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15 Unbelievable Paintings That Look Like Photographs

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Pedro Campos (46), is an incredible hyperrealist painter from Madrid, Spain. Using oil paints he recreates incredibly realistic still life shots that many might mistake for a photograph. He’s worked in a variety of creative fields from interior decorating, illustration (at an ad agency), to art restoration on furnishings, paintings and sculptures. He actually didn’t even begin oil painting until the age of 30.

Campos attributes his work in restoration to honing his craft in precision, stating: “I think the influence of restoration in developing my own way of painting has been important. The restoration of lost areas in antique paintings forces you to seek excatitude in color: any personal intervention should go unnoticed.”

While many compare Campos to other realist masters, he proclaims his artistic admiration for artists such as: Lucien Freud, Richard Estes, Francis Bacon, Antonio López, and Anish Kapoor, for their quality of “distinction” in their works. [Source: Huffington Post]

Below you will find a small sample of Pedro’s incredible work. You can find all of his wonderful work at www.pedrocampos.net. If you are interested in any of his paintings for purchase, Pedro is represented by the Plus One Gallery in London.









































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    • Look closer at the marbles. The window reflection in the one on our left is off a little bit, and the wording reflected in the same one seems a little off as well. Far better than I can do by far. All I can do is palm trees.

  1. Technically stunning but why is he wasting such talent painting Coke bottles!
    I can’t guess who commissioned these paintings………….erm

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