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Anyone Else Feeling The Strange Vibes?



Art by Gary Tonge

by Zen Gardner

It’s weird out. I mean weird. Anyone getting the dizzies, battling disorientation? Myself and my friends and loved ones are, and it’s not that pleasant. I’d like to think it’s the vibrational change just turning up but it’s not bearing real good fruit just yet as far as I can feel.

It’s not on that transcendent vibrational level. It’s physical.

What’s the buzz?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and a few others and a side effect to the good stuff, but it’s weird. My sleep cycle is so screwed up I almost work the same hours as friends I correspond with overseas…and they’re sleeping less and feeling it as well.

I mean we’ve been finding even our cell phones are literally stinging our heads now when we don’t use our protective earphones.

In the US, as in many countries now, it’s a cesspool of electromagnetic and chemical pollution. They’re trying to sedate, control and poison us all so fast it’s almost comical if it weren’t so horrific, watching these roiling elitest rats scramble to foist more controls and do more damage to us than the other.

Disgusting vermin.

But are they playing with this cosmic and toxic soup combo?

Cosmic Correlations

I know we’re passing through some serious cosmic changes.  The sun is clearly emanating major energy including massive coronal flares, and the magnetosphere is getting rocked by all kinds of influences. Cosmic impulses and alignments are apparently affecting the energy and rotation of the core of the earth, the giant dynamo that drives our magnetic field and gravitational pull in conjunction with our inner sun.

Hence part of the reason for the earthquake uptick and possibly the strange sounds and no doubt other phenomena. So we’re bound to feel these things in our circuitry.

Planetary and inter-stellar arrangements are hitting peak alignments while we simultaneously also pass through a vast photon cloud of some sort. Research it for yourself, but we’re in that very special time of convergences we’ve been anticipating.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Those natural changes are happening for sure, but I can’t help but wonder if the mad scientists aren’t jamming the circuits as well. This barrage feels more like the PTBs turning up their HAARPs, cell phone circuits, GWEN towers and any other damned EMF producing crap they’ve got.

It would make sense at a time like this to fire away into an amped up atmosphere laden with metallic chemtrails. We’ve been sucking this toxic soup into our bodies for years, as well as via metallic fluoridated food and water. This not only dumbs us down but makes us better receptors for EMFs I’m sorry to say. Apparently we each have enough barium in us to make us visible from space.

Just another tool for the drones? Nasty, I know.

They’ve declared war on the awakening so we know this is well within their agenda and capabilities.

As always, I’m wondering, but at the least maybe this is advanced warning to remember to guard our thoughts and be well aware of these potential effects on our physical electromagnetic bodies and hence our thoughts during these times.

Stay calm and vigilant on the outside…but keep paddling underneath

It’s always the same message for me. Transcend. Not like a flitting new ager or religionist in denial, but seriously tune into the higher mental and spiritual frequencies by being consciously aware of what’s going on. Just think how hard this worldwide crash is gonna hit those who can’t see it coming.

And they’re not even aware they’re being deliberately drugged and dumbed down and are sitting squarely on the Illuminati depopulation chopping block on top of it.

Similarly we need to take this to higher and higher levels. I mean, try telling someone their TVs watching them and sending mind control signals, and their house is being wired for full electromagnetic influence over them as well as for their monitoring. Then you have to tell them to watch their minds because the Control freaks can implant thoughts and emotions that are not really theirs.

Crazy, but true.

We need to see this for what it is and stay free from its domination over our lives. For me, keeping a pulse on the real news with sources and people I love and trust for honest insights and commentary is paramount. Then I have to digest it and formulate what I’m learning and perceiving. That’s what keeps me awake.

I’m like the guy who’s pacing the house and mumbling to himself, trying not to fall asleep or else the zombies will get him.

Very much so. That is a very real scenario, anyway you want to spiritualize or conceptualize it. We’re under attack.


We are going through major changes as we expected. There’s not much we can do about the natural ones, although we do need to monitor them closely and keep each other informed.

