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Are We Disallowed to Draw Conclusions?


by Zen Gardner

Worse yet – are we allowing ourselves to be disallowed to draw conclusions?

As long as we’re the audience and they’re the “projectors”, we’ve lost. That’s what it comes down to.

Why do people cow to a system that is inherently and obviously corrupt? Or one they think they can appeal to, appease or change or modify, while it indiscriminately stomps on every living area of their lives and refuses to answer to its supposed constituents?

It makes no sense at all.

What happened to Michael Hastings is a perfect example. This wonderful man is a martyr for Truth and true journalism. He was obviously assassinated, if proven only by the facts that he was clearly a threat to the powers that be and the evidence and police forensics will not be viewable. As usual. Nor will his body, which was quickly cremated without family permission.

When will humanity wake the hell up?

We need an awakened way of thinking ingrained into our social psyche.

If the ‘Powers That Be’ at whatever level will not answer our questions nor divulge information, we should and will assume complicit cover up and therefore guilt on their part.

That’s the shift in conscious awareness that is taking place and needs to be made public


Tribute to Michael Hastings

I wasn’t that familiar with Michael’s work as I’ve always been pretty much “off the mainstream grid” when it comes to reading what’s going on around me except for certain forays. However, I’ve been following his inspiring story and recently watched an interview with him where he ripped Obama on a mainstream news channel. He’s clearly a real firebrand. His body of work proves he’s been a real threat to the PTBs.

So they killed him.

That’s a fact, folks. You want proof? What is proof? And would we ever get it? “Proof” is evidence that “they” consider compelling enough to perhaps draw some limp compromised conclusion if they were even compelled to let real forensics be performed and publicised.

The game is rigged so we simply can’t play according to their rules any longer, and that goes for any way you want to apply it. Doesn’t matter about the “circumstantial” evidence of a bomb-like sound, finding the high end virtually indestructible Mercedes blasted and its motor 100 yards away from the explosion, police seen tinkering under his car before the event, etc. etc.

It’s just another typically obvious media snow job for their designed, deranged audience. Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.

At least nothing to draw any conclusions about.

Proof You Want?

After all, you want real forensic proof of JFK’s wounds, Oklahoma City’s blown out column damage, 9/11 demolition evidence, MLK’s set up “killers”, or reams of Colorado or Sandy Hook shooting or Boston bombing evidence? All we’re told is hype, smoke, mirrors and very obvious cover up.

Looking for any kind of clear cut “evidence” of anything? Might as well forget it, it ain’t coming.

Except what you see with your own eyes and know in your heart. It’s time to act on that, nothing else. We’re being lied to at a degree never before witnessed by humanity – how are you gonna take it?

Lying down? Now what ya’ gonna do once you realize it’s up to you?

Self Determined Judge, Jury and Executioner – And We Appeal To Them?

Why are the PTBs the judge and constructed jury instead of these decisions being in the competent hands of real, living, involved and caring people with real living conscious values in mind? And more fundamentally, why aren’t we allowed access to the evidence at every level?

It’s obvious. We’re not important. We’re lesser, subservient, servile subjects, and it’s all only the illusion of fairness to keep the populace placated.

One big conspiracy against humanity? You betcha!

I’m sick of their same old dog and pony show and the pussy footing around by duped humanity waiting  for “authorities” to validate anything. What kind of suckers are they playing us for? More importantly, what kind of suckers are we allowing ourselves to be? That’s the real question we need to ask.

And it needs to be answered individually. That’s the key. As we each stand up spiritually, their counterpart structure collapses.

Speaking Truth to Power – Humbug – Blow Past ’em

Michael Hastings dared to “speak truth to power” as they say. — another embedded and fundamentally cowed expression if you ask me.

You really think standing up in one of THEIR courts under THEIR conditions would reap any other result than what they want? And is it way too late anyway to even take that route considering the contrived world we’re living in?

I wrote about the possible implications of 9/11 Truth recently with Could 9/11 Truth Topple the American Empire?  The fact is, what is happening on any public scale at this point is what is allowed to happen, or at least allowed to be viewed in the mass consciousness, via their mass media “programming”.

