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ABC Completely Omits Climate Engineering Facts

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When I agreed to do an interview about geoengineering with ABC weatherman Chris Edwards (former military meteorologist), I was fully expecting a disinformation “hit piece”. My decision to press on with the interview was because I felt that such obvious spin and coverup would clearly expose the agenda of ABC and Mr. Edwards to quell ever increasing public awareness of global climate engineering. (geoengineering)

Was there a complete lack of journalistic integrity in the interview linked below? I will leave that up to the reader to decide.

(Should you choose to question Mr. Edwards about his “journalism” after reviewing this article, he can be reached at: cedwards@wxyz.com .)”

Dane Wigington

Actual interview aired by ABC:

Below is the audio for the full interview, almost all of which was edited out.
Unfortunately there was a problem with the video portion taping, but the audio is complete.

  Full Unedited Audio of ABC Chemtrail/Geoengineering Interview

00Complete interview.mp3
02How long have you lived where you are and when
did you first notice the grid patterns.mp3
03What brought you to northern California and
what town do you live in.mp3
04What is it that you have tested and what is it
that you have found.mp3
05Was this reservoir water rain water or
drinking water.mp3
06What did you find in the different times you
have tested as a base line..mp3
07Given that there is a cantamination issue, how
do we get to that it is intentional, that it is coordinated.mp3
08Who is participating in this effort and why
are they doing it-.mp3
09Again, assuming it is government, why are they
doing it Is it to counter the effects of golbal climate change.mp3
10And for how long do you think this effort has
been going on.mp3
11Would you expect we might find those elements
in our Michigan rain water.mp3
12Again, Would you expect to see those elements
in our rain water here in Michigan.mp3
13If such a large scale operation were underway
can I presume you are suggesting it is orchistrated by the military
14Dane’s closing statement..mp3

So what did ABC and Chris Edwards actually use as “proof” that climate engineering (geoengineering) is not occurring?

  • One “expert” is questioned about what is in “jet engine exhaust”, (what does that have to do with sprayed payload disbursements associated with geoengineering/climate engineering programs?)
  • Next, Mr. Edwards cites himself as a source of fact to prove geoengineering/climate engineering is not occurring.
  • Edwards then goes on to cite a hand picked pentagon pal to “prove” his case.
  • Finally, the single water test, which according to Edwards, proves there is no spraying going on over our heads. (Are we to have any faith at all in such a test conducted by those with an obvious agenda to omit any and all facts relating to the geoengineering issue like those listed below? Are we to ignore countless other tests from around the globe because of one test that Edwards did?)

What did ABC meteorologist Chris Edwards omit from his report?

  • Background of interviewee, research experience of interviewee, website on the subject at hand which is administered by interviewee. (I was introduced as a “solar power user”? Isn’t that every living thing on the planet?)
  • Virtually no mention of the terms “geoengineering”, “climate engineering”, “SRM” (solar radiation management), “SAG” (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering). All these terms and definitions were passed on to Mr. Edwards, why did he fail to mention any of these terms even once? Because to do so might lead some to Google the terms and thus find out there is solid science to back up this discussion, not “questionable science that grows like a cancer on the internet” as Edwards states in his so called “report”.

What else did ABC and Chris Edwards fail to investigate or even mention from the data supplied to them? (facts mentioned in interview which were deleted from aired report, facts on web site given to Edwards, video documentary links passed on to Edwards, etc)

  • Lab tests of precipitation/snow

I could go on, and on, and on. Obviously we can not expect ABC and Chris Edwards to address all the facts, but to totally omit virtually all relevant facts, like those listed above? Even total omission of every single scientifically recognized term for the climate engineering programs being conducted in our skies? Is this total omission of facts an accident?





  1. This only comes as a surprise when you expect abc to be a non-agenda driven news organization dedicated to keeping people updated on what’s going on around them.

    Unfortunately it would seem that this is most people, and even more unfortunate is that it’s an underlying psychological block rather than a lack of evidence that prevents these people from seeing this perspective.

    It seems groups like the Illuminati are more of a steering group, it’s each individual who sets the limits of their reality, erecting the bars of their own prison, and nobody can break them out of that except themselves choosing to do so.

  2. of course they do! it’s their job to spread propaganda or not spread propaganda (I guess that is the same thing)….duh!

  3. I just read on geoengineeringwatch.org about 180,00 head of cattle dying this past October because of the “heavy wet snow” which was essentially like cement. And apparently the peeps don’t think it could possibly have been engineered! Our blessed animal friends dying is what breaks my heart.

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