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9/11 – The Defining Line of Conscience


Although the official version of 9-11 has been proven to be a pack of lies it remains the core dogma of the criminal regime that rules our nation – and our world. – Christopher Bollyn

by Julius Sequerra

Dear friend:

There is one thing that has affected every one of us over the course of these early years of this new century. That one thing is the 9/11 attack. As such, it would be safe to say every one in every field of endeavor the world over can be defined by their position on this one seminal event.

It is not necessary to know the truth about 9/11. It is only necessary to know the extent of the lies in order to define any leader in any position anywhere in the world. By what they have said and by what they have not said, one can accurately judge who is an enemy of the peoples of the world. One can accurately determine who is a tool of the psychopaths who perpetrated this heinous crime, or one of them.

Let’s set leaders aside. Think about what you allow yourself to know. Think about what you pass by, ignore, deny, and defend. That defines you. It defines the degree of your personal courage, your relationship to the truth, your values, your principles and what you will pass on to your children and everyone you meet.

It tells you, in that place where your conscience lives (or once lived), whether you are a hypocrite and a fool or whether something greater still lives within you.

By now you’ve probably (hopefully) seen through the whole 9/11 lie. As a result of this one diabolical act, major wars have been launched. Over a million people have died with nearly another 5 million displaced.  9/11 caused the initiation of wars or military action against six countries, and has three more Muslim countries — Syria, Lebanon, and Iran — in its crosshairs. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressly stated a few days ago that “a US military intervention in Syria is under consideration”. In the UK, General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, went so far as to announce, “Britain must be prepared for war.”

The New Pearl Harbor

Casual investigation of who benefited from 9/11, and who engineered actions of global impact, ALL lead to the same parties. And those parties bear no connection to Usama bin Laden.

It is an incontrovertible fact that the cabal that drafted the blueprint for 9/11 is an organization called PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. PNAC’s salient objective is to deploy US military force and economic might in order to bring the oil-rich Middle East (and much of the rest of the world) under the umbrella of a new socio-economic Pax Americana.

It was PNAC that called for an attack on American soil in order to justify the bloody wars and invasions that followed. PNAC’s 2000 report stated that their aspiration to conquer and militarize global resources would be achieved much too slowly, “unless there were some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.”

9/11 Was That New Pearl Harbor.

PNAC needed an external threat to galvanize a wave of public indignation that would lead the American people to blindly support and finance PNAC’s desires to wage wars and confiscate critical foreign resources — precisely the scenario sweeping across the Middle East today.

It may interest you to know that PNAC was conceived, founded and staffed almost entirely by dual-citizen Israelis who hold (or held) key positions within the US government. A short list of PNAC’s key players includes: Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Michael Chertoff, George Tenet (real name: David Cohen), Elliot Abrams, Donald Kagan, Richard Haas, Kenneth Adelman, Edward Luttwak, Robert Satloff, David Frum, David Wurmser, Steve Goldsmith, Marc Grossman, et al.

PNAC’s mission statement has twenty-five signatories. Seventeen (68%) of the twenty-five belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This should also raise a red flag, as the CFR’s primary goal is one-world government.

Silencing Whistleblowers

People in government who have questioned the official 9/11 fairytale have been fired from their jobs or driven from office by the very party of which they are members. Major websites composed of experts in their fields — scientists, pilots, architects, engineers, firemen — are ignored and censured. University professors are fired for discussing 9/11. Independent experts, investigators, and journalists meet with mysterious deaths, some conveniently attributed to suicide. (One such suicide, allegedly a self-inflicted shooting, involved two shots — to the back of the victim’s head.)

The list of courageous truth-seekers who’ve been silenced is long, and grows longer by the day. Barry Jennings, NYC’s Deputy Director of Emergency Services, openly claimed during two recorded interviews re WTC Building 7 that he personally witnessed “bombs going off all over the building”. Jennings said the lobby of Building 7 looked “devastated, like a bomb had gone off,” and “the floor was littered with dead people.” This was before the Twin Towers had collapsed. Mr. Jennings succumbed to an unexplained death just two days before the release of NIST’s ‘Final Report’ that attributed Building 7’s collapse to “office fires.”

