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Are We Irradiated Mutants in a Techno-Spiritual Matrix?


by Zen Gardner

This might just explain the Fukushima spraydiation and other pending nuclear threats, airport scanners, HAARP and its affiliates, the massive abuse of medical and security scans, the EMF broadcast proliferation, GMOs, vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride and the rest.

They want us mutated. It’s pre-planned.

And they want just the right amount of dumbed-down handy fuel cells for an upgraded occult World Brain. I.e. “The Matrix”.

SciFi? I kid you not. We’ve suspected this all along and seen a lot of circumstantial evidence, but this is going to blow all that out of the water.

The Very Real Plan for the Matrix

We know the matrix to some extent is definitely real. We’ve found that out by dot connecting massive amounts of information derived through years of research. Some is hidden in plain site as if they want us to get it and get used to it. Other information is so damning they don’t want it to come to light because it exposes with such clarity their arrogant, Illuminist agenda and the perfidy of their dark, controlling eugenic intentions.

This is just such information.

The endgame of a stifling one world group-think religion as predicted by many and forecast by the would-be Controllers is not going to come about by just declaring it. These guys worship science and technology of all sorts as the tools for bringing their Satanic agenda to life and have been busily using them for decades. And they know humanity needs to be “prepared and educated” as well as fearfully herded into the next phase of this agenda.

Hand in hand, Orwell and Huxley predicted technological domination and a pharmacologically altered new world over 60 years ago.


But not at all complete by any means. There is a lot more to their scientific world domination agenda, lots more.

Bush 2.0 Version of lower level elitist minions. You could pick any administration or corporate hierarchy.

Remember, The Enemy of Mankind Has No Empathy

Planning and scheming for an ultimate global takeover is intrinsic to their heartless, wicked kind. They’re virtually possessed machines carrying out their masters’ bidding. “Classified” scientific ventures intermingle with Illuminati think tanks, institutes and foundations, overt and covert, worldwide, all bought and paid for and guided by these same monied manipulating elites. The public sits numbly by thinking “science” is finding better ways to serve mankind.

Yeah, like McDonald’s serves cattle better, with new packaging on a different bun. Mooo.

They don’t care a gnat’s ass about humanity. We are fodder. We are less than living cattle which they view as annoying frogs on the highway to be run over. When you understand their inhuman mindset you start to understand the real depths of what’s going on.

But besides our temporary slave power to keep their machines working,  those of us who survive their depopulation drive are being viewed as a possible fuel source to power a very weird future occult world they envision.

They call it “illuminated”. The “greater good” to them…is them…and a world that caters to these self same elites and whatever occult designs suit their whims. While even more insidious forces are behind them, that’s the underlying self-serving thrust. And it doesn’t matter how they try to disguise it, it permeates everything.



Fabian window art. The top reads “Remould It Nearer To The Hearts Desire”

Meet the Modern Architects of the Present Day Matrix

H.G. Wells was no simple “futuristic” author, but an infamous social engineer, eugenicist, proponent of repression and control, and insider to the Illuminist network. His works were based on inside occult, social manipulative information, much like fellow Fabians Orwell and Huxley, George Bernard Shaw and others.

They and the others of these schemes were all well aware that creating the form or idea in the collective conscious literally “blueprints” future moves into that reality for a chemically altered, propagandized and dumbstruck humanity.

In the words of Fritz Springmeier:

Not only did H.G. Wells predict modern warfare, the bombing of London, atom bombs, the League of Nations, stealth fighters over Iraq, space flight and countless other details of the future, far in advance of their eventual happening, as well as mapping out in detail how a New World Order could be created, but he participated in causing events to take place.

Now look at the titles of his books “Anticipation” and “Things to Come” and the way they were written, and it is evident that he is psychologically conditioning the public to accept the stages of the New World Order as if they were self-evident.

H.G. strongly believed in racial eugenics to kill the inferior races and useless eaters. He believed the state should educate people and control their minds to obediently serve the state. He believed in social engineering.  He was opposed to Christians being allowed to teach their children about God, and religious toleration. Source

The World Brain and “Unified Mind”

H.G. Wells is actually most noted for his work “World Brain”–a beyond Orwellian concept of a new world order that has resonated throughout elitist and secret society teachings for ages.

Wells acknowledged that we have now begun to frame “preliminary ideas for a federal world control of such things as communications, health, money, economic adjustments, and the suppression of crime.” But “all of these ideas of unifying mankind’s affairs depend ultimately for their realisation on mankind having a unified mind for the job” (Wells, 1938 p. 57, 58). The emergence of that unified mind was to be the result of the creation and the essential function of a World Brain. “It would be the concrete beginnings of an actual world mind” (Wells-Doubleday Memo, [1938] p.8). In 1939 he returned to what he called “my refrain: ‘We need a World Brain,’” and to his “insistence that the creation of a greater mental superstructure to reorient the mind of the world is an entirely practicable proposal” (Wells, 1942c p.158). Source

That’s serious stuff. Starting to see the matrix take shape? It gets worse, much worse. But this is the underlying mindset of the elite.

Know that.

How the Modern Matrix Came Into Reality

The following combination of Freemasonic and Theosophist influences within academic think tanks may sound preposterous. But if you were going to construct a plan to control and domineer modern evolving man you had better integrate every science, including technology, pharmacology and even the occult and metaphysical, to make sure your plan is socially, scientifically and spiritually comprehensive.

After all, we are fundamentally spiritual beings and that’s the most important aspect they need to harness.

It’s also what they fear.

And this is exactly what these insane social engineers have been up to for millennia. Each generation of these call them “Satanic forces” reinvents and improves their control techniques, which is scheduled to be culminated in this last great scientific age madly accelerating before our eyes.

Never before has the public known that the Freemason-Theosophist elite formed an academic think tank in 1940 with the expressed goal of channeling all academic research toward their goals. This Theosophist-Freemason think tank was the Institute for Integrative
Education. The board of directors included the family of the directors of the Theosophists as well as ivy league professors from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, etc. Their 1940 flagship issue of their academic journal “Main Currents in Modern Thought” openly states this Freemason conspiratorial goal and at one point the journal even states that most professors are more dangerous than Nazis! Source

How’s dem apples?


