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8 Deliberate Suicidal Steps Towards Hell on Earth

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by Zen Gardner

Like you, I could spit nails over the current onslaught of horrific destruction being perpetrated by the insane powers that be. I don’t think this can be screamed about enough. And more than that, we need to look the Endgame square in the face.

We’ve gone over these before, but let’s do a quick recap of just a few aspects:

1. Geoengineering and Terraforming. Filling our skies with toxic metal oxide chemtrails to use weather as a “force multiplier” in their drive to control earth. This includes engineered sea-killing algae blooms, atmospheric heaters and electromagnetic warfare causing mass animal die-offs and creating more desert areas worldwide. Then they HAARP it all up and spin, crack or fry anything in their path. Sick fuckers.

2. Genetic Modification of anything they can get their hands on. Now it’s trees and shrubs, along with fish, animals and insects in addition to genetically destroying the food chain. Don’t forget, all this ultimately changes the human genome. It’s pure disgusting insanity.

3. Release of previously banned pesticides and herbicides that besides infecting the entire food chain is contributing to the decimation of the world’s life-giving bee population, a sure indicator of an unsustainable food supply system.

4. Mindless medication at any cost and for any reason. Vaccines, drugs, poisoned water and foods and toxic air. All clearly nti-life.

5. Delirious raping of earth’s resources, including poisoning the water table through fracking, killing the oceans with oil and waste, and putting banned toxic substances on it to boot to cover up their perfidy…just for starters…

6. Electromagnetic soup is swirling around screwing and growing stronger by the day with humanity, set deliberately on the same frequency as the human nervous system…be it cell phones and towers, WIFI, smart meters, GWEN towers and the like.

7. War and more war. Besides the rapacious and wonton mass and often robotic destruction by more and more weapons technologies in the hands of mad war lords, the use of depleted uranium and other highly toxic materials is rendering huge areas of our planet unusable for generations to come, while horribly mutating babies and children.

8. The nuclear kill shot: If all that’s not enough, why not build high profit poorly planned nuclear time bombs around the world producing enough nuclear waste to destroy the world hundreds of times over–while “testing” atomic bomb devices thousands of times in our delicate atmosphere for decades?

Sounds reasonable to me…

Why? Open Your Mind, We Have Serious Enemies

This is where we need to really stand back and see what’s really going on. We need to attack each of these issues any way we can, but obviously these idiots are in collusion with one another politically, financially, economically…and most of all, spiritually.

And very likely with another inter-dimensional source.

So why would anyone or anything on this inhabited planet behave so deliberately irresponsibly and destructively? And don’t give me that corporate bankster greed coverall. Sure that’s part of the cause and what’s used to get the lower levels on board. When you connect the dots you can see there’s much more than that going on.

What’s their end game? They’ve stored good non-modified seeds in a vault in Norway. The elites have their food and riches in giant underground vaults with accompanying bases. All documented.

So what’s the plan? Just kill off the earth and this superfluous, unwanted 90+% population overflow they so disdain while they wait it out underground? Are they that crazy?

Or do they also know of a coming cataclysm where earth is set off  of its axis or something of that sort?

Or both? Idiotic any way you look at this display of psychotic self-serving behavior.

Underground bunker or self-made tomb?

We’re Talking Surreal, Folks

Unfortunately what I’m laying out here is well documented. They haven’t even hardly tried to hide it. They just don’t let it into mainstream consciousness as their media mongrel watchdogs keep everyone watching Disney froth or the phony political bullshit. Very well orchestrated, but absolutely insane.

Machiavellian even falls short. Satanic beyond your wildest dreams is more like it.

Where’s this coming from? Insane means “unclean”. But more than that we’re talking non human. That’s why people can’t grasp the depths or motivation behind all this. And no, not everyone being used is in on the full plan or are aware of that.

It’s all compartmentalized. Many times over.

This driving force to subdue our world into a totally controlled energy unit to be vamped has been around for millennia. From this beyond fascist “order” they hope to create this pseudo-spiritual Satanic techno-race that will want to no doubt conquer other races and planets and solar systems. This is what NWO insider spokes-scientist Michio Kaku calls a Type 2 civilization.

Hear the NWO stooge for yourself:

Yes, It’s Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe we’re on a planet with such psychopathic, parasitic control freaks whose sole aim is domination for their selfish purposes. When the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals, you have to consider this an invasive or mutant species that needs to be exposed and put in its place.

Fast and furious, to use a phrase properly…

Instead the world has been carefully lulled into voluntary submission. Just as they designed. Their ultimate M.O. is for us to conform or die. Mostly die is how they want it at this point. Those who remain they want to be “transhuman”. In fact, they’re so recklessly pursuing their megalomaniacal plan they don’t care what humanity morphs into, as long as it’s shrunken to a manageable half billion dumbed-down fully controllable batch of chipped up nano particled droids.