We certainly need to dwell on the wonderfully empowering aspect of these vibrational changes. A transformation is under way and it’s wonderful. However it’s happening at the same time as the NWO crackdown, so it’s going to be confusing for many as they can’t decipher which is which.

And that’s their intent.

The insidious side of all these changes is the Controllers’ master plan for our final stages. And it is something we can do something about…by being well aware of their plans and activities and exposing them in order to alert and empower others.

That they want to control our minds is a no-brainer, so to speak. That’s the name of the game. When they have that, which they’re also working on via a fully controlled mass media, false education, debasing distractions and chemical contamination, the compliance and lack of consciousness will follow. They’re also broadcasting all the “wonderful” technological advances toward this end more than ever, getting the public to swallow the transhumanist pill..or should I say RFID chip.

Those of you who know what I’m talking about will get this and take it seriously. Those who don’t, please investigate further. We’re being empowered but also under attack and people need to be made aware of what we’re undergoing.

Don’t delay, please.

You don’t just sidle casually away from an oncoming tornado now, do you?

This is not a game….but it’s also not the ultimate reality.

They’re trying to keep you from that.

Screw ’em.

Love, Zen


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  1. I feel it too, Zen. You are not alone, but you already know that, don’t you? We are all connected. I experience more and more synchronicity. I see the signs everyday. 1111 anyone? I see it constantly… Heck, hourly. Maybe it’s 111, 411, 311, 777, etc. I can’t sleep; almost like I only require “rest” now. By 3:00 am or 4:00 am I give up and just start my day. It’s not just me! I feel a shift coming, and the anticipation is driving me crazy.

    Keep spreading the light.

    Much love,

    • I am going through some kind of sleep phobia, close to the time I feel tired I have panic to go to sleep. I see the same patterns, I look at digital clocks 11.11 or 12.12 I am awaken at 3.00 4.00 am , 6 am hardly sleep. I feel really disturbed, waiting for something, I don’t know who I am anymore. My mind is in an alert mode, hearing buzzing , hums, I cannot touch surfaces I get a shock et etc

    • Anyone know about the SOTA industry, There is a product that’s call Bio Tuner, I know that it’s kinda high, but this help me thru these kinds of states of over alertness and being me back to the earth’s frequency. I know the owner Russ, He is also an awakened one.
      If you guys are interested, look into it. http://www.sota.com

    • You just described my life over the past year. Only it is speeding up big time. Maybe that energy is why the evil ones have to go underground…. its too much for them. And Synchronicity is also speeding up and happening all the time. Have at least one incident per day, usually more. Had one today that changed all my plans I had made. Weird. but it was the best thing given how it turned out. I feel 2o years younger than I am and have more energy and my body is more vibrant and alive than its been in a long time. yahooo, bring it on baby!!!! Soon, I will be 5 and finger painting again. Ah, heck with it, I am going to finger paint tomorrow, why wait till I am 5 again. lol

  2. It is very weird! I just complained to my husband that I suddenly felt very dizzy. Almost like I was drunk or drugged. It made me feel rather nauseous. VERY STRANGE!!!

  3. The dizziness ad nauseum is caused by the diddly dangling with the electromagnetics of the planet, i.e. HAARP. As we are all beings who emit and receive electrical and magnetic discharges, our 4 lower bodies are effected and affected, some more, some less. If one can use visualization techniques along with meditation, we can center our physical bodies in a sphere of white light with a blue protective outer shell that will fend off and transmute these negative emissions. You might be surprised how well this works. It’s like walking around in a bubble of white light.
    And too, we have to disagree slightly by replying that this is a game of sorts, like a game of chess. These PTB occultists love chess and equate the game to us on a chess board. With this in mind, one may anticipate their moves and one is always prepared for the defense needed.
    And yes Z, most humans glow in the dark and can be seen from space…literally. But, if one cleanses their physical systems, one can then live in good health and not be seen, i.e. invisible. And this pisses them off terribly! When “they” cannot locate you, this scares the living sheetola out of “them”. Have mercy! Be happy! Smile! We are living in a glorious time, so…soak up that Cosmic Light and disappear! HallyLooYaa!

