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The Answer Is Ever So Simple: Choose Love – David Icke

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A beautiful video on the most important aspect of our existence, love. Enjoy.



  1. hi people, i love david icke, i am lucky enough to have a ticket for his wembley october 2014 london gig.
    i am so looking forward to it, i can already feel the energy.
    its going to be AWESOME :)

  2. I think my old Man gave me an early Icke book to read, around 1991-2. I was already a typically introverted (nearly) 18 year old. And coming to an understanding that maybe everything that we were supposed to ‘believe’ in (you know. religion, government, science etc….!) was a lie? I think I went even deeper inside. There was certainly noone else my age I felt I could speak to and my old Man lived miles away and I didn’t see much of him.
    In the end, I never forgot but my journey went in other directions.
    David Icke reminds me of my Dad. I’m writing about my Dad because he was, in a way, ahead of the curve.
    In the mid 80′s, he had an ‘Awakening’. Not a realisation that things weren’t as they seem, but a period of his life where he ended up so un-grounded that he used to feel like he wasn’t here. Somehow, his consciousness had risen so high that he was only just able to be ‘here’. I can’t imagine the inner confusion and turmoil this caused him. He moved away from his family, simply because he couldn’t cope with trying to lead a ‘normal’ life while not understanding what was happening.
    He spent the rest of his life (he died in 2004) feeling his way through the world. He became a Homeopathic doctor, he did Dowsing, Electro-crystal therapy, Psychotherapy and so on…and he also had insight.
    His insight was based on Community, on Heal the Planet/Heal Yourself. On education and health that dealt with people Holistically etc etc etc. His every moment was dedicated to trying to be HEARD. On trying to make a difference because what else is there? I don’t think he always WANTED to be in that position. Of shouting and shouting, but no one would listen, but what else can you do? When you strip away the CRAP that we have been sold and see what is really there, you realise that the illusion fades to nothing. Nothing but possibility. The possibility that we can turn nothing into something AMAZING. Because what else can we do?? What else can we do at this time except to try and make a difference? To give our ‘all’. With LOVE?
    I’ve just read some of his writings, which I stumbled across the other day. Wow. He was SO on the ball. His truth was SO real because that was all that flowed through him.
    Thankfully, we were with him when he died and there was a lot of love. And that brings us back to the David Icke clip that I watched which reminded me of my Dad and here I am!! It’s funny. It’s taken me years to open my eyes, but that’s how my journey has gone. It doesn’t matter that I’m 40 later this year. What matters is that I’m here, NOW and it’s all about LOVE.

    • Nick, your story really touched me! So many similarities. I miss my Dad very much and all he represented and the love he had for all beings could not be contained. Sometimes I think our stories is what opens the ears and eyes of the hearts of all who will listen. All we can do is tell and sometimes shout them out. Thank you! Love,peg

  3. This was an awesome, first of the morning inspiration :-). I choose to live love, not “stupid compassion”. An important distinction!

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