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Are You Alone? Or Strategically Placed!


by Zen Gardner

I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive paradigm shift taking place around the globe. Spouses can’t wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you’ve gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders.

It does suck. We all experience this phenomenon and the isolation that seems to accompany the wake up.

Here’s a hugely happy thought. If we’re an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we’re exactly where we’re each supposed to be.

In fact, we’re probably carefully distributed to create a world-wide grid of truth!

Cool? In other words, once again there’s no mistake with synchronicity!

Oh, Look At All the Lonely People..Connected!

Are we all all truly strategically positioned for the best possible effect on the cosmos and the awakening?

Resonates with me, as trippy as it may seem. Why not?

We’re each generators, nodes, transmitters, relays, conduits and vessels of light, truth and love. The ultimate power of positive transformation. And we may be just where we’re supposed to be, lonely or not. So take heart!

So the loneliness is from what? Perhaps devised separateness, a systematically broken down and compartmentalized imposed society of induced helpless creatures supposedly awaiting the touch of a distant god or some romantic “other” to free them. All based on conceptual lies of separateness.

They do try, don’t they?

Yes we need emotional bonding, but within a constructive framework. The purpose of the imposed matrix is to break us down to negative, destructively entropic self-degrading emotions and responses, fight or flight left brain reactions, and self-flagellating flailings about in the mystic. And then bonding to their “idols” of confusion and materialistic insanity for so-called security.

Wrong. Clearly wrong. Don’t let anybody fall for it.

Positioning – Be!…and Broadcast Where You Are!

This is perhaps a revolutionary idea, but nothing that’s not already in place. I contend that to not realize this is to decrease the intensity and effectiveness of our power grid. Immensely.

Those of you who’ve awakened to this realization of the importance of “now consciousness” know what I’m talking about. That humanity has been distracted from this knowledge and understanding through false teaching, amusements and entertainment is one of history’s greatest lies and tragedies for humankind.

We can’t all be physically together, except in a very large concept. And the truth warriors with whom we each communicate are often in far flung locations and operate in their own personal nexus.

But in the grid? We are already one.

Turn it up and Shine! We are One and Now!

Who Knows?

Hardly any of us are completely mobile and ready to join up and live with other Truth advocates. Some are doing it and if that’s what we’re supposed to do we’ll do it.

We’ll each keep evolving according to conscious unraveling. It’s a little freaky to try to conceptualize but I at least just wanted to relieve some angst for those worrying about this feeling.

We are where we’re supposed to be….at any time, in any place.

Fear not. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Spread the Truth. We each make a HUGE difference!

Love, Zen


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  1. I’ve come to this realization myself. Even if no one wants to hear what i have to say, I still say it. I was quiet for a while because I was discouraged, but now I do think I’m here for a purpose and so I live that purpose out loud.

    • Interesting comment, Karen, about speaking out.

      I’ve started doing that lately, slightly involuntarily. I’ve been expressing anger (an emotion I rarely experience and do not like), but a friend said to me “I’d thought to myself ‘Gosh, Johnny isn’t half speaking his mind lately’ and it’s a good thing”. All I’ve *started* off doing is simply pointing out the obvious brutality of the state and how disgustingly The State behaves. It’s become a slight joke, my references to “The State”, but when I was having dinner in a restaurant with this friend and another friend who used to be a diplomat dealing with world “leaders” and “royalty”, and I just spelled out the obvious that our august world “leaders” are psychopaths. E.g. “Obama mentioned the other day that he’s a ‘christian’; meanwhile he’s authorising drones to kill and maim men, women, boys, girls and babies in villages in Pakistan. Murdering and maiming. Ripping young children limb from limb. They don’t think like us, they don’t have empathy like us: they’re psychopaths”. The ex-diplomat friend didn’t actually refute what I said.
      Gosh. Sorry for the negativity, but yes — thank you for the reminder to speak out freely. I’m pretty reticent to discuss spiritual and cosmic matters with people (and the title of this article touches a nerve — I’m desperate for a local little group of people I can SHARE perspectives with and how we can all learn from each other’s experiences). But you’re right! It’s time for us to speak out! By speaking out we give others the opportunity and encouragement to speak out also!
      Many thanks.

