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Amerika – Behind the Mask

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by Zen Gardner

It’s said, “Illusion must first be destroyed in order to build a firm foundation of truth.”

The learned definition of freedom is all important. What Americans consider their proud foundation of liberty is a Freemasonic ploy set up to fail, with enough perks, freedoms and stimulants to keep them producing like a house a’ fire for over 200 years.

Empowering dynamics soon kicked in including many oblivious people doing what they thought was best. But still, it’s been a nation under a massive delusion.

Just look at the violent history of that country. Born and bred in war after war as if it’s a virtue to be proud of. It’s a young, two century old war machine dutifully feeding off the people and resources of the world for directed reasons it knows not of. A very serious weapon indeed. With no awareness of their true mission.

Sure, Americans have (had) homes and plenty of Ozzie and Harriet promises of middle class heaven while the plan marched on. But they were duped. They were all duped.

And facing that is the beginning of awareness.


War, Wars and More Wars

Just count the current military installations the US now has. It’s almost beyond comprehension. Their military presence is in over 1000 locations worldwide and counting, so-called “policing” the world. How this happened over time is yet another indictment against the sleeping American, sad to say.

This one apparent fact is damning enough.

Here is just ONE part of the world they are “protecting for democracy.”



Domination, of course. The ship is being steered by psychopaths and they’ll use anything and anybody to get their way.  Amerika is clearly an extension of the same self-righteous fascist control mechanism used over centuries, from Babylon to Egypt to Rome and on into Europe. The staged German WW2 event only set the current Amerikan world takeover stage, with the so-called “freedom loving” west decrying such past “fascist” activities while at the same time continuing them under new astronomically insidious guises.

This gets into the historical records but this is all clear to any open minded researcher. That wars are staged and financed on both sides is a mainstay realization when you truly delve into the facts behind wars. The slaughter of millions of innocents is merely part of the play for these vicious, vampiric types.

We are simply fodder in their plans.

Amerika has simply been a holding tank of willing accomplices, ready to defend the pretend freedoms they were sold from the get go. Oh, they were real in their own context, and still are to a limited extent, but all within a carefully contained, ready-to-be demolished construct.

Much like 9/11. Very much. The country is now being imploded now that it’s served its purpose. Even their very false symbol of freedom must be destroyed.

Obviously not all Amerikans are accomplices. But those who ride along in a military truck they themselves keep repairing and bolstering, while it wantonly annihilates anything in its path, are not just bystanders. Sorry. Americans self-righteously hold other nationalities in account for supporting fascist, oppressive regimes.

It’s time to hold up the mirror.


The Military Industrial Death Culture

Death, domination and destruction are the MO of the powers that be. To control and manipulate efficiently they need continual wars with “outsiders”, “threats”, “those who oppose freedom”. Their type of exploitative freedom of course. With the backing of a duped populace.

It’s worked time and again. And it’s alive and well in today’s totalitarian takeover. Total control at any cost.

It’s a strikingly frank look at the US and its complicit allies, with many like the UK and Israel goading them on. In fact, much of true Amerikan leadership comes from places like the City of London bankster nest, the Vatican’s religio-political clout and Machiavellian Zionist interests. This is all done in concert to the dancing tune of a One World Organism, a controlling body that will dissolve any and all sensibilities of sovereignty or cultural definitions.

Hence the engineered, concurrent social breakdown to prepare the way.

That’s been the plan all along. Families dissolve, governments and institutions of all types socialize into centralized authorities, while any substantive differences are mixed into a morass of non-individuality.

Such is the current state of affairs.


This is a very brief treatise on a huge subject, but Amerika must continue to be called out. The presumed good guy is the bad guy. Everything is backwards. The terrorists are the invading armies. The US and Israel and their axis of complicit allies are the epitome of this. Country after country is falling into complete chaos and disrepair in the name of liberation.

When will the insanity not just be stopped, but called out for what it clearly is?

I rest my case.

