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9/11 Is The Litmus Test


This is a classic and my sentiments exactly on this watershed issue. Snordster continues getting his work back up and running, and this Les Visible piece is timeless Truth revealing how defining someone’s stance on this issue is.  When someone wakes up to 9/11 Truth, usually the rest follows, but not always. But for the sincere seeker it breaks apart so many paradigms they’re usually loosed into the wilds of real research and perspective for life.  – Zen

From Snords: A seminal piece by Visible, leading to the obvious conclusion that, 9/11 is the litmus test without equal. http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/2008/0…

“It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.”

Rt on, Les, rt on.




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  1. I think one of the worst parts of that time was Bush coming on TV and telling people to go out and spend Money , to go out and shop ,. made me sick

    • Agreed Peek.

      I remember thinking to myself later, ” why aren’t these so-called “terorists” doing shopping malls, schools, theaters, etc.” Easy, soft targets with major psychological impact (they’re finally trying that now, or at least pretending to). I knew something wasn’t right.

      Ritualistic human sacrifice, planned even before the towers were built, period.

      • Exactly. Full on dystopian world. If there were any real terrorists and their whole narrative had ANY validity they would have easily shut down tunnels and bridges, blown dams, and a whole host of stuff to cause huge disruption since “they hate our freedom” so much yada yada. Nothing makes any sense. All they have to do is set up some jerk try to light his shoe on a plane and we get more “security”, then another plant has his underwear catch fire and the Ziozomboid Chertoff just happen to won the company that rolls in the DNA unzipping backscatter machines. How conveeeeeennient. Anyone notice? Precious few – Pavlov’s peeps are in lock step with the program. It’s seriously surreal.

      • That wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was ‘you’re either with us or against us’; my immediate reaction was, ‘then I’m against you, you utter scumbag!’

        9-11 was a live snuff film and most people still don’t get the incredible cognitive dissonance that buildings that large could fall like they did but their BBQ works just fine for hours during the same level of heating. Those buildings were nuked; nothing else fits the evidence. Judy Wood AND the thermite gang are disinfo agents, if only unwittingly. No way thermite was used to turn the concrete and office contents (and people) into dust; maybe to break some of the larger beams in the lower floors, but that’s all. The disintegration of the buildings and pyroclastic flows were by nukes.

    • I surely remember Bush’s “go shopping” and then was “get your life”. But this tells you who was also involved in 9/11.

    • Judge Viz really nailed it with the 911 litmus test.

      But when one really thinks about it, this string of shit goes back to at least JFK, that’s where the Archons made their real power play and have been playing ever since.


  2. My take on 911.

    “They did it because they hate us for our Freedoms” = 100% correct.

    It wasn’t the Muslims, it was the Rabbi’s. It was not Islam, it is JUDIASM that made this happen.

    These people are religious NUT JOBS and they hate us for any freedom we might have since they believe all Goyim should be slaves.

    Anyone who starts talking about thermite or blah blah blah is wasting time.

    Israel did 911? no… JUDIASM did 911.

    Larry SilverStein is not Israeli… etc.. etc..

    just getting tired of listing out the hundreds of links… the talmud quotes.

    just gonna make it simple

    911 = Satanic Ritual

    Got it? Good.

  3. Important piece. Thank you. However:

    There is a critical error which needs to be addressed:

    At 2:25 the voice-over says “Three … buildings… designed to absorb the impact of the very planes which hit them, all crumbled into their own footprints at the speed of free fall.”


    Only TWO buildings were hit with planes, but THREE fell! This is one of the biggest smoking guns.

    This error may seem subtle, but it takes some of the serious punch out of this piece by implying that there was a plane strike per each building which collapsed, when in reality (as you know) #7 fell even when not hit!

    It would be better to mention explicitly Building 7’s non-plane-strike-induced collapse.

    Sorry to complain, but it matters!

    Thanks again for the piece.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Les & Patrick hit the nail on the head – 9/11 is the absolute litmus test. I state it simply as this: We as a civilization cannot move forward until we are willing to acknowledge the truth of our reality as well as the massive, endless stream of lies that have led us to where we are today. It must happen in the minds, bodies and souls of all 7 billion of us. And in my mind, 9/11 ranks #1 on that unfortunately very long list of lies.

    There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder how the majority of the population “gets on with it” – gets on with their lives in full acknowledgment of what happened that day, shrugging their shoulders all the way.

    Regarding 9/11, people often ask me what I want to see happen. It’s simple – the absolute truth to come out and those responsible to be, ah, held responsible. Does this seem unreasonable? And one more thing – that massive, soulless 1776 foot Orwellian lie called the Freedomless Tower – it needs to be dismantled & deconstructed, piece by fucking piece. When that day comes and a decision is made to do so, I pledge that I will spend as many days, months and years of my life volunteering at zero pay to do just that – take it down, bolt by bolt, beam by beam, floor by floor, and to spend as much time as it takes to so. And I will do it hand in hand with the rest of the loving souls of this planet that were lied to for the last 12 years, for I suspect that millions of others will be as eager to have it removed from our existence as I am. Then, after having removed this beacon of fear and lies, we can create a monument of love and truth in its place – a monument to the new world that is being born.