  4. Yes – things are changing – I am a novice in all aspects of an alternative view – I dabble here and fiddle there – I seek answers – I get more confusion – a tiny voice within the depths of my consciousness says to “keep it simple” ??? – do we have any power over anything besides that which resides within our own being? This has been humanity, in general’s greatest sacrifice.By losing focus on what is “within” and giving attention to things that are “without” we now find ourselves unable to “cope” – I know that meditation works – I have not tried it to any successful degree – I know that the human mind has power and ability beyond the understanding of most – I have no tangible or historical evidence of this from the experience of my own life – I know that it is important to share a consciousness with others – I am still try to find my sharing space. This is all a journey adding to our understanding and experience of life – of consciousness – of awareness. Of this energy that defines who we are – at the end of the day – I anticipate that “like” energies will be drawn to each other – so – as I am adding my comment here – I have found common ground with the energies that have left their footprint on this artificial spiderweb – at the end of the day I am left sitting here – with myself – with a footprint as evidence of my passing this way.DO MY VIBES FEEL STRANGE?

  5. Just remember Zen, every-thing THEY do is done in opposition to Love. It’s all they can do because that is all they are, a mirror image or a distortion of purity. They define contamination. They thrive on Hate and everything that manifests as a result of Hate… anger, fear, jealousy etc. This is why they fuel fear and have fined tuned reality to create their utopia which is a world filled with toxic poison and sulphurous madness. They are the seed of the original murderer and they know nothing beyond Hate because they are born purely of the essence of Hate. Cain and his sons are the sons of [LORD] God and they were given a head start with their destruction.

    Taken from KJV bible:

    22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain [was] Naamah.

    In modern terms, an artificer is a skilled mechanic in the armed forces, so, Tubalcain was an early armourer when intelligent homo-sapiens emerged on the Earth, such skills gave this breed of murderers the technology to beat their war drums and dominate others, which they do to this day with ever increasing technological advances.

    21 And his brother’s name [was] Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.

    In the above verse we have the very first reference to the harp and organ which is not only the symbol for King David [Judah lineage] and modern Ireland [home of his conquering ancestors] but it is also a Sumerian artefact that was often fused with a ‘bulls’ head, which of course is another symbol used by the [later] Tribes of Israel.

    It’s all one masterful plan…

    • dude

      you are realy out there, pretty much everything you wrote here is an out right lie!!! you took one sentence from the HOLY bible, and then added your own invisable scripture to fit your warpped mind.
      your either a jew sabature or just totaly out of your mind.
      I feel sorry for you, because you are totaly lost!
      for those who have been paying attention, you know the lie is what leads hell! it perverts and warps all things that come after it.
      stay wise and steer claer of all those who propagate lies!
      JESUS wipe the scales from thier eyes, so they may see YOUR plan more clearly!!!amen

    • Were chasing our own tails, by not knowing who you are! Were going around in circles. In & Out, In & Out…..to get to the point, with every tiny atom of your body. Were the whole system of inning and outing. lol~ Wake up out of Manifestations~ And, remember the world is not complicated. Were not material beings. Were not solid. Your not these thoughts, emotions, etc. The end of Persona. Life without abstractions. Everything is an Expression of the Divine One. (As it is) Everyday Oneness~ without Fear~ Fear arises for the reason your trying to protect this precious memories~ What about your next life, you’ll have more memories to attach to. Were Infinite Spirit!! Enjoy Life in Stillness in Movement~ Life is a celebration in self =)

  6. If the consciousness of the planet(s) is raising, then ours is too, as we are the same thing. As our consciousness rises, we vibrate to a higher frequency and gain more clarity.

    The transitional phases are not usually smooth, and it can feel inside that everything has gone haywire. This is temporary, and will pass. Just ride it out and offer no resistance. Cry, if you like – this cleanses the soul.

    Rise above the evil-doings of ‘man’ for now – give it no energy.

