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Anesthesia – Evil Queen of Cryptocracy

The crypto queen anesthetizer was called out so well by the Peakster on her psychotropic drug campaign it just begged having her taken to the woodshed again, with a new flourish. Enjoy.

by Zen Gardner,

Sounds exotic, but it’s true. The system’s gone nuts, things have cut loose. And while an ever widening swathe of humanity is rippling into various levels of awakening, those still under the spell of the matrix’ hypnotic sirens are falling ever deeper into a drugged slumber. All by design.Humanity’s been carefully anesthetized.Things are moving so fast and crazy and in so many weird directions now it’s tantamount to mass insanity. Yet despite the awakened people screaming and pointing out the in-your-face lies and affronts to humanity, most still don’t even notice, and that’s the weirdest thing of all. That polarization is what compounds the problem, and that’s why the cryptos love to try to divide us in every way they can.Beware. False flags and media circus events are carefully placed and timed psycho-spiritual detonation devices with clear intentions at many levels.

The biggest division you won’t hear a peep about in the mainstream is between those who dare wake up to reality vs. those who continue on within the projected mind frame. That would be a clear admission that their reality ain’t necessarily so, so they have to mock, demonized and ignore our very existence.

But we won’t be ignored any longer.


Medication and Conditioning, Bread and Circus, Omission and Denial

And that is where the great schism lies. The awake and aware have snapped out of the control system. Those who haven’t are being tooled around like puppets on a million nano strings. When you don’t know, you don’t know that you don’t know…and are very easy to keep being fooled.

When you’ve woken up, the world is completely reversed from everything you were told and believed before. You now know that you now know! And everything rights itself and all is clear.

It takes some cobweb clearing to get a handle on the real picture but it happens, and in a relative hurry. Truth drives itself.

It always does.

How do they maintain this illusion? Mental conditioning is the name of the game for the designers and propagators of the matrix. Once the pattern is established in its captive subjects, the more you can pour the lies on without them being noticed. Also disguised is the fact that their every intention for humanity is for control and exploitation….at any cost or consequence to these expendable “human resources”. Us.

Oh, how their attitude says it all! And stinks in the nostrils of loving truth!

To achieve this conditioning requires quite an effort on their part, because we are ultimately irrepressible and they know that. It’s like chemtrails. If they don’t keep spraying the required concentration of their toxic soup the effects start to wane, like the fluoride dosing and the rest. To keep the vast majority sleep walking they use all kinds of methods and it’s really quite mind boggling when it all comes together.

It’s also inspiring…because no matter what they do to us they can’t put us out of commission. Unless they kill us off entirely, but that’s just a promotion to the next level.

Deal with that you control bastards.


Tools that Numb

But what specifically do they control us by?  They flood our bodies with drugs delivered by any means possible; deprivation of nutrition, sunlight and clean air water and food; dumbed down education and a fully controlled media; mind numbing false news and so-called entertainment; electromagnetic smog blasting on the human nervous system wavelength; violence and oppressive fear and terror tactics, and on and on.

They do this with impunity. Imagine the world is a massive internment camp where the captors give the illusion the inmates are free by letting them have a few choices within this massive, continental wide facility, and disguise the barbed wire fence as gorgeous murals, and the control devices as modern marvels for their advancement.

Think wars–there’s a perfect example. All for our “defense, safety and security”, when it’s the exact opposite.

Basic Simple Questions

Some fundamental questions that beg answers that are evident before any clear thinking individual:

–How can a government usurping monstrosity like the United Snakes Corporation and its affiliate thugs gang rape a planet and make it look benevolent?

–How can obviously lying elitist politicians bought off by the highest bidder be taken as serious entities in governing institutions?

–How can known secretive government sponsored agencies pull off assassinations and staged shootings in plain sight?

–How can the most murderous, supremacist, fascist, arrogant, racist people on earth be called “the chosen ones” and given title to anything they want including their own sanctioned Zionist territory and ravenous agenda and be given complete religious, social and political immunity and massive financial support? and based on clearly misguided insane religious zeal?

–How can sweeping freedom destroying measures be instituted by “executive order” in a representative republic?

–How can the food, water and air be deliberately poisoned in public knowledge and in plain sight?

–How can electro-surveillance and mental manipulation be known and accepted as legitimate human altering science and in full implementation for mass control?

….AND on and on…why wouldn’t people of such an abused group not go on a full on rampage against its rulers and their minions?



The Hypnotic Rhythm of Anesthesia

Every day I’m just amazed how few seem to notice what’s going on. The business as usual behavior and shallow chatter about nothing and the complete dependence on routine behavior for money and phony goals is just mind-boggling.

While the wake up is showing real promise, clearly there won’t be a world in which to live those goals if things aren’t changed drastically.

