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An Ill Wind Blows


by Zen Gardner

It’s not a pretty time right now. This US embassy closure gambit does not bode well. When they whip up this kind of deliberate hysteria coupled with massive justification for everything terror, surveillance and “security” you know there’s big stuff afoot.

America was teed up for years with the al CIAda and bin Laden propaganda. The series of false flag bombings leading up to 9/11 put the narrative front and center in the American psyche. The actual watershed event of 9/11 was a walk in the park as to whom to blame.

So now when some supposed senior U.S. security official in Yemen says “The threat appears to be much worse than it has (been) in a long time..” and that some supposed message was intercepted to bring all this on, you can’t help but be on alert for 1 – what they’re covering up, distracting us from and attempting to justify, and 2 – what escalation they’re about to commence based on some false flag event or even rumored event.

And of course PR.

Another reason for this unprecedented move is to make the State Department and administration appear responsible to backwash the bad taste of the facts coming out about the Benghazi attack and the arms supplying going on at the time. “Certainly a caring government that would go to these lengths couldn’t possibly be capable of some sort of deliberate hit job on its own personnel!”

What dupes people are who fall for this kind of obvious bullshit.


Bad Moon Rising

Anyway you cut it, this meteoric rise of the police state justified by phony terrorism threats is one nasty continuous development. With a complicit media acting as their unquestioned megaphone, as long as this hypnotic rhythm of fear and hysteria continues the spell will not be broken. The meter has been set and few will break out of the march to full blown captivity – all for their protection of course.

It is surreal to behold yet it continues on unimpeded.

We’re attempting to chip away at the most glaringly insane issues such as GMOs, geoengineering, fracking, bankster fraud, endless war, the militarization of our streets and a host of other affronts on humanity. But can we slow the machine enough to prevent what appears to be a cataclysmic showdown at the behest of psychopathic social engineers, crazed war lords and Machiavellian manipulators?

Try for the best but prepare for the worst. With our damaged atmosphere shutting down more every day, Fukushima spewing untold amounts of seemingly deliberately unimpeded radiation, increasingly tainted water and food supplies, and a militarized beast out to wreak havoc any chance it can get, it’s hard to imagine these monstrous things just waning on their own no matter who screams what.

The Dark Beast Will Die – Eventually

Evil cannot conquer good, it can only persecute it and cause temporal damage. The blessing in disguise in all of this is how conditions like these drive more and more people into awareness of the spiritual reality within and surrounding everything. It transcends the push and pull of these types of lower density forces and their veil of lies. This is why fear is their ultimate weapon, keeping people out of balance with Spirit and in the controllable mindset of the matrix.

How the beast is defeated time, of course, will tell. From history it seems these maniacal Empires have to reach some kind of crescendo of evil and corruption before they implode.  The problem is they’re full of people.

The accountability factor is very important in all of this, as I’ve said before. The American people have done sorry little to resist the actions of their oppressive warring Empire. They’ve sent their children to kill and die on false, unquestioned narratives, they’ve lived “deliciously” off of corporations pillaging the poorer lands of the word, they’ve literally built the war machine and make the oppressive banking system run. And on and on.

While it may not have been their idea and they were manipulated, they went along with it. Massively. And now this corrupt, dilapidated house of oppression is about to crash upon their very heads.


One Awakening Heart At A Time

People are waking up. There’s no question it is accelerating. The roads have been laid for immediate retrieval of empowering information to bring people up to speed faster and faster. That’s just plain wonderful.

That it’s framed in this extremely dark setting we’re in the midst of is part of the equation.

The beauty of our job now, once we’re awake and aware, is knowing we are free from its spiritual clutches, no matter what happens, and that anyone can have that same fullness of knowledge and conscious awareness.

We can do what we can do. It’s one step at a time for each of us. But in doing our part we unleash the energy of the Universe. With everything interconnected, each of us is changing everything all the time!

That’s pretty dang wonderful. We need to keep that realization front and center and let it empower us one day at a time to do anything and everything we can to bring about the spiritual revolution of true freedom while exposing the false reality being imposed on humanity. While they tinker with their nanotech, particle accelerators and computer wizardry, we have access to the Creative power of the Universe where there is infinite potential and possibility. Let them try to top that!

