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Are We Steering – Or Being Steered?



by Zen Gardner

Weird how the mind works. Thinking, conscious and subconscious, can and will drive us any way we allow it. We think we’re freely steering this thing called our body and mind and so often we are just being led from one unimportant event to another.

And have no flipping idea why or how.

Think about it. Have you been in control of your thoughts and actions all of your life? I haven’t.

We are not fully in control of what we think, say or do.

But when you wake up you try to be. It is a struggle, we have to admit, but let’s look at this.

We Are Not Our Own…or Are We?

Psychologists have propounded this for centuries. Scholars and philosophers have implied it for ages.

We’re apparently considered a manipulated mass of semi-conscious goo trying to find its way around the Universe. Look at the works of Pavlov and BF Skinner and other social engineers and their influence on humanity. They think we’re trainable animals.

Have they succeeded to a great extent? Only if we allowed them to.

The overarching question?

What’s directing or dictating our thoughts? What are we basing our actions on? Can we be sure where these influences come from and that we’re in charge of our lives?

Pretty big questions.

Got answers? I’m sure you do, or think you do. Just as I do. Chasing down the source of our thoughts and transcending to higher consciousness is now the name of the game.

And it’s fun when you get the hang of it. But humanity’s plight is a sad sight to see from the point of conscious understanding. The good news is that there is a clean, safe place to observe all of this, and it exists within and without each and every one of us.

Get there. And quick.

The Example of the Ouija Board

I recently watched a dramatization of a couple who entertained a divining Ouija Board for fun and entertainment. Their encounter turned out disastrous. They had no idea what they were entangling with and eventually had to get the help of a local shaman to clean their premises of what they’d foolishly allowed in and was tormenting their lives.

This kind of stuff is no joke, I can tell you from personal experience as I’m sure many of you can. You carelessly mess with the other side and you’ll get smacked. That goes for any kind of divination, no matter how innocuous it appears.

Never screw around with occult divining tools unless you are very, very well prepared or with a responsible mediator. It is a serious responsibility, not a thrill ride. The other side is real and under certain restrictive orders.

But if you cross the line, don’t be surprised if you have some strange encounters. Serious warning there.

On the other hand, some very adept I Ching or Tarot readers and the like can really help you. It has everything to do with the source and medium, including yourself if you consult such tools. Personally, I don’t depend on them, but they can be informative and a spiritual boost once in a while. But be careful. Never give your power over to another for any reason. If that’s a requirement back out fast.

The main thing was: I realized something very powerful while watching this encounter and remembering my own naive past….

The Human Mind is the Ultimate Conduit

It turned out in this dramatic reenactment that the Ouija board became the literal problem and had to be destroyed to rid their premises from a pestering presence. Apparently it had become a conduit due to their usage.

Weird? I don’t think so. But it is spirituality at a very base level.

How much more is our ever-present (hopefully) mind and brain a conduit? Whether you believe in other dimensional influences or not, what about our thoughts? Where do they come from?

And if you do believe in spiritual presences, what’s to say we’re not controlled or seriously influenced in subtle and not so subtle ways continuously? If you just look at the Bernaysian advertising propaganda model and don’t believe that you’re a fool.

As sure as radio waves, microwaves and advanced technologies exist, we can bet we’re being hit with a barrage of information visually, audibly, and otherwise. Some may appear as conscious thoughts, others subconscious, and some may damage our nervous systems and mental capabilities, etc., but we are being bathed in electromagnetic soup.

And if you have spiritual leanings, you know we’re being influenced by inter dimensional forces.

We’re In Control as Much As We Truly Want

The question is profound: We can believe, retrieve, conceive all we want, but we are dominated by our overwhelming thought impulses. Where do they come from? Are we self controlled, not, or a mixture?

It’s obviously way weirder and much more complicated than that. And much more esoteric.

We only lose control when we willingly give it over. That’s the bottom line and emphasizes the need to be fully conscious.

Decode the Information and Take the Stand

Personally I think consciousness has everything to do with personal conviction put into action. How can someone say they want to break free while working in a compromised job situation that’s killing their spirit? How can someone cry for peace while they’re working for the war industry?

It’s bullshit. And we’ve all been bullshitters.

But the time is over. The reason these alternative sites pound on the state of affairs is to move people to action. Disengage from the damned system. Stop giving your energy and homage to all the energy vampires around you.

Wake up and smell the re-fried truth for God’s sake!

