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6 Principles of Global Manipulation



This is a find I just “happened” across. Nicely summarized by a Russian source, and very interesting how it’s put together. – Zen




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  1. They almost did, but I could have put a Floyd tune to every one of the topics. Us and Them would have been perfect for the Worldview section. Excellent vid.

  2. Speaking of manipulation – saw some kids (7-9 yrs.) playing tag this afternoon. “This time I’m a zombie too; I’ll catch you.” – “No, only one zombie at a time” … WTF!? Seems they are all zombies! 8-o

    “All you zombies, hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The pieces gonna fall on you”
    – The Hooters, All You Zombies

  3. This is interesting:
    by following the link below their YT video leading to their russian website (translated in english) there’s a pdf link, an attempt to explain the western demonisation of Islam, which makes much sense:

    In a nutshell, to find out where Truth&Light is, find out what the western world’s dark forces are fighting/propagating against or infiltrating by means of wars and tell-lies-via-zion…

    Indeed, the Islamic concept of complete unsubmissiveness to other forces than God, a strong commUNITY-mindset, entirely rejecting usury, consciously fighting idolatry and satanism, condemning materialism, with strong practice and 5 daily prayers to regularly disconnect from the matrix, as well as a prophecy encompassing precise events in Syria, Istanbul as well as Chemtrails amoungs many other current events (interesting, isn’t it?) seems to be reason/disturbance enough for western faschistocrats to create 5,6,7…etc. wars and thourough global propaganda out of fear of a religion named “Peace”…

    But as the Qur’an states (3:52-55):
    And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.

  4. >> a strong commUNITY-mindset, entirely rejecting usury, consciously fighting idolatry and
    >> satanism, condemning materialism…

    while those are beneficial ways of living

    >> complete unsubmissiveness to other forces than God -and- 5 daily prayers

    are not, as the psychopathic, misogynistic Abrahamic “god” is purely a figment. Also, the horrendus, inexcusable way the Islamists treat half of the human race automatically negates any legitimacy they might claim

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