Integrating Theosophy, Physics and World Governance

Theirs is a deliberate, gradual long term plan, as is the technique of the Illuminist Fabians. While many still can’t believe there’s a “they” out there engineering most everything in our world, on top of that it’s way more comprehensive and scientifically metaphysical than anyone would dare to realize.

Here’s some history:

The founder of this Freemason-Theosophist Educational-Research Complex that secretly controlled U.S. academic research was Lumber Magnate Julius Stulman. The postscript of his book “Evolving Mankind’s Future” is a long statement by “liberal” University President Laurence Bolling — a high level statecraft policy maker, documenting the influence of this think tank.

In 1965 Stulman created the World Institute in collaboration and at the behest of the U.S. Government, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the United Nations. This information is detailed by President Bolling. The expressed role of the World Institute was to oversee the direction of technology for the world and it was located at UN Plaza. It’s main policy plan was the actual plan for the Matrix published in 1975 and edited by systems theorist, global planner Ervin Laszlo. This is background for that Real Matrix Plan that is now coming into reality — as “liberally” promoted by Laszlo’s book “Macroshift.” (2001). Ibid.

Cosmic Humanism, Radio-Eugenics and Techno-Spirituality

Watch how they apply their scientific theories to controlling social evolution. Dastardly.

The Institute for Integrative Education highly praised Philosophy of Science Professor Oliver L. Reiser’s 1965 manifesto “Cosmic Humanism.” Reiser’s 1945 book “World Philosophy” was considered by Einstein to be the best plan for a unified field theory. In 1936 Reiser had promoted and initiated “radio-eugenics” in the Journal of Heredity. In 1945 Reiser discovered World Institute founder Julius Stulman’s essay, “Energy Theory Applied to Human Relations.”


What is Radio Eugenics?

Remember the fuel cells in The Matrix? In order to become a fully compliant source for fuel for their literal “world brain” we need to be literally mutated. All for the common good of course. Think—scanners, Fukushima and the hundreds of other nuclear time bombs called reactors. Then throw in HAARP for amplification and manipulation. It goes on..

In 1936, Dr. Reiser, introduced and promoted the concept of “radio-eugenics” in the scientific Journal of Heredity. This entails applications of radiation for evolution. In 1945 Dr. Reiser was impressed by think tank founder Julius Stulman’s article called “Applied Energy to Human Relations.” In the 1965 publication of “Cosmic Humanism” that is highly praised by Stulman’s Institute for Integrative Education, the concept of radio-eugenics is promoted in synthesis with the concept of nondual harmonic resonance. Dr. Reiser states that we learned from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that not only does radiation cause massive destruction but that even those who survive “the baptism by fire” have children with severe birth defects. He then states that unfortunately that is how evolution works and that hopefully with the proper applied harmonic resonance of radiation then a new human society and a new “World Sensorium” will be achieved. The “World Sensorium” of Dr. Reiser is based on utilizing the radiation of the ionosphere, amplifying it with high technology, and applying it globally to cause mutations. The effect is to achieve not only a higher dimensional reality but to harness the zero-point energy. [HAARP anyone?]

In 1975 Dr. Reiser publishes “Cosmic Humanism and World Unity” (Gordon and Beech) as part of a series for the World Institute. This book calls the plan for the World Sensorium, “The matrix” several times and states that, in concept, it is closest to H.G. Well’s 1936 proposal for a “World Brain” to the Freemasonic Royal Institute for International Affairs the source for the Council of Foreign Relations. H.G. Wells was not just a science fiction writer, he was the head of British secret intelligence during World War One and he was the mouthpiece for the global elite policy makers. The World Brain was inspired by the NeoPlatonic concept of the matrix outlined by Professor John Ruskin, a favorite source of inspiration for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Source

“Artificial Intelligence”

So, What’s Going On?

This is genetic engineering and techno-interference, also know as enforced transhumanism, on a global scale without the knowledge or consent of mankind. If these reasons are true or even near to true, it is nothing less than a massive, if futile, war against natural life and true consciousness.

Another alien invasion in our midst attempting to create another enslaved race.

This has been an ongoing war of supernatural origins for millennia. The morons playing out their roles in this generational play are slaves of their greed and arrogance to participate in such a futile folly, with such terrible consequences on humanity. While it seems to possibly parallel what was done long ago in our original genetic engineering, we in no way have to subscribe to such insanity.

Most will die, so they think, while the “conveniently mutated” would be cultivated into a submissive battery-like new race.

Wow, how insane can you get?! But they’re doing it!!


But Why?

Try this out for size:

The 1975 book calls the plan, “The Matrix” prominently and repeatedly and states that humans will be in “Techno-Samadhi” as the “neuroblasts” and “Electronic tubes” for the new “World Mother.” According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be fed off as energy for evolution of the Matrix. Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute — except now it is called “orthosynthesis.”

In “Techno-Samadhi” a person does not breathe or think words — they are hooked up to the satellite systems and used as energy so that the Theosophist-Freemasons can create “THE COSMIC LENS” that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time. This is all detailed in “Cosmic Humanism and World Unity” — the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX.

The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion — Cosmic Humanism (now called “transhumanism”) — or in general
techno-spirituality. Picknett and Prince have exposed this plan and it is corroborated fully by Reiser who openly states that a new
religion must be promoted. Former M.I.T. History Professor David F. Noble has traced this religion to the ninth century A.D. in his
academic analysis of the Freemasons, “The Religion of Technology.” Prince and Picknett trace it back to ancient Egypt but Reiser openly goes back to Sumeria and Vedic India.

The research of the Freemason-Theosophist Academics is based on RATIO THEORY that promotes the Indo-European SEPARATION OF HEAVEN AND EARTH by HUMAN SACRIFICE and DESTRUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY for the ALL-SEEING EYE.



I know…Holy Shit!