    • This rings true, the drunkiness without the drink. As if, feeling Earth’s transformation. Through practice, noticed it is helpful useful to comfort the mind … all is well….go with the energy flow…if you try to go against the grain, than ego is taking over the energy show. If you allow it all as it is, than your wisdom divine self knows this is as natural of your divine energy growing your hair, finger nails, breathing without being conscious…All these functions are an happening. Are you making your hair grow, are you controlling your heart beats? It’s a happening without your content. Life is Living, not Terry is Living. lol~ Hang in There =)

    • Oh, wow, you just explained some things to me. I did a serious fast, serious reading, and mediation about 6 months ago and ended up in a huge release I had no idea that I had to do. I cried for 4 hours solid releasing everything…. I didn’t care about seeing it, or dealing with it, rather just letting it go. After that is when I went through the dizziness, disorientation, etc…. then about 4 or 5 months ago is when everything just seemed to click in my life like never before and its been like that ever since. I don’t question it, I just embrace it. Simple is right and staying in the moment, no visits to the past and no visits to the future, but savor the moment. I have lost almost all stress because I know deep down that everything is going to be fine. I don’t just believe it, I KNOW IT. and that has brought me a huge amount of peace I never had before. Wow, what a wonderment to have chosen this time to come.

  7. Yeah, I’ve been feeling like crap, too. Sorta hangover-ish.

    Hey, old men of the South, you got a website or a blog somewhere?


    • My vision is off too Clarity. Sometimes I need to wipe off my reading glasses and they’re clean. I just had an eye exam and my eye doctor gave me a clean bill of health! It’s too weird.

      I too have had dizzy spells and that is so not like me. There was some YT videos out recently where people heard strange groaning sounds at different times. I’ve heard them twice and the sounds made the hair at the back of my neck rise.

    • I believe the lack of sleep can be either from the energy coming in or HAARP. It would depend on where you live.

  8. yes, and for a long time now, but is getting worse. whoever you are, I want to commend you, you are extremely aware. I have been studying haarp and the sat and radar maps, they are horrific. where are peoples minds? the skies are all messed up, the cloud cover is being pulsed down over most of N. America all the time along with massive spray. our weather here is so different now, and this happened overnight, yet no-one gets it. We used to have strings of sunny clear days in a row, this was the norm, I have not seen one full clear day in months. today for example the visible satellite map is filled with lined up clouds. I have watched this for over a year. It all began sept 2010, we turned a bad corner. they are coming down hard on the planet. this is real.
    the weather site I used to use has been shutting down certain tools, they recently took off their visible maps, I had to switch to another site, november they dismantled the reflective data maps which used to show the particulates. this is all so obvious to any who are paying attention.
    I am alone, I work at a huge university and no one sees this, I cannot talk anymore openly about anything, (won’t go into it), I feel I am living in a nightmare or the twilight zone. the education system and all the electronics (cell phones/ipods) have been and are being used to control these kids. they walk around like zombies. critical thinking has been removed from education many many years/decades ago. this is a huge portion of the population that we need to awaken, but how? It is 2_11_12, noon, wish I could attach the sat map, I woke up this am, like many with weird pressure in my head. keep your cell phone wrapped in aluminum, it helps. take calcium and potassium citrate and malic acid, also seemed to help me quite a bit and recommended, look them up.

    • “the skies are all messed up, the cloud cover is being pulsed down over most of N. America all the time along with massive spray. our weather here is so different now, and this happened overnight, yet no-one gets it. We used to have strings of sunny clear days in a row, this was the norm, I have not seen one full clear day in months.”

      SITUATION REPORT – From residing on the South Pacific island of Tutuila, the value of sunlight here ( we are chemtrail free ) has changed markedly. This is especially notable in the hours preceeding sunset.
      It can only be described as; heralding, embracing, loving, and compassionate presence.