Things don’t look so dark now, do they?

Light on into the night and let the ill wind blow on by!

Love, Zen



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  1. * “Nothing like the smell of the ‘truth’… burning bright in the morning”
    …revealing the illusory holding-frequency… that’s resonating as the Matrix.

  2. Zen, I share the same feelings. I have been uneasy about this trip I am on. My hubby on a trip of his own causing separation. I told him where we would meet up if needed. The look on his face said it all. Reality smacking him hard. My intuition tells me as I am in this crossroad of my life that there is a much larger one that has been presented here that is bigger than me and mine. My son said it best…”Mommy, it gets so dark that I cannot see a thing. The light comes and shows me the way.” Staying on our toes, fists by our face to defend and ready to hit back. Sharing what we learn, showing the way we know, and dropping Truths to people in hopes the light cracks them open. Shine on everyone! Thanks, Zen.

    • You got it. Very strong sense of that today – not good. Literal howling winds where we are all morning with that feeling in my gut – drove it home bigtime. Wish we were wrong but it’s out there – the curtain’s drawn…so are the daggers – be nimble, but not tense or fearful….hugs

      • Yeah, I had not even heard about the embassy until coming here this morning… not liking it at all. Well, I don’t like to feed negativity, so I will just stand lightly in love. Oh, they are ready for this… they are not ready for the curtain call at the end though. Hugs to you and yours!

        • Yeah – theirs is to fear, although they’re feeling pretty heady rt now….oh karma….

          Freaky – for what it’s worth I get the feeling you’re at a warm thanksgiving event with fam…maybe I’m thinking of happier, carefree times when I was young…just a thought – maybe go with that meme? ….love is wonderful…you’re almost dealing with alzheimers cases in reality…warm em up as I’m sure you are…I might be tuning into you comparing to those days, I don’t know…my “radio” is way too weird if you haven’t noticed….hugs. 😉

          • You are about right on the thanksgiving and the Alzheimer’s. Both of my grandparents are holding on very late in their lives physically, but their minds are gone. My dad being their caretaker is taking its toll on him. Despite it all, the smiles and hugs I share with them makes all right in the world. That is all I can do for them… love them as they love me. Sharing the experience of being around my kids is the best medicine for my dad’s soul. ;-). As mine…

    • Feeling this too Zen and Little Momma,, have felt this storm coming for a while , it’s time , there hasn’t been anything big for a while and sacrifices have to be made, the proles need another lesson. The picture accompanying the article you wrote Zen is just so right, It’s now 18 40 pm in England and we have huge oppressive storm’s they match the thing’s I feel. We were talking about this very thing yesterday,Husband’s parent’s making plans for as they said, an “uncertain future” they are in their late 70’s . This afternoon my eldest son arrived with his wife and told me they were selling up ,… everything to be sold or given away and will travel before it’s too late to do so ! They asked me for my opinion I gave them my blessing , life is too short to be bound by convention and mortgages .Your radio isn’t weird Zen you see thing’s of that am sure ,it’s called being tuned in , you too Little Momma , they may be running the show … for now, but we will take that curtain call and the applause , oh and the roses , because we are rewriting this script and it’s all about love , remember we won already !!! Love Kitty xxx

      • Oh, Kitty! So much love to you and yours. Wishing all the best on the paths they walk! We have won, just need to be many to paint our picture bright over their gloomy show.

      • side note: Kitty, I’ve missed you! I stepped away for a few weeks with a busy summer and needed to come back to the solace of this place. I hope your foot is feeling better. I did the same thing years ago and walked around in what I called the “terminator boot” for months. I hope your kids and your garden are thriving…and hubby of course. I have joyfully started canning and am finding all sorts of fun, interesting new recipes to preserve the season. I was thinking about you and wanted to send some love.