I haven’t read all these books nor have I seen anyone debunk these assertions and findings nor their references. All I know is it resonates.

It hits hard.

We’re up against a cabal of pseudo-scientific metaphysical occultists. And they know exactly what they’re doing, to whatever degree this is true.

Know your enemy is all I can say. And investigate. But they’re real.

They are playing every scientific and spiritual manipulative angle they can to manipulate and control humanity and planet earth.

This explains once again the mutative effects of nano particles in chemtrails, the deliberately released radiation and the proliferation of radioactive devices, EMF bombardment from cell phones, power lines, wi-fi and smart meters to HAARP, GWEN towers and satellite electro-radiation, never mind poisoned water, vaccines, drugs and genetically modified food.

I know. Sick bastards.

Stay awake. Stay aware. And manifest the true reality.

Know this. Theirs is crumbling in the face of Love and Truth. For sure. Don’t fear this insanity, just know its self-serving roots and occult objectives. It’s based in another reality that is not our own.

Shirk it, shunt it, it’s not yours to bear. We are free eternal beings on the course to realization!

But it’s important we know what they’re up to. Every aspect of it, however weird or disturbing. Same old, same old IMO. Just transcend.

Keep on exposing. Harmful, nefarious infections don’t like sunshine. Squirt some lemon juice in there and put a band aid on it.


Shine on, people! They’re freaks and can’t stand the sunshine of Love and Truth!

Love. Zen


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  1. Huh? Admittedly, my brain is mush this evening, but I’m not so sure I want to re-read this for better understanding tomorrow. Yikes!

  2. The people doing this actually believe that their DNA alone is divine, made by God, so I would not think they will be risking messing their own DNA up, and technology now exists to rebuild any molecule atom by atom, so they will be wishing to repair their own DNA. Indeed, before Israeli soldiers go into battle, they are told they won’t be able to have any children when they return, so they are ordered to leave sperm samples for the production of children; however, UK and USA and other NATO troops are not ordered to do the same, as it is intended for them to die out, and indeed 67% of all soldiers returned from the Gulf War had children with birth defects, many very severe. However, they do love to mutate and thus torture us demons, whose DNA is not of divine origin; after all, torture in hell does not start in some future life on some other plane where they can’t be sure they will be able to get at us, heck no, it begins right here, right now, in this life, a taste of the eternity that they are lining up for us; as the cosmic air marshals, they perceive that their rightful duty is to take us right out of the sky, and to do this they will have to pull our wings off, and ensure that our children will not even be born with any wings in the first place (if any children will be able to be produced, which may be a problem in the future if Falluja is anything to go by).

    Jeff Rense and Leuren Loret did an interesting talk on the subject of Google’s plans to change the DNA of people to suit their purpose, and you can find my essay GOOGLES DNA PLANS on this at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

    • First, I want to say, Spot on, Zen!

      Second, though They THINK Their DNA is “Divine,” They are sorely mistaken about Humanity. We are beautiful, Love-filled Beings, though often twisted under the ill-fitting yoke of a money system, taught the root of all evil, the LOVE of MONEY. But there IS a way to end that: remove the soil in which the root grows – money itself.

      As money is merely a representation of meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society, adding abundant free energy will pull the “money-rug” out from under Them, removing power over Others, while freeing Us to have autonomous power over Self.

      And free energy tech has been hidden and suppressed for this very reason.

    • Yes, it seems that those “illuminaties” are just alien “avatars” whose task is to keep us asleep and to enslave us?! The all game is about our souls, while our attention has been directed at all other sides. There is an interesting lecture, the Updates on Alien Interferences of Italian scientist, Corrado Malanga, where this dynamics is nicely presented:


      It seems that we as a humanity still have some chances, although the situation may look as hopeless!?


  3. Could it be the people with obvious morgellons are the canaries in the coal mine for this agenda? I have tested many people who do not yet show signs of morgellons.A simple test shows 70% of these prove to have morgellons fibres in their bodies.

  4. Strange all of this. Just yesterday i was reading that with the increasing novelty, The ‘Wave’ approaching, cosmic ‘kill-shots’ and a never ending litany of doom-porn, the only way out ” is to achieve not only a higher dimensional reality but to harness the zero-point energy ” Maybe we are on the right track after all.

  5. Zen, I’d have to suspect that if they can perform this much evil then, in effect, the masses are themselves fodder of a kind that is there not so much as unwitting victims but as a sort of necessary filler. This filler is necessary because it is into their masses that the relatively minor number of actually ensouled humans are enfolded. It is not the masses that are the target, as evidenced by their disposability… It is the few with real spiritual juice that they want.

    The bad news is that they already have us in a matrix. The matrix is called the material world and the human body. This is ancient gnostic wisdom and is the only interpretation of the world that is still highly suppressed and has been since long ago. It is nearly wiped out. They don’t want us to know that we are already IN the matrix, the space/time/matter/energy matrix which is for the purpose of draining spiritual energy from real beings and giving it to evil beings for their arbitrary use. That’s why it’s not such a strange theory that they are the Hegelian masters of opposition, because they really do control all that takes place on these worlds of matter.

    The only thing that they DON’T control is the “free will” of real beings… But since they control most else, they can make it virtually a “fission reactor” with our free wills acting as the radiation and the rest of the “matrix world” enticing us into their dialectical drainage system. Awareness, as you rightly say, and all manner of non-compliance are essential. I would suggest that going beyong their dialectics as much as possible is also a key, once a person is ready for it. But like the real masters always say, part of what entraps us here is our own acquired delusions of relationship to this alien world, including desires and hatreds. Part of all that is the denial of just how entrapped we already are. They have totally transformed every effort of the Real Light to reach us by perverting all of their teachings and messages into mangled, mutated versions of their original pristine form, just as they do to the pristine forms of our good energies, and they do these things both exoterically in the “mundane” forms as well as esoterically, in the metaphysical and hidden modes of our world’s fabric.