All possible with genetic engineering, drugs, and invasive nano and computer implant technology.  And driven by a deeply occult-scientific agenda.

Epilogue – Popular Kickback Is Good

When societies face these types of scenarios, from the decimation of the planet to draconian clamp downs, it always has a powerful kickback effect. When it starts to become so in your face obvious to a broader and broader swathe of people, the wake up accelerates exponentially.

We need to fan those flames of Truth and Freedom by feeding those awakening with empowering information!

Truth and Love always win in the long run. The test is within you and your life. When you get it you’ll change and be motivated to reach out to others. And on it goes.

Keep on, folks! We need to step on it in these final laps around the track. They’re itching to pull the plug on the internet so get the word out while you can!

Screw the bastards and their fear and confusion agenda. Be strong and affirmative and full of love and confidence.

We win! I’ve seen the movie! 😉

Love, Zen


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  1. Thanks Zen! We need passion in this spiritual battle! The good news is if these unbenevolent beings are in collusion with a destructive interdimensional source, there is in equal or greater measure an interdimensional source that eagerly wants to see humans thrive and flourish.The first step is to be aware of the very real ongoing battle going on for our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. It’s not just baby games anymore; they’re trying to play for keeps. I’ve seen the movie too. It’s a great love story, and the “good” guys do win in the end. We seem to be stuck in the last act though.

  2. A great article by Dr. Mercola to add to the horror. We would hope that everyday things like this would make an impact on the sleeple. The chickens are consuming GE seed from the poisoned ground which alters their gut flora which in turn ends up in the body of humans who eat them. Can the “consumers” take their minds off Hollywood and TV long enough to comprehend what’s happening to us all? If and when the internet goes down, where will we go? We need a Woodstock-type gathering to get us together. I’m up for that :)

  3. Well Keep on eating that raw food It’s not just your skin that’s glowing , Your soul is blaring.
    the post just keep getting better.
    “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”
    — Aristotle

  4. Hi Zen,

    I don’t share your view that “the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals”. Potentially, they can be. People are neutral, and they can choose their own realities to a great extent. The vast majority of people turn a blind eye to the horrific treatment and suffering of animals (how is this in any way caring or compassionate?). The vast majority don’t care about the environment unless they have been told it is trendy to do so. And multiple millions of people through the jobs they choose to do are facilitating their own and everybody else’s misery, enslavement and slow deaths. And though most are enslaved to money at the moment, I see most people in jobs that cause bad feeling with the public doing them with relish. This is what I see on a grand scale.

    • That’s their shells they’ve been induced to wear. That too is illusion. And yes, most are sleeping to a large degree….but it’s in there! They are all we!..the real ones…of course there’s some strange stuff seeded in there, but they’re the minority. But the onus is still on each of us individually with what we do with our lives of course. We need to condemn the “evil” but draw out the good conscious awareness that’s there however we can. But not be naive about what’s going on of course. Love you! Keep on!

    • Incorrect. The vast majority of humans are loving beings made from pieces of Gid’s consciousness and have reincarnated here many times. Don’t mistake ignorant and mind controlled for unloving.

      • I stand by what I said. Nobody knows if there is a god, or if reincarnation is a reality. And anyway, it is not what I was talking about.

        I strongly believe that we are neutral conscious creators, and once many people are given a taste of power, bullying and corruption ensues. Even the mass murderer will have his good points, and people who may speak well of him, and think any act of kindness he shows proves that he is a loving soul really.

        We are neither good or bad. Only the decisions we make in each moment and the intention that drives them gets us labelled good or bad, often by short-sighted people.

        We are currently being oppressed and crushed, and an ever-growing number of people at the bottom of the pyramid are defecting to the level above, or are helping to enforce their system, or they are being destroyed by it.

        If humans were peaceful by nature, then we would live in a peaceful world.

        All IMO.

    • Your not born with a instinct to violent .Even when mother of been threw major trauma the child at birth is not violent , Its a leaned behavior. humans are peacefully by nature , add fear and Mind control instant dickhead woody for harm .

  5. Hey Zen: I don’t know how you do it man. Every day you bring inspirations to thousands. For me visiting your website is like an “Awwwwe” moment. It brings me peace, yet awareness. Thank you for all you do Ze. I too have “seen the movie”. And yes WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!! :))

  6. You can stop parsing; yes it is as bad or worse than you present but nothing to worry about. Universe has the answer and is about to implement it’s fix for our world. Kicks off March 21, 2013 and extends into 2016 in three waves. Earth will get the fix it needs and, of course, the new Earth will be without TPTB.

      • and may I add, “Thousands hack at the branches of evil, to one that strikes at the root” ~ H.D. Thoreau
        Here is one who strikes at that root. indeed zen. indeed.