      ZEN GARDNER – http://www.corbisimages.com/images/Corbis-KV006405.jpg?size=67&uid=3653ad8d-4ca7-4fa2-a83a-b0827d53c8de

    • I must mention in reply to Betty’s statement. I reside in Johannesburg South Africa where we used to have summers consisting of primarily hot sunny days with afternoon thundershowers. Winters with clear sunny days for weeks on end. The perfect weather for tapping into all the solar energy we received. Things changed radically [as Betty noticed] in Sept 2010 when we hardly saw the sun for overcast and cloudy weather. I witnessed a spectacular sun halo and three days later it proceeded to rain continuously for three weeks and we had floods. I saw more halo’s and strange cloud formations (we don’t get chem-trailed quite like in the USA and Eurozone but I have seen a few) which were followed by more weather changes. 2011, winter and summer, was dominated by cloud cover and constant often gentle rain [we never used to get rain in winter!]. This last summer 2011 till now is completely different to the previous trend. Now thundershowers predominate at any time of night or day. We have had freak winds and the odd tornado! [we do get them here in S.A. but they have been more common now]. In 2011 prior to weeks of rain I could tell it was coming from the progressive white haze which extended from the horizon up becoming more diffuse as it did so. There were no visible cloud fronts just thick white haze. This summer there are more clouds mixed in with the haze. Clouds cast spectacular sun beams and shadows. But the haze is my opinion is not natural at all, it is a chemical particulate vapor based concoction from water vapor attaching to the junk being chem-trailed into our atmosphere from all over the world. Other noticeable trends are the “herring bone” wave ripples often associated with HAARP systems. Rainbow colored clouds. I have even witnessed strange blue electric type filaments in the sky perhaps from air ionization. Our TV weather is a joke compared to when I was at school in the 80’s where they displayed a synoptic type weather map from which we could deduce and discuss our own scenarios in the next geography lesson. Now we just get animated clouds and wishful thinking!
      We can expect changes as the sun and solar system get zapped with energy from the “wave” but there’s some really unnatural shyte going on. The weather is a joke and hardly anyone notices or could care less.
      It’s good to hear that there are people who are noticing..!!!

    • Your weather site was probably the one bought by Rothschild recently, and you are right about HAARP, but something else seems to be happening as well. I believe those clouds are not only for depopulation, and for Haarp, but they are also to cover up the arrival going home of Nibiru which would also be adding to our energy.

  9. Interesting..I’m hearing the same as others…just a week or so ago I was standing in my living room….and for about 10 seconds it felt like as if I was standing in a lake up to my neck in water…and as if there was wave undercurrents moving my body about…very physical yet I didn’t feel dizzy in my mind which was very clear…I am very “sensitive/aware” of whats going on with my body, eg. ate something that threw me off…not enough sleep..stress…but I was perfectly fine at the time…save except for feeling a bit hungry..it was very odd…almost thought I would hear reports of an earthquake somewhere in the world ( which happened before )…but nothing

  10. Cell phones? Never had one. TV? Haven’t had one connected in over 17 years. I find it annoying to have one in the same room with me, unless it’s off. No, I haven’t been bothered, not to say I’m unaffected.

    I feel the winds of change are sweeping by, but not fast enough for my taste. It will get worse before it gets better, I don’t see myself surviving it; but I’m almost 50, lived a statistically awesome life, though obscure; have some glorious accomplishments behind me, and I’m ready to leave this prison of the Physical Realm so I can be reconsolidated with the rest of myself and quit being so heavily compromised by being on the wrong side of The Veil.

    I’m having fun watching the show of this current vile state of existence coming to an end all over the planet as the powers that think they are, are destroying not only everything in their path, but themselves in the process. They can’t seem to see that everything is connected, and they they’re taking themselves down too, but that’s not my problem. And why worry? If you’re not here, you’re there, and there is better than here, so why fight it? Enjoy the ride. After all, YOU ASKED FOR IT, OR YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE NOW.

    Take it from a near death survivor.