    I believe they want us to believe that this goes on forever in a cyclical, fractalized fashion. I think the truth is that there really is just ONE ITERATION of their attempt to siege heaven and create a private eternal hell of their own domain, and that this one shot is almost eternally finished. They tried, they failed, and they’ll die forever. That’s what they hate most about us…. We’ll move on…

    Like the man said to his horrifically abusive mother years after escaping her, and as our freedom will announce to the evil ones as we leave their grip, finally: “You Lose”

    By the way, I like the add comment bot filter. Using algebra, ey!? Good, raise the level of participation at least a notch!

    • ” I think the truth is that there really is just ONE ITERATION of their attempt to siege heaven and create a private eternal hell of their own domain, and that this one shot is almost eternally finished. They tried, they failed, and they’ll die forever. ” Spot on. It resonate so much. Thanks.

    • Very well said Alex. I’m more or less coming to the same conclusion recently, just from personal observations and deep meditations. Most people seem to be quite ok with this energy siphoning system, and perhaps they were indeed made to service it. Reflecting on many relationships over the years of my life helped me realize how draining almost all have been, as if they were intended to do just that. I felt that years ago, before I pieced together an idea of this being a place were etheric beings are trapped and exploited (as Edgar Cayce said). As incredulous as this sounds, I believe that a short time ago I encountered one of the disembodied entities running this exploitation camp. Not sure if it was trying to kill me or take me over, but I could sense that it was angry, scared and understood that it’s time was about up. It told me it had existed for billions of years and it showed me a multitude of faces of the lives it had fed off over the eons.

  6. “They” are less sick than the average population. Fact is: nation of non-landowners = nation of dependents … so – now tell me who are the real sickos? They are you – for voluntarily populating yourselves into slavery. I love the elite – at least they have brains.

  7. knowledge is power, and the truth is stranger than fiction. the power of awakened humanity is beyond their manipulations! the awakened human spirit cannot be contained and they know it! they have seen this coming and are desperately trying to keep us asleep and cut off from our true nature. stay awake and aware, everyone! spread the word. peace.

  8. “The future religion of the educated, cultured and enlightened people will be Islam.” George Bernard Shaw

    Shaw was not freemason he would have condemned islam and supported new world religion had he been a freemason

    • sorry mate but that s delusional, i travelled a lot and talked and lived with muslims all over the world, and they are just like the christians i met, they inherit their religion and 99% of the knowledge about it from their parents, most got no clue what the koran really says nor what is meant, and when you take a step back all is left is a manual what to do and what not, promising punishment but not love in case you don t do as you re told, sorry, mate, but that can t be any enlightened persons future. at least not mine, my best wishes

  9. Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.
    “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”

  10. I wana go home – NOW, I do not wish to be any creature’s energy source. Although I am trying to remain centred and calm, I do find anger creeping in and I feel I want to enter into a holy war against those that would do harm to loving, peaceful, spiritual aspects of the One……….but then I would be as ‘they’………..creatures from the dark side. Last night I actually sent healing and love to these people. They hate that, I love it.

  11. Free energy/zero point energy are mentioned in this essay and It reminds me of the movie Thrive. There have been many writers pointing out that there is something very wrong and sinister about this movie.. and now I’m wondering if this is it, What is Free Energy really? Is there a good form of free energy and an evil form?

    • Kara–I have doubts about anything that rises to such acclaim unfettered in today’s world. It’s just my nature. Same with Zeitgeist. All anyone has to do is mix a lotta truth in with whatever they want to get across. If you can’t stop someone or something, divert it to a dead end or controlled cause.
      Old trick.
      It’s all part of the learning process. People need to find out for themselves. It’s just that all the information has not been available so there’s no level playing field.
      That’s the time to cry “foul”. And then get that info out. That’s what I and many others are trying to do. And not steer them towards some premeditated conclusion like the corporate media et al. do. Love, Z

  12. Interestingly enough, if the elite with the blue blooded (copper based) Nehalems really will manage to get us into they’re Nazi’alike NWO, the Andromeda contact, Alex Collier say : Then the real negative reptilians and eliminate the elite and all that know the truth, and that means kill them with only the unknowing left. Then they will declare themself as God’s and demand whatever they please. This is exactly what these negative beings have done on other planets they feed on.

    I suggest that that those who control the World should think about that, the real one behind them only want us as slaves, not them who can oppose them.

    • Mort…lotta truth there. As I’ve always said, the elites are more enslaved than we are, and have no idea they’ll be summarily done away with. They’re entranced by the glitter and the glory…right out of an old movie script.

  13. I’ve often thought about this: is it possible that there exists another world, somewhere in our 3rd dimensional plane, where the inhabitants endure a more sinister, evil and vile test than we do here on earth?

    I can only imagine.


    • MV–I had a dream the other night where I was sure it was a parallel life of some sort, very freaky. Anything’s possible. Physicists are some of the biggest freaks there are…11 dimensions as of now and all kinds of crazy stuff…mainstream philosophy still hasn’t caught up…ha…so much for believing ANYTHING out there…ha!
      But more evil and sinister? From my research what happens here couldn’t be any more insidious…and to go looking for it, no thanks. But I get your drift. Love, Zen

  14. What you don’t know is we’re already there. We are a head and a body attached to the matrix via our forhead. Nasa shows us this in Area 51 but we are too busy trying to earn money for the false God. We are 2 pentagrams inverted within the cube. We are not what we see we are, if you could see what we are you would scream with terror…

    • Michael…you maybe, (but I don’t think so) but I’m consciousness having a terrific experience watching these a-holes try their darndest to put the ocean in a bucket. Ha!

  15. The pharmacological aspect of their control system, described in Brave New World, is perhaps the most insidious. It cuts us off from our higher powers, and leaves us subject to theirs. My sister, a Prozac user, is an example. I have walked with her where the street lights went off as she neared, and back on after she passed. I would point to a street light and say “turn it off”. I was shocked by how often she could do so. Just think what thousands so gifted could do to the plotter’s electromagnetic systems with a simultaneous visualization. Her gift is now suppressed, and she admits it seems to have done so coinciding with her Prozac use.

