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15 Sick Logos You Won't Believe


[Tell me these weren’t deliberate. Never mind all the Illuminist, Freemasonic and Satanic imagery we’re constantly bombarded with in the world of logos, you’ll be shocked at some of the sexualized crap these bastards are pumping into the mainstream mind. – Zen]

(BusinessInsider) After examining a recent spate of bad logo redesigns, we felt that it was time to reflect upon 15 of the most inappropriate and idiotic logo fails ever.

Sometimes companies quickly realize that a logo is a big mistake…While (many are) aesthetic gaffes, there are some logos that are so blatantly inappropriate that we’re wondering how they got past the drawing board.

The London Olympics 2012 logo, which has been accused of resembling Lisa Simpson performing oral sex, is only the beginning of a series of 15 horrible logo designs.

London 2012 Logo

London 2012 Logo

When London unveiled its £400,000 2012 logo design, the masses were unimpressed.

Some claimed that it looks like “some sort of comical sex act between The Simpsons.” (Note the figure resembling Lisa Simpson).

Others opined that the logo resembles a swastika.

On the flip-side, Iran has threatened to boycott the Olympics since they believe that the logo spells out “Zion.”

Pick your poison, but the logo seems to be a resounding fail.

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Catholic Church's Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This was the 1973 logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission.


Arlington Pediatric Center

Arlington Pediatric Center


Oh no, there’s more?

Who’s approving these logos?

Sun Rise Sushi

Sun Rise Sushi


The concept is a sun rising behind a Japanese tea house.

The product is, well, less serene.

(Via Sharkbite)



If this logo seems like a company oversight, then think again.

A-Style very intentionally created this dirty (read: buzz worthy) design.

In fact, the logo even came before the product did. After the logo became a guerrilla marketing success, the company began selling tee-shirts.


Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

Coca-Cola wanted to teach the world to sing.

Apparently Sherwin Williams wanted to cover the world in blood-red paint.

The sinister “cover the earth” logo was adopted in 1906.



Some baker got a little too creative.

(Via Logodesigner)



Direct marketing aimed at those looking to order Skinemax, perhaps?

(Via DeMilked)



Believe it or not, Locum is a Swedish property management company.

Gotta love the language barrier.

(Via BoredPanda)

Kids Exchange

Kids Exchange

Proper punctuation should always be encouraged.

The Computer Doctors

The Computer Doctors

The Computer Doctors claim to fix your computer.

You have to go somewhere else to fix your leaky genitalia.

(Via Listverse)



This one is self-explanatory.

(Via Ranqit)



Bad idea.

Junior Jazz Dance Class

Junior Jazz Dance Class

This one is more tricky.

Focus on the dancing children to see what makes the logo inappropriate.

(Via DeMilked)

Pride In Oldham

Pride In Oldham

We don’t know what this logo is for, but we do know that that’s one angry looking owl.

(Via WorstLogoEver)


Epilogue from Zen

The last logo of someone clearly worshiping Moloch starts to bleed into the Illuminist agenda of which there is a world of logos, a study well worth pursuing. The language of logos is very powerful and tells the story of who rules and why, and is a method of communication amongst the Illuminists as well as a force of subconscious dominion over the unawakened.

Logos are no small thing.

These hyper-sexualized examples are reminiscent of the Disney smut and princess programming industry, disguised as innocent children’s material. Oddly enough, sex is still pushed yet riddled with guilt and shame, while murder and mayhem fill the world’s TV and cinema screens.

It’s topsy-turvy, and all by design. Watch your mind. They try to flip it continually.

Know thy enemy. And stay anchored in the Truth.

Love, Zen



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  1. Right after the London Olympics I saw on CNBC (TV) the beginning of a program called “Market Watch”. Right next to those words were an Illuminati eye inside a triangle. It’s all “in our face”. I just watched a Max Igan’s “Sandy Hook America’s coup d’ etat” on youtube where he believes all the Sandy Hook inconsistencies are deliberate just to stir us up. Here’s the link:

    • I’m feeling ya Pisces! That closing ceremony was just creepy 2013 Olympics , the whole cult deal with the burning Phoenix ,Ya the fucking eye in the triangle all the time on Market watch

  2. Some excellent logo’s there !!…
    If folks only realized the power behind images like these, especially when they have been charged with energy. They are indeed signatures of the occult….
    always a pleasure Zen


  3. The Swastika has nothing whatsoever to do with our predicament, you silly boy. Cure yourself of your Nazi, Nazi, Nazi obsession and grow the hell up! Jewish Bolshevism is the single and sole source, with financing by the Rothschilds and their cohorts. Think “Hammer & Sickle” and the jokingly named “Star of David”. Pointing to Germany and the Third Reich every other article is just disinformation.