Love, Zen


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  1. Perhaps an astrotheological event of epic proportion is to occur in the middle east and certain “pieces” must be in place by a specific time period, but the pieces must be placed incorporating a specific mathematical order.
    What the hell, will post again, it’s important……… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyQOeiY11RA

    • Rollo, I watched this film on You-Tube last night and am going to be ordering the book. Stayed up reading a long bit on line. Can’t wait to get the book! It all resonated deeply from non-drug inducement dreams and visions! I was literally twitching in my chair with excitement. Thank you for pointing this out to us! The day I know everything is the day I know nothing. It’s just nice to get confirmations and hope they never stop.

      • I believe the Dead Sea Scrolls were likely “timed” to be released/”found” when they were. This Essene that supposedly found them, either was, or knew the most recent protector/”gatekeeper” in a historic long line of protectors/gatekeepers, who were most likely directed to hide this information and release it when an individual, John Marco Allegro, whose name is seemingly synonymous with allegory, and seemingly the only one possessing the capability of interpreting the text, came along. Like something out of a Sinbad/Aladdin/Ali Baba movie, the scrolls were in a cave……”Open Sesame” Glad you enjoyed it Peg, it’s the biggie.

          • When considering peculiar discipline practiced by Allegro, odds are that there had never been anyone in history other than he that could have made the interpretations/translations. The timing of the release of the scrolls and a John Allegro being at the peek of his skills/thought processes…….you be the judge.

    • Thanks Rollo. Very interesting vid. Photographed these mushrooms in a remote pine forest a while back. Didn’t know what they were at the time. There were also green, purple/blue and fire orange mushrooms there. Took pics because of their beauty, didn’t know I had stumbled upon a spiritual pharmacy. Remote area but I remember exactly how to get there. Will return with new eyes. Love

        • I have the video in another tab ready to watch today when time allows, but now that I read Laurie’s post on mushrooms, my interest is certainly peaked. Clearly, my schedule will be adjusted. My search for local mushrooms is ongoing. I have a feeling this will help. Thanks Rollo.

          • Rollo, I too have saved this video for when I get more time (sorry, Zen, for hijacking this thread to discuss shrooms), but I have lost the previous interesting info you posted on amanita muscaria. I would be grateful if you could post/repost the best info you have on it. I live on the Isle of Wight, and a friend told me last week that he has seen them on the island. When is the best time to search (Christmas time I guess, as JerseyCynic confirms, unlike magics which are killed off when the frost of October comes)?


          • Indigo, I could not find much fault in what this guy has written http://www.ambrosiasociety.org/files/herbofimmortality.pdf#sthash.Vq66xju4.dpuf
            I had previously posted this.I can just about guarantee they grow on the IOW . I would think if there are any fir trees or Birch along the Medina between Cowes and Newport, I would take a stroll along that amazing path along side the river and see. I believe I recall some fir trees in the Ventor, Bonchurch area. Lots of energy on the IOW.
            I have read that the Pyrenees is where they are most abundant, hence the reason for the
            El camino de Santiago being there, and the discovery of ancient Greek and Egyptian artifacts being found there as well, asd thoughts are that they exhausted their supply at home. People get all giddy about the ancient Greek philosophers, they were chowing down on these things big time. Important to have this prior to indulging……..http://www.ctrforchristcon.org/christ-consciousness.asp

          • We have not actually gone off topic here, as this does relate to Iran. There is a definitive link between the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls and what I posted further down on Zoroastrianism.
            This is Pythagorian symbolic Aphorism no.VI
            Having departed from your house, turn not back, for the furies will be your
            Once you have decided to go for the truth, and you get frustrated and stop, that would be bad for you.

        • gotta dry em………..dehydrator set no higher than 95 degrees. Try and keep them as whole as possible. Dried caps become like, oops!!… actually are hosts. They are legal, so you can order them, but not like what you get out of the woods.Small summer ones are more potent, fall ones get huge, here I’ve seen a foot in diameter, Grow on every continent except Antarctica. Spruce trees near a river or lake are often good spots, I mean if I was a shroom that’s where I would be, they are smart. All that stuff about them being poison is unequivocal bullsh*t………..what a shock.