    • Andre—so sorry to hear about your sister. Yes, it’s way bad. These think tanks have pushed drugs bigtime..their drugs. I think Brzezinski talks a lot about this in his sick NWO forecasting books, the buzzard. One of the things that will make it crazy during the crash will be people’s drugs stopping…talk about crazy. So sad.
      I know a similar guy who turns lights off as he passes them. Super gifted but so ostracized he has to suppress everything he believes.
      But take heart—these new generations that are coming up are amazing…a whole fresh onslaught of indigo types that are extremely powerful. Never think these controllers’ perfidy can compete with Truth and Love…not a chance…just a media blitz…that’s all they’ll get…it’ll NEVER be true!
      Any chance you can help her off those? Just wondering…;) Much love, and hugs to her, Zen

      • The lights go off when I pass too and this happens to other people that I know too. We’re ALL spiritual genius’, we’re all one Being connected in myriad incomprehensible (and comprehensible) ways and we’re all capable of enlightenment at any moment since all moments are illusions and we’re all already enlightened if we’ll find a way to notice. The Prozac and pot etc are just more components in our oppression but only because we participate in the illusion and allow ourself to believe in our limitations…and what we accept as the pot or prozac experience is what we get. Prozac does seem to close-down awareness, in fact that’s what it’s made to do and what we expect it to do, but really it just offers us a wonderful opportunity to find our own unique path to awakening. Life is beautiful….but it’s just a dream-ride and we’re free at any ‘moment’ to admit what reality truly seems to be. Keep helping us learn about ourselves Zen and thank you for your efforts. Love and peace….

  16. I have read so much about this stuff. It seems correct in that is what is going on. The only thing that bothers me about humanity is the denial of it. Even those who know about it never seem to gain any traction. It just becomes a focal point of study and really nothing ever can come of it. Whatever is going on, intentional or not, it’s in full swing and there is nothing that can correct it. The radiation is testament to that. Just look at the Obama debacle in the US. People really are that dumbed down. It’s amazing the level of idiocy exhibited by masses of people all over the planet. Good luck and _ _ _ bless. PS just be kind and try to have empathy. Empathy is what separates us from the vile creatures that inflict so much evil on us.

    • Hey Jimmy—don’t despair, but be the change you want to see. Every little thing you do to effect this change is what makes the difference, that’s the point of all this. It’s not some collective outside movement that will come and save us all…we need to each revolute to the place of conscious responsibility..that we are being the conscious part of the Universe we’re meant to be…and the details just come. You may start speaking publicly, record wake up music, pass out flyers, blog and network, etc….just like you are by commenting and entering into the fray. Just keep taking it a step further until you know you’re fulfilling your part. It has a collective effect that causes the same in others. If only one other person, it’s worth it. But we all have to reach out, this is a serious crossroads. Take care, love, Zen

  17. Yesterday my girlfriend was telling me about listening to the Arizona Wilder Interview with David Icke…ie: Reptilian/Matrix agenda…then she said something that really struck me…that the Reptilians do not have a Third Eye…Pineal Gland? Hence they ‘feed’ off of us…our Power IS..theirs IS NOT…everything is designed to harness our power…when you become aware of the ‘thoughts coming in’ you can ask..”Who does this belong to?’..when you do you feel ‘light’…because…it is the program…Generative thought….that which comes from ‘within’ is our True selves expressed…there is a difference… become aware of it…we can delete the program…each and every one of us…That is our power/ Free Will…
    That is why the incessant attack on our beings is at every level..THAT is how Powerful we Truly ARE!!!
    Be The Field!
    Thank you Zen for your wondrous posts!!!

    • Kat–wow, that’s powerful! Great distinction on the thoughts we hear–from within (source, wellspring, consciousness), or “without”…as in ain’t got.
      Yes, they feed, and on more than that if people give it up. So true how we each can delete the program and how they fight…exciting times…man are we pissing them off getting all this truth out…yehaaa! Keep on…stay in touch, Love you!..Zen

    • Hey, Kat! You are just what I needed today. I’ve agonized over everything the last few days. I’ve tried to calm down, but just couldn’t quite get it done. You said it – we are the power source. We are the power. We have the power. I need to be reminded of that on occasion. Love that.

      Zen, I love you so much. As we all know, we’re living in some very interesting times and every day brings new challenges. Yesterday was really no different than any other day, it just seemed to weigh me down more than other days. I worried about chemtrails, fought with our power company over the DUMB smart meters, spoke with my physician, once again, about mercury poisoning (she’s coming around), wondered how I could get my friends to see the light and blah, blah, blah. Zen, I gotta tell ya – every night, before I go to bed, I pick a Zen story to center my thinking and bring me to a peaceful state.Then last night, I read that I was a fuel cell. Oy vey! That did me in. I couldn’t handle one more thing. So I brushed my teeth, plugged the cable into the back of my neck and fell asleep. Hah! Luckily, I awoke all ready to fight the GOOD fight again. I was able to read the article today with no ill effect. Thank you, THANK YOU for all the work you put into your articles. Love them. Much love to all.

      • Sandy – “plugged the cable in the back of my neck and fell asleep”…ha!! Truth is, the minute people have the wake up the plug virtually comes out..it’s then we have to deal with the entrained responses and the other vestigial structures and thought patterns. I hope people realize that and not give any power back through fear. I guess we all learn however we learn.
        Even my wife was blown out by that article..I mean that’s heavy info and it blew me away as well. Took days to get that assembled and I reread everything so many times I got used to it, sort of. It’s always creepy when you find out how low this scum-sucking breed goes for power and control. It’s not happy info but very necessary for people to be aware of the depths of this occult matrix they’ve erected. While this post freaked a few people out, when they get over that they’ll hopefully see everything that much more circumspectly. We just can’t dwell on that stuff too long–but it has to be exposed.
        Love you too, Sandy.
        *BTW…your “different” yesterday was 4/11 where there were more mega earth changes in one day than I think we’ve ever seen…so you were picking whatever caused that and vice versa up. See here:

        • Ah! Zen – yeah, my plug DID come out just a year ago. My blessing was mercury poisoning – and I will forever be grateful. Too bad I had to have such a big slap-up-side-the-head to wake up, but apparently the cable was firmly attached. And I didn’t think about the 4/11 aspect. My son will be happy to hear that too. He’s extremely intuitive, but doesn’t know it yet and he had a horrible day too. Hmmm! So much fun. Much love. Sandy

          • Glad you came thru Sandy…it took something that for almost all of us. That’s why as things crumble more and more will wake up. Cool dynamic…now for completing the business we’re called to do which is no more strenuous than an unfurling flower!! Onward!…Love, Z

      • Sandy, Just saw your comment..Yes..we are all here.. in this together..your strength gives us all strength..together we decode the False Evidence Appearing Real..(Fear) and Wa La…Now We Are Free!!