Be aware of that at the deepest level. We suck up to “them” entertaining our “doubts and discrepancies” while they spew their venomous lies and accomplish their purposes. Nice exchange.

The Kennedy assassination is a good landmark. Whatever happened to the massive outcry to that obvious cover-up? Perhaps worse, look how MLK’s assassination was proven in civil court to have been carried out by the CIA – where the hell is that in the public consciousness? See if you can find that in a school history book.

We’re playing their goddamned game by subscribing to their paradigm, as it clearly works against us. It’s not for the good of the people, but for more consolidated power to controllers.

Stand Strong and Clean Against the Shitstorm

People need to break out of their hopey-changey “work through the system” paradigm and seriously be the change, as wonderfully and “radically” as they can. Then we’ll see some real action. Breaking out of these debilitating mindsets is essential if we’re to get a real footing in reality and be able to stand against the shitstorm of disempowering disinformation and the intimidating and bullying positioning they use against us.

And yes, that vague sounding “change” concept is useless on today’s playing field. We’re talking personal, spiritual, mental and cultural uprising. Disengage. That means rip the wires out. Quit any compromising, be it jobs, relationships or your use of language – radically leave your armchair comfort zone. Do some damage to the matrix by first ripping yourself out of its grip, come what may. Our biggest statement is the direction of our lives

The change is us. A full on complete new paradigm and operating unflinchingly from a liberated and empowered mindset is the goal.

Awake? or a Restful Sleeper..

It’s a sad day for a conditioned drone, I’ll tell you. More programming and accepting the assassination of  “questionables” is clearly afoot while sleepish humanity waits for the perpetrators to confess.

Come on. Please snap out of it.

But what about our national security?” What BS. Read 1984 again and get a grip.

At least we’re awake. Theirs is a “fungus” of the mass mind.

It’s a nasty world but real people are inherently wonderful!

Keep on waking up and responding! All aboard! They’re flecks of falsity in the path of Truth….don’t fall for their assumptive, debilitating programming. We are the change we need to see in the world!

Love, Zen


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  1. Nailed it bro! The “state” hates to be disobeyed or attacked. I was remembering that moment in I, Robot when Viki tries to tell Sonny that her plan is flawless, and Sonny says yes, but somehow its just too cold. This right after Sonny says to Viki, “I think I’m supposed to kill you”. I get chills at that spot in the movie every time.

  2. Oh boy. Snap out of it, huh? I recently spent a few days with my husbands parents. There is no chance in hell of them waking up. They live in a gated retirement community and there is a special kind of mind control going on with them – with the whole group. I can’t really explain it and I know it’s been talked about ad nauseam amongst all of the awakened, but their brainwashing is — robotic.

    I’ve been around many that are asleep, but staying with the “rents” for a few days was quite interesting. I was able to see for myself how EVERYTHING they did was robotic. AND I mean OCD robotic. You can’t break them of their programming. I tried. My son tried. They would even contradict themselves, but then go right back to their programming. One thing I do know – they LOVE their TV, so nuff said.

    They’re nice people and they know my son and I are recovering from mercury poisoning and chemical sensitivity, but dad insisted we play golf on the chemical laden golf course (which I refused to do) and mom did her incessant cleaning with chemicals paying no mind to our pleas. On a side note, she’s also curiously addicted to laundry, dishwashing, politicians and weather. “It’s just so HOT!” Actually, the whole community is addicted to commenting on how hot it is. I believe it’s their official greeting. And they’ll do it if it’s 80 degrees or 90 degrees. Many times, the weather was delightful (with geo-engineered skies), but they would still say, “It’s just so HOT!” Maybe it means “I love you”

    Anyway, the entire experience was sad and interesting. They can not grok the whole idea that there is something wrong with the world – and never will – because they’re not programmed to.

    But, on a positive note, I spoke with others (outside this community) that are WIDE awake and know exactly what’s going down. They’re just as confused as I am as to what to do about it, but at least we’re all talking to each other. I say, ignore the uber programmed and go out and find the real peeps. They’re out there. We just need to keep talking.