    • Right on! Isn’t it ego that debates these varying conflicts & difficulties. I’m surrounded by all this in daily life. And, i can see through these psychological games. It’s a hoot~ If you can observe any of these events consciously without anger, can’t you see it could mean one thing “Karma”. What if all these sentient beings were here to work out their negative energies & many of us who are awake now out of our slumber of polarities of positive ‘n’ negatives energies. Were here on a brink of change who are allowing fear of the unknown to get in our way, this way of thinking will help us to move forward. All this has been energizing rather than depressing, which helps counter balance the gloomy seriousness. All these Cosmic Games, ha! We see all the hide ‘n’ seek games going on. Were all equal… Balancing out these manifestations of duality polarities of concepts, emotions, etc., There’s really nothing to do. We really need these negative ppl in our lives. To help us balance our Karma~ xx

  11. Well, I can’t say this with 100% certainty, but, I have heard that peoples DNA is starting to alter. And that the sun is a great deal to do with why this is happening. Its goes back to the ancient belief that we as humans where intended to have 12 strands of DNA not two. That we where genetically manipulate at some point during the great fall. Without going into to much detail about that, apparently when a certain point in our evolution comes these dormant DNA within us will reactivate and that the transition is not any easy or fun one. There are cooping strategies available out there from people that are going through it.

  12. Joel, that is what it feels like to me. These bursts of light energy from the sun may be affecting our DNA – perhaps activating some of that 97% or so of ‘junk’ DNA that we are said to have. We are possibly receiving an ‘upgrade’, and this can be a bumpy ride.

    I think that once a critical mass of people ‘awaken’, then the effect may be like osmosis in the general population, and I don’t think this critical mass will necessarily be a large percentage. I think it will happen, it IS happening now, and we are feeling the friction.

    I have no idea how things will pan out, but we can at least try to remain as optimistic as possible, to counter the effects of those who can’t.

  13. I am feeling super energized and hopeful. I don’t know why…but I am. Probably for the past 2 months or so, I haven’t really required much sleep at all. Just rest like someone mentioned above. I feel clear headed as well, like I can see through all the confusion and lies. I feel that those of us who are aware, are gaining ground. Something is shifting and it feels positive to me. I am not afraid. I ask always to find and see the truth in all things (no matter how horrible). I think if we ask sincerely, we get what we ask for. I am very positive and hopeful. Join me.

  14. With respect to answer MikeV @ 2-11-12: No sir, we do not have a website or blog. This is the only site that we’ve been guided to for now and it’s the only one on which we feel comfortable commenting.
    And to Clarity @ 2-11-12 in regard Orgone: if the orgone is made correctly and by the right individual, it will definitely help immensely. We’ve seen and been a part of an experiment with the workings of true Reich orgone and we can vouch for it 100%. Too, we own some of the best orgone made and use it throughout our homes and land.

  15. I keep thinking the worst is over and it keeps getting worse. If I can’t eat organically, I don’t eat. I drink a lot of tea treated with Adya Clarity to get the stuff out of my head. It works. My hair is blonde again and I look much younger than my age. My assignment is a tough one. I have severe problems with rage.

  16. I’ve been anticipating this for years, but now it’s so close my ears are ringing, and it’s NOT all that pleasant. But since I know why they’re doing it, it almost makes the distraction of it OK. I have NEVER lived in this dimension only, but have been blessed with an awful lot of foresight and faith, and it’s served me well over my lifetime. Keep it going, Zen – I’m your sister!

  17. We are having steady and massive energy shifts. Causing disorientation, buzzing in the feet and some to see very strange things. Hang on – it will get more acute for a little while.

  18. As the solar system moves further into the Photon Belt, our living Mother Earth’s vibrations and frequency intensifies. Those who are on the first 3 waves will naturally feel these intensifications and adjustments to their bodily energies. As the Earth adjusts and ascends, so will we do the same. This will play out in our 4 lower bodies and especially in our physical bodies in the manner being spoken of here. Discomfort will be the norm until our bodies fully adjust. This will occur over a longer period of time.
    Hey, is this not what our Souls chose to do…come to this planet, shed that weight of karma and move onward to the Light!?!? What a glorious time to be living! Let us all band together in higher thought and enjoy the Big Show. Is this not what the off planet ships and ETs are doing at this present time? They’re watching the Big Show!
    We all here have been enduring the discomforts and pains for a time now. No need to go to the MDs ’cause they sure as hell don’t know what is happening to the body.
    Just keep on keepin’ on and walk in the Light!