The Mind’s Rulers – Be Aware and Be Empowered

Let’s rule our own minds through conscious awareness. Meditation and so many other disciplines are so very liberating. We can actually identify outside influences and resist them once we’re conscious. It’s really a matter of being free enough to  simply stay that way!

When Love and Truth become your guide, the other influences simply expose themselves for the foolishness they are.

The serious warning here is; be aware that there are destructive, entropic forces always trying to erode our presence here. Their influence is continual but can be sailed above with minimized effect. We’ll still feel it, but it won’t guide our decisions and emotions.

However, if we let our energies drain, or get bamboozled by false propaganda and sent down the wrong path, we can be collateral damage, if only temporarily, in the war on the Lying Matrix.

Be well, stay encouraged, empowered and free…

…and stay in Love as all get out!…;)

Love, Zen



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  1. Zen, some very excellent observations on a very timely and important topic. we should all remember to question everything, and not believe everything we think. The Destiny formula illustrates why the masters have always taught that what we think, we become.

    The Destiny Formula:
    Everything is energy,
    Energy follows Thought,
    Thought becomes belief,
    Belief shapes your reality, and
    That reality becomes your destiny.

    with all the pacification technologies being used against us these days, we must question everything if we are to be able to differentiate between original thought, and something originating from elsewhere. By monitoring our own thoughts, and adjusting our energy accordingly, we help raise our overall frequency resonance, and that of others. Its something each of us can do every day to push back against the madness. As with everything, it is a conscious daily choice.

  2. Nice Zen. I think this is one of life’s mysteries. It’s clearly wheels with-in wheels, with-in wheels. Infinite fractal dive.

    Control… :-) What a concept.


  3. Most people don’t think AT ALL.

    When I listen to other people speak, I listen for some nugget of original thought. Rarely do I find any. They mostly just repeat things they have heard or read. It’s like people wouldn’t trust their own thoughts (‘Little Me’ Syndrome).

    When you chase your thoughts down, they usually lead to the doorways of either Fear or Love.

    The most frustrating thing of all is that most people’s thoughts are based on the LIES that they have been programmed so well to believe.

  4. I hope people are finally getting it. When they hear people say “you gotta wake up people”, it is far more critical than they think!!! It means in actuality, be in control of your mind or someone else will be in control of it. Obviously the sleepers have already had their minds taken and don’t even know it. What I always talk about at my site is how do you get sleepers to understand the truth when they are oblivious? Once captured it is hard to break through their mind control or so it seems. This is the 64,000.00 question. I would so love to find the answer…Thanks Zenman…. Vis

    • Right on! It is very difficult to get people to think for themselves, the will is just gone. It is mind boggling to me. For any issue you may be investigating, get both sides of the story and make up your own mind. A simple concept for some, but for the masses it is just not convenient: why think when you can turn on fox news and let them do it for you? Please post when you get an effective way of reaching the unreachable. Very frustrating, I’m almost starting to believe that I have two heads…..just judging byu the looks I get from some folks : )

  5. …….Sometimes I imagine myself as being stuck in the ‘mud-matter’ of the Higg’s field, while other ‘free radicals’ are whizzing past me-full of purpose, busy & unrestrained by the gravity of dire earthly constraints.
    ……..As I was speculating on this quandary, an epiphanous bubble of possibility popped into mind……..Simply…to accept..’all’ the negative addicting & cloying emotional experiences coming at me;- to be then allowed to pass right on through ,not even laying a glove on me!… as if I could free myself from what ‘matters’ & continue on…emancipated through the eyes of an eternal knowing & forgiveness, with the all encompassing & accompanying contentment of that feeling of Love in an expanding moment……Hmmmm..-‘if wishes were fishes!’
    …….Like galaxies in apparent collision, from a distant point of view… altho in reality , inconceivable distances of cosmic space, exist between these scattered orbs of spiraling matter, in & out of each others dance.Quantum & gargantuan.
    …….-“compared with itself-each thing is both great & small”(Anaxagoras)…with this in mind…’all’ IS possible, as ‘royalty’ & serfs become equal again…..(just a thought.)

  6. Meditation is an excellent antidote for mind control.

    The means of meditation traditionally fall within two complimentary ‘types’. They are commonly refereed to ‘Shamatha’ ( also Samatha ), and Vipassana.

    Samatha meditation though foundational to Vipassana is continued in practice after Vipissana is encountered.