Another similarly inconvenient witness was Danny Jowenko, a leading Dutch explosives expert and president of his own controlled demolitions company. Having watched the video, Mr. Jowenko claimed Building 7 was “for sure brought down by controlled demolition”. Mr. Jowenko was on his way to give a television interview on the subject when his car mysteriously accelerated, lost its brakes, crashed into a tree and exploded into a fireball killing him instantly.

Similarly, just last month we had the mysterious death of the Rolling Stone Magazine journalist, Michael Hastings, whose expose’ caused the fall from grace of one of America’s highest ranking military officers, General Stanley McChrystal. Hastings was on the verge of releasing another bombshell expose’, this one of the CIA and NSA. Perceiving a series of “strange happenings” in his personal life, Hastings emailed friends saying he needed “to go off the radar for a bit.” The next day, Hastings’ car, too, suffered problems identical to Jowenko’s. (Except in Hastings’ case the timing was slightly off — the car exploded seconds before it crashed.) Even though his family wanted his remains preserved for a forensic investigation and burial, Hastings’ body was summarily cremated against their wishes and his remains returned to his loved ones as ashes in an urn.

This is what America has become. And it’s going to get a damn sight worse. But don’t take my word for it. Former President Jimmy Carter said it quite succinctly, just last week in the wake of the NSA scandal: “America Is no longer a functioning Democracy.” And if Carter’s words aren’t sufficiently compelling, the words of former US Secretary of the Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, might help drive home the point: “The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. Americans are ruled by usurpers who see the US Constitution as a mere ‘scrap of paper’.”

And it all began with 9/11.

September 11 2001

The Litmus Test*

it should go without saying that anyone who promotes the official story of 9/11; anyone who accepts the official story, who oppresses those who doubt the official story, who does not question the official story, is involved or stupid.

Any presidential candidate, senator, congressman, fireman, pilot, engineer, architect… anyone who, knowing the facts, does not dispute the official story is a traitor to their nation and a tool of those who accomplished the attack.

Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not, every violation of our basic rights we so docilely accept — TSA cavity searches, being forced to remove your shoes in order to board a flight, metal detectors and X-Ray scanners (even in hospitals), ID checks at every turn — they all came about because of 9/11. Everything that curtails, inhibits, or restricts your everyday life today is a direct or indirect result of 9/11. Think about it.

And every one of these violations of our personal freedoms is based on a lie.

Therefore, everyone in government, in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool.

Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar, and complicit in mass murder.

Measure everyone by their position and their comments — or lack of comments — concerning this signal event. Measure everything they say in relation to their position on this lie. If they deny the official story is more porous than Swiss cheese, or choose to ignore the overwhelming amount of evidence that proves beyond a doubt what we’ve been sold is a lie, these people belong to one of two categories: they are either traitors, or they are fools. There is no middle ground.

Yes, everyone everywhere can be measured according to this one litmus test.

An Open Message to the Dark Force and its Agents

To the perpetrators of this unconscionable crime I say: We know who you are. You are going down. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow, but you are going down. Know that the Universal Law of Truth always prevails. It is unavoidable, it is inescapable.

It would behoove you to remember Gandhi’s sagely pronouncement:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it — always.”

To my knowledge, the Laws of the Universe did not die along with Mohandas Gandhi, just as the laws of physics did not collapse on the day of 9/11.

[The unimpeded freefall of WTC Building 7 on the afternoon of 9/11 – physically impossible without removing all core resistance within the building first – as done in controlled demolitions. Before this day and since, no steel-structured building in the world has collapsed due to fire despite sustained infernos in several instances. 9/11 saw three such events. Why? Neither office furniture nor jet fuel burn hot enough to melt steel. Something else is clearly at play. The real question is: why are so many suspending all reason, even to the point of not even questioning the “official” story in the least?]

All of you who know, and who abet and serve this empire of darkness; all of you who have sold your honor and integrity for a place at the table, for the opportunity to run your mouths about banal tripe and be a hail-fellow-well-met among the psychopaths…who lurk like jackals among the lions, who are complicit in this evil: Remember Nuremberg. you will be shamed beyond endurance — even hanged, following some future tribunal — for having been such a whore and  a fool for coveting table scraps at the cost of your humanity.

