would change in a moment.

Keep at it.

Love always, Zen


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  1. I’m not holding my breath – it prevents me from yelling – but maybe all this will just collapse until its own mighty, crushing weight.

  2. Right on Zen ! I feel Ya! Apathy for the masses , is a pill now “prozac”. . Kid tested mother approved ! Well all i know is my ass is not going out John Travolta boy in the bubble style . No jack ass with letters on his polyester slave made shirt is rolling me out to see the horses . I am way to much of a pugnacious free spirit. The way i see it ,if i leave this hunk of dirt I am still going to rock out with my c,,,,k out and piss on imperialism , where ever I may be . Kick ass post Zen ! love the passion .

  3. People have to stop Fearing everything and anything is right Zen. When you stop the Fear and take your life back you can focus on what you should be doing. Step out of the Machine and take a New Direction in your life. After 21 years of telling my wife about the sham that we live in- she is finally seeing it and now wants out of her job and out of this suburban chaos we live around. I tell her and the kids to envision where you want to be and live – Daily. You do not have to live and associate with the unawakened and be miserable the rest of your life.

    As Michael Jackson stated in the song “Man In The Mirror” – The change starts with YOU. Look in the Mirror – Smile- Be happy with who you are and Make The Change.

    • Bakes, that is spot on! Sooo happy to hear about the changes, it takes time and we all need to be aware of that. But love never fails, as trite as that sounds. Eventually the Truth makes its way where it’s wanted…;))

      • It is amazing how fast she is opening up. I have been talking to her the way I post my comments for over 21 years(is this suffering or pure love on her part?) I think with the energies/shift coming in more rapidly every day our senses are opening at the same rate. It will be interesting to see if the non-believer’s and encrusted,muddied aura controllers will survive long after the shift. Most sources I have read say no – they simply will not be able to withstand the higher vibrating rate of this Earth and will die quickly and go on to where they can learn more about life in 3rd world density. Peace and Love, JB.

        • I know what you mean! When my hubby started waking up I was shocked at how easily his views became so clear.
          I think youre right about the energies.
          I have read a lot lately about today being the day the gate opens up. We just focus on the type of world we would like to create and that will be ours in nine days.

  4. Zen~ Excellent psyche-piercing piece of truth about this Orwellian dystopian nightmare all around us now. a 2 dollar can of sill string will neutralize a lot of CCTV cameras, (well, maybe not so much on the buses). Every person who publicly resists this stuff inspires ten more to do the same…INDEED they are “powerless in the face of Love & Truth.” and all their efforts to track & monitor us just prove how afraid of US they are…why else would they poison US?

    • Ha–I almost put a pic of the silly string trick in there. Trouble is the audio now, but where there’s a will there’s a way…;) The day will come folks will start taking these damn eyeballs out..there’s just so damn many of them, which of course is the idea. I guess you saw one guy who was simply investigating what it was costing his city to install all this stuff was jailed. We’re pretty far down the chute, sorry to say. Something to think about.

  5. Well, technology has come along way, and science has shown us many interesting and helpful techniques. We are all connected in our hearts to each other. Let them learn as we learn…Namaste!

    There are Man’s Laws and there are GODs Laws.
    Let watchers, listeners and all seekers learn as above so below:
    In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.

    Healers are Healers, become a Healer

  6. Hey Zen, the Hundredth Monkey syndrome is still true: when one sentient being “gets it” the others start to pick up on “it” too. Today I had four people tell me the gist of this: “Something is going on, and I don’t know what, but I need to know if it’s real!” Not much to start with, but I take great heart in the energy of people wanting to ‘wake up’ and ‘see’ for themselves, what is really going on.

    • Wow, that’s powerful! Isn’t that what called you out? I was writing someone today with how that was how I felt before my final wake up. It felt like my third eye had a cataract and there was something I was missing, but I knew it was there. I was spiritually crying out for it and soon after it happened. Wonderful! There’s signs of this shift all over the place, even in the daily news. Look past the usual control grid stuff and you’ll see the cracks in the matrix…love’s breaking out all over…;))

  7. The PTB can try to monitor and control as much as they can but in my heart and soul I am already free and there is nothing they can do about it. The less people empower the system by giving them their attention the sooner it will collapse under its own crushing weight. The rapid acceleration of all these methods of control show me one thing, the elites are afraid, they have already lost, they are too late. Too many people have woken up, I see it everyday. Their fear of us is their undoing because that age has past. The fear that controls them has cost them the game.