    Keeping on
    I love you all
    It’s just so HOT

    • I’ve missed you, Sand! Shoot, I laughed to tears over this…what a wonderful macabre sense of humor you have!!!!! You’re the spice of life itself!!!! 😉

      • I’ve missed you too, Zen. Been busy being —- ummm —- non-tethered.

        I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to take a while to decompress and detox after being in LA and the Florida gated community. I became very ill in both places – but then again, I did fly across the country, so I received more than my government recommended dose of high radiation. And the first 4 days I was in LA, the skies were totally whited-out. I then returned to Florida to see the worst skies I had ever witnessed over the Gulf of Mexico. Flying along the coast on the approach to Tampa, the skies were so dense with chemicals, I couldn’t see the water!!!!! As I exited the plane, the pilot was just ahead of me, so I asked him how long he had been flying. 19 years. I then said, “So you’ve seen the progressive damage done by the geo-engineering – the aerosol spraying?” His reply, “Oh yeah, it’s bad. It’s real bad!”

        My question – how many awake people will it take? Haven’t we reached critical mass for this reaction to take off?

        And speaking of macabre? This whole reaaalllly bad high school play with all the bad actors that we call life is what’s dreadfully shocking. And I’m rather sick of it.

        I love you – big kisses and hugs filled with cinnamon, garlic and turmeric (gotta fight the cancer, ya know)

        • Good for you approaching the pilot. They all know. Everyone’s cowed, it’s a sad day in the world. Don’t like the feelings I’m getting including about this embassy closure. Major distraction in the least, but sets the tone that “they” have the intel on the enemy (of course, it’s they themselves..) and so everyone feels happy the NSA is spying on them – ready to ram the next set of crap down our throats.

          Enjoy the uprooting – it takes a while to adjust but it’s really liberating – even if just to make a temporary move. Stay healthy – “oh baby baby it’s a wild world..” 😉

    • OH SAND! do they crank up the radio and shush everyone when the “weather man” comes on?? yes that ‘Greatest Generation Ever’ sure got themselves boxed in big time They did EVERYTHING they were told and reaped the false rewards (very real to them, though). MAKE SURE they get that OLD GLORY ROBOT INSURANCE POLICY! http://www.hulu.com/watch/2340 I bet they have ‘nothing to hide’ also?

      “It’s just so HOT!” Maybe it means “I love you” – omg you slay me!

      • OMG! OMG! “Robots are everywhere and they eat old people’s medicine for fuel!” Hahahahaha!

        Oh JC, they only do TV, no radio —- but it’s so freakin loud AND yes, as soon as the weather report comes on they both stop dead in their tracks, no talking, perk up and watch their (weather) porn. OMG! They become so titillated with each report – it’s worth at least another 15 minutes of conversation. It’s really disturbing.

        They were talking about some neighbors who are “radicals” who like to “buck city hall.” I said I think I would like them. Hahaha! Mom said, “Oh, you can’t buck city hall!” Oh boy – that got me started – Yeah, ya can, MOM. That’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to BUCK them. THEY work for us. Or in theory, they do. Hahaha! She just looked down at her book and started reading again. It’s very funny sad. My son just flat out started commenting on the chemtrails, because he knew they would ignore. He told them all about Dane Wigington’s latest report on the ozone layer – they didn’t bat an eye. Funnier sadder!!!!

        The Greatest Generation – so interesting! I was thinking of that very line as we left their home. They think we’re nuts with our “restrictive diet” because we eat organic-local-in season (not easy to do in central Florida). They say they don’t need to change their diet because they’re perfectly healthy. Hah! I guess meds, meds and more meds are good (Robot food) and heart surgery, knee surgery and eye surgery are simply required.

        Man-o-man. That “they eat old people’s medicine for fuel” is going to keep me giggling for a while.

        Thanks JC
        It’s just so HOT

        • Feeling you Sand. Visiting my Dad right now… he says it is a waste to eat organic. He says the gulf is recovered and wth is corexit??? I want to cry. It actually keeps motivating me to stay on my path. I would see entrances to a better discussion with my father… only to hit the thickest programmed wall around. AND… they installed his smart meter today!!!! While I am here. UGH!!!! He thinks it is awesome! BAAAAHHHHHH!!!! :-) Take care, Sand!

