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Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, co-authors/makers of the new book/Showtime documentary: “The Untold History of the United States,” laugh off 9/11 question during book signing Q&A. Kuznick, a historian, makes a mockery of anyone even daring to question the official story. So there you have it, even the people posing as those digging up the real truths won’t even touch it. Yet this one event led to multiple wars, multiple military interventions, military contractors, torture being accepted, drone use, the Patriot Act, the TSA, the NDAA, and so much more…


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  1. Well this younf man just got bitten by the idiots who are out there like stone just trying to make money and give the impression they care well they do not care stone is a Freemason and has a dog chain around his neck we will not know all truths about 9-11 but we know enough to make a clear judgement it was a set up like so many others reputition over and over again

  2. Dr. Judy Wood has spent many years since September 11, 2001 discovering “what” happened that day, a subject that has been obscured. Her book, Where Did the Towers go” explores that the buildings turned to dust in midair, she brings out facts that nobody seems to want to discuss. You can find videos of recent presentations by Dr. Wood on YouTube.

  3. Excellent video. I applaud your reaction to Stone and Kuznick blowing off the question. Perhaps a better question would be, Mr. Kuznick, in your opinion, was Ground Zero treated like a crime scene? I think we all know the answer to that one, but first things first. If he answers yes, don’t buy the book. If the answer is no, then the next question is, surely you cover this issue in the book, right? If no, don’t buy the book.

  4. If this young man is at all representative of his peers, and I believe he just might be, then we might just come thru all this OK. How refreshing to hear such intelligent thoughts with such true articulation of spirit. Has he thought at all about a webcam type blog, cause I think he’d grab a big following…jus thinkin aloud…Great job!!

    • Yeah, he’s so bright. We met at a natural health expo some years ago. He’d made a terrific comment during a Mike Adams talk about activism and was one of the youngest people in the room, so I just had to meet him. Yr right, I think he represents the clarity of the indigo and crystal generations or whoever they are that are here, very inspiring when you see it in action. You could see a lot of them during the Occupy events and it really encouraged me. We older guard have context that can help them, but man they have the juice and a certain sharpness that just flips me out! It’s easy to get jaded about the state of affairs in the world, but they’re what to keep an eye on and help all we can! It’s even more exciting when you see this light in the really young ones and you know the matrix won’t be able to contain them, as hard as they try! Great to remember in dark times such as these.

  5. Understand that there are 2 timelines. The natural timeline is all but back on for us. The last manufactured timeline is ending and this is the one that contain the low vibe people. The historian and Oliver Stone are in that timeline, simply by their actions. Don’t be surprised at what these people say or do. Don’t get caught up in their drama, it pulls us down. I understand how your friend feels, but it’s not worth it, we are leaving that time behind us now.

  6. Oliver Stone and Peter whats-his-name have just exposed themselves as controlled opposition. We’ll be seeing more of this in the coming days…. after all, it’s the Kali Yuga. Brace yourselves for some very disappointing exposures of celebrity.

  7. The financial calamity and 9/11 are undoubtedly the responsibility of the same people. God help them when they die. They have thrown the entire World into turmoil and misery. Consider what is happening to children all over the World. That should be enough to make us all very angry and determined to put things right asap – and that WILL mean punishing these monsters. They are so very stupid. We have to be rid of them asap. But, it may be too late for Life itself on this our beautiful and lovely Mother Earth.

  8. Speaking of 9/11, theres a weird number thing going on today. I read an article at BIN:
    that mentioned the elite bugging out to Denver and also mentioned the date of today. 22/11/2012 follows that werid 11 thing they love so much (theres a link in the article to the help free the earth site that talksa bout 11). I took it a step further and realized that all the digits in that date add up to 11 and and today is 29( 2+9=11) days before dec. 21.
    I usually dont spend too much time on this kind of thing but I woke up at 3:30 ish this morning and have been unable to sleep- its a weird day.

    Oh and my math question I have to answer to post has the answer 11.
    Just hold your vibrations today and stay centered.

  9. Very rare to see a kid/young adult at that age thinking that clearly and questioning what is going. There is hope for humanity. May more kids/young adults speak up without of fear of being prosecuted .It’s these young adults that will drive our future into a better place for all of humanity. Good on em.

  10. Yes, the heartening thing is to see how clearly your friend gets it. I’d love to hear his perspective on his generation. My generation (I am almost 50) is in the dark, I am finding, at least where I am. There is a slight inkling something is not right, but not much more than that. A funny thing though during a small meeting, I made a comment (about the education system purposely scrambling children) and two women from my generation, completely dismissed and refuted the comment. After the meeting a 17 year girl came up to me and said, I completely agree with you. Also, I find the brainwashing of my generation runs really deep here in U.S. But others who grew up in different countries in my generation see things much more clearly.

  11. Good for your girlfriend. It takes courage and integrity to confront those who wish to rewrite history and obviously that historian is doing that very thing for living. What school does he teach at? Is it one of the elite secret society schools?

  12. young or old,if you got it,you got it!hats off to young people who speak truth against darkness.thank ou for maturity at any age.

  13. I love the picture at the top – it speaks volumes, and is so uplifting to look at. What a beautiful dog! An expression of Love if ever there was one.

  14. Zen
    I watched your friend’s video about Oliver Stone. Did you know that his financier for the movie JFK was an Israeli nuclear arms dealer? Israel hated JFK for many reasons, Stone was hired for the cover-up of the Mossad’s assassination. Now, he publishes a book on “hidden history”? This can only be an attempt to cast Stone in the light of a “whistleblower” which he is most certainly NOT. Thanks to your friend for this important video…
    robert cinque

  15. Unfortunately, Oliver Stone is not using his abilities to make the world a better, more beautiful and truthful place for his children or grandchildren. Watch the trailer of his new movie “Savages” to see where he stands. The vibration is very low.

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