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  1. Jersey,

    Good articles. It is becoming more obvious that almost anyone “successful” in this sick society today are only there due to betraying the rest of us. Not only are Google employees responsible for sky-rocketing real estate values that no one else can afford, they are NSA surveillance minions. It’s time to start rocking their world.

  2. Watch the master plan the pastures span
    Through the streets move the sheep
    Flipped the beat like the shepherd
    Its a new day my crew stay forever striving
    Give thanks cause we alive and been through the gutter
    Now we see the horizon
    Its clear to me now
    Used to be confused took a lot of years to see how
    Now we moving planets
    Take the average mind and expand it
    You take for granted like were always gonna be disadvantaged
    But soon come it soon come ya soon done
    Ya start run you stumble we catch one
    In the rhythm santana lick the guits with precision
    Not accidental intentional conscious decision
    To zion were marching through with african mayans
    Conquering babylon with the heart of a lion
    And the walls of jericho come a tumbling down

    Tell me how long has it been
    Is everything everything alright my friend

    You see time is passing people asking how come none of this aint lasting
    Money will make people deal like they don’t even have to feel
    But no it ain’t real it ain’t real

  3. They need someone to play the patsy. Once they ramp up to the “hard-kill” program and give the kids vaccinations causing the very diseases they say they are preventing, the evil home-schoolers and their non-vaccinated progeny could be blamed.

    Of course, this would bring the efficacy of the vaccinations into question, but once kids start dropping like flies, the emotional wave that ensues could very well wipe away all logic.

    I don’t trust Bloomberg to give any choices that don’t further their agenda of our deaths or enslavement.

  4. http://vaccinefree.wordpress.com/

    The current meme in alberta: if you don’t vaccinate, you’re responsible for the outbreak. Taking the natural community responsibility and turning it upside down.
    At least we still have the choice atm, especially with the evil Gardasil. Even the name pisses me off! Guard against WHAT exactly??

    • In Ontario, refusal must be backed up by paperwork signed by our lawyer (sure, cause he somehow has more validity than her mother) and filed with the board of health and the school she is attending. In the event of an outbreak of diphtheria, polio, etc. she must stay home. Really? Gosh I would hate for her to miss that. And how would said outbreak occur amongst all those protected, vaccinated kids? And with the millions in NYC, only a handful protest? Keep your garbagasil away too. It’s not impossible to protect your children. You just have to do a little homework, or move. Ahhhh Liberty. Love

  5. Agreed

    “When you look through the years and see what you could have been, oh what might have been
    If you’d had more time.”

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