        • Party at J.C.’s! Wastin’ away again in amanita ville. Searchin’ for my lost conscience and soul. You know, the medicine you most require grows nearest your door. Hmmm. Love

  2. A brief but very clear picture of what exists behind the facade of freedom and justice for all. Psychopaths can convince themselves that they are philanthropists. Strange how we can deceive ourselves to such extremes. “The intensely destructive person will show a front of kindness, courtesy, love of family, of children, of animals; he will speak of his ideals and good intentions.” – Erich Fromm.

  3. Hey Zen,

    so true and so sad.

    Concerning that, I`ve got a message for the youth: That war machine (still) works with you! When I was 18 I lived in Germany and I had to join the army. Seeing the point that joining it I don`t serve the “country and freedom from the Russians” but death, I got very clear not to join. 35 years ago that was difficult, but with my determination I found an easy way. That changed my whole life!

    Now I live in Italy where Etruscans used to live before Romans invaded them. They were amazing, life loving people. They were overrun by barbaric Roman soldiers about 2500 years ago (that time the most horrible war machine) but left a magic to their country which is still felt by many. Lately I got a feeling what the Etruscans did and started doing it myself. It works!

    Very simple fun thing: I just imagine (and I am very bad imagining things, but it still works) my property is covered with a dome of love. First I did it more often, now I kind of only have to remember it. Lately I started to expand it, growing it bigger and taller.

    Hold on to your hearts and open them! Etruscans were waiting patiently for 2500 years :-) When the night is darkest the morning is close.

    Love from Charna

  4. Thank you Zen, for the shot of reality. Babylon the Great Whore personified in not only the U.S. but the whole world system. So just physically leaving the US and the worldwide system it heads isn’t enough, there needs to be a cold turkey spiritual withdrawal from the false precepts that are the foundation (and I use the word loosely) of Babylon, hence “Illusion must first be destroyed in order to build a firm foundation of truth.”

  5. “This gets into the historical records but this is all clear to any open minded researcher.” Right on Zen! But who’s looking into the past when the toilet water is perfumed and warm today? The open minded researcher is the one who has spotted the commode handle or strongly suspects that something beyond his control is removing the rubber duckies he played with yesterday.

      • Yes, a royal flush. That is the real problem here. The research shows very clearly who has dont this, THE CROWN TEMPLE, and all associates. But go ahead zen, and play republican versus demoncrat, and wave your little flag.

  6. Greg – I think you are quoting from ‘The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness’ – if anyone wants to delve deeper into the psychological construct of the ‘American Mind’ I recommend this book by Erich Fromm. He examines particularly the ‘executive type’ and charts how the modern corporation is the perfect grooming ground for mindlessness and psychopathic power delusions. It’s an amazing work – and most of it’s exposures are probably still not recognised today – some 40 years after it was written.

  7. Hi Zen,

    I enjoyed this article. I have often wondered on our country’s freemasonic origins and whether there is any truth to the American liberty, freedom-loving spirit of our founding fathers, or whether it is all just a setup, a mere stepping stone in the road to the novus ordo seclorum. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. I’m a little hesitant to dismiss the entire foundation of our nation as an illuminati plot. Probably the seeds of the plot were planted alongside the good intentions… it’s an interesting subject.

  8. Just watched Ken o keefes middle east show on TPV…BRILLIANT..
    My goodness, we have as a human race got a lot to sort out..but it is achievable!