  18. The ancient occultist tussle is now in our modern midst but its features and its operatives remain ghostlike in their imperceptibility. The operatives themselves do not understand what they are doing; they know only the steady pace with which they are allowed to learn new tricks of disruption and dereliction believing (insanely, catastrophically) that this street level harassment is the only thing that fills the vacuum in their poorly wired neural organs. The czars, the rulers and people who are extensively not quite like the rest of use one half to kill the other (an excellent use of resources). This is mental illness and spiritual badness and at this point in OUR lives and the life of OUR planet, it is inexcusable and will once again become actionable as the Light struggles anew to make its presence known and the manifest occurrences of higher psychic functioning take their place in the breast and brain of regular folks. Check out Vedic India, the Hopi, Edgar Cayce, shamanic trance states–yup, it’s real. An attractive, imploring container can still contain poisons and all too often in the jungle is a lure. When the realization occurs that this is jungle warfare to those passed over by Mr. Big, you will then be able to formulate mental and spiritual weapons to satisfy Mr. Big’s desire to see regular folks fight for him and provide counterbalance and then outright disintegration of these bozos. A bozo that hates in his dreams needs to never be born anywhere else ever again. Sound pitiless? It’s not as pitiless as ruining people’s lives for having a sound mind.

    • Vivek–love it!! Listening to it now. You have a real gift of communication, and beautiful spirit. Sounds like my journey. The word you were looking for was CON-form….but you’re absolutely right about perform as well….and language!! Works for or against us, but they’ve screwed with the con-struct so we’re deliberately limited, as I’m sure you know. I’ll finish and get back to you. Great stuff! Keep me posted! Love, Zen (2 of my kids were born in India..I was there 5 years and loved it. Tora tora Hindi bol suckta hey..(?)…;)

  19. Interesting write up Zen. I used to think that knowledge was power until I realized that there is something else that makes external control over humanity very problematic for those self appointed overlords. It is not enough that they keep us in the dark, or suppress our fee will, it is our imaginations and individual creativity they are after. It`s the last part of us, this individual crystalline structure, they have not been able to rein in. That which, when light shines through, brings forth an expression that is unique, and does not by its very nature contravene the expression of others. Their biggest threat is that individuals can imagine a different way, a better way to view their world, and act on that power of conceiving and expressing an ideal.
    One of the posters mentioned prozac. It is 30 percent fluoride by weight, as are most antidepressants which have been an effective tool for contstraining the creative urge in individuals, as they have a tendency to disassociates people from their psycho-spiritual self by numbing the epiphysis cerebri ( pineal gland). It`s probably why there seems to be a big push to get children and adolescents on these drugs. Pharmacology really is a mine field for us. Most antibiotics are fluorinated as well. I suspect those working tirelessly for the agenda have already had their pineal glands commandeered or even confiscated ( this is what i`ve been told). So, it`s up to each of us individually to steer our destiny before we too are shut down.
    George Orwell once quipped,
    -If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

    No George. Our future is not being able to imagine, period.

  20. You mention Orwell and Huxley (who I have read and digested), but what about Ira Levin’s “This Perfect Day”? Depending on the reader, Uni’s world could be considered utopian or dystopian. Many of us today (not me), consider it utopian. The compliance is masterful. Covert tracking is not required, it’s just normal procedure. The “chemotherapists” were a bit disturbing to me in the ’60s, but they’re definately here today. I think the ongoing project is “This Perfect Day”. Thanks for your webwork, Rob

  21. Zen, I was listening to this guy explain dreams and how physics(harvard scientists) mathematically proved parallel realities exist, are infinite, and more weird than we could possibly imagine. then he goes on to explain that they are created through dreams, when you wake up and are here in this reality, your dreams still continue. And then that instance of you dreams etc… I think that when we sleep we tap into possibly one of our dreams, dreams, dream and what not. would make sense for it’s weirdness. Don’t you think?

    • Johnsync–very synchy! Just a few days ago I had a dream where I was convinced I was in a parallel world…very distinct. Never had that before. Thanks..yes, all possibility is out there, no limits! Take care, Zen

  22. Well Zen, to add more meat to your parallel world dreamscape.. I had a dream a couple months ago that I was younger, in my old house, with a girl from highschool I never talked to but had a crush on. This one distinctly felt like it was not a normal dream of brief experience. It felt like I had a few years worth of experience. I remember things taking place in the dream that were not linear but the same type of experience… long story short, when I finally woke from this dream I felt like I had lost a girlfriend or wife. I was upset about it for hours regardless of the fact It was ‘just a dream.’

    That just adds to the understanding for me that the only reason a dream is considered a dream and not reality is because we wake up and we’re here.

  23. Thanks for putting the radiation puzzle pieces together, and thanks for mentioning the streetlight thing. I thought I was the only one who experienced this. Like Andre’s sister I can turn them on and off at will when I focus on doing this.