    Train everyday by tempering your will, your intent and your awareness. Great others with respect and compassion and treat yourself with the same. The universe will show you the way and all those synchronicities will open the doors to the infinite.

  8. You write and publish a lot of sense Zen, but you ruin it everytime you obsess on the term “Nazi”. Without quoting “Operation Paperclip”, why don’t you try and explain for us how the Third Reich (is supposed to have) transferred itself into the USA as you keep alleging or inferring in almost every post you make? Of course, this allegation is childish nonsense. The USA is a COMMUNIST (or BOLSHEVIK) entity, and has been for several decades … probably ever since FDR. The malaise you keep describing is actually a form of Bolshevism … and not your nauseating bugbear of “Nazism”. Meanwhile, “Fascism” is simply the marriage between Corporations and Government, and not the Stalinist version (i.e., the universal label for all enemies of Bolshevism) you keep quoting. Please review and pick the right target for a change, otherwise you are just wasting your energy, and everyone else’s time.

    • Hello Anglo : just wanted to stick my head up in the ( everyone’s time group ) and say I don’t feel my time is wasted. 1st Reich ( Holy Roman Empire) has never left .

      • I saw myself as a Roman Soldier as I was meditating 4 years ago. The outfit I had on was red(showed too much leg with the dress like outfits of the time) and I was talking to another soldier on the top of some step next to a large column. Just thought I would put this useless tidbit in since I have too much time on my hands(Hated that song) and do not work in the winter months.

        Oh, the sun is out now and is 34 degrees F. maybe I can get a little sunburn in six hours before it goes down again.

        Talking about the Sun and Moon – Did anyone else notice the sundown farther to the south last night and the moon(sliver that it is)was not in or near the position this morning that it was the night before? I have seen this a lot the last couple of years – Just wanted to make note of it.

  9. Is there any truth to Orwell being an MI6 agent? Unbelievable how one book could change the world. Maybe we should start passing out joke books and laugh our way into a better world. Anyway, I took a trip last week to our local Walmart. Over the summer, it had undergone a complete remodeling. Just for shits and grins, I counted the security cameras on the way in the door. I gave up at ten and that was just the ones I could see. I was half expecting body scanners and TSA inside the doors. I couldn’t help but wonder why they need all of this. Is Walmart really this afraid of loss of merchandise? Can’t they just write that stuff off as a loss at tax time? Or is there an alterior motive? Things that make you go hummm. I know where I won’t be buying Xmas gifts this year.

  10. yes, We´r all being poisened. But what do ” they ” do to stay clear of all these poiseness,
    ” they ” are also exposed, or what.

    • I’ve wondered that too. Ever notice when the “bilderbergs’ ” pictures are printed they look like they have been living underground? How they seem to live long lives w/o cancer etc. I’m betting they live in bunkers, & have underground organic farms and water& air filters. Also Rockerfeller family was known to use homeopathy while forcing allopathic medicine & petropharmaceuticals on the rest of us. Our governors & president eat organic but push GMO foods & support Monsanto.Bill Gates is the largest investor in the Norwegian Seed Back in case the crops all fail. Don’t think we will see any of this.

  11. Good one, Zen.
    This morning, I watched a video by our Dave.
    You Tube: David Icke: This is Who We Are.
    He states that the world is not outside of us, it’s in our heads.
    So very true!
    Change the picture, change the world.
    That is the answer.
    The PTB don’t stand a chance.
    One Love528hz

  12. Being cognizant of all of this, I still scratch my head in amazement at the sheer off the charts level of coordination this takes/has taken. David Icke describes well the “compartmentalization” of the pyramid which lays at the foundation of being able to pull this off, BUT, think about it: Zen lists 12 of these monster initiatives, of which of course there are truly hundreds and hundreds of them. If it were only ONE, I would be shaking my head (I always think of chemtrails, and how this has been pulled off for DECADES and ALL OVER THE WORLD – simply UNREAL!), but no, there are HUNDREDS. And each one requires massive coordination, through local municipalities, then states, then regions, then countries, then globally. And, at least to me, these massive rollouts of ALL of these HUNDREDS of things always seem to go off without a hitch. Anyone see where I am going here?