How They Shape our Minds

Beware of the media. Stop watching television “news.” The media is their instrument designed to keep you in the dark. As I’ve persistently reiterated in the past, learn to ignore manipulative terms in the press such as “the Obama administration,”  “the US government,” Republicans,” “Democrats,” and such. They are all heads of the same Hydra. They’re all meaningless labels, euphemisms crafted to conveniently ascribe ‘authority’ or impute blame to what is essentially a vacuous, impotent shell structure whose real foreign policy and central bank are run by citizens of another country. Stop kidding yourself: It’s not “America” per se that is today’s ‘sole superpower.’ It’s this kind of carefully crafted mind manipulation that obfuscates mass perception in order to conceal the invisible hand that runs the planet today.

It is the very same hand that orchestrated 9/11.

It is impossible (for any rational, thinking person) to accept the fact that 9/11 was a lie, and simultaneously reject the fact that there is a shadow force at work that’s being kept hidden from us. These two realities are inseparable; they’re fused at the hip. No thinking mind can accept one and dismiss the other.

All you have to do is open your eyes and think. If 9/11 was a lie, then everything of ‘importance’ you watch on television, and read in the newspapers is an organic outgrowth of that one monstrous lie.

The same force that orchestrated 9/11 also controls, at the very highest level, the mainstream media that feeds your mind. In other words, everything you’re being force-fed is bullshit.

One may find, upon deeper reflection, that there are other deceitful media constructs at work, other subliminal labels designed to misguide and misdirect. Terms such as “anti-Semite,” “terrorist,” “conspiracy theorist” are also meant to serve as instruments of re-direction and re-categorization. Once this labeling has been applied, at least in the mind of the ‘general public’ (the ubiquitous herds of somnambulistic Sheeple), any further inquiry as to the evidence, merit, or truth value of any original claim(s) flies out the window.

The forces choreographing the ‘dance of the invisible hand’ are very cognizant of the psychology inherent in language. They are fully aware that the majority of human beings will, under most conditions of cognitive dissonance, take flight to the protection of the already known or established categorical viewpoints, i.e., their own safe ‘comfort zones.’ In other words, they will take the easy way out that those in the shadows have already provided for them.

I know too many people in my own orbit who, sadly, choose to continue to find solace in these spurious safe havens… people who openly acknowledge the 9/11 lie, but who, when struck by the enormity and seriousness of what it all portends, quickly throw truth (and conscience) to the wind and escape into the warm embrace of avoidance.

Conscience: The Core Impetus

Today, with Snowden, Manning, Assange and other courageous individuals of their ilk, this phenomenon of mind manipulation is becoming glaringly visible in the mainstream media. Have you noticed there’s virtually zero discussion amongst the television talking-heads about the total shredding of our most fundamental Constitutional rights by the NSA’s shocking intrusions into the private lives of American (and other) citizens?

Instead, we get hours of endless tripe about what a dirty ‘traitor’ Snowden is.

Traitor? I can clearly recall the Cold War years when it was Soviet Russia that persecuted truth tellers, while America gave them asylum and tried to protect them. Today it is Washington that persecutes those who speak the truth, and it is Russia that protects them. In today’s America, whistleblowers like Snowden and Manning are immediately attacked, demeaned, and marginalized by power.

Aye, it’s the Snowdens and Mannings whose cases help bring into the full glare of day the fact that the treacherous re-direction and re-categorization machinery is in high gear, the danse macabre, in full swing.

This letter is a heartfelt plea to you to not fall for this grand illusion, this all-encompassing charade that actually leaves you deluded but seemingly satisfied; misled, yet feeling secure.

Take a good, hard look in the mirror, my friend. Question what you see there.

Who are you? A traitor? A coward? A fool? Or an intelligent human being with a conscience — and a responsibility to do what is right, and good, for your family, for society, for your country, and for humanity?

Then, act as your inner compass guides you.

What can you do? At the very least, spread the word about 9/11 every chance you get…to your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone you meet. Should you have the time and energy, join your local 9/11 Truth group and become an activist. Get involved!

Nothing less than the future of the world is at stake.

