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A Kid, A Dog, and a Puddle


This vignette tells the tale of many a conscious, life-loving spirit! May we all keep the sweet journey alive! – 😉 Love, Zen




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  1. So inexpressibly beautiful – I wish more parents would just leave children alone to do what they will. This little guy is so competent to decide for himself and the dog is wise enough to just wait…

  2. My mother sent me off to walk to infants school. Dressed in a dark green gym slip and macintosh, I started out. The sun was shining and there were a few fluffy clouds in the wide sky. I walked a few steps towards the disinfectant smelling, block of shrieking children and lines and numbers, and veered off to higher ground. The grey London streets were almost empty. There was space. There was a gentle breeze. I headed towards a sloping street I knew because I used to sail down it on the scooter my father had made for me. It had been raining earlier and the scents of wet asphalt and the dark moist earth from the gardens on each side of the road enchanted me.
    I had only a residue of medicine in my eyes and I could see swirly colours and make out the larger shapes. Focus came and went. Sometimes all was clear and sometimes I was aware only of scents, tactile sensations and a psychedelic swirl of colours. I came to a series of puddles. One was large enough to paddle in. Off with the black lace-up school shoes and thick socks and into the water. There was gravel between my toes. The water was so cool and silky and streaked with oil from vehicles that had passed that way. The streaks turned to rainbows in the sunlight. I was moving my bare feet though rainbows. Nobody bothered me. I felt so free.
    I must have played there for hours. I do not know. Later a London bobby (policeman) on his beat came up and talked to me and kindly escorted me back home. He talked with me about walking and I told him about the rainbows. It was one of the most wonder-filled days of my life.
    Thank you Zen for posting the video and thank you to the person who made it. It rekindled such a wonderful memory.

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