  5. And when the sheep finally changes their collective minds it will be because they have been told to do so by some authority!
    The potential for the event and the coverup excited before 911 so the real culprits are the unawakened sheep, they brought it on….the perpetrators would never have dared to do it if the population had been fully conscious and awake!

  6. The TRUE litmus test in 7 words: Judy Wood “Where Did The Towers Go?” IMHO it is not enough to “buy” the limited hang out version of “whodunnit / whatdunnit” 9-11. Judy Wood has peeled the onion and revealed the REAL science behind this historic event. This goes WAY beyond any power/greed driven conspiracy to give us peek at the “break away civilization” that displayed it’s horribly awesome technological prowess that day. Until this thread of the story is fully unraveled we will continue to chase our own tails, as we are supposed to do…

    “There are a thousand striking at the branches of evil to ONE who is striking at the root” (H.D. Thoreau)

    • Wood also said that the people falling from the towers flailing as they came down were ‘trying to tell her something’. She’s a weird mix of technically educated and whackjob. Until she can actually prove the existence of her DEW weapon, it’s a guess. Nukes explain everything and the US government and Israelis have them in every conceivable size, yield and radiation signature. Small weapons the size of potted plants (no wiring needed) on every other floor detonated by remote control. Explains the sustained heat in the basements (residual fission, you don’t get that heat from residual thermite and certainly not from low oxygen office content fires burning with millions of gallons of water being thrown on them) and everything else you see that day and afterwards. While I agree with Dolan’s theory of the breakaway civilization, they had nothing to do with 9-11. This is a Bush-Cheney production in cahoots with the Mossad and Blackwater.

      • I’m a civil engineer and have been directing mehanicals most of my life. I’ve known Mr John Hutchison for some 15 years and I believe that Judy Wood is on the right track. Data is just that, Data, stay with the facts and that will always get you home. Many have slandered Judy but she is steadfastly on track here. She is the real hero of 911

  7. I knew on 911 it was a ‘media brainwashing’ event. Every Broadcast station had some Political Rep saying the same thing.’We didn’t know it was going to happen, but we know who did it’. Bush & his prepared ‘Terrrorism Speech’ at Booker School was the ‘clapper’!

  8. What needs to happen is for people to realize that anyone in a position of authority, and that includes government, teachers, ministers, EVERYONE, who lies to the people is guilty of TREASON and that it should be punishable as such. This includes lies about the alien presence here on earth and what contracts we have with them and whether those contracts have been honored by both sides, where the hell our tax money is going and what its being spent on, the true nature of the breakaway civilization, the ghastly lies of the live snuff film 9-11, why a few people order wars and millions of others die because of these orders (never the ones who order it, however), ‘Jesus died for your sins’ AKA some prearranged schmuck traded a foreknowledge of immortality for some weird idea about original sin’ which if you think about it for a second or two makes no sense at all, ‘intelligent design’, patriotism equals killing people from other countries who never harmed you but are sitting on resources our corporate overlords want, etc and so forth.

    It’s way past time that the few thousand sociopaths and psychopaths who are screwing up the entire planet for the rest of us had their names and addresses and personal GPS locations publicized to the world so that they cannot hide and are hunted down by an enraged and righteous population and tried for treason, waterboarded for information on all the other traitors to humanity, then hung by the neck until dead, dead, dead; their bodies left out in the sun to rot in full view of the next batch of sociopaths; perhaps in that way a repeat of this historical process will be slightly delayed. Don’t give me a lecture about ‘peaceful resistance’; that’s a joke perpetrated by the traitors to disarm you. We’re being led by ghouls in the ‘halls of justice’, government, business and religion. Time to get rid of them all.

  9. I think the reason so many refuse to accept the truth regarding 911 is because if that domino in their personal belief system falls over because it was an inside job, then the next domino will go, setting the entire belief system on it’s ear. That old Nazi propaganda minister was right, if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes real. Don’t believe everything you think, none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

  10. I remember that the first thing that struck me as I turned on the TV (don’t have one anymore) was ‘how surreal this looks – and how come it’s all on film?’ That remains a crucial question the answer to which would seem to be that the BBC and the main US stations were forewarned and had set up their stalls for what was to come. This was later confirmed by the clip you can still see on You Tube – of a BBC announcer declaring that the third tower had fallen when one can clarly see it in the background – standing – while she is telling us this. The script she was reading got out of sync with the reality. Twenty minutes later the third tower was detonated and crumbled to the ground. The implications of this are really huge – a whole layer of the the top end of the elitist pyramid had prior warning and never released the information. And to this day they have still failed to admit their heinous deed. They are thus fully complicit in the murder of all those who became victims – not just in the towers – but in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. The degree and level of cover-up is nothing short of the unbelievable. Believe it!

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