In conclusion, I ask that you keep in mind the following statistical fact: in the time it took you to read this letter, somewhere in the world at least one innocent human being (“terrorist”) — someone’s brother, sister, mother, father — was killed on account of the 9/11 Lie.

The only question that remains is how, if at all, does this cold, cruel fact rub your conscience?

Thank you.

[*My thanks to Les Visible for his continuing inspiration.]




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  1. There’s some smashmouth truth for ya’. Seen this denial, avoidance thing first hand more than once. Sad.

    “You can’t handle the truth”….that line comes up often.

  2. I’ll take denial in a sleeping person anytime; the truth will get them eventually. All I need to do is plant and water a little.

    It’s the indifference, that drives me absolutely batshit crazy!

  3. I always knew that 9-11 didn’t happen because they are jealous or our freedom. How could Muslims put controlled demolition into building 7. We have let our leaders lead us into actions where we are the Evil Empire. I enjoyed reading this article, because it is my heart.

  4. Everyone knows Israel’s Mossad did 9-11 with money from the US Federal Reserve owners the House of Rothschild, and in cahoots with Bush’s government and assorted Zionist Nrocons in his cabinet. No one can touch them. They can do what they want and no one can arrest them. Julian Assange and his Wikileaks is not a hero: The first thing that he said when he jumped under the limelights is that the official story of 9-11 is true !… He is a Zionist mole whose mission is to strengthen the government’s 9-11 lies and to protect Israel.

    • so true.

      Israel did 911… actually no.. Larry Silverstein isn’t Israeli…

      JEWS did 911.

      say that or your comments have no value here. man up

  5. Too bad this loses the plot on itself. Snowden, Assange are just more of the same. They don’t speak truth about 9/11, so far Assange has directly supported the official lies about it and not a peep from Snowden has been heard or is likley to be about it. The Snowden Snowjob is telling us nothing we didn;t already know, by the same media which has avoided telling us anything about it before, despite such whistleblowers and Susan Lindauer and Sybil Edmonds being long since available for that and much worse revelations about the corruption.

  6. Nailed it again Zen. Yep only question you need to ask. Glad to hear you mention Les. You guys have been a God sent, everytime I get caught up in this matrix all alround me. there isn’t one person around me who believes my understading of the plan. All I get is well my faith in God is all I need. Or we will see all this bad when it gets here. I need to get on with the job of living my life. Crazy on a ship of fools.

  7. … take flight to the protection of the already known or established categorical viewpoints …

    You lost me at the evil, dance macabre of Nuremberg.

    But, we shall always have Paris.

  8. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature who ever watched controlled demolitions of older hotels and casinos in Las Vegas – if they saw the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 – would be able to tell that those towers were demolished in the same manner – with a more deadly explosives than the hotels and casinos – than the fairytale the government has paraded before the public all these years. No plane brought them down, since the columns were built of solid steel.

    The fact that Building 7 was totally ignored in the government version of 9/11 adds more credence to the truth: that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives attached to the steel columns. The Twin Towers were brought down by micro nukes. How else would first responders who had survived the collapse would fall ill months later and die from some unknown illness? Radiation from those micro nukes, perhaps? Some 11 1/2 years later, more and more people have awakened to the real truth about 9/11.

    • * ….the kicker was the BBC ‘Talking-Head’, announcing building 7’s collapse, while it was obviously still standing!!! & cleary visible behind the BBC’s ‘repeater’, out the window of her NY office…WTF???

  9. Not to keep banging the same drum but I have my own litmus test….. any supposed ‘truth’ teller that portrays Assange and Snowden as ‘whistleblowers’ has some part in The Insanes agenda. It is glaringly obvious that Assange and Snowden have similar histories as Obama….. as in enough holes in them to drive a truck through. Sad, because the body of the message is always so right and stirring and then they start shoveling this fake whistleblower crap down our throats. As to why they’re working so hard to get us to accept these fake heroes, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Just as in nine-one-one, we don’t need to know the whole truth, just take the measure of the lies.

  10. Oh! I’d like to amend my last sentence….. we DO need the whole truth but since we’re obviously not going to get it for the moment, just take the measure of the lies. The truth will surely follow.