  9. Saddest thing is that the majority of Americans will not accept their participation in the machine/system; hopefully there are enough monkeys awake to influence the ease of fall, but it is way too late for this reality. These beastly beings (enlightened ones/PTB) will not relinquish their power, they are self-destructive and would rather bring the entire house of cards down (already started) instead of allowing humans to live free and exercise their right to self govern, and truly experience their individuality (no not piercing, nor tattoos). Zen, as you tell all the time, the information/knowledge is readily available anymore, and at this point cognitive dissonance has a stronghold on the majority of Americans living “their dream”. From my very limited perspective the majority will keep on dreaming; to wake up requires accepting that it was all a dream, better yet a nightmare. Much love..

  10. I get irked whenever some folks claim that America is a Christian nation, or some overly patriotic ones praise the founding fathers as if they were saints.

    America is a 100% Freemasonic country. If you don’t believe me, check the signs and symbols in Washington DC.

    There are also those quasi-Masonic clubs and societies affiliated to Freemasonry, examples include the Rotary Club, Lion’s Club International, the Shriners. They are all over the world, sometimes disguised as charities or business associations.

  11. The collision between illusion and reality is coming soon. In its wake will be the shattering of the two primary reinforcers of deception, patriotism and religion. National sovereignty will be destroyed and the pre-tribulation Scofield bible believers will at some point realize that they too have been left behind (if we’re not all vaporized by nuclear rapture first).

    This will at least be an opportunity to come back to reality as the fog will finally be lifted and many for the first time will begin to see their chains.

    How it goes from there remains to be seen.

    • ‘How it goes from there remains to be seen.’
      Freefall, your final sentence reminded me that we are the ones who decide ‘How it goes from here’.
      Waiting for ‘them’ in whatever form, to put it right does not work. Making a personal and practical plan does. Changing the world by our hands-on, well-intentioned actions, person by person, makes THE difference.

  12. America is the most dangerous country for Americans. It is a satanic shit hole. You are been used one way or the other to murder millions of other humans across the planet.

    Do not give your power away by living in America…They are using you for outer cover to hide their evil…They need good guys in America to form a wall to hide the evil. You are a glitter to hide the darkness in America.

    • This comment has been like a pebble in my shoe, continuously irritating since reading earlier today.
      I can not disagree with the viewpoint, it’s just a shock to realize!
      Ozzie & Harriet upbringing be damned.
      I’ve nowhere to go but dead.

  13. The Germans had touch screen computers in the 1930s/40s as well as jet aircraft,rockets,mobile communications,oil driven vehicles along with god only knows what else.All we’ve developed in the last 75 years is cancer……..wake up…..we’ve been had and it’s not going to change with a few tweaks here and there……….It’s all got to go
    Be the change you want to see in the world X

  14. Two parallel threads exist.
    One is divine and eternal and inexpressibly perfect and good, “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all” ( thus differentiating Him from the gods of this world, who always promote the idea that good and evil are coexistent, eg as seen in the yin-yang symbol of the buddhists ).
    The other is wordly, temporal, and unspeakably evil, destructive, and death-loving. This god is the god of this world.
    He has a Chosen People. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be no wars” ( Gutle Schnapper. )
    We know that there is coming a time when evil will be completely unmasked, and it will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. “Only he who now hindereth will continue to hinder, until he be taken out of the way”. This is the coming age, mercifully brief, of antichrist. “And all who dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”. This is a disturbing thought. All who dwell…
    Our only choice must be made as nakedly and alone as when we were born; it is a choice between Life and Death. “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve…”
    Depending on this choice, which may result in martyrdom and decapitation ( the sanhedrin’s preferred form of execution ), we will either spend the approaching eternity with the Lord God, or without Him. If with Him, “In Thy presence is fullness of joy, at Thy right hand are pleasures for evermore” ; if without Him, “His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth, in that very day, his thoughts perish”, and, “They shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of Hosts”.
    Thus, “The wages of sin is death”, and “The dead know not anything”. They will be punished in the Lake of Fire; but just as with a past Judgement, that of the Flood, this punishment is finite and brief. “For our God is a CONSUMING fire”. They will be consumed and rendered to ashes, not punished for evermore.
    Those who doubt this analysis should refer to “The Other Bible Code” w/s by Vernon Jenkins, where the Most High spells out His ineffable power in the irrefutable form of two and three-dimensional mathematical perfections, each of which is above and infinitely beyond anything of which the children of men are capable.
    And remember YHVH’s name, which translates to “Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail”.
    Jesus Christ is the Lord of Creation, the Blessed God Almighty.
    “I have sworn by Myself; the Word is gone out of My mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue confess..”
    Every knee. Every tongue.

