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All Along The Watchtower

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This song ominously captures the sense of frustration of being enmeshed in the matrix and trying to escape its surreal landscape, in the backdrop of a darkening world.

Enjoy Jimi Hendrix’s genius rendition of this amazing song by Bob Dylan. – Zen

All Along the Watchtower

“There must be some kind of way out of here,”
Said the joker to the thief,
“There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.
Business men – they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None will level on the wine
Nobody of it is worth.”

“No reason to get excited,”
The thief – he kindly spoke,
“There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour’s getting late.”

All along the watchtower
Princess kept the view
While all the women came
And went bare-foot servants too
Outside in the cold distance
A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey.




  1. We exist in a world where the fear of
    illusion is real
    And we cling to the past to deny and confuse
    the ideal

  2. Wow, got to see Hendrix twice. As opening act for the monkees, then in Detroit with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles.
    He just flipped a righty guitar upside down. Interesting song since Dylan has said he made a deal with the devil. Also check out Michael Hedges and Neil Young versions of this tune. Sorry for the rant, an old musician can’t help himself. lol.

  3. That takes me back!

    Just a small comment, shouldn’t it be watchtowers?
    The idea was that lookouts were put on high places such a mountain tops, to observe any approaching danger and then to signal to those in other towers – in the line – to warn them if there was an emergency.

    Perhaps Zen and those who comment here are lookouts – possible?

  4. Nah! guys, ‘Message to Love’ (Fillmore East)As an axeman for now 50 years I have the deepest love and respect for this uberdude, quote Clapton ‘You told me he was good,but not THIS good.’ He was an (acid) synthesist, many of us are, but to be murdered at 27? I’m 65 and it still screams for me, you(I) can hear the pain of the world in one guitar note and feel your skin crawl..They robbed us of him and John, particularly, creative inspirations. I do the song of course.

  5. Yeah thanx Zen, I didn’t know all of them. Aren’t Robert Johnson’s fingers amazing, funnily enough 6 out of 7 of my partner list were 27 when we got together.

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