    It’s truly crazy land, and ironically, the argument above convinces me more and more each day that there must be something going on outside of this 5-sense reality that is facilitating this.

    Ok, deep breath here. ??? By the time we get to Woodstock ??? . . .

    • I hear you, Gus. It’s like the twin towers. People are going to work day after day, suspecting nothing, like the rest of the world. Meanwhile they’re wiring the building with explosives, readying the substitute planes and whatever else technology they used, planning the security, the clean up, the media and political crony cover up, what to do with the people on the non-hijacked planes, planting evidence, prepping a cruise missile painted like an airliner, agents readying to grab video footage, writing the Patriot Act, getting friends out of the way, scrambling NORAD, readying for the war to follow, and on and on. And that’s just for ONE incident! These bastards are fulltime working against us with unlimited resources and massive amounts of controlled people.

      How DO you coordinate all that? And WHO does it? There has to be a central command. But this type of scam has gone on for centuries with excruciating patience…that’s why I’ve always argued there is something WAY powerful and other dimensional at play. There has to be.

      • I would bet that wen you get near the bottom of the rabbit hole, the movers and shakers are not human and do not come into the open too often. I do feel they will be coming out soon for a last ditch fight.

    • “How do you coordinate all that?”

      I think of a colony of ants here. Each ant has its own (little) function but doesn’t know of the whole. Still the whole colony works with a “higher intelligence” than the sum of all ants.
      Just like all their different organizations, lodges etc. Every “ant” in the pyramid does its job and doesn’t know of the higher aims.
      And if you think of something beyond the 5 senses… what about someone with a magnifying glass? That would be an incident like 911 or “Sandy”…

      (The notes turning to questions marks – it’s the code table; ISO-8859-1, UTF-8 etc.)

      • Good analogy. And think, the ants and built with pre-programmed proclivites and then follow a programmed scent, as well as communicate via the antellae passing information. The real controlling power is the information!!! And that’s from…….?????

        • Gee! Tx. That’s why it came to my mind – too many parallels.

          The real controlling power coming from… Queen Lizzie??? ;D

          • Queen Lizzie is just a drone ant, .You and I are Bantha Fodder to the Real Controller’s. Goes much Deeper than her – or is it – IT.

          • Yep, absolutely right, Jbaker!
            [Sorry, I tried to make a joke with “queen ant” and “lizards”. 😉 ]

            IT, whatever. Wrote a friend some time ago: It’s not necessary to search for the spider in its web. Because when you see it, might be too late.
            So we better watch out and fly in another direction. – Or smash the web if we are able to. ;D

            Much Love!

  13. It’s very simple, all we need to do is defund them. To do that all we need is for 51% or so of the worlds working population to collectively all at once draw a line in the sand and simply stop paying taxes. Once that happens it will be very soon before they run out of funds to round anyone up for this and also to fund anymore of their control system. At the rate most governments spend, and especially the false Obama Administration, they would be truly bankrupt within a month and the world would truly be free. We need a collective unified GLOBAL TAX REVOLT!!!

  14. Nailed it again, Zen, thanks. Seems to me this war between the Dark and the Light has been going on for way too long. Last time we know who won. This time we know who we’re up against, and the Light is in Sight! Occupy your Heart and step out of your comfort zone. Most importantly, No Fear. Remember that logo on clothes? It worked. Love, A.