  19. Thanks for the encouragement . Oh yes I feel it. It’s reassuring to hear from other psychic warriors like yourself. ” We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

  20. Lots of real-life zombie-types around me of late. You know, lemming humans. Really a challenge, but just great to be able to show them the door and not engage. I like very much your statement that our old programming will emerge. Mine is, particularly as I refuse to engage in the zombie society and simply removing those still inside that negative place. It can be very isolating. I remind myself to be very, very nice and kind to myself and remember that detoxification can often be accompanied by disorientation, nausea, fever, etc. Some of these things may be being projected at us, but they may also be part of that cleansing process as well.

    I am also with the vitamin B remedy as Dee just mentioned – very useful. I also drink LOTS of pure water (I distill, then add my own fulvic acid minerals) and that has been remarkably helpful. Move it all through! Spontaneously stopped drinking coffee after I waved bye bye to the lemmings – oh my, I had no idea how spazz-making that stuff is until I just put it down. Silence and calm ensues, as well as that old programming. Just sit with it. Lots of rest inside deep, protective dreamtime.

    It is uncomfortable at times, but awakening out of it is that much better. Have been doing this for years, though am always amazed when I come upon yet another layer of that onion to peel. Woof.

    We are all okay.

  21. I’ve much gratitude reading the above. I’m never alone and that does my heart well. However, here as on FB, and the talk of the town, regarding the NWO, I must remind all, that as we agree on our oneness, so that includes them also. We all reside in both Light and Shadow. This is of Prime Creator, and this is all perfect. Each and everyone of us will/are ending up in the same exact place. This is only a reflection of the illusion and we are all a part of that illusion. And as long as we extend energy in the direction of the shadow, so the shadow becomes the monster, and we slip into much fear and trembling. My intention is to be love, for it exposes all dark places. Peace and forgiveness my Brothers and Sisters!

  22. And let us not forget, our animal friends are going through this process also. Let us help and assist them as much as ourselves. They understand as we do and probably more so. Don’t forget to give them a large hug as often as possible and help them with their bodies as we help ourselves. They will dance a jig with you/us anytime!!!!

  23. I think you guys need to look to Nibiru for the answers as to those feelings.
    If is in our solar system and affecting our planet. Not to downplay the galactic center stuff which is also real.

  24. Nibiru is a BS distraction just like TV, video games etc.
    Thats what all the doomsday garbage is about. If we cannot occupy their minds with TV, movies, games, sex and drugs… let us occupy them with lizzard folk and planets filled with the true gods who created us as slaves etc.

    And while you are so obsessed with the possible end of times the rules are still busy implementing their plan right under your fcking noses because you are to transfixed on end of days BS.

  25. I am so confused. I have a feeling that stupid HAARP is messing up my sleep schedule. I don’t know the scientific parameters involved, but something is wrong. It’s that damn HAARP. We need to get rid of it. What is it’s purpose for being there? It’s just a toy for the powers that be to have fun with, at our expence.

  26. All I can say, is imagine you are holding a puppy, a kitten or a small animal and feel the love, and send the love you feel. Send it out and to yourself and all animals and around our planet, Gaia.
    Fear is what fear does, love IS what love does……try always to come from a position of love and compassion in all you do, say and are. Especially to your ‘self’. It start from within us.

    Be your own best friend, then u will have the strength to also be friend (to) others.

    love and peace always. And yes, the vibes are affecting us all. Some notice some dont. Have you noticed just what is coming up to the surface to be healed in the light? People are talking of hate, revenge, anger, fear, depression, pain, etc all those lower vibrational emotions and experiences, and just like everything else – it is only energy, and can be changed and manifested in another way. Truth peace love – hugs and love to you ALL, Vee x

  27. I am glad I found my way here today. Lately I have felt so alone and confused and angry at all the eyes i feel on me everywhere I go. I feel like I’m going crazy. It has already taken a toll on my relationships because I have just not known what was going on with me. I have been considering anti depressants and that is WAY out of character for me.

    I’m just happy to see that other people are as sensitive to these things as I am. I’m still learning to deal with this awareness.. Between work and kids and everyday bullshit life.. I feel so lost sometimes! Thanks for making me forget how awful i feel for a moment. I will try to stay positive and ride whatever is going on with me out.