The day we hope our children and grandchildren to grow up in is quickly becoming not just night, but a literal nightmare if the current course isn’t derailed

The scene above is from the movie Time Machine from one of globalist insider H.G. Wells’ predictive programming pieces. When the siren sounds the humans grazing on the surface of the earth hypnotically walk into the maw of that archonic image whereupon they are devoured by the hellish beasts that live in the earth.

Despite this meme of being fodder for other beings being shown to mankind for eons via literature or inside messengers, humanity doesn’t get it. It’s another great way to hide the Truth; sci-fi or story-fy it. Turn the real direction of the controllers into a fiction, a fantasy, entertainment…”A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” as Shakespeare famously said through Macbeth.


Who’s Behind This?

I’m convinced there’s something very occult and spiritual that is ultimately behind all this, and these described techniques are just to augment the signal from the bowels of the matrix. Same as how chemtrails enable the EMFs and scalar devices to manipulate weather patterns, earth changes and mind manipulation, these occult influences provide an enhanced medium for these spiritual influences to take effect.

That a manipulative signal is being broadcast attempting to make us subjects of another realm there is no doubt.

And that just reminds me I’m not part of it and how free I am!

Extremely free. And that has power. Wonderful, conscious, awakening power that reverberate throughout the morphic field.

That, there, is called having a good day. You have one too.

And keep on resonating. Powerfully.

Love, Zen



  1. Nice one Zen; as the cracks in the illusion widen they need not be replaced; respect the work you re doing to make that so.

  2. Case well presented Zen . it is time for a big turning so perhaps some of the good christians truckers , the occupy and all other peaceful minded movements can make this difference in coming together to shut the machine down for a few days in exposing its darker elitists head. Check this link out and spread the word if you love this planet . As it has been said ” shop until you drop” or you can stand up and say we have had enough . Red Bird flies again!

    • On December 24th, everyone who is able, will march on the Federal Reserve Building and watch as it will be burned to the ground on its 100th anniversary of financial tyranny. Spread the word. The IRS building will also be a victim.
      Up the Revolution!

  3. In Germany over the course of the year they have a series of scheduled fests. The normally calm resolute cleanliness conscious inhabitants lay waste, like clockwork, to the neighborhoods on these specific occasions.
    Camping along river banks in cities is permitted as the land is considered “common ground”. Nude bathing is permitted in many places, all this, yet one can see the social manipulation that is taking place.

  4. Brilliant post, Zen. You do a magnificent job putting together those matrix-piercing questions. The same questions that make the unaware, sleeping masses cringe because they are so true, so mind-blowing that the only choice in how to answer is to either accept the truth and swallow the red pill, or remain in denial and runaway after gulping down the blue.

    We need to confront these questions, both individually and collectively, head on with absolute truth – nothing more, nothing less.

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. ( Peek Hoses down the woodshed from righteous truth beating Zenster just pounded out as he whistling and half ass sing parts of the song ” eminence front “by THE WHO “..
    The sun shines
    And people forget
    The spray flies as the speedboat glides
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding
    The girls smile
    And people forget
    The snow packs as the skier tracks
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u0GJdNu1Ds

    Right with ya Zenster my thoughts are very occult and spiritual that is ultimately behind all this .. There just much that points to the Barking of ones will and spirit . Great Post Pal very well done i would say the woodshed is a under statement .. Good on ya Bro keep the fire to the feet on these evil pricks

  6. * Zen,,,you’re ‘hangin 10′ on the cutting edge of of our unfolding daily reality…
    “How can a government usurping monstrosity like the US Corporation & it’s affiliate thugs…gang rape a planet & make it look benevolent”…excellent point & one liner there Zen!…definitely a keeper to quote.
    …What’s rather ‘mind boggling’ & synchronistic is that I just read this article now!… having read the Hitler Finance piece like 12 hours ago & leaving a comment with EXACTLY the same quote from Macbeth by ‘Willie the Shake’ Ha!….Gr8 minds……….lol……..(don’t believe me…check the time stamps hahahaha)…………..cheers