      • Thanks, Zen, back at ya. By the way, stepping out of a comfort zone does not have to be a huge step. I’m thinking little ones first, then confidence builds. For example, how about making up one T-shirt you wear now and then that says, “You could be the 100th monkey.” or “I think I’m unconditionally in love with you.” Or in the coffee room at work on a Monday, “How was your weekend?” “Great, I spent a few hours meditating for world peace.” Or “Not so good, those chem trails are killing me.” If you like writing, submit a short story into contests speaking your truth, but don’t expect to win, at least not in this Now moment. Or if you like to take photos, take before and after pictures, and submit them to your local small newspapers. It’s only imagination and starting out easy, at least for me, was the way to go. Parties are great to blow open minds, especially when people are talking about their medical problems. “Did you know what was in that vaccine?” Try that one on your local pharmacist. The reactions are amazing and people absolutely love to be questioned about themselves and listened to. You just never know when the snow ball rolls. Love, A.

        • Wow, gr8 ideas! I hv a hat my wife gave me for my birthday a few years ago, “Those Are Not Contrails”….pretty cool, eh? Gr8 for chemtrail days. I have some T-shirt ideas my son is firing at me I might make avail on the site. Hate commercializing anything but I’d consider it a donation to the cause if I decide to offer stuff. I know I’m sincere about this so anyone who’s suspect can take a piss. That’s their problem….Ha!

          • Go for it Zen, and don’t worry what people think. Those who judge those who are trying to change the world and help humanity, and might be critical of you “selling” these things that would do just that would of course not criticize someone like Kanye West for selling $1000 sneakers. In fact, that’s the argument you could throw right back at them – “Yea, you have an issue with me selling a $20 t-shirt trying to wake up the world to a new beautiful possibility, but a billionaire like Donald Trump creating a university in his name to create more millionaires and billionaires who do nothing to better the world, nothing but create more fake money in support of infinite growth on a finite planet, yea, that’s ok, right?”.

            Speaking of, how’s that book coming? I’ve got my order pre-placed already.

          • Ha! E-book will be first. My son’s got some cool T-shirt ideas and just the other day I was thinking about a patch to cover-up these horrific occult corporate logos on stuff and put something meaningful. Yeah, I don’t mind, esp. when it gets the message out and it’s a way people can help if they want. I get a pittance for the ads but every little bit helps. Universe talks great care of me, I’m very grateful. And you guys here are just terrific. I learn so much and love the comraderie! Have another site in the planning stage that will facilitate this interaction and hopefully help folks along the path, with tools to help them help others along the path, etc. I’ll keep you all posted for sure. Love the bumper sticker idea too. All ideas welcome..let’s use the Universal brain…ha!

  15. Excellent article Zen! One note… #4 the smart meter link goes to a “Pentagon Fraud” article… is the link being misdirected?

  16. Not liking what we are being bombarded with. I’d love to see your list posted everywhere.! Local bulletin boards, etc. I also really looking at the signs and words we are being bombarded with daily. Today, I noticed, how many times does a human sees the word “STOP” in its lifetime? It’s also on an octagon, the shape in antquity means infinity. So, we see “STOP Infinity” maybe 10 times a day. FED EX, is DEF (DEAF) back wards. “SIT and SLEEP”, that’s a mattress store. Target = Saturn sign. Then there is “Saturn” the car. BMW checkerboard. Not to mention Pentagrams everywhere we turn. The Toyota symbol, looks like Baphomet to me. Maybe these have been brought up elsewhere, when you start to notice, it’s almost comical. I often thought if on the back of every bathroom door in schools/public places/work places etc. you had the words of DESIDERATA, (Poem) the world would be beautiful place. I recommend those who haven’t read it to google it.

    • Very perceptive. Logos are off the charts language. Subliminal, occult, archetypal symbology, beyond word language as you implied. We must be aware. When we wake up to this programming it loses its power over us.

    • How about – Zengardner.com – Bumper Stickers. There is an Infowars.Com bumper sticker on a signal control box at the corner of Main and Wilson in Lombard, ILL. – it has been there for over 3 years- my kids point and laugh every time we see it, because I am sure everyone notices it, at least subconsciously. It is black background with large white letters – Simple but gets the message out there. People love to check out new web sites.

  17. Hi Zen,

    More synchronicity! Just read the following article which gels well with yours, and written on the same day no less:

    “… And now they are making their move. What we call the Internet Reformation has forced their hand, in my view. They are moving quickly to create world government.

