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9/11 – The Consummate Exposé


By Julius Sequerra

I just finished watching an absolutely brilliant 9/11 documentary on YouTube: “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor“, produced and directed by the acclaimed Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco. (No worries: the video is in English — and superbly narrated to boot.)

I believe I own virtually every 9/11 video produced. If I don’t have the DVD, it’s only because I haven’t heard of it, or because hard copies aren’t for sale. And when they’re not, I download the videos from YouTube and burn my own.

Thus prefaced, let me be perfectly, unequivocally, unambiguously, clear:

This is the best — THE BEST — 9/11 video I’ve ever seen. Period. Finis.

And I’ve only watched Part 3 (of 3). But my full set of DVDs is on its way.

Purchase a copy TODAY from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F12IRSO

$29 for the 3-DVD set.  (I’d have gladly paid that just for Vol. 3, it’s that powerful. See content details of all three further below.)

Then, duplicate and distribute WIDELY. (The video states: “Free duplication and distribution of all DVDs is encouraged.”) If copying all three discs is too much of a chore, just burn #3. It’ll do the job quite nicely. That one alone will blow every other 9/11 video out there clear out of the water.

More importantly, it will absolutely DESTROY every single debunker out there.

Point by point, this video takes all the nonsensical arguments made by the Presstitutes at Popular Mechanics, as well as the assorted pseudo-experts in Europe and elsewhere, and makes utter mincemeat of every one of them.

The game is over. Case closed. This is the video we’ve all been waiting for.

9/11 Truth Movement – Uniting on the Fundamental Issue Will Restore Momentum

But I would add one caveat. There’s an important lesson implicit in this video: We’d better wrap up all our pet “theories” and leave them at home.

To wit, I found the following two comments by YouTube viewers to be particularly noteworthy (emphasis mine):

[By “eyevolution smith”]:

“By far the best and most comprehensive doc on 9/11 I have ever seen, and believe me I’ve seen a few. Unfortunately, I feel the 9/11 movement has weakened significantly since its peak in 2006/07 due to infighting and a deliberate obfuscation of the facts from the mainstream media and others. The movement descended into a shouting match between proponents of various theories all arguing over who was right whilst being collectively laughed at by those who believe the official story blindly. Sad but true.”

Now, here’s a comment that cuts closer to what we in the 9/11 Truth movement really need to do:

[By “AmerikanTube”]:

“It’s not hard to imagine that, the weapons science being so far advanced — much more than we ordinary citizens can even guess — they could have used many types of advanced technologies that are out of our reach to comprehend. But nevertheless one thing is completely clear: It was an inside job.”

That Is All We Need To Covey

And there you have it. As I’ve been screaming from my little minaret for years, THAT IS ALL WE NEED TO CONVEY!

And this video does that in spades.

So, all you folks with your favorite “theories”: Ask yourselves this crucial question: What’s more important to you:

Finding out HOW 9/11 was done? Or,
Conveying to the unwashed masses the demonstrable FACT that what they’ve been fed is a monstrous LIE?

The former will do nothing except stroke your egos. The latter will get us to critical mass in no time.

Yes, we have a choice: We can all convene at our monthly meetings and argue ad infinitum about planes, no-planes, nanothermite, DEWs, micronukes…

Or, we can shut up, make copies of these DVDs and distribute them to everyone we know. And let reason, logic, common sense, and irrefutable facts do the work.

[NB: Regrettably, any reference to Israeli orchestration of 9/11 is conspicuously absent. Yes, it’s a big price to pay, but given the overall brilliance of this video, that unfortunate exclusion is temporarily tolerable. Fear not; once the masses wake up, they’ll soon figure out who was behind it. But that discovery can wait; let’s not put the cart before the horse (or throw the baby out with the bathwater). What this video proves beyond any doubt is that 9/11 was an inside job. The ‘who’ and ‘how’ will ensue naturally once the lid’s blown open. Introducing any of these distractions at this stage will only succeed in perpetuating the very problems that have left us spinning our wheels for the past twelve years.]