  7. Zen wonderfully written as always and Thank You so very much for keeping on calling us out of the haze. I think it is extraordinarily difficult to break free from the coma; reason being is because above it all we have to accept it ourselves to be what it is, the truth. We are being completely controlled by these beings for an ultimate heist, to take our souls and destroy love-light. Pieced independently, it is easy to deny the overall picture, you so transparently presented; from all fronts it is all a big lie, so that we happily consent to our holders. From the concept it is a difficult proposition that would mean that we truly have to break free from all that there is (political, religious, and physical), in order to begin the real journey this life is meant to be; creation, love, and an ever expanding oneness. Having from inception, dogmas and processes instilled in us, and then consistently and religiously embedded in our egos artificial realities, we easily create and live in their world for their means as if it was ours in the first place. We naively believe that “we” created this world as is, so we can “fix” it any time we want, and that is the kicker. Our egos actually believe we had something to do with the current design! Hope, belief and reality are all made up as we all know. We cling on to every individual piece every sign our consciousness expends, part of their mechanism to prevent us from truly becoming free. Fear is an incredible tool used so majestically by our holders. I don’t suspect, I know it in my core to be the case that ultimately behind all this is a power that is not human, nor good; it is quite apparent for me more and more everywhere I look. I see our core of light-souls here struggling with matrix-concepts that we cannot let go of (including truly yours here). What we think we are, we are not, what we think we possess we do not, what we think we create we did not, what we believe it is not. The truth is to just “be” and this time around learn from the inside out, unlike we’ve been conditioned to, it takes time and huge amount of emotional energy, but it can be done. The map is to learn the basics, and stick to the truth during the journey no matter what, and know that at the center of all of our core is our soul and that is all there is. Expend and connecting to these beautiful beings that get to visit this medium (human experience/us) at this time, in its purest form is the reward, love is the greatest power that will ever be, the light it radiates truly is the source of all creation. The hardest part of this all is to let go, but then again it is just the ego screaming not our souls. Love what you do for us… Much Love.

    • Wow, Gus – this was awesome!
      Maybe Zen could just put this up as its own posting. :)

      You expressed many important truths so eloquently. This really touched me.

      ~much love~

      • Clarity, you are such a kind loving soul, and leave the most beautiful comments; I don’t know why you would ever need to apologize for expressing love. I am deeply touched by the appreciation of my comment. I like you write from the heart without restraint, so keep on being you just the way you are. You guys here are my family too, and truly that is exactly how I feel. Much love right back at you.

  8. Zen, you write so many great ones, I’m running out of ways to say how great they are. ;)


    You rock!

    ~much love~

  9. [quote]That a manipulative signal is being broadcast attempting to make us subjects of another realm there is no doubt.[/quote]

    The manipulative signal = 0.3 GHz


    [quote]Full significance was not yet understood at this time. Basically, Frey had discovered another sensory motor input in the higher blue-band frequencies of 0.3-3.0 GHz. – at very low amplitudes of power. It was “as if” we had another type of “vision,” but did not know how to “see” what was being received. It constituted the next generation of subliminal communications.

    In 1961, Allen Frey, a freelance biophysicist and engineering psychologist, reported that humans could hear microwaves.

    Today, the ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a target’s head is known inside the Pentagon as “Synthetic Telepathy.” According to Dr. Robert Becker, “Synthetic Telepathy has applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or to deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin.”[/quote]




  10. ZENGARDNER, dustbuster & Cobweb Cleaner of the highest order! A simple, one-step program — STEP RIGHT UP…..

    Here’s hoping everyone wakes up together for the fall? (equinox that is!) it’s 9/22 @ 4:44 EDT


    444 reduces to 12 which is associated with the 12 Tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles. 444 further reduces from 12 to 3 which symbolizes the Trinity.

    The Chinese character 4 (?) sounds very similar to the Chinese word for death, so 444 (???) can be interpreted as “die, die, die”.

    444 — they’re time is up — die die die

    a new world awaits

  11. You are mistaken in your beliefs.If we, (The U.S.),had fought with the so-called “Nazis”,instead of against them ,we would be in far better shape than we are today. Zionists, not Muslims are our true enemy. It is Zionists, (mainly Jews) that are devastating our country as we speak .They did the same to Germany back in the 1920′s.
    National Socialism was a revolution against these pirates.What you know of the Hitler government ,is and was largely fabricated by the Zionist press.

    • Explain the occult symbolism related to Nazism. Zionism begat Nazism……..Give Theodor Herzl a look.

      “We’re sick and tired of your ism and schism game”

  12. Bang on as always Zen!

    I am coming to my own realisation that only a certain number of the World’s population will wake up no matter how many of us do our utmost to provide information and proof of the matrix and how it controls everything.
    A few years ago students demonstrated en masse against Vietnam and such but today the protests against bombing Syria sadly are not coming from our next generation of ‘leaders’ and professionals.
    What has happened? Has the tv and ‘public fool’ system successfully dumbed them down?

    Again I say us awakened folk need to balance our messages of what is really happening, with a vision of what can be, so as to steer the growing collective consciousness toward the hundredth monkey syndrome and manifest a new free empathic World.

    You often do that Zen so a big thankyou for that!

    Love and peace,

    • Funny, my wife said today laughingly “What if they’re trying to get the Americans to riot but they won’t get up!” Some serious truth to that comatose state…

  13. “I’m convinced there’s something very occult and spiritual that is ultimately behind all this, and these described techniques are just to augment the signal from the bowels of the matrix”.

