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9/11 and How to Proceed


by   – Professor Graeme MacQueen has been an active scholar and peace activist for three decades, helping to found the McMaster’s Centre for Peace Studies in 1989. Now, as an editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies and member of the Toronto Hearings committee and the 9/11 Consensus panel, MacQueen is looking for ways to go beyond the collection of 9/11 evidence into prosecution for the crimes of 9/11. Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview with our guest, Graeme MacQueen




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  1. Sorry about that post Zen,i haven’t been able to post on here lately and i was checking it out and of course it took this time!

  2. My opinion: In general, Americans lack the intelligence, courage and honesty to save the USA and bring the criminals and traitors in our government into a courtroom. The US and Israel are major threats to world peace and must be stopped. But, Americans lost their last chance at peace by letting Bush walk free and not demanding justice. Much turmoil lies ahead for the USA, and most deserve what they will get..

    • True—take it back 50 years and it’s more true. Missed the boat a LONG time ago…letting Bush walk free wayyyyy down the road from our real chance to divert history….Z

    • I totally agree with you. Where is the American peoples’ backbone in standing up to all the injustices that have taken place? The big problem in the U.S. today is that the average American doesn’t know how to go about stopping these crazies.

  3. Folks,as 9/11 truth gains steam and hurdles with incredible leaps and bounds we can assure ourselves that we are winning!
    Never surrender,never forget what Silverstein said and consider this:no planes may not just have hit anything but air!


  4. If we are the “enlightened” ones, how can we pass judgement on a single human being on this planet? When I see people blaming the worlds problems on the US & wishing harm to its citizens it doesn’t compute. Most are hard working, honest people who are only struggling to make ends meet. The Kardashians are far from reality in this country. Are some misguided in believing what they hear on TV? Yes. In church? Yes. There are so many examples I could name. Elections are a farce and most have accepted this all over the world. It has become or is quickly becoming accepted all over the world that the Earth is run by a select few & that all of us are just disposable pawns. How does this game, if you truly have a clue about what is really happening, make it ok condemn any normal guy on the street? Each govt plays their part as aggressor or victim depending on the globalist angle of the day. Meanwhile the rest of us do our best to survive everything thrown our way i.e. wars we don’t want, poison in the air we breathe & food we eat, constant mind games, weather modification…..a list that can go on forever. The true way to enlightenment is not through judgement & condemnation of those who have no part in the grand plan. It can only be obtained through love & forgiveness which allows us to break down the illusory walls placed in our way between all of us on Mother Earth.

    Comments such as the first few have shown me that I was clearly mistaken when I thought I had found a community that really understands the depths of treachery thrown at all of us everyday. Sadly, I was wrong.


  5. It’s easy to pass judgement on Americans as doing nothing about this. Some of us who professionally spent decades as defense contractors know how things work far better than those who never did. Did foreign nationals from any other country do more than Americans? Even Canada has their own version of the Patriot Act – and have pursued hate speech prosecutions. Like most Americans who haven’t read the Patriot Act, probably most Canadians haven’t read their version of it yet either. Canada imprisoned Ernst Zundel for 2 years, then deported him to Germany for hate speech crimes – simply because he stated facts about the holocaust using Germany’s records. Zundel came to Canada from Germany in 1958, living there until he was deported. I’m of German descent myself, but Zundel was right. In Germany he served even more time – all for speaking the truth no one wanted to hear about blatant errors which have been promoted about holocaust history. He was gagged at his trial in Germany and not allowed to defend himself, and was convicted and served the max sentence of 5 yrs in Germany. That’s freedom? Who in Canada tried to prevent his deportation? Is it OK for any country to deport anyone for hate speech simply due to the subject matter? To do so is to convict them without a trial.There have been many who exposed the 9/11 issue. Many Americans have been outspoken about the truth of 9/11 since the day it happened. And many of their lives have been made miserable for doing so. Graeme is making himself a lightning rod for serious trouble when he boldly starts taking about prosecution. Even he could suddenly find himself in violation of hate speech laws. No one is untouchable. Everyone needs to face this: There are those in power who will cover up 9/11 forever and ever. It isn’t the first such event of this type and it won’t be the last. Just like banks which have been deemed “Too big to fail” were handed billions to bail them out, there are certain events in American and Canadian history which are also categorized as “Too impacting on America’s image and will destroy those in power if exposed.” No amount of prosecution will bring back the 3,000+ people who died that day. Graeme did not address these issues as it would deflate his case.

  6. One other comment – Graeme and everyone else needs to read the book of political scientist Dr. Tom Barnett. He has been on contract with the pentagon, and wrote the book “The Pentagon’s New Road Map.” There are video clips of his big multi-media presentation he did in the pentagon auditorium on youtube. It outlines everything and explains WHY various events took place on 9/11 and shortly afterwards. It’s about getting countries of the world into the “core” which consists of the USA, Canada and Mexico. That is the core. I have seen paper globes colored by school children 10 years ago where Canada, USA and Mexico are all brown. Teacher was red-faced when I asked why, claiming those were the colors she was told to use by another teacher. Barnett outlines that war will be used to do create the core. He came out with his book and presentation about 10 years ago. His solo presentation aired on CSPAN a few times. A real eye opener, it shows yet another attempt to create another all-powerful empire. Some people in politics today apparently never learned a thing from the fate of the Romans.

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