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A Letter to Monsanto Employees


There’s a lot of bad stuff being said about Monsanto these days. You’ve probably heard those kinds of things quite a bit since so much of this evidence is available on the Internet. Despite a total media blackout of what Monsanto has been up to, it’s pretty obvious that the company is evil.  But just because you work for Monsanto doesn’t mean that you are evil too.

I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I worked for a company like Monsanto. First, I would be thankful for a good job so that I could take care of myself and my family. And I would be torn if I thought that corporation was hurting people. Could I separate my individual job from the harm that the corporation was causing? I don’t know. Maybe. I would definitely believe that my first responsibility was to take care of my family no matter what.

I’m not writing this to tell people they should quit their jobs out of the blue, unless they could find another (better) job first. It’s not my place to tell people what to do with their lives anyway. I am hoping, however, that you do find a better job for yourself, your family, and the entire world. Somehow. Someday.

My name is Danan Whiddon. I’m a real person and I believe that you are worthy of love and respect. I believe that your life means even more than the immense power wielded by this one corporation. And I believe that what you do in the next few years could save the world.

Please consider giving your energy and your time to something – anything – that serves you, your family, your fellow man, and your planet – when you are able.

Corporations don’t care about people, animals, or our Earth.

They don’t care about me – and they certainly don’t care about you.

Corporations aren’t people because they don’t have souls.

You have a soul.






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  1. I like the respectful way this is addressed. If we can all make sure we keep a non confrontational and understanding approach to this- it will make the message more digestable.

    I imagine one day, people will put down their work and walk out of these places. The collective will kick in and without research others will just know there is more to life. I say without research but really, it is the work of many others and the absorbing of this knowledge being done by us that will make this information available to the collective.

    were so close I can taste it

    • Rt you are 12 – I think this is a very significant article. The collective awareness is kicking in bigtime and these types of reactions have humongous effects for the better–and even more so this signifies yet another shift happening imo. Best – Z

      • I can feel the shift too. People seem more willing to look at things from anothers perspective and even if they cant agree, they are agreeing to disagree.

        We had no right to judge others to begin with so its time we stop.

        • Well said. But there are those refusing to acknowledge anything and are having a real hard time…causing problems in relationships big time. Time to choose. When you make the right one like you and so many others have, to open up and not be afraid, it confirms immediately it’s the right one. But there’s that adjustment period when it becomes horribly clear how manipulated the fake world is. Once past that it’s the gravy train of love!! Ha!

  2. Beautifully put and poignant beyond belief. Monsanto are soulless, absolutely, but this means they CAN be brought down, and what better way from the inside out. If we fight and be led by the most powerful of all things, our souls, how can we not win? “One – standing outside of the confused group – who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused” (Abraham) … People will begin to awaken and people will follow. There can be no other way.
    Awakening isn’t easy. At first it hurts and it is lonely and scary beyond most people’s realms of understanding. Imagine awakening within the shackles of Monsanto… it pains me to think. It does need to and will happen, and when it does, I will be the first to stand with my arms outstretched with an open heart for the first of the awakened souls to back away from this sinful corporation.

  3. Here’s a suggestion for Monsanto employees: print out copies of this blog and tape them up inside the bathroom stalls at work. Wear gloves so your fingerprints won’t be detected. Chances are they’ll be up for at least a couple hours before being ripped down.
    Hey, it’s something! Every little bit helps.

  4. well written !
    please, can you also sent e letter to the pilots,
    ( and I hope that they also are human beings like you and me ) who are spraying chemtrails daily ?

  5. Hi. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. If just one Monsanto employee reads it and then feels the love that I intended, then I will be happy. Thanks so much.

    p.s. Jan – Thanks for the idea. I think I need to write a letter to the pilots too. :)

  6. Corporation are not people but they are treated as ones by law?!? Why is there no media coverage about food supply control or GMO’s? How can Monsanto stiff arm farmers and sue the ones that resist AND always win because they have deeper pockets? Is it because the policy makers, lawyers, and even members of the supreme court have vested interests in a corporation? Maybe. Until there is more social awareness and a majority push for public interests over corporate profits, this will continue to hurt the consumers and the workers in the industry.

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