The Importance of Convincing the Fence-Riders

There’s another important group this video addresses. Aside from the millions of Sheeple who’re totally asleep, we all know people who’ve dipped a distant toe into the world of 9/11 truth only to walk away unconvinced. Many have even studied the cover-up in some depth and are familiar with the plethora of inconsistencies and holes in the official conspiracy theory (OCT). Yes, they remain suspicious, yet are unconvinced. As a result, they fail to actively engage in spreading the word. This dormant group represents a huge loss to the momentum of the movement.

It’s absolutely imperative these fence-riders be convinced beyond a doubt. To this end, here’s another comment on YouTube by a chap who’s evidently studied 9/11 and suspected a cover-up all along, but hadn’t quite made up his mind. Well, looks like this video finally made a believer out of him…

[By “Cohen Peas”]:

Anyone not convinced after watching this: you are part of the cover-up.

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch all 3 parts. Great documentary!
I love how the producer took the time to thoroughly expose the official version.
This is the first documentary to completely sway me to the other side.

– the supposed cell-phone calls made by passengers.
– the manner in which the towers collapsed.
– the supposed 911 independent panel
– the Pentagon and Shanksville incidents just do not add up
– the put options on the 2 airlines
– the Gov’t, FBI cover up.

I called Popular Mechanics today, and cancelled my subscription!

So there you have it.

It’s time to get cracking and make this video go viral.

Caveat emptor: This documentary will leave you very angry. Some of the footage is utterly sickening — especially a zoomed-in clip where you can actually see some poor human being blown out of a tower by an explosive squib. After twelve long years, it takes emotive punches like this to remind us of something we all tend to forget:

The monsters who perpetrated this unspeakable crime walk freely amongst us today. And many of them are our fellow Americans.

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor

by Massimo Mazzucco

Outline of all 3 DVDs

[Parts 1 and 2 of the Video follow below]

DVD 1:


0.01:02 – 12 parallels between Pearl
Harbor and September 11
0.14:10 – The debate: main issues


0.14:55 – Where are the interceptors?
0.16:12 – The “incompetence theory”
(radars, transponders)
0.22:00 – The military drills
0.29:40 – Specific warnings
0.33:08 – The chain of command
0.38:10 – Promotions, not punishments
0.39:50 – The Mineta case
0.47:38 – Debunkers: “Mineta was mistaken”
0.53:18 – The Mineta case – A summary


0.57:15 – “Piss-poor student pilots”
0.59:38 – Marwan al-Sheikki (UA175)
1.01:52 – Ziad Jarrah (UA93)
1.03:06 – Hani Hanjour (AA77)
1.04:00 – The debunkers’ positions
1.06:00 –  2 simulations of the Pentagon attack
1.13:10 – Someone knew?
1.16:40 – Airport security cameras
1.20.15 – The missing black boxes


1.26:50 – Passenger planes or military drones?
1.28:20 – Impossible speeds
1.37:30 – What happened to the passengers?
1.38:35 – The cellphone calls
1.48:30 – The debunkers’ position
1.50:38 – If not from the planes, from where?


DVD 2:


0.02:35 – Downed light poles
0.03:30 – The missing plane
0.04:30 – The official version
0.05:24 – Problems with the official version
(wing, ailerons, tail, engines)
0.13:09 – The mystery hole
0.14:10 – The debunkers’ explanations
0.16:20 – Conclusions on damage analysis
0.17:00 – The missing tapes
0.18:30 – Security video analysis
0.23.40 – Pentagon summary


0.24.15 – The empty hole
0.28.00 – The debunkers’ explanations
0.33:00 – Plane crash or bomb explosion?
0.34:50 – The debris field

0.37.20 – The shootdown hypothesis
0.38:50 – The small white plane
0.41:40 – “Let’s roll”
0.44:25 – Summary of Flight 93