    This article is about the KIND of world government they are creating. I became aware of this while doing research on RT, rapidly emerging to join the world’s leading TV and ‘Net-based TV networks. I’ve appeared on RT but scaled back my appearances over the past year – despite very kind requests for interviews – because I was vaguely uncomfortable. Now I know why.


  18. Just have to make one more comment. Is it me, or does the picture of the Utah base above not include a big index finger coming down from above to squash it, or at the very least a turtle that’s about to roll over it? That’s all I can see in the pic now! Love, A.

  19. It seems to me that there are different concepts of what awakening is. Many of the discussions here focus on knowing what is happening in terms of avoiding or counteracting political, medical, psychological, financial and often computer technology controlled entrapment. These ideas are vitally important, heartening and often stunningly innovative. The more info. we can get outside the contollers’ edited version of truth the better. It is essential to prompt people into awareness of the hidden agendas looming over us.

    I love this site for both the postings and for the comments. I think I’m getting slightly addicted to it and the opportunities it presents for meaningful exchanges of opinions and ideas.

    There are other factors at work that may enhance awakening and awareness and they are sometimes mentioned here too. It’s a great mixture.

    Another concept of awakening is about an internal waking up. If the mind is clear, data comes though more powerfully and with less interference. Clarity arises when the mind stops racing, Over time and with practice, the mind can become clear like a mountain stream bouncing and bubbling among the rocks. Another Zen metaphor is that of a mountain, which is unshaken despite the storms raging around it.

    When you allow your unshakenness to manifest, solutions naturally present themselves for the challenges you encounter.

    Traditionally, at that level of awareness, the adept would withdraw from the world and hang out in cave or a spiritual community somewhere. It seems to me that the challenge now is to maintain that clear awareness in the ‘ordinary’ world and then to take action – guided by both wisdom and compassion.

    I feel it’s time for Altea and ZenGardner-Tshirt-clad Gentlewarriors to get to work infiltrating the systems, taking over the control towers and consciously reprogramming the resonance sea that surrounds us. How about it?

    • Synchro – just posted the Zen video before reading your comment – rrringgggggg. 😉 Love your passion for Truth – the shift is palpable as one friend put it..gr8 ideas all over, now to implement! Love you.

      • Thanks Zen. Synchronicity and serendipity.

        I thiought those here might enjoy some Korean Zen style drumming. I experinced drunning like this when I was at the Hwa On Sa Temple in South Korea. It’s breathtaking.
        As I understand it, the drumming is a way of sharing the essence of the Buddha’s teaching as sound, vibration, resonance. In the cool, clear dawn, drumming and other sounds waken the monks and lady monks and the creatures of the waters, the earth and the air.

    • This site is like a bunch of circus performers who have all been in the same circus in another life. Even though we are all different in many ways, when it is our time to perform we all play insinc and gel very well. We are here for a purpose and though you may not know it or believe it, we have all been in similar situations in different times and places before.

      Some of us are very advanced and have ascended before on this planet or elsewhere. It is time to let go and open your mind to who you are. You are telling yourself at a higher level to open up- Start Believing It!

    • I am catching up to these comments a day late since I was out of town most of yesterday.

      When the Shit is hitting the fan around you, the answer to what you should do is always presented to you in a timely manner.

      As you state – Soliel – We are not here as an adept to seek safety and withdraw from the world – we are here to exact Change.

      Soliel, you are right on target and are serving your purpose well.

      I am here writing my comments because something inside me is telling me what to say. There is nothing new in the articles or video’s that I have not seen or heard(No offense, Zen). The comments are the most interesting thing and compels me to comment back.

  20. Sorry. There were typing errors in the first version of this.

    Thanks Zen. Synchronicity and serendipity.

    I thought those here might enjoy some Korean Zen style drumming. I experienced drumming like this when I was at the Hwa On Sa Temple in South Korea. It’s breathtaking.
    As I understand it, the drumming is a way of sharing the essence of the Buddha’s teaching as sound, vibration and resonance. In the cool, clear dawn, drumming and other sounds wake the monks, the lady monks and the creatures of the waters, the earth and the air.

