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Aligning the Trinity – Body, Mind, and Spirit

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by Heather Rodgers


I think most of us experience a moment when we feel connected to something greater than ourselves.  Perhaps you were in nature and all of a sudden you just felt a peaceful feeling permeate throughout all of your body and mind.  Your previous thoughts escape you and the tension in your body has rolled right off.  You look around at all of the beauty that surrounds you and you begin to see more than you were able to see previously.  Mind, body, and spirit are able to align with one another.

I have a friend that loves attending outdoor musical festivals.  She loves the connection to all the other people that she feels when they are dancing, singing, and hula hooping together.  She often will close her eyes and “disappear” into the music while dancing around others in a very flowing and loving manner.  Her mind, body, and spirit have aligned in this experience and you can usually tell by the relaxed smile upon her lips and her compassionate energetic interactions with each person.

We are always connected to spirit as it is who we are.  Yet, we often do not feel this connection as we go about our daily processes and habits.   We are not always being mindful and allowing the opportunity to align our mind and body.  Our body is in the right here and now.  It is not in the past and it is not in the future.  It is here… now.  When we become mindful in the present, then it seems we are able to align the body and mind.  Spirit is already there waiting for this alignment to happen.  When the trinity aligns, we are able to access our true selves in our natural state for this experience.

Our natural state allows us to feel the compassion for everyone and everything.  This natural state brings us back to the knowing of our interconnection to all.   This knowledge is one thing, but when we are living our lives in this knowing and experiencing the power of the trinity in alignment, this is when our true power is available to us.   Our intuition is allowed the quiet it needs to share the messages we need to hear.  We are able to pick up on synchronicities that envelope our everyday life as we walk the path that best serves us and all.

Then manipulation comes in to play – distraction from allowing our mind and body to align with spirit.  Think about it.  Our body is sitting there in front of the teLIEvision, but our mind is being taken elsewhere (and programmed).  We live in a place torn by war or constant military action, and then we are distracted by concern for our family’s survival.  If we are focused on the division of different political or religious groups, then we are not being mindful of ourselves.  If we are focusing on survival in this physical world, then we may not be able to escape the survival mode.  The distractions are bountiful.

Not only is our power reduced by distraction, but our energy is often completely redirected.  There are those that know if we realize our true power, then the way this world is controlled today will quickly fade away.  When you remove manipulation, most of humanity would prefer peace and to help each other compared to what we, as humanity, are directed to spend our energies on at this present time.

How do we battle this?  We begin caring for our bodies and minds.  We choose wisely what we put in, around, or on our bodies and minds.  We choose consciously to inspect our thoughts, to clear away the old baggage of our minds – the past, the reoccurring thought patterns, the self-defeating talk.  We clear out that which does not serve us well.  We become aware of thoughts invading our minds and understand that they may not be ours.  We become mindful.  We can even find ways to meditate.


Meditation is not a 1,2,3 step process.  It is different for everyone.    Meditation is about being aware in the present moment and quietening the mind’s talk while observing the thoughts that come and go.  This can be done through yoga, through walking in nature, through non-thinking art expression, through dancing,  through sitting cross legged and chanting mantras, while gardening or hollowing out a didgeridoo, and the list goes on.  You have to find what works for and resonates with you.  The more you meditate, then you naturally will become more mindful in the moments of your day.






  1. This is wonderful! I just finished stretching and meditating on exactly this while watching my mind go off – - I’d noticed that and grab it back to the stretching and alignments of body, mind & spirit! Synco big time when I opened Zen’s site – - I was suppose to READ THIS. Thank you Heather and Zen!

  2. I’m in the midst of a power greater than myself every time I sit in a 12 Step Meeting. Your take on distractions is spot on.


  3. Awesomeness. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it today!

    A friend of mine has been gently “pushing” me towards starting a development circle. I was hesitant cuz the ones I’ve been a part of disintegrated into ego nonsense. Our first meet is this fri. with topic being non judgement/discernment sandwiched between meditations. I’d like to use the “reset button” analogy, if I could so borrow it…perfect in our techie-minded world :-D

    • Mea, go for it!!!! Sounds like you have a great friend by your side. I understand the ego nonsense in group settings. I have attempted to go to discussion meetings, but have found the “I am know better or more than you” a bit too much and stifled discussions. Perhaps you are the one to keep a group grounded and reaching! All the best with your gatherings!!!

  4. nicely written heather! xoxoxo
    I find the earliest hours of the day the best time for my meditation..before the outside world comes pouring in. I love to feel centered before I begin. I absolutely don’t complain when we get stranded from the outside world due to weather…more freedom from the mixed messages out there and better choices

    • I agree, the morning hours are perfect! The kids are not up yet, the animals are still being lazy… And my mind has not started to fire yet. Even when I worked at 5am – I would get up at 3 just to ensure time to meditate and slowly start my day. It was so worth it! It really sets the tone for the rest of the day! If I try to meditate later, I usually need a little didgeridoo music or something to help me quiet. Ha – feel ya on the trapped but free from the outside world! We are working towards a more remote, self-sustaining way of life. I better hop to some progress today! :-) Be well, Mary! XOXOXO

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