    The both means are complimentary, with Samatha being foundational.

    Samatha (or peaceful mind) meditation simply attends to the breath, while noting thoughts arise and depart; and, gently guiding our attention, back upon the breath when it wanders.

    With this foundation established, one may then engage in Vipassana (or insight) meditation.

    Vipassana is more analytical in nature. It apprehends the origin of thoughts, senses, emotions etc. It seeks to evaluate those, and work with them. It is discernment oriented, allowing for a mindful course in our actions.

    There is some ‘straight shooting’ on the topic, which can be searched out here – http://www.accesstoinsight.org/ -and here – http://www.buddhanet.net/

    There are rip-offs, based on disseminating esotorica for money. There are trends. There are ‘cults of personality’. There are control freaks, and there are status seekers. All these exist within ‘meditation circles’.

    Meditation is simple, aged and effective. You don’t need to join anything, or pay exorbitantly for knowledge and paraphernalia; though many do.

    Resist the urge, out there, to ‘chase the carrot’, don’t be a jackass.

  7. I like the tale about the Ouji Board.

    Some of those here will remember the popularity of “Parker Games” as Christmas presents.

    One Christmas some idiot sent a “Parker Game” version of ‘Ouji Board’ to a sibling as a Christmas present.

    Mom held a ‘class’ for us over it. She opened the thing and displayed it on the kitchen table.

    Then she assembled all us kids and had us observe it (no one was permitted to even touch it).

    She instructed us on it’s demonic aspects, and admonished us against ever touching one. She told us to leave immediately, in any occasion when ever one was displayed or brought out to play with.

    We absorbed all her instructions; then, after noting that her ‘class’ had sunk in, she folded it up and re-boxed it, and that was the end of the Oiji Board.

    That was 1956.

    The powers behind the Oiji Board have come along way since then. We now have the electric Oiji Board, complete with screens for displaying images, and speakers for emitting sound. And, the whole world is hooked on them!

  8. OUIJA baaad!!!

    Energy is weird stuff. But amazingly we can see the results of our thoughts. If you get outta bed on the wrong side, looook out. More than likely that day is gonna be a tough one.
    However if we are AWARE of our thoughts, the likeliness of being able to control our outcomes becomes much higher. Absolutely there are outside influences that come into our mind and I believe it stems from the collective consciousness. Its like we can really do any thing we want but within reason. You think positive thoughts and you get positive results, you think negatively and thats what you get. However the collective consciouness has to deal with everybody’s thoughts and dole out the results accordingly. People laugh when you tell them you can have whatever you want, I wanna win the lottery for example. Sure me too and about a few million others, only a few get results, there are only a few prizes! If you practice it works better all the time. Problem is people are toooo lazy and we fall in to routines tooo easily. We can be mindf__ked so easily its kinda embarassing. People say nope not me, oh yeah you 2.
    With all the info that we get bombarded with everyday its critical to take time to meditate or pray and keep your mind in BALANCE. The wonders of life are emerging everyday and one has to take time to understand why this or that happens.


    Love this stuf ZEN


  9. I have found most helpful Yogi Bhajan’s series of lectures compiled in a book entitled “The Mind. Its Projections and Multiple Facets”, replete with yogic exercises and meditations specified for various aspects and projections. Having been a solitary student of Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind for many years, I greatly appreciated Yogi Bhajan’s explication of the structures and functioning of the Mind and the many minds thereof. These teachings go a long way to assist in understanding that “the mind was given to us, we were not given to the mind”. Highly recommended!! (As if you couldn’t tell :-))

  10. Great article… Yes thoughts carry great power.Listening or learning from the great yogi’s, mantras have energy and power and are used in the higher dimensions for creative as well as destructive purposes.Since frequency is progressively finer going up the spiritual ladder so to speak thought or mantra carrys a lot more weight to put it crudely.As above so below.Its great to post with like minded folks who seem to be most aware of our situation. In the mornings I spend alot of time on alternative news sites forming a general concensus about the happenings of the day and usually rage and want to avenge these wrongs in my mind by negative thoughts.Also realizing their bringing me down to their level.Vigilence and watchfullness at the gate of the mind is the order of the day.
    Om Namah Shivaya!

  11. How can someone say they want to break free while working in a compromised job situation that’s killing their spirit?

    In answer to that Q, it is because there is no other way to physically survive here. Unemployment numbers are skewed, underemployment, underwater mortgages, uninsured, this is why.