        To everyone else, sorry for distracting from the subject.
        Love, Carla

        • Carla! So glad you are back, !! Missed you too , thought you had gone forever! Thsnk’s for asking about the foot x I fell into a hole my dog’s had dug for me !! I fell very gracefully so I ‘m told , would hate to think I broke a bone any other way !! lol So at least that was some kind of consolation !! I am seriously impressed with your canning food that is serious stuff!! My garden is good at the moment we have had some lovely things growing , I’m now a fully fledged raw foodie person ! My daughter made me some raw vegan brownies last week , sounds a bit grim , but they were lovely I was very surprised. Thing’ s are a bit soggy here at the moment we have just had some spectacular storms and there has been some flooding on the single track road’s where I live , but the sun is out (it’s 7am) so hopefully a better day , I do love rain though . Hope your family are well sound’s like you are having a fantastic summer ! Love and big hug’s Kitty xxxxxx

  3. A brief synopsis regarding the message contained within Ghostbusters seems apt right now. A bunch of evil spirits running amuck……………gotta love Hellywood!!

  4. from cnn:”CNN has agreed to a request from an Obama administration official not to publish or broadcast additional details because of the sensitivity of the information.”
    “Because of the specificity, because of where it is coming from, the credibility of it, the level of chatter, it seems to be a fairly large operation,” he said. “It’s giving the intelligence community quite a bit of pause right now.”

    could they be a little more vague? Brings to mind the color threat levels during the Bush Reign…Just, BE AFRAID, PEOPLE. DOESN’T MATTER OF WHAT!
    Woke up feeling the big fugue and knew something was brewing. Bad dreams, general funkitude. Bad mojo out there just fly on by.
    Thanks for the encouragement,as always, Zen, you are one badass cheerleader :)
    Yall all take care of you and yours, too.
    love love love

    • I also woke up this morning to a strange kind of, “What’s the point?” feeling.

      Shortly after, this link arrived. I don’t know if these channeled messages are legit, but as is often the case, this one was so right on for me. A quick cry, and I felt better.


      Zen, I love how you speak the dark truth, but you don’t forget the light. There’s too much doom and gloom; too much fear-mongering out there.

      I loved this part, as it really describes my overall feeling about things:

      “The beauty of our job now, once we’re awake and aware, is knowing we are free from its spiritual clutches, no matter what happens…”

      We are powerful beings.
      They are threatened by what we are capable of.

      No fear.
      Stay positive.
      Live in love and light.

      {{hugs to you, Zen}}

      Much love,

  5. Hallo to you all good people. I heard about the embassy thing about 3 hours ago. But what made me post my comment is about an interesting occurrence I read about that happened last month when 3 US presidents visited my continent, Africa, all at the same time and coincidentally somehow “met”. Here’s the link to the article (part of a series). It makes very interesting but disturbing reading. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/war_celestialconflicts06c.htm

  6. The last time I had a day so stuck to the computer, was the Boston Marathon fiasco. At the time, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t pull myself away and get on with my day, then bang it happened. Then again, maybe the unseasonably cool gloomy weather is getting to me. I guess we will see. My mantra for today, which feels a little forced, is “peace and calm, peace and calm”
    much love my friends!

  7. Little Momma, Kitty, Zen, Carla and everyone: Feeling it here too. The game is afoot. I’m lookin’ at my little granddaughter god I could just lock on to her-but I can’t. This is bigger than all of us–we’ve had the call-to arms. It is time to remember. Julian just said, ” Cease offering your divine blood to vampires”. I don’t know what form my resistance, service, protection will take. I am ready. This website ( so much love to you Zen) has been the acumulation of the truest knowledge, love and service information available online. Whatever opposing consciousness has on offer next may or may not cause physical mayhem, but have we not sailed past that now? Love one another. Love deeply. And keep the quver full and aim truly. xxx

    • Love back Cheryl, You already took that step you are beyond ready, because you love freely and without condition . There is your resistance , your service and your eternal most powerful protection, just love, (because that is what you, and we are ) the only thing there is . So, you won already , we all did, we just need not to believe, but to know !!! Kitty XXXX

  8. I journal everyday and on 4/28/13 I. Started a brand new marble composition book and on the first page I drew 2 hearts intertwined & the scripture verse Jer 32:39, I will give them one heart and one way. Just this am I started another marble composition notebook and drew abstract circles intertwining representing God and humanity as one with the scripture John 14:20, you are in me and I in you. Both scriptures were random and didn’t realize that I virtually drew and referenced the same message. God’s’ talking Zen, and I am listening and so we all are – ONE! To say I am not afraid would be a lie, but I cannot and will not hide. I am also reading “Brave New World”, by A.Huxley, which is so haunting & disturbing. Reading this novel only enforces my will to remain free and full of passion and Love for everyone. Thank you Zen again for another great post. Big Hugs.