      • Wow, my jaw just dropped to the floor! I have found some much needed kindred spirits!!! Thank you so much for your comments everyone, I can totally relate and this is just what I needed right now, go figure! lol Last year around this time, was when I became fully awakened and it has been quite difficult especially the last few weeks. This is not an easy path to walk and it is comforting to know there are others who understand and are going through the same experiences and dealing with the same issues! There are some days when I think I can not go on and I ask the Universe to get me out of here, I have had enough!! Now I know for sure that there is something greater at work here and we are all part of that! Thank you for your caring and your courage, stay strong my friends <3

  2. We are each and everyone EXACTLY where we are supposed to be by choice of free will and we are NEVER alone! Does not alone mean “all one”?

  3. “And then bonding to their “idols” of confusion and materialistic insanity for so-called security.”

    Hmm. A very thought provoking missive Zen. I had to read it twice because it really resonated. In short- we are lonely because we are alienated from ourselves. Of course it doesn`t help that we have been trained to be externalized and self sequestered in some bizarre labyrith of lies and disstortions where things that really don`t matter have become lifelong preoccupations, panaceas, and distractions. As truth warriors, as you put it, there comes a point when we realize the folly of even trying to be compelling and relevant in this false predatory matrix. It matters not. Our souls can and do cast out filaments that form connections with other souls. It is an elegant tapestry that few are aware of.
    Thanks for this one.

  4. Great post Zen… definitely strategically placed here in NZ. Though once one “gets” unity consciousness, it is impossible not to feel connected to the whole, no matter how isolated you are. And you can feel others consciously linking up. It is like being back at school. This time the classroom is in 5D.

    We are guiding ourselves towards the realisation that everything is and always has been perfect… it is simply in how we have chosen to perceive our reality. That realisation comes when we consciously start to let go of the illusions of the imposed matrix and its denser energies.

    • wow – and thought i was the only one from nz who visited this site?! far out – there are more of us than even we know!

  5. Thank you, Zen – you totally get it. And it’s a pleasure to have the company of you and others on the same wavelength here.

    I chose 15 years ago to walk this path ‘alone’. It has been the only way for me to be a free spirit. Other people have thought it weird that I should choose to be permanently single, as though being paired up is the only way to be! I’ve always thought marriage to be so artificial and unnatural. Even cohabiting with another adult would put a thousand stresses on me daily.

    This has been a big factor in my own awakening. I don’t have to explain or justify my thoughts, feelings and actions to anyone. Mental energy is conserved and used wisely.

    I do feel, especially recently, like I am a powerful receiver-transmitter, and I appear to turn up at the right place at the right time – just this last week on three different days I have been in the exact position to be able to help out a ‘stranger’; and another day I found a large banknote on the street.

    ‘Alone’ doesn’t have to mean ‘lonely’ – that’s just a program. When you are truly your own best friend, you cannot feel loneliness. And the only person’s opinions to be concerned about are one’s own.

    • I completely agree with you here, indigoviolet, I’ve made the same decision and haven’t regretted it so far. God, what a sense of freedom once the “mating at all cost” programming slipped away! Stripping Matrix programing is such pain in the ass sometimes, but also it can be really fun once you let all those “sacred cows” be busted. And mere sense of freedom you are beaming into the environment changes that environment, you don’t even have to say anything or make your point verbally! Job is done primarily on the level of consciousness, and that is why we don’t even have to be in physical proximity to affect mass beliefs of humanity

    • thanks indigoviolet – I am also a solitary and completely “get” what you are saying about marriage and even being in a co-habiting situation. Not for me, never was. And, yup, they think you are weird, alright. An unpaired female seems to be particularly disconcerting to many. Meanwhile, I simply watch so many unstable, anxious people running around desperately in those artificial mating rituals that I have always found peculiar and boring. It certainly is a bizarre programming.

  6. Thanks. For me, an extremely needed message today. I resonate with your perspective completely. Sometime, when I feel depressed and alone (and our situation does suck – thanks for being so blunt, i usually get slammed or stared at when I say that out loud) I get the strong desire to flee. That comes from allowing myself to sink down into the meaninglessness of it all.

    And then, when I let myself think the way that you are noticing – that I am “strategically placed,” I find that movement forward and self confidence begins to churn. I do write a blog and it seems that is, indeed, my own broadcasting station. Also a massage therapist, where I can quietly connect with the unconditional, meditative love for humanity. Sometimes, these activities seem so small given our larger concerns.

    There is a well-known psychiatrist (pardon, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name) who said: “When you wake up inside an insane system, you yourself will feel insane. And others will look at and treat you as though you are insane. You must be willing to go all the way to the edge of that insanity. And you must learn to come back, for it is then that you shall begin to make great contributions to the culture.”

    Your words inspire to hold my ground and to keep, little by little, pushing back the darkness.