          • It is not getting me down (which I thought it might). Frustrating. Just taking it and turning it into fuel. Thought this trip was going to be a sort of good-bye to this man, my father. It is clear it is… one way or another. Clearing, cleansing, and motivating… tears will fall from my old program, but the real me is feeling the breeze and ready to fly!

          • Little Momma, that’s exactly why my son and I visited the rents – we thought it would be the last time we would go there. It’s hard to watch as it’s happening, but wow, I have to say, reviewing their crazy beliefs gave us plenty to talk and laugh about. And we were only laughing because it’s too hard to see the road through tears. 😉

            It’s really all so heart breaking – I also visited my daughter and my precious granddaughter in LA. Her husband (I hate using the in-law thing, because the whole idea of having government in ones marriage is appalling) was just diagnosed with Testicular cancer. I just finished reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey, so my daughter and I had a nice long talk about that. She understands that part of cancer —– BUT, they live across the street from a cell phone tower and my daughter refuses to hear how that connects. She changes to subject every time I bring it up. I am now forbidden to bring it up. It breaks my heart for my granddaughter.

            On a side note about my granddaughter – the three of us were in the car and my 15 month old G-daughter was looking at the sky – chemtrail after chemtrail covered the sky. I asked her, “What are you looking at? The chemtrails?” She said yes!!!! Clear as day and looked right back at the trails. She’s brilliant. I love that little being.

            Love to all

        • My argument every time organic comes up is this “your greatest generation ever is alive and well today because most over the age of 70 are on at least one Rx that keeps you going. It’s only because of your pure, pesticide free, non plastic, non gmo’d, non chemical, non microwaved upbringing that you all had for oh I don’t know maybe THIRTY FUCKING YEARS or so…. that enabled your generation to even make it to age 70. How fortunate you all are that you grew big and strong from this foundation.

          Any person who’s been in utero these past 20 years is basically fried! We’re going to have to “go bionic” by age 70 — OR — EAT ORGANIC. GAME MATCH SET and LOVE LOVE LOVE… I’M FEELING HOT! HOT! HOT! (no thank you mom, can’t stay for hot dogs tonight – gotta go bye!)

          • I hear ya! These young kids with leukemia, are you fucking kidding me? And why is that bastards? Lost my younger brother to cancer at 29 – nothing wrong with him except getting the fucking polio shot that they knew was contaminated – why people don’t revolt revolts me….damn…Like you I’m spittin’ mad…

    • Accompanying your final incarnation, is your final “software download”, which allows one to correlate all information one has had input from within previous incarnations, only then do you become an individual.
      There are different levels of being “awake”, evidence of this is clear even within the many comments found on this website. How deep you go is wholly dependent upon your position within the cycle. When you have attained the ability to piece together excessive amounts of information, you know you are in line to achieve “Total Recall”, which likely occurs after you take the next step, as you are now ready for it.

  3. Hey Zen, I sent you several messages a while back but never heard back from you – did you ever receive that video I sent you entitled, “Mysterious Anonymous Movie”? It’s a real keeper, super powerful. Thought you would like it and want to share ….

    Feel free to delete above part of this comment if you’d like as it’s only meant for you, not necessary to post.

    Begin post:

    Real powerful stuff you write here, Zen. Nailed it once again, despite the fact that it’s getting ever more difficult to put to words what is happening on the insane asylum called planet Earth. It’s utteryly surreal, unreal and beyond the pale in every respect. Rod Serling could not have dreamed an episode of the Twilight Zone that is our actual reality today.

    You also did the same – real nice job – recently on Rense radio wherein you describe that what’s happening is way beyond cognitive dissonance, it’s an absolute disconnect, a complete and sweeping break from reality for most inhabitants of the planet. Yes, I don’t know how else to describe the sheer madness that surrounds us. As you note above, it might indeed be a fair statement to say that nothing like this has ever been experienced by humanity in it’s entire, very long history.

    With everything you say here, I can also fundamentally relate to the absolute mandatory requirement at this point to refuse to compromise on relationships, etc, …. from everything and everyone that is keeping the matrix spinning. As difficult as this is to do, there’s simply no other way as we collectively sit here on the precipice, at the 11th hour.