  4. Oldham District Masonic Lodge falls under the Provinicial Grand Lodge for East Lancs,
    as does Bury.
    Do a Google image search for ‘Rantzen Bury Lodge’

    • Just think the Flintstones .. Fred and Barny were members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes , & the the grand Poobah

  5. The Kool Aid Guy was wearing 666 for eyes and nose in 2012, it was a perfect 666 and Kool Aid only used it for a few weeks.

  6. The idea that the Owl is associated with Moloch has been kicked round the conspiracy community for ages, and has no support from fact.

    The owl is associated with two goddesses, in Europe it was Athena/Minera and in Babylon the owl was associated with Lillith/Hecate. There’s a lot of evidence supporting the idea that the Bohemian Grove Owl is based on the Athenian owl, including the fact that they have exact sculpture of the owl at the Parthenon in their club.

    Moloch was associated with the symbolism of a bull by some, with serpents by others and was associated with Saturn/Chronus by others.

    • Owls in symbology have a long association in matters of the occult, and in UFOlogy. Sorry to piss on your stupid Greek goddesses.

    • Not only is the log a swastika but Columbia comes from the Babylonian word “dove” (dove is still colombe in French I believe) and the dove is a representation of Queen Semerimis, the Virgin Mother Goddess of Babylon so the company name and logo both reek of “Mystery Babylon” symbology. Now also when you think of Columb think about Columbia Pictures, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), Christopher Columbus (that wasn’t even the guy’s real name), Columbine. They all represent the virgin mother goddess of Babylon. Now also think about the word “virgin” and then think Virgin Records, Virgin mobile, Virginia Tech. And notice that Washinton D.C. is located between Virginia and Maryland (Mary being the Christian equivalent for the virgin mother goddess) there is so much there it is crazy once you have eyes to see it. Think of how much influence Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records and Virgin Records have had on the human mind through music and movies alone and then realized how programmed society has been by the occult group behind them over the past hundred hears or so. But now fortunately it is time that lots of us are starting to wake up out of the trance we’ve been in for generations.

    • Sounds pretty good to me.
      Many people in my town have another: Vacancy.
      …so I try to introduce them to David Icke, Allan Watts, George Carlin… 😉

  7. All the symbols/logos are esoteric religious symbols and they all tell a story, the problem is that you (and everybody else) don’t know what story they tell or what it means. If you don’t know the story, then you don’t know what they are doing.

    Truth points to itself

  8. Regarding Sherman Williams. I saw a pamphlet when visiting their store which had a whole bunch of occult symbols on it. It had a circle divided into four quadrants, each quadrant had something in it to represent one of the four elements and they were in the same order as the zodiac, I suspect the whole circle was supposed to represent the zodiac. They had a burning candle in one to represent the sun, a bathtub in another to represent water, a picture of the sky in the other to represent air and a picture which a room with lots of brown in the wall and doors to represent the earth. In the picture of the sky there was also a peak of a roof with a small round window on it resembling the Illuminati all-seeing eye pyramid. In the earth section there were two doors which I think might represent the twin towers (a reoccuring theme throughout many occult workds). At the bottom of the pamplet they displayed the color named “teenage pink” which I believe was there to represent the virgin mother goddess of Babylon. There is so much hidden in plain sight if you wake up to it. My own personal experience was that developing my spirituality through mediation and guidance form some spiritual teachers eventually lead to me waking up to seeing these symbols in logos, movies and TV shows very often.

    • Good catch. They’re everywhere. Architecture the same, recurring symbols and theme’s all over. Freemason’s big on that. Ever notice almost all cinema’s have that Babylonian art decoish style? Back to their gods again…subliminal archetypal mind control buttons? “Come and worship”….like the palatial temples called malls and fancy retail stores….

      • makes me think of procter and gamble with they’re witchcraft the man in the moon with the horns and 13 stars , or star of davit bucks Use of Siren ,meaning Obsession, addiction and death

    • Yes, this doesn’t nearly do the subject justice. I found it interesting this is a mainstream outlet spotting this insanity…and how they so wrecklessly play with our minds. It’s endemic to the world system today.

  9. So let me get this straight… You think that, somehow, all of these companies are “in on” a grand conspiracy to seduce the world along some evil scheme? Some of the companies are tiny and obscure.

    • It is not so much that the small companies are “in on” but that the programming is so complete, throughout the population, that those companies further the agenda without understanding that they are promoting various symbols which have different meanings than intended.