  7. A long time ago when I went through my “wake up” process, yes it did come to the stage of feeling alone…but that phase passes when your wake up gradually goes deeper such that it no longer matters…when you get closer to living “source” more consistently you actually begin to shy away from those who are like yourself in awakening…your energy pours out and fills up through you more dynamically…this doesn’t mean you have to turn away from those who share your level of consciousness, since greater things can be accomplished in group related activities..however you can still feel a part of everything regardless of who or who is not involved with your life on a personal level.

    • Well said Jay. I couldn’t feel more connected myself, but I’m blessed with an amazing mate who totally gets it so we can share everything and do. But there’s a lot of heartache out there of people missing companionship and the validation of personal comraderie while they go thru the changes. Good news is we have the internet, what a game changer that has been!! Cheers, Zen

  8. You must have been reading my mind Zen. I am in a state I never thought I would live in, with someone that is asleep, surrounded by even MORE people that are asleep, feeling quite spiritually, emotionally and psychically isolated. However, in the back of mind, I have known it’s for this purpose…to help anchor the grid across the world, and that I will gladly do for Earth and Humanity. If anyone else feels this way in FL, give me a shout out!

    • Key Largo here, and tuned to your wavelength. So much “gnashing of teeth” followed by cycles of weary resignation and then, finally, brief glimpses of hope and sense of duty to shine my light again for all our sakes.

    • Been feeling this way too for awhile. Especially alone within the parent and sibling unit. Have a great wife that is not too awake but is accommodating to my viewpoint. Have great kids. I find that only a very few friends can I express my thoughts. Even close progressive friends are not too awake even though they may think they are. I like the idea that we are exactly where we need to be.

      • Seattle, hang in there. I know many in your type of circumstance. Tune into the prompts, things will happen. It may not be comfortable but you’ll know what to do. There’s no firm rule but do what is right and loving, and it’s not gushy love as you know, it’s real love. Expect the best is all I can say. Love, Zen

    • I received this message in my self, then got to read it. a couple of weeks later//pretty cool. Like a cosmic affirmation.

  9. It is actually quite amazing that progressively, over the years, I’ve been guided towards my current mindset of wanting to be alone, but yet, I am not lonely. Part of me expects me to be with someone but I still don’t really want to be. At last, I now ask myself the question, why? Why did I try to fulfil the role that society had instilled within me of it being desirable and even necessary to have a mate, a partner? There has been an almost step change in my thinking, I now realise how I don’t need to feel guilty or negative in any way for being happy with me and only me, my time, my energy is my own. Oh, how much knowledge could I have gained if I hadn’t allowed myself to be distracted? But, it isn’t easy to shrug off the feeling that being alone is wrong – rather, not wrong but not the most desirable state to be in :s. However, the jewel must be a very rare that can love and be loved almost unconditionally. Occasionally, I stick my head above the parapet to look back at the people around me and I am disappointed. People who speak different languages find it difficult to communicate.


  10. Marvelous message Zen! We’ve all gone thru this loneliness which is especially acute when we’re awakening to the true reality of our existence. I’ve noticed that even tho most of the people around me are clueless to what we’re talking about here–the Truth of Oneness and the illusion of ‘maya’–if we approach them with patience and understanding and love it’s easy to help them see more clearly, and even more importantly we can teach them how to be respectively critical of the misinfo/disinfo etc that we’re told is real and to see a deeper connectivity behind events. It’s easier for me to love everyone enough to have the patience to be with them when I ‘live from the heart’ and trust my intuition, but everyone has their unique modus operandi. It’s always a difficult moment to trust yourself when you feel lonely, but truly we’re part of this beautiful grid of truth! Peace….

    • Well said Jimbo…and to know we’re not alone in the least helps. Cuz we aren’t. But the illusory world’s no friend to consciousness at this point in time. That’s why I like shock and humor, gotta get their attention. Cheers, Z

  11. Zen, I do believe this is the most important post you’ve made so far. Nine months ago when I found your website I thought: “this guy really gets it.” You keep re-enforcing that thought with new posts. Also thanks for the Johnny Barnes video on the other post! It made my day.Tried to leave a comment there but it would not post.

    • Kris..so glad. Very kind of you and so glad this all resonates.
      Johnny Barnes had me in tears from the get-go. What a beautiful character and example to mankind! Imagine if we were all falling all over each other trying to be like Johnny Barnes? Ha! One day…one day…our part is to do our part, just as satisfying if you think about it…;))) Stay in touch, Love you!–Zen

  12. Humor and simplicity are interesting ways to try to wake someone else. If that doesn’t work you can always try to use those concepts in your daily life, loneliness will disappear little by little.