  15. Excellent work Zen! The human organism has been programmed to identify itself externally, race, religion, nationality, etc. As a a result, it is/will destroy itself as prompted. The most amazing thing about evil is how slow it moves. Had a conversation with a relative recently about the twin towers. He fully comprehends that it was a false flag event, but the notion that the towers were constructed for that very purpose, was more than he could handle.

      • SPOT on, Zen – long-range-patience….


        “People oftentimes make the mistake of thinking that the revolution started right at the moment when they found out about it. In reality the battle between freedom and enslavement has been raging for centuries, and has played out like a relay race where each generation passes the mission along to the next. The only problem is that those on the side of freedom have not had the ability to participate in this process. For the better part of history the general population was illiterate and poorly educated, making it that much more difficult to immortalize their side of the story and their ideas for future generations.
        Meanwhile, those who sought to enslave humanity were very familiar with planning beyond their own time, as it often took many generations to complete large projects, such as palaces, bridges and monuments. Military conquests were known to take several generations as well. The ruling class has always been accustomed to long term plans and goals that outlasted their own lifetimes. Sadly, with most of humanity living a survival based existence for the better part of history, it has been hard for people to see past their next meal, so looking into future lifetimes was probably not very common…..”

        America’s race to the top of the shit pile is almost over. hopefully we can drop that baton we’ve been pa$$ing along these past few generations and pick up a brand new shiny one of enlightenment.

        It seems as though everyone I know understands that ‘war is not the answer’ but at least it keeps the economy rolling along. this way of thinking will soon end when our kids’ generation can’t afford the cable and cell phone bills that their parents are still paying for. imagine if all the hours spent in front of the teevee were instead used to organize and put in place this long overdue resistance. what a dreamworld i live in…

  16. Came to these same conclusions a while back – initially hard to believe, but clearly the case if you look at the reality of what has actually happened, and is actually happening now. The fact that individual freedom has been used as a ploy to create a powerhouse of domination has certainly turned out to be the case, as if it were a grand experiment (that worked), and shear genius – although twisted – if you think about it.

    One lesson you could draw from this ‘experiment’ is that personal freedom can build a strong, self-sufficient people and society. The lesson has been lost on the American people though, who have allowed it to slip away and be usurped by those few at the top who have directed it towards their own ambitions – and now the lesson is over it would seem.

    Thanks for another clear and perceptive article on an important issue, Zen!

  17. We have seen the destruction of Iraq, Libia, & Syria! It is not going to be a surprise when they do it here!

  18. Great Post Zenster .. a fresh and bold way to understand the depth on this massive and worldly enslavement. I was kicked out of the Religion and Philosophy community just last week on calling out the lack of understanding of How the Freemasonry has its roots in the soils of Americas Leaders and right from the beginning .The best part is ,, This was intro to the sign site ( The head line in this community)
    ( Philosophy of Religion
    Question Everything ) .
    It was a Simple question iIposted backed with public facts (how you can you sever 2 masters ) The link to the post i made

  19. Out of all the empires to have existed, America is by far the best. The world under Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Barbarians, Caliphates and Spanish-British colonialism was a far worse then what we have now. America will only be brought down from within itself. with this article as an example of the rot inside Americas belly
    From a South African

  20. Excellent article, Zen! Well put, short and powerful.
    I do so hope that many people wake up to this knowledge.
    ~ I’m quite open, but it took me some time to let all of this sink in, I couldn’t believe at first that this was the real reality, so horrifying – yet it must be, nothing else really explains what is going on.