    I know personally I can no longer keep relationships going with family and friends who still, despite all the evidence, absolutely refuse to entertain the notion of what’s happening in our world. I used to think it was more painful to lose these relationships, so therefore would keep one foot in the matrix when around others in order to preserve these cherished bonds. Think most or many of us have. But it’s simply no longer possible, particularly now that the tyrannical madness has broken the surface so profoundly.

    To stay connected in any way, shape or form is simply delusional at this point, not to mention physically intolerable, and simply perpetuates the lie, the disconnect and the matrix itself. It’s also a prescription for personal insanity.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Hah! I don’t know where I am, Peaksie. I’ve been wandering since we sold our home – still wandering. I’ve seen some things and it ain’t good, BUT I’ve talked with some really good folk all over this country.

      I think it’s time we all get together for a dance party. Tango, Hustle, Funky Chicken, Bunny Hop – hell I don’t care. It just feels good to talk with sane people. Ahhhhhhh!

      If you need to get hold of me, just ask the NSA – they know where I am.
      I effin love you, baby

  4. where is the organizing? all this great information and i’ll be damned if i find one person in the city i live even remotely interested in higher states of conciousness other than the same old same old religiousness….

    day by day i want to break free from the shakles of this corporate culture of death but there is no where to go once you do. you gotta buy your way out first of all. getthat farm land you know?. even then your not free from it entirely…

    we need to occupy open space and just build villages with the mantra of “leave us out of it we wont fuck with or depend on anyone but ourselves for anything.”

    SOOOOOO much talk about this “growing shift” of spiritual consciousness but no one is benefitting from it financially so it has no place in a capitalistic society.

    while yeah, the PTB pummel everyone with everything they got. i love this website and others like it, but the whole lot of us need to organize instead of write, post, share etc.

    love is the answer,

    peace yall

    • Feelin’ the same, Michelangelo. Think when Occupy first sprouted, we felt that magic, I know I did. It was amazing. Then as quickly as it came, a bullet to its head came from the establishment. We knew this was the direction we needed to head – towards love, cooperation, connectedness, etc. and … so did they, hence its need to be eliminated.

      Where do we go now? Seems like the beast of capitalism and industrial civilization is everywhere, even in the deepest corners of the very little of what’s left on the planet that has yet to be exploited. Recall the story of that last remaining native tribe in the Amazon that was spotted by the loggers. No where to run anymore.

      We need to reclaim Gaia, billions of us and rebuild, while concurrently elevating our individual and collective consciousness to such a degree that we can dream the next stage of our evolution and destiny, and then simply ‘walk’ into the next higher plane of existence “on” Gaia, into that mythical realm called Shambhala. Or something to that effect. Aching for it….

  5. Yep Zen…I hear the anger and frustration in your every word. Coping with the fact that some people just can’t be reached even though we are obligated to take of each other. Like we’re tossing balloons at a concrete statue of an indifferent ego that is being overtaken by a swirling black water that makes no sound.

    The sharper the focus becomes for those that see, the more amplified the ignorance becomes for those who don’t. As we draw closer to some kind of event horizon, our impatience grows in tandem with a growing knowledge that most will never see until it is too late. For humanities sake I hope what I just said is totally wrong.

    Keep on keepin’ on Bro!

    • No, no, no, no! These “chosen ones” only get another illusion in afterlife. If they are lucky, they’ll get a flea circus compared to our Oneness-Land(tm). If they are less lucky, they’ll still get the flea circus – around their erogenous zones… 😀

  6. It is 8:15 a.m. and as I sat here reading your post my ears are ringing like crazy and I just heard the small computer generated plane fly over my house. I have been a target for 17 years now. In the beginning every thing indicated I was abducted by the Greys or by Aliens. What is so strange is they have been torturing me right here on Earth for 17 years which means they live right here on Earth, UFO’s, Spacecrafts and big headed Greys are nothing more than someone in a tight fitting suit with Technology in that big head to indicate you are talking telepathically to them. Our worst enemy is ones living among us with super technology. Like in the movie ” They Live ” if we destroy that technology than all of our lives on earth will change. We are nothing more than slaves to them.

