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Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability

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One amazing report here with lots of new connections in the massive, world-altering 9/11 false flag operation and the ensuing information smokescreen. As always, they accomplish many things at one time with these big events.

Try not to get hung up on any personal 9/11 shibboleths. This is a great summary and succinct overview with many new connections that fill in a lot of blanks.

Great job IMO. – Zen



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  1. Building 7’s destruction is interesting. Maybe it indicates the victory of the, literally, underground fraction of the CIA. I think much of that Black 2.3 Trillion went towards building impregnable Deep Underground Military Bases.
    But then it does seem that two anomalous “earthquakes” on the same day in Denver and Washington were really subteranium nukes destroying both ends of a tunnel system.
    Hummm? FBI vs CIA? Who knows – be good to get to understand these times as they will be in a hundred years.

    • That “missing” fiat money is paying for chemtrails, underground bases, germ, nano and genetic warfare stuff, the secret space program, black ops, etc. What’s funny to me is the funny money works even with them, ha! Obviously underling corporofascists, but still, the currency of deceit for the benefit of the deceivers. Ironic. Shows how they play on people’s sense of vulnerability and keeping the meme alive. But still weird.

      • great Video Zen . lots of interesting info. ( “the currency of deceit for the benefit of the deceivers.” <– love that! If I were one of the sheep i would crank my air horn and demonize my self by lifting my shirt showing my nipples!;-)

  2. These bastards and to think that I work till I’m dead tired every day to keep a roof over my head and buy the fake food I have to eat. I want out.

  3. Ben shalom Bernanke just step on the Hyperinflation gas peddle 10 fold , Now with $85 billion per month stimulus it is full blown unicorn tear drops and pixy dust for every one .

  4. These days there don’t even try hide it New your times dec 11 2012 reads : HSBC to Pay Record Fine to Settle Money-Laundering Charges ) ok if that is not bad enough, as the story reads on to say : “We accept responsibility for our past mistakes,” Stuart Gulliver, the chief executive of HSBC, said in a statement. “We have said we are profoundly sorry for them, and we do so again”. and no goes to jail once more . This nothing new i know but the sad part is how many people even care ? ( link to full story http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/12/11/hsbc-to-pay-record-fine-to-settle-money-laundering-charges/ )

  5. Zen: Thanks for this. Solid, thorough, no BS. It goes into the pile with the other accumulating evidence on the truth about 9/11. How much more evidence do Americans need, before we twig to what really happened? Devastating.

    • It is hard to fathom. I have old friends who I still try to wake up, can’t help it, and it’s the strangest thing. It has to do with the investment in this reality. I guess they just have their time…if not in this time around maybe in some parallel world or another cycle through they’ll get hungry enough for the Truth. Clearly that’s why the Universe shakes things up as a matter of course. Fun for us, pretty damn scary for them….’til they let go. 😉

  6. *…’ If ‘… & down a dark ‘hypothetical’ road of a hegemonic-time line-‘end game’ interview, of one of the Z/neocon victors;…Susan Rice will be asked a similar question, as was once posed to Madeleine Albright…-to which she’ll reply -“Yes, I think it was worth it!”….thereby rationalizing & sanitizing the ponerological directives & orchestrated ‘Manchurian’-slaughter/sacrifice of the innocent … all for the ambiguous security of the many…… as she tests the air of the ‘Big Lie’ with her forked tongue, in unconscious reflexive genuflection to her R-complex, reptilian brain stem directives.

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