    It’s so true they are going after the bright new souls coming in. Three years ago, by a twist of fate, I came into the life of a 8 year old boy (now 11) who I immediately recognized as a gifted old soul. His mother died when he was 3 and I have become something of a mother figure to him. For years before we met, his father had been hounded by the boy’s school and his dead wife’s family to put the boy on ADHD medication. The dad actually broke down once and put Alex on the medication, but stopped after a week because he said he couldn’t stand seeing his son as a zombie. Up until I came into the picture, the dad was carrying this heavy burden alone, but now I constantly encourage him and give him support for his stand against Big Pharma. I don’t think it was chance that I ended up involved in their lives, and I don’t believe the boy has ADHD (which is a made-up illness anyway). He is a very bright and curious boy who asks way too many questions. When he has repeated at school some the things I have talked to him about, his teachers wanted to know who was corrupting his mind.

    Zen, please consider researching and doing an article about how the Global Elite chooses the public faces for their evil campaigns. For instance: J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyers. These two women seemed to come out of nowhere with a series of best selling novels that immediately became mega-hit movies. When people started having seizures while watching the last Twilight movie, it sure started to look like a long-range plan to me. Both of these women have carefully crafted stories about how the books came to be and how the story lines just suddenly popped into their minds. Maybe that’s the way it happened. Maybe the info was beemed in. I think it much more likely that someone with extensive occult knowledge wrote the book, and these women are merely posing as the authors.

    Then there’s that evil dweeb Bill Gates, who’s eyes look like a robot. It’s like there’s no soul in that body. I think he was given his technological advances to he could later become the public face of the overpopulation solution; the boy genius who first made our lives better with his technology, and then went on to solve world overpopulation. In the case of Gates, he was probably chosen as a public face before he was born. His father, Bill Gates Sr. has a long history in the eugenics movement and with Planned Parenthood. It’s pretty easy to give away millions when you have been groomed since birth to do this. You do such good research. I bet you can dig up a lot of info on this topic.

    • Wow..such spot on info, Kris. Be strong and keep on.I’m tryin’, it’s constant. You do the same as you are. Don’t get too frustrated…the fact that you see it all so clearly is the wonderful end result, pass the rest on confidently. Will look into all that. Don’t worry, be confident. It’s an important resonation. Love you, Zen

      • Thanks, Zen. I’m not frustrated or unconfident, just burnt-out and bone-weary. I can hang on though, because I know a better day is coming.

        Your humble website, which is obviously a labor of love for humanity, has brought clarity and comfort to countless souls drifting in confusion, doubt and isolation right now. There have never been so many false prophets and so much artificial light, especially on the internet. When I first began to read your articles I kept waiting for the punchline; waiting to be disappointed; waiting for you to start hawking the Zen Gardner seminars, the Zen Gardner newsletter, and the Zen Gardner tapes ( just $59.95 plus shipping &handling). But it never happened.

        When people wake up, often they stubbornly cling to that piece of the old paradigm that says the success of everything must be measured in dollars and cents. That’s the Elite’s paradigm, and will have no place on the New Earth. Clinging to this belief retards awarenss. By hacking off this last tentacle of the Elite octopus, one can raise their awareness to a new level and in doing so better understand the Elite master plan. I know this is true because I have observed people who woke up to the “love thy neighbor” -” we are all one vibe”, but did not wake up to the control matrix. After they began to spread love and do good works in the world, they began to resonate at a higher frequency. At some point they resonated to a level where they could perceive the control matrix without being told about it by anyone. This waking up thing is a duel process; waking up to the love vibe, and waking up to the control matrix. Personally I’ve never observed anyone waking up to both at the same time. Much love and blessings to you.

  24. Infinite and Eternal Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy, Love, Light, Peace, Wisdom, Wealth, Healing, Grace to ALL Always!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  25. Do you know what sums up these “Illuminati” freaks? “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22)

  26. It seemed that the Matrix had a lot of truth in it. People I shared the idea of us being power sources for “others” did not like that concept very much; neither do I.

  27. You attack Drake and Wilcock and this is what you come up with? Too much acid back in the day, dude? Kick rocks!!

  28. I’m sorry to say it, but I think this is all “creative paranoia”. There’s much rottenness in this world, and I certainly don’t believe we have the right idea about how the universe is structured. But in my experience, a lot of people imagine themselves to be more insightful and ‘spiritual’ than they are, and jump to conclusions – the weirder the better, it seems. Conspiracy theories abound because people cannot fathom the power of randomness, and would rather think there’s “something behind it all”.

  29. Zen,
    This would be my first comment on your site although I have come across your posts on several occasions in the past.
    The content connects some things for me which are much appreciated.
    The comments by True Beings brings tears to my eyes.
    Absolutely incredible.
    My most favored ambition is to do what I was meant to do and that search has engulfed my entire life.
    This has given me new hope that I may just find that which I seek.
    You Sir, are doing some beautiful work.
    Much Love.

  30. Zengardner, Do you feel qualified to put up a blog and tell people what’s going on and what we all should do about it?. Do you suppose to be leading people anywhere? I suggest you start networking with people who have your best interest at heart. Seems to me you are going way out on a limb with your suppositions, too much and too many ‘wiseacre-ings’, as Gurdjieff might say. Could be you are just creating noise to distract people from any faint signal of truth. Maybe you are doing it intentionally, or maybe not, or maybe I am way off base, sorry if I am. I am allowed to ‘wiseacre’ as well, am I not?

  31. Anyone ever consider that Fukushima will continue to release its radiation poisoning throughout the world without abating? The world will cease as radiation will eventually destroy humanity’s DNA. At the rate it is poisoning the world, 20 years tops… Birth defects, increase in childhood cancers, skin cancers, radiation burns – sounds a bit like Revelation in the Bible, doesn’t it? We are doomed… Evil reigns triumphant…

    • Yr rt John about the radiation. And they say if that reactor 4 fuel rod storage facility goes that could be game over and fast. The minimizing of this issue is one of the reasons Clif High doesn’t trust this blueball info. I’m just trying to shake people out of this apparent trance effect this narrative is having. Be well. Zen

      • The attacks seemed to be of a frequency damaging nature! I believe we must be VERY POWERFUL ENERGY SOURCES, BEYOND THEIR CONTROL!! Just look how hard they are working to destroy us. We are in a FREQUENCY WAR, and 2012 is REALLY ABOUT THIS HIGHER FREQUENCY COMING INTO OUR CONSCIOUS!!
        They are DEFINITELY AFRAID OF US!! Which means this LOVE VIBRATION WILL STOP THEIR NWO PLANS!! Awareness is key, they can’t use mind control on us when we are aware and healthy!! We do have the power to stop them, and I sense there are higher being watching over us!! So don’t lower your frequency by being afraid or sick!
        i think WE ARE WINNING THIS BATTLE!!