  7. Gus, do you still have a link to the Mysterious Anonymous Movie? Youtube has taken it down, so it must be good.

  8. back to square one in the decision making process…

    The Language.


    seriously, is America able to produce quantifiable evidence that {any} “BLESSINGS”
    have accrued since the inception of the Terrorist “Entity” in Palestine in 1948 ?


    one time I took a friend skiing @ Wolf Creek,
    he was in good shape and asked for a word of advice on the way down
    …simple….try to miss the trees.

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  10. I’ve been writing and talking about looping for a while now. What is the most efficient way to control a computer? Put it into an endless loop. Once the loop takes, the computer must put all of its resources into satisfying the loop.

    While man is a much more complex being than the computers we use today, man still is a being that relies on the intake from its portals (senses) and then producing output based on the computations of man’s brain. To control those two external factors with the greatest reliability, it is necessary to create a series of loops.

    My favorite example is the religiously devout. Convinced that they will be “saved”, they engage in a loop that involves a week of sin and prayer, a devotional experience that involves forgiveness and (supposed) repentance, followed by another week of the same. All of this is controlled by external strangers that have claimed the authority to forgive and save. And all of it occurs at a monetary price (mammon). The self proclaimed saviors and representatives of God hardly want people to stop their “sinning”. that would put them out of business. Instead, they want to gather as many customers as possible, convince them they are damned without the support of the religious organization, and then create the loop. Once in the loop, the organized must attend weekly the gathering of salvation, because the god presented could come down from the sky at any time, and if the organized hasn’t been forgiven, it’s an eternity of hell. The prize that could never possibly be proven or presented by the saviors: heaven, is still guaranteed as long as the organized follow the loop.

    This formula could be applied to nearly every faction of human existence wherein one attaches one’s self to an organizational existence.

    Government, with it’s taxes, expectations, and elections. Its either or offering of choice which supposedly determines one’s ultimate fate. To not support and blasphemously pledge one’s holy soul to their inhuman ways is sold as unpatriotic, or worse, a deadly circumstance.

    The corporate workplace, which requires an exact timeline of labor value in exchange for paper (or digital numbers). Day in, day out, weekends to “unwind” while one engages in other loops. Working one’s way up that corporate ladder so a position can be obtained to crate and enforce the loops of others. All the way to “retirement”, wherein the corporate man can be free of work and chained to another unnecessary series of loops.

    Education, which simply creates the looping mindset in sets, subsets and supersets. Follow the instructors directives, and the reward is the grade. Stray outside of the line painted, and it’s a big F U.

    Television offers a great looping system. Turn on the scare screen, listen to the reports of horrible destruction and deaths of people one has no connection to, in congress with feel good local tributes, and then gain complete confidence that the I AM is fully connected with the world they are creating. Or, watch some foolish sporting display wherein the actors are paid millions and the watchers pay tribute.

    It exists in every aspect of organized society. I’m not against organisation, I am a fervent denier of organizations. Every one I have ever seen encapsulates the many, gets them looping, then pulls life force, labor value, or any other form of energy it can from the mass to the benefit of the few.

    Every organization has profiteers and pirates reaping the benefits. The means of those organizations is encapsulating the masses in a looping system which the masses deem beneficial.

    • How bored and annoyed God the Creator must be with his Holy Creation doing the same worthless actions over and over with no result. To be absent of creativity, imagination, cultivation, and self reliance and acceptance of liability, IMO might be the most damning sin ever.

      Whatever god has determined that men must continually worship it and fear it must certainly have been drawn up by some very clever men.

  11. I was impresionable when Kenedy was taken out by the CIA. The 70’s the CIA was distributing drugs & influencing music a lot. I just finished; “The Covert War Against Rock” by Alex Constantine. This country has been a banana republic for a long time. Huey Long was assignated running on a platform against the world Bankers & FDR in 1936. Gov Wallace was going to take votes away from Nixon & was out of the race after his assignation injuries. All Hastings friends said he drove like a Grandma. Darpa in this video describes how they can take over your car. Did Princess Diana have the same fate? (not the exact video I wanted)

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