  13. ZG…actually the “interventionism” I am doing now is much easier with the advent of the internet (and my attempts at being a ‘New Age Guru’ back in 1995). Then I was presenting a program called
    “Love Holography”..for native american healer Chira Morgan (deceased 1997)..and her followers in Wizard Wells Texas. They were deeply interested in my “extraterrestrial ideas”..and wanted
    to know if I could relate to “Saint Germaine” and related American Indian ideas of animal spirits. I was just “peddling what
    I understood..”mixing quantum physics and some religious common sense (back before it was ok to be a ‘Galactic Channeler’…)anyway, the “love message” was just another way of looking at Jesus..there is more to the “Christ Consciousness” than Man can fully understand..and with the physical sciences now actively analyzing “anthropic universes”..most of what I was
    managing seems like 21st Century Gnosticism at this point.
    (Email me if you are interested)…but ZG …to be able to sit here
    and discuss all this without doing “bogus stuff” (like charging
    everyone 75 bucks to read my materials…)..is much easier on the
    physical person..much less the spiritual delivery.

    Praying for everyone who reads this and related messages here.
    WW in Fort Worth

    • Cheers to you WW! The way to tell a phoney ‘teacher’ from the real thing is if they are charging money. If they’re charging money they are still a student because they don’t really get it yet.

  14. hi zen
    i´ve been reading your posts for a while,
    i first started reading david icke and now
    im also addicted to your web site and posts…
    i even call you david icke 2, you two are
    amazing your words are so full of love and
    inspiration.the way you write is simply
    even if im surrounded by
    people that are not awakened i don´t and never felt lonely
    my main problem was…why can´t they see it? why?
    it´s hard to hang out with most of my friends,
    but i simply love being alone (strange?)
    im much happier when im alone.
    this post is the answer for a question that i had.
    i always find myself travelling from turin to lisbon and vice versa
    it´s a very powerfull feeling that tells me go go go
    and even if i have no money for the ticket it will come out of nowhere
    a week ago i was talking to a friend (not awakened)
    and i said that i couldn´understand why i keep travelling, and suddenly i said i was a
    generator/transmitter of light. i don´t have any background on this subject
    but i just said it. this post Resonates with me so so deeply.
    now i know im strategically placed. god you are amazing

    keep up the good work

    and a big thank you for your work and dedication

    love graciano

    • Very kind Graciano. No credit to me, just waking up like you. I share your frustration…don’t get it either, but let it empower you to reach out like you are. Follow the promptings, the synchronicities you see, you’ll be led to where you can do the most good, guaranteed! Love, Zen

  15. You rock Zen my magnificent friend. I have written to you before on your site here and one time recently you suggested I wrote a blog. Well I did and I have written four artivcles and put them write out there (spelling error intentional) whether they are read or not, makes no difference, word has energy and transmits exactly as thought or spoken words.

    You inspired me………I hope to inspire just one or millions who knows. If every ONE write something somewhere or even thinks it, it adds to the sum total, of all that we ARE.

    love and peace…..

    • Send the blog over Gent!! So encouraging! Don’t you feel better? Jump in, it leads to other stuff!….and yes, IMAGINE if everybody did at least SOMETHING….and then some MORE…eh? That’s what it’s all about, as you well know. Love you, Zen (Send it to zengardner1@gmail.com if you want). Ciao (I can put articles up on BeforeItsNews where I edit and contribute as well to help you get some coverage..;)

  16. Your article totally resonates with me. I love it and I try to live in the way you describe: Accept the now, have trust in the place where I am, accept the loneliness. The connection with the grid and “All that Is” is getting stronger everyday.

    To you, Zen: Thanx for doing your part!
    To all: Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

    Sometimes I can’t believe what movie I’m in, but it’s certainly not a sequel;)

    • Frank, no small thing you’re part of. So glad this helped. Funny thing is most of us learn to love the isolation to keep our research and production moving along. Personal presence can be a serious distraction at times. But it’s all temporal.
      Loved your sequel comment! So true! Love, Zen

  17. Dear Zen,

    I like to think of ourselves as United Islands, U & I R 1 !!