    • huh? yeah, go right ahead and energize that thought. maybe if you spend enough time and energy contemplating that you can make it happen. i doubt you have the mental will, however. stay stuck in the catastrophic timeline for all i care. i’ve seen the new earth, and that sh*t doesn’t make the cut. sorry!

  33. Thanks for posting my Actual Matrix Plan and Real Matrix exposes. I discovered that stuff right after I finished my masters degree in 2000 as I mentioned in the sources linked.

    So when I first posted those exposes online in 2001 they were ignored because the information was too ahead of its time. People saw the Matrix but they didn’t want to think it was actually predicting the real future based on a long past of mind control.

    All I can do is highly recommend qigong master Chunyi Lin as the real deal energy healing with his third eye fully open after he did a month in full lotus with no food, no water and no sleep in a cave in China – http://qigongmaster.com and Chunyi Lin’s website is http://springforestqigong.com.

    I can assure you we can all leave the Matrix and the results are amazing — seeing spirits of people who have died, having telepathy and Chunyi Lin even levitated. The innate healing energies of the human body were cultivated by the Bushmen culture in Africa — my blog http://fulllotusqigong.blogspot.com has more details.

    Love and the heart electromagnetic energy is the real answer — I have a book that updates my ten years of follow up research I did after I made the Actual Matrix Plan expose. One scholarly book a day for ten years. But again this is nothing compared to a real energy master — get a phone healing transmission to feel the laser holographic energy from Chunyi Lin — read the testimonials on his website of the people he’s healed of serious disease (late-term cancer, M.S., etc.).

    Enjoy the nonwestern healing energy from before the music logarithmic spiral was initiated by Plato and Archytas….

    • Drew…wow, you blew my mind…and are continuing to blow others’! Incredible research and dot connecting! I’m doing another piece on some other Wells connections/influences right now. Your work is amazing! I can’t tell you how profound that all is, but I know you know.

      I worked between several posts to try to make it as clear to the layman as possible about the matrix, but it so puts together what the world is being subjected to! Unfathomable satanic insanity as you know, but they’re serious and determined and into it. I have some encouraging although esoteric news about it though, so I’ll be sure to get that to you as soon as I get this together.

      I’ll write you directly so we can be in touch. Thank you for your wonderful research and obvious sincere quest for the loving Truth! Much love and thanks, Zen

  34. I’m starting to wonder what was in that ”corexit” in the Gulf. Whatever it is they ”sprayed” has definitely caused mutations. But their ”magic potion” is not yet to the point. I doubt that a shrimp with a cyclope eye is their ultimate goal… or is it??
    Shivers at what’s to come!

  35. The ‘they’ you speak of are also part of the stinking system that we have allowed to develop. They have no idea that their oversized homes are consuming resources beyond capacity. The next generation homes will be so much more desirable because they will not be so wasteful and all the present buildings will become obsolete overnight – like all the stone castles.

  36. All males need to read this link about what happens when they are born, thanks to rules…and whose rules………and women, treat men with as much love as you can…look at what happened when they were first born…and why, people does this medical practice still prevail in 2012????? Do humans really have a chance…vacs,and medical controlled hate…




    yes, math today doable Z…keep on………

  37. This site deals exclusively with breaking the world hypnotic trance. The powerful elite leaders throughout the world are unwittingly, and sometimes not so unwittingly, plotting a major cataclysm and massive devastation over the next few years. This site shows how and why, and what the SECRET MYSTERIES entail, and WHO the agenda is being carried out for. This site is not based on simply rehashing information from other sources, but demonstrates the SECRET MYSTERIES UNCOVERED and EXPOSED through the use of hundreds of original charts and approximately 400,000 words of text to date, to show the luciferian illumaniti egregore group agenda. The information on these pages is not based on paranoia. This site exposes the source of every religion, and the force behind every world system used to manifest the hypnotic trance. This information is the result of over a 40 year search and emergence from the trance state. What was discovered is now available on these pages. Nothing is for sale. Everything is free. There is no group to join. Sanity, awareness, and most importantly answers are available if you take the time to read.


  38. One solution is called EQUILIBRA. EQUILIBRA is designed to help us improve our connection with our true selves, our true Source Being and Spirit and helps us to see through this illusion we all live in, just as we were born to do so, and to SEE as we were meant to see.

    To read even more about this illusory reality, how it manifests in religious, spiritual and new age beliefs and teachings, the difference between the spirit and the soul, karma, reincarnation, past lives, lost souls, who or what the Archons really are, the truth about alien abductions, plus much more See Shopping For Spirit

    [link to http://www.equilibrauk.com

  39. Very interesting. I came upon this web page after searching on google . I wanted to know why I can turn street lights on & off with my mind at any time.
    BUT not the lights in my home, like lamps etc. If anyone knows , I appreciate the response. Respond on this page page plz . I will check back here soon!

    • Simple house switches are done with a physical switch that requires changing physical contact from off to on. Switches for street lamps are electronic using photonic light sensors, motion sensors, and piezoelectric switches. My guess is its interaction with one of the electronic switches. With that in mind. Which one are you using. Keep in mind Photonic light is not always the same as spiritual.

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  42. As much as I want all this to be some overblown paranoia, something is telling me this all makes too much sense. This topic is being articulated intelligently by many people.. I came here searching about irradiation because I have startd to notice hundreds of new moles appearing on my body and thought that this might be something to do with the levels of radiation around me!!! I can’t help but feel scared and paranoid about this whole thing and its bugging me out. Sometimes I just wish I was one of the ones who were not “awake” the paranoia is too much for me!

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