0.45:10 – Introduction
0.47:45 – The Towers’ small dirty secret
0.53:10 – Larry Silverstein
0.56:15 – NIST vs. Architects & Engineers
0.58:00 – Robust or fragile buildings?
1.04:45 – The initial collapse – Explanation #1
1.05:45 – The initial collapse – Explanation #2
1.07:35 – Problems with the official explanation
1.18:00 – The full collapse – No official explanation
1.18:50 – Law of physics violated
1.20:50 – The Twin Towers and freefall
1.27:50 – Debunkers’ response to A&E


DVD 3:

(Twin Towers continued)

0.00:20 – The hypothesis of controlled demolitions
0.01:08 – Debunkers: “Impossible to place explosives”
0.07:34 – Explosions in the Twin Towers (witnesses)
0.15:00 – “Fuel in elevators shafts” theory
0.23:25 – Debunkers: “Explosions not recorded by tv cameras”
0.30:26 – Squibs
0.33:00 – Explosive force (montage)
0.35:00 – Ejecta
0.38:00 – Diagonal cuts
0.40:15 – What happened to the hat trusses?
0.42:20 – Extreme temperatures
0.45:30 – Debunkers’ explanations
0.46:45 – Twisted and mangled beams
0.47:40 – Molten steel
0.51:05 – Molten concrete

0.53:50 – Pulverization
0.57:40 – Victims vaporized
1.02:20 – Conclusion on the Twin Towers


1.05:10 – Introduction
1.06:35 – Official version by NIST
1.09:36 – Collapse computer simulation
1.11:00 – Fire computer simulation
1.12:20 – Debunkers: “Building 7 weaker”
1.14:25 – Preknowledge
1.19:00 – Symmetry
1.20:00 – Freefall


1.22:30 – John McCain
1.24:35 – The last word

[P.S from Zen: For a terrific interview with Massimo Mazzucco go HERE.]




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  1. I’ve researched this ad nauseum for the past several years. First, this is a very well-done condensing of the evidence against the “official” report. Unfortunately, controlled demolition alone does not account for the pulverization and vaporization of the building contents and personnel. Special weapons technologies must be considered.

    • Yeah, something very strange – I don’t rule out micro nukes either the way that pyroclastic flow happens – it could have been something pretty exotic to make sure it worked thoroughly with the height of those buildings and their being so visible for so long as it blew out and dustified – that or at least outrageous amounts of thermate and explosives – but there needs to be focus on the fundamental issue if we’re to expand the range of awareness which he does really well here I think.

    • Agreed Scoots and Zen. How many technologies used in tandem to pull this off? A conundrum that is becoming apparent is the Richard Gage theory and the Dr. Judy Woods theory. Both are compelling explanations that hold water in my book, but the two theories have not “joined hands” that I know of. Why is that? There must be an obvious bridge in the mist. In my thinking, we could get a more comprehensive explanation of “all” the technologies employed that day if the two theories become meshed. Woods more or less stands on her own, Gage has many constituents. Is this one of those professional ego stalemates, or am I missing something? Just wondering.

      • Yeah, I hate this shit. When any of these beefs take place in the alt community rather than reconciling in some fashion for the greater good really pisses me off. I have my moments so I know what the spiritual dynamic is, but confrontations like this really make me angry due to their obvious deleterious effects. To me personally Gage is extremely compelling and the real deal. He couldn’t be more earnest nor looking harder for ways to take this issue to the heart of the matrix. Same with Dane Wigington at geoengineeringwatch.org – we correspond and I’ve never met a more earnest and hard working guy so what he says I trust came from a good place, even though I still look at it critically.
        Judy Woods rides a hobby horse of she’s right and no one else gets it. I don’t like that, even if she is right. It’s not an accepting nor conciliatory attitude and its defiance draws division, intended or otherwise.

        We need to get smart. Disunity on the real issue is not smart.

        • Well said, Zen. We all hate this. 12 years is beyond long enough. These people need to all come together as one, if they are indeed leading the charge in their respective thories. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see them all on one stage speaking together for truth.