  9. Love ya Mr. Crackers, I could just see that! A little Apocalypse Now, a little Captain Hook lol . Yer the best sir.xxxx

  10. Zen, you hit the nail on the head again; both left and right brain versions. The mendacity of the cockroach ‘elite’ (a term that gives them way too much credence) trying to offset the tide of awakening. Their only resort is to greater violence.

    Interesting that we have comet Ison in the solar system; comets are traditionally harbingers of change and upheaval. And it does not ned to be an esoteric connection only; a fragmenting cometary body leaving a debris field we will pass through mid January 2014; a world that for the past few years has consumed more food than it has produced; crop failure; hunger; DHS with 1+ billion rounds; I think you get the picture.

    I really hope it doesn’t come to this, but how many minor course corrections have we wilfully passed by in the pursuit of short-term gain? I have said fro years that there has been the opportunity to ‘gracefully dismantle’ the hateful edifice of modern human culture, but there has not been the collective will. Presently the ptb are re-enforcing their defences against they know not what. In the end I feel it will be a pathetic gesture on their behalf.

    Standing shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters,


    • Hold on, Holon, you’ve clearly got the thread. V. interesting times indeed. Gracefully dismantle passed at least 50+ years ago while the world was first fully intoxicated with materialism, as I understand it. Everything’s happened as planned since. V. sad, v. predictable. Hang in there….

  11. Zen,

    Insightful, as always. Spot on, as always.

    If I may, and without stepping on any toes, I’d like to suggest a future topic for your consideration.

    We are not alone in this. Nor have we been forgotten. At this very moment, other worlds are suffering at the hands of the dark forces. The same dark forces that have Earth in a stranglehold.

    Why destroy one world when there are so many ripe for the plucking?

    The divine intervention for which we are waiting is rapidly approaching and it will touch not just our dear blue Terra, but the entire universe.

    Speak not from an Earthly perspective, dear Zen. Speak from a galactic one. A universal one.


      • Ah, but Zen, do you not exist in many places? Does your consciousness reside in only your human vessel or does it live scattered throughout our universe?

        Yes, we’re in a particular pickle right here, but are not the other versions of Zen, in so many other places, in a pickle, too?

        Speak for all the versions of you, this is merely what I’m suggesting.



  12. Zen you knocked it out of the park again. I’ve also had that feeling in the pit of my gut the last few days like many of you guys too..
    Today was a gorgeous day, the finest kind you can get in NYC in august, sort of reminded me of….the 11th of sept .
    Then there were the lines across the sky (“I love the smell of chemtrails in the morning- that smell that chemtrail smell……smells like… tyranny)

    Tap into the creative energy of the universe such a simple powerful wonderful concept. No matter what we will always have that and no i don’t think they can top that. How could they when they are soulless cold manipulators who seem hell bent on destroying mother earth. The veil will be lifted and the little man behind the curtain exposed. Until then its gonna be a bumpy ride but what the hell lets enjoy it.
    Also its great to see people that we know from this page grow and become very inspirational in there own right such as Julien Rose scooter etc, I think you’re having quite a positive affect on people Zen, you have on me too.
    Lots of love to all of you CMD

    • CMD, I am very close to you. This morning felt more like a fall day than a summer day, and yes, much like 9/11.

      A friend in the Netherlands asked how my skies looked and there was a lot of blue. And then… wisps started to appear. More and more, until the sky was filled with the strangest things (which nobody questions). The breeze blew them around quite a bit, so things were constantly changing.

      Hardly a day goes by that they are not up there.

      I check the sky, notice, and then move on, refusing to give them my energy via anger or fear. Seeing what’s being done to our skies only makes me more determined to win this battle.

      You’re right about the creative energy of the universe, and no wispy trails up above will distract me from trying to tap into it.