  11. Not so fast there buckos. Watch the twin tower’s destruction again. Have you EVER seen a building turned to dust before ? Watch all the controlled demolitions videos out there, you nary find a one that shows a building turned into a fine powder. This was NOT a conventional controlled demolition or even a mini nuke demolition. ALL the evidence points to a destructive force we’ve not witnessed before.

      • Hmm.. that is an interesting thought.

        Zen, Thanks for another thought provoking article. It is sad and infuriating what these heartless, evil greedy bastards have done and are doing by continuing their agenda. To me, it is unfathomable that “people” could plan and carry out such atrocities. People everywhere are waking up to the truth, and once they do, other truths emerge. The hard part is that in that process of acknowledging the truth, a sinking helplessness grips some and although you can never unlearn what you have learned, you can certainly avoid looking at it. That is what I am seeing from others lately.

        Much love!

      • Amen. Judy Wood tells you all you need to know.
        The massive data mine is contained in her superb book, “Where Did the Towers Go?”
        Re. WTCB7, controlled demo always produces side-ejections, as you cannot explode a bomb or ignite explosives without sideways ejecta. These we did not see. The building just wilted, then fell.
        The transmutation phenomena observed post facto, and mentioned by Eileen K above, are also directly associated with LENRs, as Steven Jones is fully aware, this being his area of expertise. Yet he promotes nanothermite et al. And the “9-11 Truth Movement”, and its various associated “expert witnesses” ( which has/have outlawed JW ) laps it up like the obedient dogs they are.
        All the PNAC operatives are jews; these are the immemorial criminals we face. A simple reading of their Talmud reveals the spiritual darkness which surrounds and chokes them. A darkness revealed once we understand that they describe us, the “goyim”, as beasts without “nephesh”, or the human, God-given, soul.
        “mick”, above, should realise that there is indeed a divine dimension to these affairs. The synagogue of satan which the Lord Jesus exposed is the agency still operative today, an agency which will have its new world order, but mercifully only for a short while; these criminals before God and man will be finally judged by the one true Judge, Christ Jesus.
        “All power in heaven and earth has been given into My hands”.
        “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord”.
        We as humans can only ever dispense a limited and brief form of judgement; we surely realise that the crimes committed by these satanists require a far more appropriate punishment; this we learn is a final death, the Second Death, which comes, logically enough, after the first death to which all people must someday succumb.
        Reference is made above to Nuremberg, and the hangings of the “Nazi War Criminals”. These hangings were all carried out on the day of the jewish Feast of Purim, and involved those so hanged being left hanging alive and in agony for upwards of 15 minutes each. Herein is the prima facie evidence for who it was who controlled the so-called Allied War Effort. Most of the “prosecutors”, 80% or so, were jews.
        For a revelation about these wretches, from someone who was once one of their insider traders, visit BroVids.com

      • “*Scalar energy?!?…as put forth by Dr.Judy Wood…gotcha”??? I’ve read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? by Dr. Judy Wood. Dr. Wood does not “put forth” “Scalar energy”. Dr. Wood presents overwhelming, conclusive and indisputable EVIDENCE which leads to the only conclusion of a type of directed energy weapon being used to selectively “dustify” buildings with a WTC prefix not “Scalar energy.” Do you realize you could be sued for libel? Why did you post something that is untrue? Is your intent to harm the sale of her book? Promotion of disinformation is not “free speech”.

        Appeals Court Upholds Award of Punitive Damages in Online Defamation Case

        Be careful what you say online-it could come back to bite you…


        • *:… Casting aspersions whilst muzzling ‘Free Speech’… Hmmmm… earmarks of an AIPAC Troll???… You’re absolutely…positively… ‘Wrong’!… & exemplify a very limited scope of understanding, within a hobbled subjectivity …replete with pseudo/quasi interpretive ignorance of ‘Scalar Energy’ & it’s potential applications.
          …I hold Dr. Judy Wood in very high regard… as a scientist & as a beautiful & courageous human being.
          …Only a very dim- ‘Dudley Do-Right’- with a predictable programmed & propagated ‘official’ wisdom… foisted upon an inculcated ‘herd mentality’… would attempt to intimidate or threaten a ‘ghost’ on a cyber space blog…such as myself……lol

