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Alan Watts – A Lullaby for Big Kids



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  1. As much as I like Alan Watts, I didn’t understand a word of what he was going on about.
    Well, I did, but what a bore.
    Words, words, words….
    And the melting graphics….
    Like trying to describe an Acid trip in words.
    No disrespect, Alan.

  2. The Social Game which we are caught in = Maya (that which is not!)
    No way to escape it but we can be aware of it.
    It’s easier to grasp what he is saying when you listen with your eyes closed, and an open mind. imo.

  3. Just what I needed this fine Sunday morning, munching toast made of wife-baked bread, a couple eggs donated to our collective cause by our chickens, cheese made from the milk of goats exchanged for produce of chickens — all in harmony, as we contemplate tackling our delusions, one day at a time! Thanks you the posting of AW — always uplifting to another Alan given that name with proper spelling. :-)

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