          I like Wood’s research, but she comes across as flighty and often dances around answers, using riddles instead of direct responses. It’s unnerving, don’t know what that is all about. Gage comes across very sincere, I agree. So does Fetzer et. al in support of the micro-nukes. Read an amazing document recently by Jeff Prager entitled, “911: America was Nuked”. Wow, a real eye-opener.

          This is my feeling on Gage/Jones. I was once sold on nanothermite. Then I started to read tons on micro-nukes and I was extremely moved by the data. I also agree with Randall – perhaps mutliple technologies to throw everyone off, knowing full well people one day would begin to investigate. The more technologies used, the more round and round people would go.

          So, related to the above – Gage and Jones seem super sincere and appear to have invested a good deal of time in what they have done, and they should be commended for this.. But we must understand, from day one they have staked everything they had, i.e. their reputation on nanothermite and nanothermite only.

          That being said, I wonder if they’re dealing with the very real challenge of admitting that they were either wrong (no nanothemite was used) or partially wrong/correct if it was one of multiple technologies. Either way, it’s a blow to the ego and is especially difficult to admit to given the way they must know it would be used to discredit EVERYTHING they said (even though it obviously shouldn’t) by the media et al.

          I honestly believe this is why they refuse to discuss alternate theories.

          One final comment – it’s sickening to watch the debunkers in those videos. I can’t imagine there are many of them out there 12 years later that don’t know the truth by now. Yet they continue to sell out their souls and the souls of the billions of children on this planet. Wow, I wonder how they’ll rationalize it all on their deathbeds, perhaps no different then they are doing now. Simply unreal…

          • That people don’t take the architects and engineers extremely seriously completely blows my mind. They design and build and test those things as a career!!! Amazing.
            And yes, when people foment disunity or compulsively push a self exalting pet theory it just shuts the good energy out. Even if it’s true we need to just let people learn for themselves once we put the information out there while we emphasize the overarching issue. Something blew those buildings up. Not only could it not have been the airplanes, but how in the hell could arab kids fly maneuvers like that, never mind waltz into US airspace? It’s ludicrous in every possible way. But it’s like that saying, “you can’t reason someone out of something they weren’t reasoned into in the first place.” 9/11 was a massive trauma based occult-backed programming ritual. And it worked. So well that if you challenge it you’re considered nuts. That’s the f’d up world we live in. Just amazing.

      • Controlled demolition simply doesn’t explain what we can see. For this reason Judy Wood hints that Richard Gage is promoting disinformation, whether he knows it or not. Judy Wood is correct and I don’t see her copping a pose: you either consider all the evidence, or you don’t. Where did those buildings go? Most of the mass of those 110 story buildings never hit the ground. There is photographic evidence to prove this. It’s the anomalies that matter. A theory has to include them or it has no rigor. By now, everyone who has thought seriously about 911 knows it’s an inside job. You can’t consider controlled demo unless you assume insiders at work. We are confronted by our own ignorance, just as the world was at Hiroshima. Those in control know more than we do and we aren’t going to close the knowledge gap if we cannot first admit our ignorance. Far from arrogance, Judy Wood is actually very modest.

        • Agreed, Judy Wood and her explanation are the real deal. It is unfortunate she dismisses nanothermite as a partial explanation for bldg 7 because of course that’s the second layer of lies that was built in by the perpetrators. They fully intended to ‘expose’ 9/11 as it has been done over the past decade or so by both astroturf and genuinely misguided truthers, it’s their standard MO to try to control the agenda from as many angles as they can.

          And of course it was “an inside job”, but it matters how one defines insiders. It’s simplistic to restrict it to specific nations, religions, and the like. The PtB are a transnational cabal of sociopathic control freaks playing their endless games of divide and conquer with [relatively] regular people everywhere.

          May I suggest as a supplement to the $29 set of 3 DVDs promoted above [hey, 2+9=…] that people watch the vid “Wake Up This is your alarm! By Charlie Pound” for a 3 1/2 minute summary of Dr. Wood’s conclusions regarding covert DEW technology.

