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Zen in an hour long conversation with Scott Teeters on Far Out Radio. We cover Zen's experience at Woodstock then move into world news and getting free of its influence.

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What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that's leading to our own dis-empowerment? - by Zen

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We have all been caught under the spells cast via sigils, letters, numbers and whirreds and have simply forgotten to really listen in this spellbound state.

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Shawn Thornton was learning to paint while, yet unbeknownst to him, he was suffering from brain cancer and had a tumor forming right where his pineal gland sits.

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What a perfect example of how the awakening has them on the run! After thoroughly exposing the staged beheading the Thugs have had to do a reverse psyop to cover up. Ha!