  21. Soliel– Right on!

    Scooter- I believe that the relative you spoke of knows what he needs to know at this time to make a difference. Exposure leads to more exposure.

    CJ- Respectfully disagree. Darkness cannot hide in the light. Awakened people are making a difference here as they do everywhere else.

  22. Zen, it is wonderful to see the garden back and full of such loving souls again! I knew that nothing would keep you from doing what you do! :-)
    I have been being the family’s matriarch in visiting with my grandpa – deeps in the throws of dementia and losing my grandmother a couple of months ago, my father – the caretaker of my grandpa, and my brother – the workaholic and materialist of us all. It was a draining experience, but I still managed to have some great conversations with my brother on the economic situation (he actually listened to his much younger sister, I think). My dad, being an ex-military American patriot finally admitted that the US has to quit killing. Of course we argued about the US “feeding the world with the help of GMO’s”. Before I left, I had a 7 hour conversation about the world with my father. He is usually quick to tell me that all generations face difficult battles and my generation will pull through just fine. I finally opened his eyes to the long term affects we are causing on nature and our ability to live as natural beings in the future. He still argued, but could see where the world is being poisoned via radiation and chemicals that will have dire consequences for his grandchildren. He still does not see the situation as grave as it is at the present moment. Oh well, small steps. He may not change his ways, but at least he has a better understanding of my choices in my life and may even respect them a bit now. He is even looking into some ex-pat information. WOW! That is huge for him and me.
    I reached out to touch his spirit – not his mind… and it had a wonderful impact. May not be much, but it all counts at this time.
    I have missed you all during the attack and shut down and during my emotional visit with my “patriarchal mental” men of my family. Gotta love them – it is all they really need from me. :-)
    So much love to you and yours and all the amazing souls here.

    • Heather, that is fantastic and full of potential momentum! Your family situation sounds very similar to mine, with an Army officer father. He is well in the rabbit hole now, but it was life, conversations and emotional experiences that got us to NOW. Life is funny and strange and tragic sometimes, and awe inspiring, and a joke, game, lesson, test.
      I am not going to struggle any more with the anxiety that the ones “in power” are throwing at us. I am just going to help that person struggling to get their groceries in the car, smile at the person who looks like they are having a bad day, and have a random “SECRET PIZZA PARTY”! (That is my 3yr old son’s idea).
      Basically, I am convinced that the political, religious, peripherial chaos is the grand illusion. How to communicate that is another problem in itself. It seems like people are picking up the signs and are afraid of what they say, and on the other hand, afraid of looking deeper. Weird thing is, that it is nothing scarier than ourselves. I think the answer is inside. It is a Macrocosm: Microcosm thing. Over and over the image of the tree with branches above and roots below come into my head: “As above, so below” we are mirrors and we chose this.

      Much love from another military “brat”, Carla

      • What a fascinating subject Zen . Was Amerika set up to fall ? of course it was !! Nothing is left to chance or unplanned it seems .Washington the Militaristic centre of the world Rome the Spiritual and London the Financial. Looking at the Fasces used by the Free Masonic Founding Fathers to consciously reference the authority of the Roman Empire is a give away surely ? Did the Roman Empire ever fall ?
        Obama and his apparent self and collective annointing by a bewitched public as Messiah , Saviour and Emperor reminded me of Constantine the true annointed Messiah of the Holy Roman Empire, something which the new Empire of Amerika has taken over with gusto , conquering other lands to impart our so called’ spiritual , Christian’ ideals ‘whilst raping their lands of their assets and furthering the cause of Empire The Amerikan dream is something we have all have been seduced by ,materialistic, glittering ,aspirant.That nothing is impossible attitude has now become a state of being, we are all in fact Amerika.
        The fall of the twin towers , brought about not just for control mechanisms to be instituted against us or to instill a sense of righteousness that could be turned into the knowledge that all war is good ,is nothing compared to the spiritual battle it heralded. The more significant reality behind the Twin Towers was I feel the incursion into our inner sanctum, the potential destruction of our spirituality .
        Jachin and Boaz guarding the entrance to the Temple and inner sanctum which is an earthly representation of us . The symbolism is astonishing in its depth ,’ As above so below ‘, so right Carla , and I feel like you that the answer to all this is as always as you say inside us, as it always is.
        If we could just see that, take loving action , responsibility and control of our own destiny as we were meant to do ……….. Kitty xxxx