          And may Michael Zebuhr, her student assistant murdered by tPtB in the early days, rest in peace.

  2. Well done indeed…..excellent research to bring out the true physical facts that debunk the debunkers. With all the info presented, what stood out to me was the McCain thing. Obviously, the journalist would not have asked the senator an explanation regarding the freefall unless he knew, and had probably read McCains explanation in Pop Mechanics. I didn’t know about the McCain connection.

    Thanks to Julius Sequerra, Massimo Mazzucco, Zenster for posting, and all involved in bringing this brilliant piece out in the open.

        • * What I find as extremely ‘peculiar’… is that there was a huge active hurricane vortex, just sitting off the coast of NY after having made an ‘unnatural’ turn to just sit there spinnig…all while it was a beautiful sunny day over the city???….could energy have been ‘harvested’ from the vortex???…still… ‘just wondering’

          • Good point Alex. If I recall correctly there was no msm coverage of the hurricane, even though weather maps show the storm was there. Your question points to yet another technology(s) that may have been operating.

          • RE the hurricane; I went back and watched video available from the morning of 9-11, just prior to the start of the attack. The weather report indeed included a brief mention of the hurricane, but it was offshore of Long Island several hundred miles and heading out to sea. It was no threat to the Eastern Seaboard at all and Judy Wood making a big deal of this is rather weird. I agree with an above poster, although some of her information about ‘toasted cars’ was new to me when it first came out, she’s often obtuse or childish in her descriptions and conclusions. She totally lost me when she mentioned in one interview that the people falling/jumping from the towers were ‘trying to tell us something about the anomalous weapons being used’ by the way they were flailing as they fell. It’s an insane conclusion. It’s like she goes from being engineering/analytical to whackjob foil hat in record time.

    • No, wad, it’s not jacking off to nowhere – it’s powerfully moving in the rt direction. That the Mossad/Zio connection wasn’t acknowledged is addressed clearly. You’ve got to learn to see the good and move with it, like tai chi. We need to work together and get off our absolutism. What’s real and true comes out in the wash. Is your motive the truth or is it self affirmation and justification screwing up your motives and vision?

      You gotta get this Wad, all of us do. Whatever gets our goats too much or in our craw that hinders more than it helps has to be laid aside as much as possible when need be. Don’t worry, we’re all screwed up in some way. Trying to grasp the handle on what’s going on and help those around us can make us a little crazy, I understand that totally.

      The greater good, remember? Not hobby-horsing and screaming like a toddler for attention and validation…

      C’mon, you’re more than that….I know it… Love, Zen

  3. I have been anxiously awaiting this video and I thank you for this post. But somehow, now after studying 9-11 since, literally and truly, 9-11-01, I just think I do not want to watch this video. I respect very much Massimo and have heard hin on the radio a few times and I think he is the real deal.

    I would comment that ALL “theories” should be fully explored and dealt with honestly, and that includes nukes. I hope the video does not refer to buildings 1,2 and 7 as having “collapsed.” Building 7 certainly appears to have “collapsed” but buildings 1 and 2, the Twin Towers, did not appear to collapse and each left almost no rubble pile.

    To some extent determining how it was done, or how it could not have been done, helps very much in narrowing in on who did 9-11.

    It is pretty sad that the Zionist elements, the neocons, and wealthy New York banksters are left out of this video, so that is not following the rule of considering all available alternatives and ideas.

    I do not think Dr. Steven Jones and his “Nano-thermite Gang”(NG) including Richard Gage have ever been about truly exploring all alternatives and do the best that can be done with the scarcity of true evidence. The NG took over the 9-11 truth movement when it began in 2005, including 911blogger and 911truth websites which only would post NG stuff and consistently denigrate all other good work. The latest iteration of the NG is Rethink911.org. These groups will observe the tenets of their religion which include always saying that the Twin Towers were destroyed in exactly the same manner as Building 7, that is, by conventional “controlled demolition” and their other dogma of its Rethink911 members always must refer to building 1, 2 AND 7 as having “collapsed.”