          • No Alex, I’m not casting aspirations. However, if anyone here is an AIPAC Troll it is none other than the accuser. I’m a big old 13th generation American WASP. And I am absolutely positively correct about Dr. Wood. No where in her book is “Scalar Energy” mentioned. (I have read it and you have obviously not!) And furthermore, if you had a greater understanding of the subject matter, you would not be using that term and associating it with Dr. Wood’s EVIDENCE as put forth in her book. You say you hold Dr. Wood in high regard but then spread disinformation about her. You are the one demonstrating ‘herd mentality’ not I sir. I’m through with you. This discussion is over. You are dismissed.

            If you would like to read her book so that you don’t appear so foolish, you can order it here:


          • * I’d like to apologise for saying you were “WRONG”…as this was a poor choice of a suitable word, which ultimately feeds ‘offense/defence’ duality
            …perhaps ‘misinformed’ or simply woefully ‘ignorant’ would suffice…please do educate yourself with the info at the bottom of this page.

    • Two college boys out fishing a few miles from the Gulf Oil platform witnessed a bluish white beam that blinked out the lights and shut down the electrical system. They told their prof what they’d seen and she told them to get a p o box and not tell anybody else….but one did. That info disappeared and so did the website.

  12. Be prepared as your family, friends and associates begin to shun you when you speak out about 911. The gatekeepers of the lie have done their work well. The conditioning of the American population began immediately. The prepackaged lies started to pour out of our television sets when we most vulnerable from the emotional trauma of the attacks and the images were fresh on our minds. They linked belief in the official story to patriotism so any question on the topic is viewed as a personal threat. Most people won’t even discuss the matter. Usually they immediately change the topic.
    On the other hand, it has never been easier for a Truther to spot the bad guys. If a politician, journalist or academic supports the government 911 story, I don’t trust a word they say about anything. Ever.

  13. I’ve been using this litmus test ever since the event occurred and virtually everyone has failed the test.
    Most of these people were not stupid, but rather willfully ignorant or in on the take, in some way or another, and they didn’t want to jeopardize the resulting ongoing ‘benefits’ to themselves.
    Thanks to the countless numbers of lemmings and parasites out there, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of the real truth ever coming out.
    I guess this explains why things are going down-hill fast.

    • Yep Rollo…and all three carriers were conveniantly out at sea. Info released 2 years ago on history channel and then jerked….imagine that!

      • A few years back, I had the opportunity to tour the USS Alabama. It is one of four “South Dakota class” battleships. The other three were the South Dakota (go figure), Indiana and Massachusetts (had to watch my spelling, being monitored). Pearl Harbour attack ,December 7, 1941, Alabama launched on 16 February 1942. Check the others. The timing regarding completion of construction and launch of all these vessels is in itself incredible, when you consider what length of time it takes from the first line on a piece of paper, to completion of four of these “monsters”, and they were ready in nick of time.

        • Met a friend of a formerly high ranking serviceman who was there – he watched the new ships in Pearl Harbor leave the port just prior to the “attack” – only the old ones got it…like Siverstein’s asbestos laden towers that needed to go, or the soon to be mothballed USS Enterprise (I think it is) now stationed in the gulf as a possible False Flag target. They think these things thru to get the biggest bang for their buck…

          • The radar was turned off….duh….and the attack provoked….OMG, have we been bamboozled? Not us? …….. Dumbed down and screwed around…..

          • “A Noble Lie” is a very good documentary on youtube regarding Oklahoma City. I was unaware that the “Whitewater” evidence was stored there.

  14. Distance between Boston and L.A. , 2600 miles. Range of a 767-100 appx 5800 miles (fully fueled,full capacity). Flight time 5 hours, Boston to L.A.
    Anyone who has flown may have noticed that the fueling of the plane is completed just prior to take-off. This is so the plane can be fueled to match the capacity of the craft. Planes DO NOT fill up every time. Largest fuel burn occurs during take-off, and to achieve cruising altitude………….do the math, where did the “fireball” come from, and how could there possibly be any dripping fuel???

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