    Love, Peace and Light to all of Creation,

    Sat Nam ……………..XOXO

  18. my first time here……niceeee…..many of you have put into words what I feel but didn’t know how to say. Often times I think of how I would like to go and be somewhere else and doing something else, but then I think…well this is where I am suppose to be, I do think of myslef as anchor….and f and when I am to be somewhere else that will happen. I love all the talk of being “alone” as in not mated up. People do wonder what is wrong with you and can’t seem to understand it is a choice, it lends freedom…..evidently a freedom that is conducive to what we are here on Earth to be. Notice I said be and not do. I love that I found you all….. nice gift for me today!

  19. zen, i read something you wrote sometime – can’t even remember when – and you said that maybe there is a parallel earth reality waiting for ‘the ones like us’. i hope there is. i hope we all get to go there eventually. i want to experience this beautiful planet in all her natural glory – no cell towers, no malls, no cars. just us and mother nature.

  20. NZ is probably a nexus of some kind ! And even if I was on my own, yet I allways knew that there is Love and Truth and Peace, we all know those even if there is not much else to know for sure, even now when Awakening brings forth the tension and the charges before the explosion of Light. Thank you, Zen and You all friends

  21. Beautiful notion, I resonate deeply. Here we are apparently locked in our personal entanglements but how about the big picture? How often each of us has realised that the Universe has a greater intelligence and so we are where we are.

    This posting very greatly uplifted my so called local efforts. Thank you.


  22. Absolutely, I feel like being strategically placed and where I’m meant to be – and don’t feel alone because of my strong connection to the HIGHTEST God.

    Strategically placed to monitor and uncover agents of a luciferian/satanist New Age propaganda – who ever feels unconfortable by that statement is in focus…

  23. Don’t you just love MJ’s “You are not alone” song!

    Rest in Peace MJ – we’re sorry the illuminati got you in the end – but remember you are not alone!

  24. Hi Zen, love your stuff! When you said, “…induced helpless creatures supposedly awaiting the touch of a distant god or some romantic “other” to free them.” I couldn’t help but think of that belt of energy we’re supposed to be passing through. Kind of sounds the same, doesn’t it? Waiting for the Cosmic Energy Wave to come wake us up and bring in a whole new consciousness? Just a thought.

  25. If God chose my battle station then I must have had some serious Karma. If I chose this location then I must be a brave soul.

  26. Sometimes I feel alone and swiming against the flow, I guess is the opposite. I feel that people around me are so afraid of changing their belive systems so they go blind. But you´re right, we´re placed at the right place at the right time

  27. Hi Zen,
    I am so grateful to have the internet. It is such a relief to find so many people just like me.
    I have spent most of my life wondering how I landed on this planet full of insane people. As I have grown, I began to understand a little better what I am here to be, and why I am in this particular place at this particular time.
    Except for a short 7 years with my beloved husband, I have been alone. I have found it so much better to be away from people that feel the need to either change me or judge me. Now, I be/do what I am here to be/do in peace.
    Thank you, Zen, for this thoughtful post and to all the commenters. I love you all.

  28. A long ways back I had a battle with cancer that I won. I knew I had to be here to do something and now I think I am doing it but I feel in this way. I am told I am crazy and this is a cult from people who are and were in a real cult.

    I am for the resource baased economy which will be part of this new world.

    I am alone most times so it is hard but once in a while locally I find someone who gets it and last week I talked to one of them.

    The other people now are slowly just waking up to the beginning of it but is a long ways there yet.

  29. Zen, One of the most lucid posts I have read in years. An answer to a question I have had for even longer. Confirmed I’m where I’m supposed to be. Thanks

  30. You are so amazing, so knowledge able and so alert and so refreshing, it’s like being with an older brother I always wanted.


    The true source of joy is love — love of God, love of beauty, love of wisdom, love of another human being, it does not matter which. It is all one love: a joyful awareness of dissolving boundaries of our ordinary narrow self, of being one with the reality beyond, of being made whole.
    – Irma Zaleski, from the essay The Door To Joy

  31. Impulses left freely to ignite the quiet
    Gently bringing the warm awareness
    Expressing joyously the freedom of the moment
    Spontaneous bursts of brilliance, one offs
    Joining endlessly to create one glorious now
    Ever expanding
    Always exceeding never better never worse
    Only Diverse
    Verses interwoven to bring
    The conscious song into being
    At a Glance from a Distance
    An Infinite Moment in Glory

  32. by the end of this Year, thousands of people will awake. Because there will be strange phnenomena, ufos, spirits, strange news and the MEDIA will promote this news, they will not scensorship these phenomena.
    Many people will awake and star making questions, they will search for answers.
    And we, the enligthened ones, we that are making research and being ridicularized for years.. We will be heard.
    People will start hearing us and they will stop ridicularization .
    they will believe in us.