    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”
    John 1:5

  4. Well matey, I don’t know which brand of ACID you’ve been taking,but I can ABSOLUETLY guarantee that you have NOT seen all videos concerning 9/11.
    There is only ONE video which actually tells the “whole Truth” and “Nothing but the Truth”. It is only 15 minutes in length, and is NOT available on YouTube, OR the net……anywhere.

  5. I thought that was an excellent documentary about 9/11 too. (I added my comments to my thread on that “9/11 topic, on the Marijuana Party of Canada English language forum discussion.) The only thing which I did not like was towards the end of those videos, where the view that the BBC being within the circle of 9/11 insiders was referred to as a “ludicrous conspiracy theory.” In my view, that crucial, central, directing people within the mass media were part of the bringing to fruition of the overall false flag attack.

    I do not believe that the BBC reporter herself, when speaking prematurely about the collapse of Building 7, was necessarily one of the insiders that make 9/11 possible as an inside job. However, I find it suspicious how her video feed was cut. Moreover, there is no doubt in my mind that the major mass media were complicit in the cover-up of the facts, and instrumental in promoting the official story.

    There are many videos which I have watched which review the ways that the mass media were apparently creating, as well as reporting, false news, or even faked news reports. The ways that the mass media were immediately interviewing those who would promote the patently false and absurd official story indicates that some crucial members who controlled the mass media were somewhat in on making 9/11 become a politically successful false flag attack.

    Furthermore, the ways that the mass media continue to deliberately ignore and dismiss the overwhelming accumulated evidence, collected by an army of independent researchers, regarding more radical truth about what really happened on 9/11, indicate to me that there is no doubt that the mass media were necessary participants in making that inside job become a crucially successful false flag attack, to get the war on terror going, as a vicious self-fulfilling prophesy!

  6. The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in 1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..
    I remember him recalling what his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the start of Shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.
    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so “naive, so gullible and so stupid” to buy an old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.
    So re-thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Moslem Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Jumbo 747 and outwitted the US Militaryand Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.


    bollyn.com , AE911truth.org, Rethink911.org






    whatreallyhappened.com rense.com

    undergrounddocumentaries.com, http://www.brasschecktv.com


    Oy Veh, I agree that the American Non-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

  7. I watched these videos several weeks ago now but something occurred to me in them that may not have been noticed by anyone else; there is video of Dick Cheney taken just a few days after the attacks wherein he states that he ‘saw the second tower hit by the plane, talked to President Bush and then the Secret Service rushed in and whisked him down to the PEOC.’ In the same clip (I believe Part III) his secretary says that immediately after the second tower was hit, she glanced down the hallway and Cheney was being carried bodily down the hallway by the SS. No mention of any phone call between Cheney and Bush…

    Then there is the famous video of Bush sitting there in the classroom like an idiot after being told of the second plane hit, for quite a long time, from 8 minutes to almost 20 before he actually got out of classroom and got to a phone… the Cheney footage was taped before he knew that concurrent video of Bush was available…

    So why is this important? Well, a new book out describes how difficult the communication was between Bush and Cheney on that day even between the White House and Air Force One (!) Phone calls weren’t going through, busy signals, etc. We know that Bush didn’t talk to Cheney in the next few minutes after the second plane hit, therefore Cheney is lying.

    I believe a case could be made that the reason they both didn’t want to be questioned by the 911 Commission under oath or apart or with record-keeping, is that it was CHENEY who instigated the shootdown order, a clearly illegal order, when he couldn’t (or didn’t bother) to get Bush’s order on it. There’s also the Richard Clarke commentary that he was amazed at how fast the orders were coming through Cheney ‘from Bush’ in the aftermath, (when communications were almost nonexistent?) Bush was completely out of the loop and Cheney knows what that would mean, legally. What’s the charge for a temporary coup d’etat, and/or taking over the nation’s military to accomplish a New Pearl Harbor?

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