    The spirit of the Creator in each of us may be beyond those sorts of concerns. But it is the current reality for most folks I know including myself.

    • Don’t be imprisoned by the Matrix vexation MV. It really is tough, I’m working on it myself. However, to say that it is the only way is to have surrendered your will to the suppressor. I have worked hard and now all of my loved ones are free, I am still in but I choose to see myself as sort of a double agent. I use my position to create a positive environment for all I am around in the matrix. I do all I can to help those around me. I will make the most of my time remaining in the system, for I know that one day I will no longer be a part of it. There is much good that can be done from the inside, perhaps that is why you and I are still there. Positive thoughts my friend.

  12. Souls are the invisible owners of human bodies, and are resident in the brains. The qualities of soul substance are intelligence/knowledge, awareness/consciousness and harmony/bliss. The darkside are also invisible, are resident in bodies ,but own those bodies in very rare cases i.e. they are possessing entities or invaders, with the goal of dominating the functions and behavior of the body. While the soul has an internal life, the darkside is focused entirely on the outside world.

    The darkside has the opposite qualities to the soul i.e. cunning instead of intelligence, obeying programming instead of awareness, and negative self-esteem and disharmony, instead of harmony. There are other contrasts between soul and darkside substances: souls have understanding and compassion while the darkside is fueled by predatory instincts such as greed, anger, jealousy, desires etc. The darkside’s substance is gross/heavy/dense as compared to lightness or subtleness of the soul. It is the darkside which controls the vast majority of bodies on earth now.

    Their(dark side) purpose is to use the bodies of souls to create hell on earth, to rule things, to play themselves, and to have a ball while accomplishing all that. That the bodies belong to souls, and that this is stealing, is of no import to them. Darksides care only about the welfare of darksides, and will wage eternal war on souls to keep them down, and use their bodies.

    Darksides don’t care about the bodies they use. Their indulgences, depravities, excesses and abuses destroy those bodies. Bodies are for the darksides to enjoy with. Bodies that are required to produce or accommodate excessive tiltillation, go bad quickly. When the body is no longer capable of sustaining the level of enjoyment required, the soul, though still yoked, must pick up the pieces. The darkside society usually destroys the bodies they can’t completely control. They use entrapments, set-ups, accidents, crime and raw snake-power to kill or maim. They use material deprivation, sleep deprivation and mind control tricks to ruin good people, to force suicide or insanity, or to render the soul person unable to oppose them.

    If a darkside loses ground within because a soul fights back, those on the outside come to its rescue. Since all darksides are basically the same substance, energy boosts are easy to transmit. Besides, like vibrates with like: a darkside ‘comes alive’ when other darksides are in the vicinity. The darksides are on top, for the reason that darksiders are the vast majority in society. Each darkside is invisibly hooked up to other darksides. The ‘darkside’ is comprised of several tribes, and each tribe has its own unique link-up or wavelength. In society’s games, each tribe uses a different ‘color’ to play, live and die for.

    Souls also ‘come alive’ in the company of other souls but they do not have any link-up to each other. Souls are vertically integrated i.e. they are connected from earth to the heavens. The ‘spark’ that is soul is connected to the ‘fire’ or Super-soul. Darksides are horizontally integrated i.e. they are connected across the surface of the earth. These are consciousness and communication connections. The soul connection yields intuited guidance and knowledge. The darksides, through ‘eyeball-reading’ and substance-oneness, connects with darksides and reads ‘minds’: of soul people, of their tribe, of other tribes, or of the occult masters and perhaps of the devil himself.

    To really work on a soul, the darksiders work on a companion-darkside to the one present in the soul’s body. If a darkside stuffs a body with darkside food, all similar darksides enjoy it. If the darksiders, for example, ‘cooks’ a companion-darkside, the soul feels his body being ‘cooked’ too. (This is the kind of terminology the darksiders use in the Sex School. They invented their own sex school dialect so that what they do resembles more the work of a kitchen engineer, than that of cheap fornicators and peddlers of sin and evil). Thus, the darksiders have to ‘shoot’ a few core darksides with snake-power, to affect and hurt many souls. Of course, they can target specific souls or bodies. Now, even that energy can be defeated.
    The only weakness the soul has, really, is the darkside(s) in its body. It functions as a mole, a spy, a transmitter, and a receiver for the darksiders. It grants the darksiders free and open access to the soul and its body. This is the ‘weakness’ that darksiders exploit to suppress souls, en masse, and hoist their own kind as bosses in those bodies. When one looks at the numbers of darksiders present in society, the phrase ‘If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them’, gains meaning.
    One has to become a scribe and keep diaries diligently, both of one’s internal happenings and of one’s behavior in the external world. Behaviors can be credited to one of two forces, soul or darkside. One has to be aware of all those behaviors, subtract those that were soul-decided, then one would know which are the darkside’s. Only consciously made decisions belong to the soul. If the soul did not decide certain behaviors in the outside world or in the body, who or what did?