        • Beautifully said Kitty! It’s high sorcery at its root, while the world takes it as political, economic and social maneuvers. That’s what makes them fodder. Spiritual blindness.

        • Kitty, I’m floored. Is this what happens when you release your inner slave driver? 😉

          Seriously – I feel so fortunate to know you and to have the opportunity to learn from you.
          Love you, Sis!! xxxx

          Zen, she’s a keeper!
          Love you too… :)

      • Yeah, I don’t get too excited about the family’s views anymore, but this was the best visit by far. My brother freaked out when I mentioned chemtrails. Then he posts a pic from the football game with trails clearly defined in the pic. He won’t respond to my message to check out his own pic. LOL
        I am with ya – do good where you can – lift spirits and touch souls in every way possible. I spent time roaming the halls of my grandpa’s new “home” and made as many of those people smile as I could. They just need another smiling face to lift them a bit.
        Love the pizza party idea! Sweet son you have there!
        People do seem to be awakening a bit as things get thicker, but it is getting them past the “oh shit!” phase that is a hurdle! Here is to understanding ourselves and creating the world we want to see! Much love to ya, Carla!

  23. We read that in college in the late 60’s. This was one of the New Classics. I guess I better reread it.

  24. It isn’t as if any rational person still believes the USA is a free country. 

    Think about it.  No-warrant wire taps, indefinite detention of citizens without charges, approval of rendition of prisoners and torture, stop and frisk without probable cause, search and seizure without a warrant, no-knock entry, confiscation and destruction of cameras that might have been used to film police acting illegally, police brutality, police shootings that go without  investigation, managed news, and the civil-rights destroying “Patriot” Act. 

    Acts of police behaving illegally, with shootings, Tasers, and unwarranted violence now appear almost daily.  Rarely are these offenses punished.  Most often “an investigation” is claimed, but soon forgotten.

    ??In addition, the USA, with 5% of the world population, has 25% of all of the prisoners in the world.  That means the USA has the most people in prison of any nation in history.  Even by percentage of residents incarcerated, not just sheer numbers.  USA is # 1??

    Does any of that sound like a free country?

    As Dwight D. Eisenhower said about communism, “It’s like slicing sausage.  First they out off a small slice.  That isn’t worth fighting over.  Then they take another small slice that isn’t worth fighting over.  Then another and another.  Finally, all you have left is the string and that isn’t worth fighting over, either.

  25. ** perpetual war no longer keeps bloated empire from implosion

    …with traditional for profit manufacturing dead in the US, the only heavy industry left is a taxpayer subsidized $600 billion war machine…the US spends on arms as much as the next 10 countries worldwide combined

    …taxes taken from middle class service workers — increasingly scarce and ill-paid — are recycled into armaments which serve no one but the rich of the military/arms/security complex who pay no taxes

    …this creates a degenerate potlatch, conspicuously consuming wealth to demonstrate coercive military power…no longer masking cultural rot…or malice towards social goods

    …stealing from the poor to enrich Bush II’s “haves and have-mores” is older than Pharaoh…now with an NSA junta civilian dissent can be tracked and quashed

    …Congress and its far-right’s reality deniers, can’t even grasp that the Empire is imploding…all it can do is react irrationally to a loss of control over external reality

    …following the death impulse into a giddy narcissism of government by mass suicide

  26. Thanks Ross for bringing attention to your comments. Now many many many more people got to read them………or was that your plan you sly fox! wink wink

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