  10. LOL! The REALLY funny part is that ZEN actually interpreted these in a perverted fashion, and explained them to the reader. Who is the pervert!?

  11. And so you have some inclination to admit that these beings are evil, or are they just the “dark side” of one same energy which will all graduate eventually to a higher level of consciousness? Do you despise their evil, or do you look at it as a form of “spiritual immaturity”? Would you view them as the other side of some cosmic dance toward “the One” or do you view them as unacceptable and intolerable beings who should be transmuted from existence?

    • I tend toward the latter, esp. with the dark control sources…but the element of choice is a big factor that may extend way further than we think. The archons, djinn, devils or dark evil spirits, however people conceive them, are real. Yes, everything’s part of the plan but on the level we exist there are choices, and light cannot tolerate the darkness nor the darkness the light. Choose ye this day is the call of humanity. And a lot more is going on behind the scenes than we can begin to conceive. Again, ours is to do our part…wake up and rise to the call. We don’t have to know everything about everything before taking action.
      But yes, a recalcitrant entity of any sort out only to destroy deserves to be “transmuted” if there is no other recourse.

  12. How are these entities congregating? It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something, slowly and quietly some satanic populous grows and grows. Is there a church somewhere that I could attend? Is there a mail list people have to sing up for? How are they identifying themselves? How to they meet? They seem to be all around us and they can spot each other yet are completely hidden from our view.

    • Yeah, dark time, stuff getting unloaded, unleashed. Need to keep our guards up. It’ll manifest physically more and more so beware but don’t fear ’em.

      • Hi Zen, have you ever read any of Dr Chiappalones work, he publishes on Jeff Rense sometimes. I would like your opinion.
        Its so obvious that our world isn’t what we feel in our hearts it should be.

  13. I agree that the owl is not a Moloch symbol but one of the goddess (throughout American architecture there is references to the goddess Columbia, ishtar , Semiramis etc.) However if you look at the blood red owl it also looks like a headless woman’s body with the eyes being breasts and the child covering the genitals

    • As a completely irrelevant aside— I have been thinking that we should stop calling TPTB “elites” but rather El-ites. They view themselves as seperate from the rest of humanity. A seperate tribe.
      a suffix of nouns denoting especially persons associated with a place, tribe, leader, doctrine, system, etc. ( Campbellite; Israelite; laborite)
      The preface is the word El which is a generic word for god (not God) but may have come from Enlil or Ellil (another tie in to the summarians)
      This way we can mock their assumptions that TPTB may consider themselves “godmen” but also let them know that WE know

      • They are a separate tribe. They are the descendants of Cain. They have made war against us since the dawn of time. Lucifer seduced Eve in the garden and Cain was his offspring. They believe they are his heirs to the throne of this world. They practice the esoteric arts to open the portals that allow these dark forces to enter our plane of existence and give them power.

  14. Get this straight, children. We do not censor comments on the Internet. We moderate comments. Here’s the difference: “censor” is such a dirty word, but “moderation” looks so pretty and covers such a large swath, doesn’t it, children? Those dirty Nazis censor, but we moderate.

  15. Hey Zen, as always an eyeopening snippet on the subliminal tactics of negative thought control intentions orchestrated by power controlled illuminati/satanists on an unsuspecting public. Thanks for helping us get a bigger picture of how the world is run behind the scenes. Truth and justice are imperative attributes/attitudes at this pinnicle of time that we are in. Thanks

  16. The article just shows you’ve got a dirty mind. I mean there’s nothing wrong with having dirty fantasies, you just should own up to them and not project them onto logo designs.
    Newsflash: Sex can be fun. You should try it sometimes instead of walking the grumpy old man path.

  17. Sex is a gift from God, but Lucifer wants to package it as his treat with Lust – the itch that can’t be satisfied!
    He’s demanding of his Illuminati & all lower linked secret societies, 1/3 fallen angels, invading dimensional energy parasites – the Archons, and the hidden reptilian dracs to all work to deliver him control of the entire world where we would all proclaim our alliegance to him – away from Christ.

  18. not a native speaker here. wanted to get a glimpse on this: “sex is still pushed yet riddled with guilt and shame, while murder and mayhem fill the world’s TV and cinema screens.” the conjunction “while” and the idea presented forward from that is: A (as odd as it would sound) murder and mayham should fill the childrens’ cartoons. B not only sex is all over childrens’ cartoons, but murder and mayham is on the tv for all audiences (cause it’s available) or other variants that i am incapable of seeing right now.
    please clear this out for me. thanks :).

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