    The darkside within uses other elements in this complete deception. The attention of the soul is assaulted by darkside-generated thoughts, suggestions, images, hallucinations, memories, promises of fulfillment, false notions ( happiness), likes and dislikes, attractions or revulsions etc etc. The darkside prepares the internal platform for action, then actually does the action. It is fully able to execute actions by its control of the flesh. So, initially, at least, beating the soul in the head by FALSE EVIDENCE is its focus. With time, the mechanism becomes automatic and the soul is simply bypassed, in everything. This state of things gets worse since darksides believe in SPEED. For them, the faster they can move, initiate, or respond, the more the darkside-doer is to be admired. This adds ego-building to the darkside repertoire and effectively shuts the door on the soul. The soul gets no opportunity to use its slower ‘look before you leap’ modus operandi. Any soul who wishes to regain its control of the body, must learn to slow things down and stop, before the body gets hurt. This is where meditation does the work that vacations cannot.
    The darkside within resorts to temptation, speed of execution and various kinds of powerful urges in the body to overpower the soul, and have its way. The rule is that if the soul did not decide to behave or to experience anything within its body, then nothing should take place. The consciousness should be empty and calm and the body should be at rest. If the soul isn’t causing the deviations from this, an intruder is responsible. That tyranny must be stopped, forever.

    So, the list of things that soul must decide, applies not only to behavior, but to thoughts that appear in one’s head; to feelings, emotions, desires, urges, thirsts,and a range of sensations experienced within; and to the almost ‘automatic’ nature by which the senses operate. One has to faithfully record these initially, as they occur. As one gets accustomed to monitoring the consciousness for occurrences that soul did not decide, and disallowing them from proceeding further, the occurrences diminish. All writing did was to help us to know ourselves by focusing awareness within. The darkside is always focused on its hunting grounds outside. This begins the process whereby the soul retrieves its hijacked attention and keeps it for its own use.

    These are extracts from a blog I had….. //practicalsoulbuilding.blogspot.com .

    We are being steered. It stops only when you learn how to stop it. If you don’t consciously take over by deciding everything for yourself, its the dark side or the strawman in operation. Being a strawman with the highest principles is still a case of being steered. One has to separate the soul’s decisions from total behavior, detect and reduce the dark side. Eventually, with the right medicine and practices, it can be forced out.

    • Pandava;

      I find this an interesting perspective. I looked over your blog too. I like it.

      Is it finished, or will you be touching on other aspects?

      It seems that your observations are original and come from your own experiences.

      I would concur with most all of it. I would wonder if in your observation you ever encounter ‘archetypical entities’? (higher powered entities from what you term ‘the dark side’, rulers of the darkness, so to speak.)

      I especially admire the reliance on the development of acute discernment that your path would necessarily require.

      I would find it difficult to put this information into words. Good work Pandava.

      • I am happy that my work is appreciated by you. That blog will be restarted when I get employment/money. You are quite correct: this came from my life. Intuition and guidance from a divine source has led me and taught me through a lifetime of suffering and zero. I survive as a soul only because the dark side couldn’t kill me. They are still here minus snake power. They are everywhere I try to get work or Social Security….. giving me failure! Its too late for them. I put curses on them like the Rishis of old and the Biblical Christians.

        Sai Baba was the big lucifer of the 20th century. He was in the Zionists pockets. They have no other avatar of the night. So, that throne in Jerusalem will be empty. Don’t fall for the propaganda! Sai Baba dead but i was taking away the dark side power anyway. The Number 1 and number 5 girls that were ‘cooked’ were shape-shifters of Sai Baba’s tribe. They had great powers. The number 1 was a very big snake. I saw her one day…invisible from the waist up….like transparent with wisps of smoke!

