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Alert: YouTube Removing All Video Responses

This is being reported by many concerned youtubers. The video response, that enables people to find like minded people, is going into effect September 12. We’ve seen the clampdown and censorship growing so these types of lamely excused fascist actions are going to be more frequent. Find and move towards alternative and protected means of communication like Unsene soon. And there are alternatives to youtube, just takes some looking around and checking into. Take proactive steps so you’re prepared. – Zen



  1. “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” One hundred pictures are worth 100,000 words. How many words is a frame of video or film worth? This is part of the means by which this matrix we live in is ending self education that is leading to awakening; it is also a prelude to war where there will be a need to control the flow and linking of information.

    To shut off the video linking of moving pictures into moving words of like minds, the neurotransmitter’s pathways extended by technology are being splintered in the matrix. Growing is an addiction so turning off the means by which individuals are growing is like making them go cold turkey; and the matrix is responding to the fear being generated by minds that follow the video links, which are not yet ready to awaken. It is generating a lot of negative energy by petting the fear of those who see there is much to fear from that which we’ve created, and who, not yet awaken, feel there is nothing they can do to change the outcome.

    We create the matrix now. This is what those who believe they own the future want you not to know, ownership of the matrix has switched hands, or at the very least is in the transition of switching. Now is the time that the losers via for a piece of the action and they need the consent of the people to take it. I say if you are awake, then without throwing darkness withhold your consent.

  2. If you have, through all the attempts to take it away, retained the capability of observation, it is clear to see that the ability to mentally connect random occurrences,events and thoughts, within vast numbers of people, no longer exists. This aspect of YouTube is a good thing, but on the other hand, it may have aided in the demise of this mental capability.
    Many I meet out in the Matrix now, have a mind somewhat akin to a paper cup with a hole in the bottom, that when filled with water…………

  3. Would you please have readers send in alternatives to youtube, and publish a list. This would be greatly appreciated.

  4. First they came for the Backgrounds, and I did not speak up for I did not have a background, then they came for the groups and I did not speak up because I had no youtube groups, then they came for our video responses…..

  5. YT suxxor now anyways

    90% wait 5 seconds to skip commercial on vids.
    5% content has been removed do to copy right infr……
    5% just a bunch of whiny #$%^&%^&es or shills adding dissinfo

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