  7. Allan Watts mentioned any work that can turned into a game, thereby turning from work to play is advantageous.
    So in this work of rising up to this challenge, lets keep an open mind for how to game it, so we can have fun working even when tired.
    On that note might be a good time to start sharpening up that 6th sense already, by discouraging the noise of useless thoughts, I mean meditation is an all day event, not just in a quiet room, need to go mobile on the meditation.
    And now that the word is out that the universe always knows what you thinking, we can free ourselves the burden of believing there are any secrets. Your mind is a public place, nothing private about it all.
    And let the human population too transform into mystical creatures that will thrive and shine in this Armageddon.
    As we begin the process of creating a separate reality from the current darkness, its starts within, totally within, And then watch as the dark viral automaton react to your actions within in the world without.
    Since we talking end game here, means no more holding back, and please please please let your imagination run wild its the time for it. No time like the present to discover the true limits of our potential.
    So should I say Game-On or would that not be appropriate. Cause the humble warrior always wins the war.
    So, with the TV firmly off and gathering dust, let what is left of humanity begin to peel off its false skin, and lets go full native ethnic on this Armageddon interruption.

    • I love your game plan too Jos. Imagination running wild is a fantastic experience, we lived it in the 60’s and 70’s. Now we have to bring it to the people of today, reawaken our movement. Peace

  8. Everything you say is true, Zen. What we are witnessing is nothing more than evolution of the human species. The light warriors will survive this. We know it, therefore it is.

  9. I am with you, Zen Gardener! I’ll bet you’ve read the works of Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Steve Quayle, etc. I am a Christian, and understand we are taught to read the Bible in a way that avoids these issues, spiritually neuters us. But the Bible can be read, more completely, to synch up with these issues of the malignant techno-fascist Satanic Illuminati among us. All ancient cultures have stories about those “from the sky” who caused awe and fear, and so shaped those cultures and their religions. We need to expose and evict them! They would not keep hidden from us modern people if they did not fear us being able to harm them!

  10. I just watched this video and I recommend everyone view it. vimeo.com/39349512 the video is like the movie ” They Live ” both are accurate in what they portray. I have broken through all the Veils mentioned in the video because I saw both God and Jesus in the flesh. Just like my Dad said before me Hell is right here on Earth and you do not know it because you have not passed through the Veils. Since breaking through and experiencing Hell to its fullest if I had it to do over again I would still choose the Truth over the big Lie. Now that I am through the veils I just keep wondering what is next? ( I just heard a big click )

  11. Sit back and relax.
    Life is an illusion created in your mind.
    There is no good or bad no judgement day or retribution.
    You are experiencing a nano second of eternity.

  12. Zen, have you encountered the provocative idea that the ones doing all the evil deeds are on a divine mission to help humanity return to Source? I often reflect on this angle when I’m puzzling over the End Game. Please check this out and let us know what you think. xZ

    “Yahweh, due to the fact that he had not handed down his own free will to “know thyself” to those incarnating upon his planet, was having very little evolutionary progress therein. In the absence of free will, there can be no polarity, and therefore, nothing to choose between. As is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the Earth was very Edenic in nature. Sure, it was a lovely paradise, yet the beings incarnating here had no agitator toward evolving beyond the third density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey home to the One.

    So we (Lucifer) were sent to help.”

    • Sure I’ve encountered that. It’s all part of the plan I guess you could say, but free will is the wild card..;) Point is almost more mundane in this life – ours is to respond consciously and let Universe release thru us.
      Who’s doing what is an interesting question. I think True Source, the real “God” who isn’t a god but way beyond anything we can conceive of, is not Jehovah or a lot of these lesser stinkers like Lucifer, although so much is in the interpretation and definitions. They’re more like Archons, although there’s good and natural entities as well. Beware “gods”…usually out to work you over.
      Lots to learn until the next stage, lots to learn…and we’ll keep on learning..and unlearning..there as well I suppose….cheers!

  13. But…what if they’re trying to help us? Just kidding. Still, I take the long term view insomuch as my future selves will overcome all of this. That’s if I decide to come back.

  14. I would love to hook on the doom and gloom crowd here and yes they are really messing everything up, but…The world is beyond mere humans. The planet will go one the Planet has been here for billions of years. Humans will not be there that long. The solar system will not be here that long. The universe will move on, systems will die and be reborn, suns will go super nova. I am reminded of the George Carlin on save the planet. The man really new what was happening.
    Don’t expand to much energy on everything horrible in the world.

  15. Thanks Zen. Always appreciate your articles. I don’t see radiant victory by Love as inevitable however. I used to be so optimistic…but not any longer. It is easily possible these satanic imbeciles will totally destroy this sacred planet. They have carefully prepared their Samson Option, apparently with easily 40 strategically placed nukes around the globe, ready for detonation if the infantile imbeciles don’t have their way. As I understand it, Atlantis submerged in part due to nuclear destruction, and approximately 21,000 years ago, as Velikovsky and others indicate, a sister planet to earth was completely destroyed specifically because of this rebellion which clearly continues, in denial of Life itself.

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