        I have been to India and seen some different things but nothing shocked me as the power of ‘society’ using energy to give me high blood pressure and racy heartbeat while their boys boasted that ‘pressure bursts pipes’. Everybody thought that I would die and lowered their guards and exposed their real selves in attack. I have seen one of my friends send out 2 rays of grey from his eyes which hit my eyes and sucked me dry of energy! I have many many experiences in this dark side conspiracy. What I write is the truth.

        I am 59 years old and I have nothing and with no prospects. I tried to write a book but I lack the basic amenities. I try to get these and there is always a darksider or group giving failure….even with DSS! My family is also the enemy but I am forced to stay with them because everything else has failed. I have no support. I told the good people to help me out and I would pay them back somehow. They love the freedom from dark side energy that they have, but they don’t know how I fought them. There are no good people beyond those who are awake on these blogs. Hypocrites abound!

        There have been forces steering me…eg in going from the number 1 girl thru the others, to the number 5 here. This group wants the game to be played. Another group wanted me to write a book they could use. This is invisible steering. I pretty much put curses on both groups and tell my truth. It is wrong to take a life like mine and give such failures and tortures. I am alive only because I learnt how to take away the power of my own dark side, and consequently theirs too! My posts here on Zen’s site are very condensed.

        We have been thoroughly fooled by religion. We need rescue from the dark side, not salvation! Souls go back to heaven anyway because it can do no wrong really….but it can be put to sleep by the dark side which does the wrong! We cannot lose focus and go to sleep! Yet, being soul is the most joyous living that can ever be! Those who accumulate more than they need are all dark side…..their joy is in comparing their audited statements!

    • Reconcile, unify, accept, integrate ‘your dark’; know who, what it is, what you truly are – then the ‘dark’ and ‘the light’ for that matter (dualistic obstructions) dissapear.

      Then something altogether ‘whole’ is revealed. One is no longer susceptible to any such ideas of ‘control,’ no longer an angry, frustrated bunch of ailments,complaints and condemnations.

      • satan does not ‘begone’ when I tell him to….so I make him go. The automatic process you proffer in the first para doesn’t work.

        There is only SOUL and DARK SIDE. That whole something you speak of must be a strtawman created by self-perpetuated mind control. Not interested in that character. Its the matrix I live in, not some FANTASY ISLAND. I know that I am grounded in this reality when I see dark siders attack me. It is frustrating, but my response is not to be an ostrich. I aim to completely fight this war….not to pretend a superior aloofness acquired by ignoring the matrix, the presence of evil and refusal to fight! Dualistic obstructions are what? Hindu philosophy is just as misleading as any other religion. In fact, Indians are better liars than any other race. They created Salvation by running away (brahmacharya and sannyas). You cannot pretend virtue by ignoring the war on you, and in you. You are well-intentioned but mis-informed about spirituality! Enlightment does not accrue by clever arguments but by being the subject in the experiment of life. Life is only one’s experiment, if one is awake!

        • Everything is always ‘in balance’. Everything that is – is a consequence of ‘balance.’

          Seeking balance therefore, means one has adopted an idea of what is SUPPOSED to be. When You can be free from that subjective desire, You’ll be free, You’ll begin to see what “is.”

          Then You’ll be awake.

          Best of luck with it.

          • I wanted to add, because I’ve been quite succinct in what I’ve offered (for brevity’s sake) resulting in possibly being dismissed as “spiritually aloof…”

            I was a clinical psychiatrist for nearly a decade, when, I had the great fortune to come under the guidance of a shaman in Nepal. Witnessing first hand, therapies, tools of diagnosis, which opened me to a whole new understanding of what “we” are.

            Where I would have (and prior to, had done) diagnosed a patient with some form of schizophrenia, for example – this advanced medicine understood the symptoms being presented in a ‘wholly’ different manner. Thus, the ‘treatment also, was, is, wholistic, as opposed to what I then began to regard as barbaric tools I was limited to. (I shortly after this initial training, retired from psychiatric practice)

            In brief, once the initial delusion of being an “I” is in place, all attackers, forces; are of course perceived as being ‘outside’ of those illusory boundaries of the individual.
            It’s an ever increasing spiral of self-deception, creating more and more frightening delusions – all serving to re-enforce that primary delusion.

            Today, and for the longest time, it is taken for granted that this primary delusion of being an “I” identified with being in a body, is the correct view. (And) our modern society with its myriad problems is a consequence of this delusion.