  33. Love this one Zen! I never thought we could be a grid. This connects with a vision I have since months, when I’m about to fall asleep, of tiny little lights, placed in a grid and connected to each other.
    Wow, it could be all of us that I’m seeing!
    I read your posts just when I need to, what synchronicity! Thank you! Love, Laura

  34. Dear Zen,
    Thank you for posting this. Although I only just now discovered a link to it from a more recent post, the message here is timeless. On many occasions I have tried to reach out to other “established” truth loving folks like yourself, only to be seemingly ignored or dismissed unless I inquired about making a donation. Then, all of a sudden, they are not too busy to respond. However, I think I have since reached a point where I don’t feel so isolated any more and I can appreciate a more profound and broader connection to other awakened souls from within. Hence, though we have not yet met face to face, I know each and every one of you, intuitively (smile).

  35. I read somewhere just recently that when “the big event” happens (disclosure? increased energy? other weirdness?), there are ALOT of asleep folks who will be woken up abruptly and who will be ready to panic. That’s when us quietly awakening/awakened, all by ourselves types will come in, being already done with alot of the hard part, and able to be an island of calm and reassurance and help. If we were all stuck together in one place, there’d a) be no one over where the panicked need us and b) there’d be so many of US there’d be no room for them… So, yeah: I’ve asked myself the same questions, but then when I read the comments on UFO sites or various spiritual websites from people who really don’t get it, I realize that they’re going to need us. So we’re spread all over like the salt of the earth, ready for action. We just didn’t realize this and the waiting gets hard. But it’ll be “alright on the night”, you’ll see. SOON now too.

  36. I am officially freaked out now.
    I have felt alone since my ‘awakening’ began. just two months ago now… and was only thinking this morning that maybe there is a good reason I am alone. It occurred to me that maybe I need to be the ‘representative’ for my area… Strategically placed. and then i read this. I’m freaked out but in a good way. I feel confident that I can be that calming force for those around me and like many others have said, I too have begun speaking to others about the other way to live, the kinder way, what its like to be mindful , awake and awake. Its strange because we all seem to have this transcending feeling that what we are saying and doing is bigger than us. That it doesn’t matter what people think – its just important that we say it and live as an example. I am both terrified and exited about what is to come. I fear for those nearest and dearest to me – and I hope that I will be able to help them cope with the sometime simultaneously wonderful and horrible experiences of understanding what is going on in the world.
    By the way – I am in Victoria, Australia, close to Melbourne :) Any others nearby ? “And we scream as if in a nightmare with no one listening.” But there are others listening and screaming in unison – and that though gives me peace xx

  37. Seems we are all getting our throat chakras cleared! lol Thank you for a wonderful article, Zen. Keep these gems coming. :) They/you are much needed now.

  38. Thanks Zen. I do love this website. We are not alone, that’s the funny thing, but it is lonely for sure. How to cope? There are mechanisms. For me I’ve decided to strengthen parts of me I can, body, mind and spirit. I go to gym, trying to eat right, regular sleeping, stay away from poisons and propaganda as much as possible and avoid events without a supportive friend beside me. At the same time, I’m always second guessing myself, even posting on this site, I’m thinking to myself I should just be quiet. It’s getting better. Thanks for your site, it helps.

    • Glad you’re here Tim. We’re in this together. The more we pull together the better. Great strength in unity. Know it’s there whether you see it or not, that’s important. And so is speaking up and entering into the fray. Every voice counts and it builds personal momentum. Much love, Zen

  39. Shalom/blessings Zen
    It brought much hope again to my heart today, realizing that I am not alone on this journey afterall. Most pain – “friends” trying to convince me and others that I have lost my mind. Most joy, knowing that I am perfectly sane in an insane world…

  40. Hi Zen, Like some other readers, I return to read your amazing website from time to time. As if it was a call for it, sincronicity strikes again! It is a wonderful feeling to think each of us is placed exactly where it is meant to be. The grid has a massive appeal to me, and today I was commenting on other websites about the critical mass. Someone used to say that just one percent of the people is enough to trigger massive changes. I was puzzled by the distances and th logistic of such a big group. And here you come out with the answer, right in th same day I was looking for it. Amazing is the least I can say! Wish you and your readers a long and happy life and an amazing new year full of opportunities for the soul ! Namaste!