    • Hey Radmon!! Take heart! We’re all in your place…honest! We can only chip away a little at a time around us, but each bit helps. guaranteed!! Don’t despair. Honestly, I can’t watch TV any more, I can hardly glance at the check out stand magazine affront. It’s all disgusting.
      Tell others about it. Make noise. It’s totally worth it. K? Much love, Zen

  28. Yes, ppl are feeling disoriented. This is what naturally occurs when ppl question the things they always took for granted to be true. Now more and more ppl are questioning and are seeking for the truth within. This is a good thing, but during this time of questioning and seeking ppl will feel disoriented and weird until they find their new foundation of truth (which is within, in their relationship with their higher self.) It’s okay, it’s a process. Ppl will get to the other side transformed. I went thru it myself (reconnecting with my higher self) and have written the how-to of the process and why not to be afraid but to cultivate the relationship w your higher self.

  29. I love your writing and the light that shines through it.

    I recognised the top picture in this article as one that the artist Gary Tonge created for Urantia Foundation. Just wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting a link to Gary’s site under the picture? This link here leads to the page with the same picture on. His work is breathtakingly beautiful!

  30. Hi, Im from Portugal, my name is Silvio, I’m 33 years old. I study spirituality, I practise astral travel, meditation, I wrote a book, etc. My website http://www.guia-espiritual.com , I loved this site, Zen Gardner is an enlightened person.

    Iam also feeling different energies, sometimes I feel sadness and I receive suicidal thougts, but I know that the vibration of these thougts is different than mine vibration, sometimes we receive External influences (Haarp, psychotronic weapons, mass control or astral entities influences).
    Other times I feel inside, a necessity to spiritual retirement, like an Eremit, I feel the need to go far away from this sick society, too many wars, too many pollution in the world.. The world is sick.

    we , the enlightened ones, are being more sensitive, and we need to avoid bad energies and negative people. We need to be envolved only by positive people.

    WE Must leave bad habbits and leave the things that we don’t like.
    if you are in a job that you don’t like, if you are a Slave of your boss, a slave of your society, you will become feeling the Need of give up from that things and conquire liberty.

    we are asfixiating in a negative reality-bubble, we need to break this bubble and find a new reality.
    some people are leaving their cities and searching spiritual communities to start a new life, surrounded by nature and positive beings.

    sorry my incorrect english.

  31. wake up all i have got a trans dimentianall being trying to take me host i am trying to be a nicer person and to show love not hate the mother earth is beautifull keep positive link together please onelove

  32. the change stars with in before ur change the world at night spend 5 mins thinking of everyone linking together and healing things in the world alow your visaual healing abilities to heal us and the great mother the one i am from cornwall still young link together old or young love and peace and harmony x

  33. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author for your blog. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write
    some content for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine.
    Please send me an e-mail if interested. Thank you!

  34. Its a great relief to read that others are experiencing these strange mental ‘lifts’ as i call them. I have tried to rationalise them away by thinking its a change in my meds/diet/environment etc. Its never felt bad just so unaccustomed. I have noticed that people that were quite derisory of my viewpoint are starting to listen and even ask questions. It must be connected

  35. but,Gee….. I cannot deny loving being able to be this easliy in touch with yoy,guys! :) ……. Next step in ” evolution” -I think- is instead of us WRITING like this, we leave a spoken comment tha can be listened and rsponded to by one and all.! Ever heard about the 2032 prediciton? Check it out! both web and Youtube.

  36. Whatever you do, do not argue with a negative person. Arguing only adds fuel to the fire. A negative person will feed off any negativity that will strengthen his mood or attitude. I have noticed when my children are in a crabby mood, it is best to avoid trying to convince them to analyze and adjust their attitude. As soon as I take the approach of being in opposition with them, they seize the opportunity to prove to me that life stinks. Their negativity intensifies and the situation gets worse before it gets better. Sometimes the best thing to do is remain silent and let the negativity pass.

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