            If one is truly committed to freedom – then, this primary delusion is to be understood.

            As it is in every instance, once ignorance is healed, then true “communion”, a return to wholeness, out of which true, innate intelligence is accessed. In this state, the solutions to all problems are to be found.

            Remaining within the hypnotic trance maintains the problems – it’s an addiction, borne of ego – the original “great deceiver.”

          • I appreciate your good intentions. My life has been spent trying to be free. I still am yoked but not by the things you mention. I am a SOUL. The world is ruled by satan/dark siders. They are not soul substance. I was born with no support since family is also dark side. I have been attacked, suppressed, enslaved, cheated, lied upon etc and have lived a very deprived life. God’s spiritual forces saved me magically from death many times. I know God exists. I know satan exists. I know the body exists and the soul and satan lives in there too. I do not have any of the deformities you mention because I am a soul, not a strawman or a dark side. I do know the difference.

            I do not copy other people’s understanding of WHAT IS in the body or of general philosophy. Life is a war because war was/is being made on me. I am presently being deprived and suppressed, same as in the past. This might seem fiction to you but I live with it every minute of my life. I am a target because I do not bow to evil, neither do I join them. I can beat them. The evil VS good guys are what this life is about. It is not delusion. I know the dark side very well, and they are not soul substance. Its another kind altogether. There is no hope that they will ever become soul-like. They cannot. They have to be destroyed. The body is their captive playing field. They don’t care about its welfare…or for the soul.

            What I need in my life right now is freedom from those who keep me in their clutches, at their mercy. Every effort to leave them has failed. Every move to get a job or to become independent has been blocked. They probably want me to play their sex school games as my way to freedom. That’s not happening! You see, this is the truth of the matrix that I am caught in for 59 years. Evil uses their stranglehold of the material world to rear good people in captivity. I do not have the beast as boss in my body….so all efforts fail. I do not have a support group since my own race plays the color games too. They are my biggest enemies. So, what is required has not been given by good people. They are few and far between. There are no rights according to the Constitution. So, getting things because I qualify receives concocted denials. Good people have to learn that they must fight back and help other good people not just savour the happiness of living.

            I have been writing since 1986. I am never short where knowledge is concerned. I research quite a lot. I do not have people in the places I must go to for help, to treat me fairly or to treat me like a human being. The moment they see me, they know me and block me or deny me. This is hell man!

  13. I like your writings but this one lost me at ” new “age.
    That’s a cult and tells people how to act and feel, same as a church. If one was present no speech or writing would be needed.

  14. ”They think we’re trainable animals”.
    I think they’re right and that’s a good thing. Cause if they succeeded in training us, then we can also train and retrain ourselves.

    See a huge part of who we are loves it when people say….Wow! about just anything we say and do….so we say and do a lot of things we don’t mean or care for just for a chance to hear that WOW mostly from friends and family. We need validation cause we have been in a submissive role for way too long. Let me give you an example of my own life.

    For years, each time I would get into a new apartment and shop for new furnitures, decorations etc…I knew what ”I” wanted but did I get it? Nope! I got what I felt would get me that Wow!. At least some recognition that I had ”good taste”. Was it just a need to ”fit” in?. I suspect it’s more than that. I strongly think that we suffer a great deal of insecurity when it comes to showing our real Self to others. Our home, our clothes, our car is often bought for ”others” more than for us. We spent our life with laws and rules that made us feel small and inadequate. We were shown that we couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing, that we needed regulations and directions.

    So, were my thoughts mine while buying furnitures I didn’t care for? In a way yes and in some other way no. I could have made my new place reflect the real me, but did I REALLY have that choice? I don’t believe so. Using that choice would have meant feeling ”disconnected” from others.

    So I think that our thoughts and freedom of thoughts will be ours when and only when we’re totally ready without any holding back to show and BE the true individual that we are without the fear of being judged or abandoned by those we love.
    Today I am realizing that the more I am myself and live by my true values, the more I feel connected to others. We need to rid ourselves of all the false input and programming, especially the ones pertaining to who and what we are.

    And that’s the road people like Zen and a few others are paving for us.

    • There are talismans and yantras buried in shopping places. These give power to the greed and need of your dark side! So you go to Walmart for 1 item and get back home with a truckload. There are ‘remote’ workers who are paid to influence people like this. They do it from home. Once the dark side gets power, it is like a runaway horse. Only your awareness of its doing this can stop it!

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