  41. Hello all.

    Thank goodness for Zen. I am another one who is alone but so able therefore to find time to build my thoughts and get information, and so tune in. I too love the grid vision, which comes into being all the more strongly presumably, when we all visualise it. This blog lets me know that you are all saying everything for me, and that you all feel the same way. So now I see and feel this grid. You probably know the “Anastasia” books, and this is a tangible grid as well which is manifesting in millions of people worldwide. . Hows about a possibility that the slightly varying energies of these grids all interweave across the planet? layer on layer? Thanks again everyone for being where you are. Oh how I wish some of us could connect and talk to each other.
    Thanks again Zen.

  42. I just now came upon this post even though it’s older. Your “hugely happy thought” is exactly what I keep seeing every morning in my prayer/meditation time! The “world wide grid of truth”, light and prayer! I see it, in my spirit, looking very much like the image you selected for this post. What an encouragement! Thank you for writing this almost a year ago! :oD

  43. The Judge asked me? “Do you understand your rights?” I answered “If I had any rights, I wouldn’t be here in the first place”. and there and then i saw a vision of Beauty, in the Court-house, after having spoken to a Barrister in disguise.

  44. Hi all,

    the destroying of the family unit is also a programm. So being single and not having children is exactly what the agenda is. So are u really out of the programm or just stepping into a new one? oneness is also the new religion. Meaning one happy family with the intention for collective standardisation. so what is freedom for you?

  45. I’ve been reading your blog posts for a little while now and today reading this one I have received some awesome confirmation of what “I” already knew. For me, this feeling of being alone is not about feeling unconnected but about feeling/knowing a far deeper connection that would take me, or so I fear, outside of any “normal” relating parameter. In short, fear of not being able to relate to my friends and family on their “sleeping” terms. However, that’s so not the case! The way it turns out is that most times I come out with something that’s a little left field, people are receptive. The hardest part so far has been the weird silences where people are struggling with entraining to my energy. I’ve learned to ride that uncomfy emotion; it passes like all others!

    One thing that hit me so sweetly was this idea of programming loneliness. I never thought of the “saviour” consciousness program in quite that way! Makes total wonderful sense!

    Thank you for the boost that this article gave me today; so needed!


  46. I’ve had this happen increasingly over the last year or so, where family have just become so opposed to knowing the truth that I just don’t even talk with them anymore. I have made efforts to reach out to others on the internet, though even just recently someone I thought was compassionate and caring in the truth movement was very critical and hurtful towards me when I mentioned some things that were hurting me deeply. I hope you’re right, that we’re merely strategically placed, but I for one just feel alone.

    • No two individuals are in the same spiritual place on their path, quest. And so it’s normal to move on from those we chose before birth as a family. I’ve not seen those individuals who are no longer familiar in twenty years. I’m far better off without them. And yes, there are many [billions] who can repeat, ape, mimic all we say, but they have no honor, spirit, behind their words; only the disease of pride which manifests itself into critical and hurtful babble from their dirty mouths. You are the one who must grow and love yourself so their babble no longer affects you.
      I feel alone as well: the difference is that I’ve seen I ‘am’ alone and all this is but my imagination so I can imagine myself not alone. Soon only those of us with honor will remain, in the proper time. With Fukushima, the good news is that the losers will be gone of radiation poisoning very soon: For those who ascend, there is NO radiation, there is no spoon, only our imagination of a perfect consciousness best described as a feeling, specifically, the feeling of love. All of you need, to ascend, to see this is our imagination and a physical world can NOT exist (Zeno’s Paradox).

      Lots of good comments on here; better than all the freaks on the spirit sites…

      I love me,

  47. Thank you for this,and for posting the link on your new post !!!
    Actually, I am going very pro-active about us truly connecting (starting with interacting more in comments maybe), all the way to finding out how close some of us are (geographically).
    Very nice synchronicity, as I just wrote something about “being in the exact place where we need to be”. I hope this thread picks up again, or maybe you might make a “fresh” post about this ?! :)
    I too feel it’s important that we know of each other. And, as a true activist, I’m being vocal about it, I hope you don’t mind.
    Agree on what you said about not feeling lonely. Ditto on spending a lot of time on the net, informing !