      ~much love~

  13. Zen you’re kickin’ over so many stones the dust is blinding the stupids. If they’re waiting for the fan to blow it all away they’ll realize too late it has blades. Crunch time is not waiting for the evening news, they’ll lick up the slop, give it a prop and make a sensation of the latest lie.

    That’s why you’re here…Love ya’ Bro!!!!!

  14. Picked up a newspaper while on a 17 hr. car ride with hubby today to kill some time. Took pictures of some very strange multi coloured clouds & a sun dog. Read about the embassies closing until at least Aug. 31. Then this came to mind from Kate Rene`s FB page. (Kate of Gaia). A strange feeling came over me.
    “September 1, 2013 seems to be a pivotal date although I cannot tell you exactly why or what to expect. Here are some of what September 1 will bring:

    Ben Bernanke announced that he is resigning the Federal Reserve effective September 1, 2013.
    One of the Federal Reserve Governors has resigned effective September 1, 2013.
    Janet Napolitano [Homeland Security] has resigned effective September 1, 2013.
    The Most Holy Francis issued an Apostolic Letter on July 11 and effective September 1, 2013 that effectively stripped away the immunity of all judges, attorneys, government officials and all entities established under the Roman Curia [hint: All corporations are established under the Roman Curia]. All of these “persons” can now be held accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, [hint: Divine Spirit is humanity], for the unlawful restrictions of the liberties of the divine spirit incarnate; for failure to settle the accounts; for continued prosecution of claims already settled, etc.“ I think you`re right about the ill wind Zen. `We need to keep blowing the Love at people. An S.W. method.

  15. I agree with this article. These monsters always seem to pick either April or September to do their worst.Must fulfill some sort of Satanic ritual.
    ( I am only using the term “Satanic” as a pseudonym for evil.I don’t even really believe in the dude).

  16. Life on earth is a food chain – anything above us on the chain we call evil. Anything below us we call food. From a cow’s perspective, humans would be Nazi monsters. Maybe plants feel the same way. Maybe they are wondering when God will unleash his wrath on all the flesh beasts. The problem is that the universe is not based on good but based on competition for survival and life forms exploiting other life forms. But we’ve invented concepts that suit our goals according to our urge to survive. We perceive it all through that lens – so that anything that threatens our survival is seen as bad and we just know that God is with us on that. But its all a myth. Nature only cares that a particular species survives, it does not care 2 cents worth if any particular individual survives. We can’t face this because reality is too harsh for our fragile psychology.

  17. Nice timing as usual. If it moves forward, it will negate the war crimes and other insanity being committed by our benevolent leaders, not to mention any momentum gained by things such as the renewed 911 truth campaign (rethink911) shooting for September in cities around the world. No one’s going to be discussing 911 no matter how big the billboards or campaigns if something like the above moves forward.

    Same script over and over. Every time any momentum is gained, cue next false flag. Sandy what? Aurora what? Oklahoma what? Benghazi what? 911 what…………………

    The only thing that will work is for millions and then billions to walk away from the system, while proclaiming as one voice, “Your false flags and lies don’t work anymore, we are awake”. Followed by, “You are no longer relevant, we are united by the only truth in the universe – love”.

  18. @ James,

    The system you serve has taught you well. This message is not really for you but for my own kind who are drawn to this website. You would not be able to understand anything meaningful that I could tell you anyway because you have chosen to give away the only thing within yourself that would reveal to you this understanding.

    All I can say about your kind is to “Let the (spiritually) dead bury the (physically) dead.”

  19. Well they have to do something to get peoples minds off the illegal spying they were caught at, so they have a new (old) propaganda campaign to keep everyone fearful of the “terrorists” Of course they are the worst terrorist on the planet. They will not be happy until they own every last thing on the planet. By the time they do they will have killed every last thing on the planet. They are parasites.

  20. If we don’t know US, we will believe that some “trets” are in sight, but obviously they play their games which we already know. Only, what they preparing next to bomb??????

    • Rt – just don’t stand too close to their exhaust pipes, too hot and unhealthy – tell yr loved ones – and to not such down their gas, known as mainstream media crap…very toxic, no joke

  21. I agree with what you wrote and I thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration to those of us that are awake and aware.

    I wish for you peace, courage and above all . . . L O V E.

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