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A Meditator’s Answer to a Question about December 21, 2012


by Soliel


Dear Friend,

From what I have read, the December 21, 2012 date is based on a misinterpretation of Mayan astrology. It never did equate to our December 21 anyway.

From my own experience of this world, all things begin, have being and gradually change over time, disintegrate and are then reconstituted and become part of a potential new beginning. This applies to everything you can perceive. There are moments of awareness and there is what you can be aware of – from a single breath to planet earth and more.

In terms of December 21, 2012, on that day some things will end and others begin. Many things will be changing so slowly that it will seem as if they remain the same.

I think the idea of a catastrophe has been put out there to make people afraid. When people are afraid, it is easy to manipulate them and to gain power over them. Technology has made it possible to manipulate vast numbers of people almost instantly. That scenario is made possible because those people have become so busy that they have no time to clearly see what is going on. They are fearful, exhausted and unaware. ??The manipulators are often also manipulated and only marginally more informed than those they are influencing.

This whole cycle can be broken. It only takes a moment of clear awareness to start the awakening for individuals and the combined effect of individuals waking up is far greater than the sum of the parts. The effect of several people becoming aware is exponential.

This awareness, this waking up, is however deeper than thought alone. Simply coming to the logical conclusion of a thought pattern based on dodgy data is not enough. Also if your awareness is focused through conditioned views and desires, it’s like peering through a dingy rain-streaked window.

The only place to make a real difference is HERE and the only time is NOW. Start with sense/feeling your position and state of mind right now. You can learn to be more aware by opening up to your present moments with as little imposed judgement as you can.

There are time-honoured ways to help you do this. You can check out the options and find a way that works for you right now. The only note of caution I would suggest is that you do not allow yourself to become controlled by systems or let ego tell you that you are a better person by following them.

How does this relate to December 21, 2012? (A numerologist has been having fun with this one.) It appears that a few deluded beings have seen a way of making a profit out of countless other beings who have become less than aware over time. I have to admit some of the profiteers’ ruses have been spectacularly successful.  I too have been drawn into the drama on occasions. I have cried tears at many a sad movie.

The digital universe is not much different from a vast movie screen and the ‘news’ we read and the broadcasted images we see are overwhelmingly ones of despair, fear and hopelessness. The images on the screen are manufactured and manipulated.

Conversely, when I look around me in real time, I see countless seeds of consciousness germinating in the sun of awareness.

You and your wife are good at making things happen. You have wonderful friends. You are at a time in your life when you have relative freedom.

Are you going to let other people’s negative interpretations of inaccurate data hold you back?




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  1. Master Zen:
    City, County, State and the Federal government including the US Army are training and gearing-up for “Civil disturbances” and mass casualty events.
    Shouldn’t we be ?
    Be aware and prepare!
    Right on Master Zen – WRITE ON!
    “Terrorist Attack On America!”

  2. Yes many things will happen because we are on the cusp of the end of the Iron Age and the start of the Golden Age. It will be wonderful and uplifting to all who participate; although you might be surprised by the insight you receive. Many were astounded and then convinced of the truth and the love we all have for you and everyone, is never discontinuous, is forever and for always and always we shall love. This is what the universe is for and we get it and you get it, I think. Peace is our normal state, in which we have no belief, like if we take the red pill and see what the truth of each level, really is. We are not manipulative and just enjoy friendly company. No aggression, pure recreation.

  3. Actually further research suggests that the Gregorian Calendar was specifically created to match the Mayan end date of the 21st December 2012. People also ignore or are simply not aware of Terrence McKenna’s work with the Chinese IChing and his “Time Wave Zero” theory, first put forward in the 70’s, long before word about the Mayan calendar started to appear. I believe the TWZ idea far more compelling, this also ends spookily enough on the 21st December 2012 at precisely 11:10 GMT!

  4. I’d be interested to hear more about your assertion that the Mayan date of the calendar end/turnover doesn’t actually correlate to Dec 21st (never heard this assertion before; all articles I’ve read on the subject appear to agree on that date; even tour guides at the famous Mayan temples cite this date – if not 12/21/12 then what date and why the discrepancy – please explain. You also obviously make a valid point about those who would try to take advantage of public fear about that date. On the other hand, i’m hearing that every tome so-far in history that the Mayan calendar has rolled over, serious global Natural catastrophes have occurred, right? I think it’s a little irresponsible to imply that we should just all sit around singing campfire songs and loving our spouses instead of worrying about it!

  5. I don’t really agree with this author, I think just the fact that so many people are aware of that date and expecting Something means the ptb are likely to make use of it.
    I’m not afraid but i do think too many things are coming to a head between now and then for me to just ignore. I’ve stopped trying to warn people, if they can’t see it by now they must have a date with doom, I’ve done what preparations I can and now it’s just waiting and watching time…
    The thing I personally dread is when they switch the internet off – having no source of information about what is happening will be dreadful.

  6. I think things are changing more rapidly right now and the effects seem to be accelerating but have never given any credence to doomsday dates or big change dates including this 2012 one. I also think the changes are dependent upon whom you are and how you live and as such for me and my wife things do seem to be on the upward trend, whilst it seems from here to be the former lords of the earth who are feeling the weight of failure and ignominious exposure on their heels.

  7. It’s interesting to me that qeen lizardbeth’s grandson was born on the summer solstice, 21st June. His conception was probably timed to fit, because his mother, Diana, was induced so that his birth would be on that date.

    The peasants were told that this was because the prince had an important polo match (is there such a thing?) around the time of the due birth date. Ha ha. Yeah, right.

    Regarding 21st December 2012, all seems very positive to me. TPTB could use the date to their advantage but, please, don’t fear. I feel we are going through a wonderful time that ‘they’ are trying to spoil with earthly concerns.

    • Indigo, I agree with you about William’s birth being timed. Obviously the solstices mean something to the PTB.

      The article by zen “The Battlefield is You” really resonates with me in connection with 12/21. If they can get us to live in fear, we wont see that we are so powerful that we can change this mess.

      Here we are heading into the Dark Rift, with the planets aligning and many cultures having foretold this date as apacolyptic. I cant help but believe something magical is about to happen. There are just too many clues for me to be able to dismiss it.Tell me-why are so many people waking up right now? People have been asleep for a long time so why now?

      Th PTBy know how powerful this time in our history is and they want us living in fear because they know that if we live in love-they lose control.

      I think of fear as darkness and love as light. Right now we are small little lights in the darkness but the more of us that shine, the more that will see the light awaken.

      I make it a point to tell people that they Mayans foretold of a rebirth not a doomsday because i want to plant the seed of love and try to diminish the fear. They can show doomsday stuff all they want but we know that word of mouth is the best advertisment. Everybody talks.

  8. I look upon the days building up to Dec. 21, 2012 as a time to make sure your soul is right with God. After that He will take care of you, either here on earth or elsewhere.

  9. Hey, everybody I just wanna said that the mayians did said that the govermnet well ignored the , Crops and lift people without soo many things . Also now Im in decm is nothing that much is said about this date but allot things is happen to me and my friends .

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