    Much Love, and gratitude for your work :)

  48. Wow, without trying…landed here within an hour of saying exactly this same sentiment to my brother! Have sent him the link and know it’ll be a huge release for him, so THANKS ZEN! …..and the universe and it’s powers

  49. Thanks mate for this gift. Your wings were certainly opened when you wrote this post.
    “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
    Wayne Dyer

  50. Oh Zen, Ive been reading you for about a year now, and just discovered this great article just when I most needed it. At age 86, alone for 26 years, in a self-.. chosen foreign country,feeling alienated from friends and family back home, who do not share my values,,. I am. heartbroken to discover my children are more concerned about my death to help pay off their mortgages and huge private tuition bills, than waking up to the realization of what our govt. has done and continues to do unabated in its headlong rush for world domination..All in the in the name of freedom and democracy.
    I feel alienated and stupid to realize all the suffering we experienced in the typical dysfunctional American
    family appears to have been wasted. Is this some kind of karmic repetition we are fated to repeat? History seems to say yes. I hope both history and I am wrong.
    Many of the posts suggest hope is just around the corner. I am heartened with the messages of hope and
    light at the end of the tunnel. But, struggling to hope, I plod on.

    • Hey Natom, thanks for the great note. I hear you. My kids and grandkids are “matricized” to varying degrees, some severely despite all we’ve told them over the years. It can make you feel powerless, but you’re not. Your change and spiritual awakening is a testament to Truth and resonates throughout the Universe, touching many more than any of us can conceive. Know that. We all need to learn how best to keep up the good fight as long as we’re here, but I’m proud to know you and want you to feel great confidence in your heart. You deserve it, we all deserve it. Do stay in touch and all the best, love, Zen

  51. Hi Zen and others who commented,

    Good reading all your thoughts: from what I’ve read, it’s not as if any of you have yet to ascend, but at least you’re not the seven billion who have no hope whatsoever of ascending and babble mindlessly without honor behind their words. Besides,I find it creepy talking to those who have no hope of ascending, only of losing their identity when they go through a hell of their own making after they choose suicide by intent or by ignoring out of ignorance, arrogance, ego, pride, cowardice, lust, envy, greed (they’re all the same). When you see the hell they’re going to imagine you’ll feel good too seeing you don’t have to face the terrors and horrors they will suffer as must be to lose their identity.

    As most are plunging into an abyss of depression as the economy and climate crash and burn because they are weak and pathetic, I feel better. Since I already ascended I will not die, so I have every reason to feel better when their manifestations of their beasts within their spirit takes them away where they can no longer offend me by their presence upon this earth. They needed to be so some few of us could see the difference between good and bad, but soon they won’t even have their purpose of being bad to show some of us we are good and it’s their horrors I look out into the world and see, not mine. I have peace, not fear and cowardice as most do.

    I see some of you still believe you can help others [ascend or otherwise]. When you lose that arrogance it’ll be because you’ve suffered (pained, payned, paid, earned and learned and you would ‘not and never’ deny the same learning events to another). I’d love to choose for everyone to ‘not’ die, as many of you want to do too, but it is their choice to die and it is not my place or yours to take away their choices as a rapist does in holding people down, back or up.

    I also look for others in my city of T.O. Writing is right, rite, ritual, verse, perverse, by verse, repetition…talking face to face is good, writing bad. Granted, I love me, because I have honor (because I don’t have the disease, sickness and perversion of pride), and I’ll be glad to share the answer and answers with those of you here if you have honor (open-mindedness) and can admit I’m the brightest of seven billion. I devoted fifty years to learning and pushing myself harder than anyone else: you’re free to say I’m not the brightest, but I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when a learning lesson comes to show you the lie,


  52. Hello all,

    It never ceases to amaze me the how we find ourselves exactly where we need to be even if that is something as simple as reading an article that makes sense of living a life outside of the norms of conditioned how it’s supposed to be.

    Loneliness is sold to all as being the place not to be and equals that you are a misfit or that there is something wrong with. The fear of being alone often drives many to live a life of unhappiness with someone rather face living alone. How sad is that?!

    How funny on the other hand when one day this week my husband was away for the night on a business trip and how much I relished the thought of being home alone, such a rare treat indeed. The following day my manager asked me “so how was your evening, we’re you ok” “brilliant” I exclaimed. ” had a lovely evening” “no way” he replied. ” how could you be so happy to be alone. If something happened to my wife there would be someone else moved in with me within a couple of months”. He actually did refer to me as being “wrong” and “weird” for enjoying being in my own space and safe in who I am! No need to ask who I actually think is the sad one!!!!


  53. I have studied the Torah and Talmud my entire life. It is for this
    reason that we will consider it separately, apart from the general
    view of religion, giving it a category of its own. It
    is said that orange light in the room of the dying helps the awareness-principle to maintain consciousness so that it would not miss the Clear Light of the first stage of the bardo.

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