  21. The QUIET or SILENT Revolution:
    Removing your money out of any TBTF Bank is ONE thing that you can do. However, there are many, many other things that we all can do, too!

    Here are just a few:

    1) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those enslaving you!
    3) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business/Government, Big Religion, Big Media, etc.)
    4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
    5) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit, debit, and customer loyalty cards, that track your purchases
    6) Bank at a local credit union!
    7) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, and energy?) (Buy true ORGANIC, & MADE IN USA!)
    8) Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!”
    9) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting. It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
    10)Buy (products) Made in U.S.A. IF you are still buying Christmas cards, for example, that were Made in China – at WalMart – then, you are part of America’s problem!
    11)Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (and gold) bullion
    12)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic food store or Co-op! Support the true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the following poster: http://www.cornucopia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/prop37-poster3.jpeg)
    13)Start your own garden using NON-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!
    14)Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! Stress weakens your immune system, which opens your body to attack by viruses
    15)Read a book, you know, an actual book! Open your mind!
    16)Exercise your brain muscle!
    17)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
    19)Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin

  22. I’ve also come to the bazzare conclusion that humanity at large is being manipulated and diverted by a force from behind the scenes that is so pervasive, so twisted, so effective, so organised (working with timelines that span generations).. that it’s hard to beleive it could be driven by human will. Who do you know that can even think about their own retirement before the age of 30?

    I’ve seen through much of lies and manipulation of the deceivers. I’ve been through stages of astonishment, anger and fear. I’ve tried to share perspective and knowledge openly, but the truth has become so outragous it’s hard to know where to even start. Truth is now stranger than fiction.

    I recently met a girl in her mid-twenties. She seemed remarkably intelligent and our conversation moved quickly into substance. She revealed her beleifs about consciousness with reincarnation and karma being the divine plan. She thought everything was as it’s meant to be. She stated she didn’t beleive in ‘evil’ as such and that we were all just at different stages of our soul’s evolution.

    I shared those beleifs myself, until i realised the full extent of the deception we humans have to endure. I find it hard to accept that such deception could be allowed if free-will and karma were the universal law. I feel an incartanted soul should have a fair and open opportunity for options and making choices in order to exercise free-will. If those options and choices have all been obsquered and scrambled to the point that we are tremendously challenged to find our path.. were almost everything we are taught and conditioned to beleive is a lie.. then i no longer beleive in a flawless devine plan and an interventionalist god. I do beleive in an ultimate divine being, and i beleive we are part of that as divine creative beings, but i feel we have a very powerful adversary that’s working against our divine plan. It seems it’s up to us to find our way through this deception. I feel the divine beleives in us.. but it certainly doesn’t look like it intervenes.

    I tried to engage her and convey my perspective on the deception that is taking place.. but I found myself stuck as I didn’t know where to start. She asked me ‘What do you define as evil?’ I tried by saying.. ‘anti-consciousness, the antithesis of unity, creation and the devine’. She said.. ‘what do you mean exactly about an energy working against humanities devine plan? give me an example”. How do you tell someone in 15mins that everything they’ve been conditioned to beleive is upside-down and mankind is being deceived from behind the scenes by a manevolvant force working against our divine nature at every turn! Even people who are searching have to find their way through a formidable mind-field of conditioning, deceiption and religious dogma.

    These days, i try to focus less on their plans for us and more on my own journey. I’m aware that fearing our future will only help manifest it. I hope that unlocking my own nature, and realising my own creative power throught thought and intention can help to change our world for the better. As was said by readers in the comments above.. I no longer wish to participate on their rigged gameboard.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the many great articles that are emerging from countless sites such as Zen, that confirms they have a battle on their hands. Many of us are rising to the challange, overcoming the deceiption and slowly turning this around. We humans are waking up.. and it’s a game changer. We don’t need 100% of us to wake up.. the masses won’t count either way, so even a small percentage (10%) will set things off

    • “Many of us are rising to the challange, overcoming the deceiption and slowly turning this around. We humans are waking up.. and it’s a game changer. We don’t need 100% of us to wake up.. the masses won’t count either way, so even a small percentage (10%) will set things off.” Rt on Mat!!

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