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Poster: Documentary detailing the five key expansions of consciousness on our Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension. Info: www.5Gateways.org (In association with “Smiling Dragonfly”)

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  1. The issue I have with these “programs” is they resemble just another religion; plenty of truthful content, but enough deception to move the human in the wrong direction. The message is usually about trying to find the best seat in a burning movie theatre, or how to bring glasses of water to other people in the burning movie theatre, or how how someone else is going to come in and extinguish the fire at some point. The freakin theatre is on fire folks! Get yourself and as many other out of the theatre as fast as possible! Then we can figure out why it happened and take the necessary steps to avoid that behavior in the future. Is it just me that has this issue with this stuff?

    • Good analogy Scoots…and you’re not alone. These programs come and go as we find our way. In my thinking, pre-packaged help is brought forth even if for a noble cause, but lacks a comprehensive plan of defensive attack, the practical solutions. Enlightenment is about getting the bigger picture, but I can’t find my jet pack for lift off on the ascension thing.

      My thought is, if we are too heavenly minded we’re of no earthly good.

      • Thanks bro. I had to wait a few days and let it rest in my spirit, before commenting.

        Your last sentence says it all! I don’t think there is any way to get around it. The Cabalists operate purely in consent, which means we allowed this. We are responsible for the cleanup I’m afraid.

          • @Scooter. Viewing this again to possibly respond correctly to your question, and to double check my “shoot from the hip” summation.

            Thanks LavenderRose and Zen for putting this up.

        • I was going to post a comment when I first saw this too, but held off until I saw yours, Scooter, and then had to throw in my 2 cents worth – glad you started the conversation. I’m glad Zen posted this though, as it’s always fascinating to see what’s brewing in the world, whether I agree with it or not.

  2. I, for one, completely agree with you. These new-age pre-packaged programs (there are others) always strike me as just another religion too, but with a new spin. Haven’t we had enough – like several millennia worth – of that already? Seems to me that the spiritual path isn’t a program to follow, but primarily an individual journey of discovery.

  3. Scooter, your analogy is spot on! Everyone, see the exits!!

    I feel as tho it’s just a process to move from saviour mentality to one of personal spiritual freedom and responsibility. It’s an ego play to stay asleep and let someone else do the hard work. Many are still stuck in being saved and that’s spilled over in the “new age” movement. But, if you keep at it, the lightbulb moment does happen where the realization that following just doesn’t cut it anymore. When this knowledge reaches critical mass, philosophies will naturally change.
    Just a ride! I, for one, am screaming that as I hurtle up and down, round and round. There’s no shutting me up, now :-)

    • I like your optimism Mea! I struggle with the “just a ride” analogy sometimes, even though it was a fond expression of one of my favorite comedians, Bill Hicks. But there seems to be a lot at stake, or these parasites wouldn’t be exerting so much energy on changing us and farming us.

      • Yea! I just discovered Bill Hicks thru a lovely little post here, a vid also featuring George Carlin awesome stuff! Sent that little ditty to just about everyone on my contact list, then did some searching on him and watched a short doc on him as well.

        My “it’s just a ride” philosophy comes from one of my personal anthem songs: the middle//jimmy eats world.

        There IS a lot at stake, the truth of who we really ARE. What I struggle with are my emotional reactions in daily life. I am learning to respond, the deep digging is rewarding. In my view, the “parasites” feed on ignorance and related frequencies, so knowing that people and all other beings around me respond to my frequency, I am doing the best I can to work with my current Self in this lifetime to affect as much good vibes as possible. In all directions and all lifetimes. Such a mind blowing, awesome thing to be alive and kickin it in this way!

  4. One thing that is true is that on the “enlightenment” Kentucky Derby as opposed to the corporate ladder one, or the synchronized swimming coaches and spectators who favor one participant over the other, is that they are all games in which observers will claim to own the process of anyone on the ground. So there’s no “out” for me at all from that. The black Queen checkmating the whte King was interesting, what it assumes is that you actually do have two opposing forces as opposed to complementary yin and yang who aren’t in conflict at all but simply out of balance on more of a macro-level. To declare “victory” is to declare “death” and “the end of all productive interaction” on Earth, as a resistance to progress provides the friction necessary to impel the effort, still from my perspective a casino game in which the house always wins, the house being those commentators who control the narrative here as well as on the corporate side.

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