    Well said Zen…resonating. Spiritual in the sense its birthplace is located in an inter-dimensional realm…occultish in the sense we can see the handiwork of its prescription.

    Light does not favor the beast while it is doing its work in the darkened corridors of the human mind. The enlightened…. bathed in light repel its efforts to subdue the victim. The more labored IT becomes, for those who occupy a room with a view, the less effort it takes to identify the enemy.

    Love the way ya’ keep the light on ;)

  14. Exactly Eli. National Socialism is the answer for the world and always has been. The Allies were the war criminals in WW1 and 2 and every other war of the 20 th century because they are/were led by Zionistas.

  15. Dear Zen, I just finished reading about the wonderful work that Earth Justice is doing, like returning bison to Native American land.There are good people in government, fighting the hard way,and winning!Our focus can be on the positive.I am reminding myself of this, because I ,being human, want ALL the “bad” stuff gone for good.Maybe that’s the way it will be ultimately.But as long as we’re in the “middle part”, let’s try to stay focused on the positive.What if the more we look for, the more we find/create?Thank you for being a warrior of truth.I like how you listed the ways in which we are driven from it.It helps to see it clearly!

  16. I see my last post, which merely stated that I was Jewish, and wondered if you loved me too, was taken down after a couple of hours. Wonder how long this one will stay up

    • Jewishguy we do love you and that is not just saying it. The better answer is are you capable to love us? Love is the most sought after power/energy/life/light one could ever experience, but love cannot be contaminated as it is only real in its purest (open-ended) form. The name says too much, and I hope you would get past the label and describe the content. No one should ever alter/change their self (not ego) for sake of appeasement, so I respect your perspective as mine is admittedly limited as to what I was able to touch through my real senses. I wish you love, and through it I hope you may experience the human interaction without motive to control/manipulate, just an ever serving source of life, what I often call love-light; it has heat and nourishment’s for the soul. The vessel experience is irrelevant almost, when present in the light, all that is negative becomes completely absent and a complete sense of oneness with all is all there is; in this realm there is no them, just us. So loving you is nothing but the truth that we love ourselves, much love indeed.

  17. Stunning post Zen. Some stunning comments too – from Gustavo in particular. Wow.

    When my late husband was near death, he said he was not afraid of dying but he was afraid of pain.
    I must say, I feel the same. Right now, surrounded by torrential rain and only an occasional glimpse of sun (in a tropical country!) Seeing only the minutest hope for survival in the near future – let alone rest: Knowing much of how we are being constantly challenged even to stand up straight amongst this cyclone of aggressive anesthesia and fear mongering, I try to stay grounded in the now, because otherwise, it’s scary. I don’t relish the thought of slowly starving to death or being reduced to a useful (for the controllers) vegetable.

    There is another way to be and with the years left to me, that’s what I’m being. On one level, it’s random acts of kindness: On another level, it’s connecting with peace within: On another level too, it’s sharing the truth that I perceive. I had been conditioned to think that I should not ‘rock the boat’ by speaking out about that truth. I’ve had it with those conceptual chains!

    I’m writing two books at the same time – one is about surfing the wave of inner knowing and acting on it. And the other is deep stuff rooted in everyday experiences. I’m on fire with this. I’ll share them soon.

    They are about what comes after the matrix goes down. They are about another way of being human. They are about courage. They are about innovation and compassionate action.

    They are for my sons and granddaughters, for dear fellow life adventurers, for the – not yet conceived children of this earth and they’re for all the wonderful people who comment on this site and make it happen – especially Zen.

    Hey! The sun’s come out!

  18. So. you moderate out a simple comment by a “jewish guy,” but you let stand Nazi garbage i.e. “National socialism is the answer,” etc etc. Nice. It would make sense at least if you billed yourself as a white power or neo-nazi site, but no, you’re an “alternative knowledge” type that’s all about spirituality etc. What a load of crap. I’m putting the word out, buddy. You and your buddies here and at Agora won’t know what hit you. Fucking bigoted dicks. And so incredibly incredibly stupid.

    • Jewishguy, I see your post and I understand by experience that a post does not always show. Only 2 or 3 times have a made a comment and didn’t see it until the next day. I’m not sure how this site works but it’s just what happens. I saw 3 comments today from you. Zen is a good person this I know. I’ve been following this site now for about 2.5 months and have found only LOVE!!!! Sometimes we have to go down the rabbit hole and learn some painful truths about ourselves. It’s easy to get impatient but more difficult to travel down our own rabbit holes. Peace and love to you!!!! We are all ONE!!! ALL!!!
      Love always,

    • “What a load of crap. I’m putting the word out, buddy. You and your buddies here and at Agora won’t know what hit you. Fucking bigoted dicks. And so incredibly incredibly stupid”…………sounds like a “Jewish guy”……..or Dwight from “This Boy’s Life”.

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