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Are You Getting All This?


by Zen Gardner

It’s nuts out here, any way you look at it. The shutdown of planet earth is under way. Deliberate and deviously calculated, someone’s closing shop on us while we watch them do it.

Drones…passport confiscations…ubiquitous surveillance…illicit raids and incarceration of private citizens…adulterated food, air and water and outlawing of health products…re-education camps…economic slavery…a micro-managed manipulative media.  You telling me it’s not shutting down like a huge gulag?

Sound fatalistic?  Were the prognosticators fatalists when they forecast the fall of empires, one after another? Let’s get real. Shit happens, empires fall. Period. And we’re in the end of one of them.

A whopper.

The Surreal Factor

That things are so fricking weird is not something the mainstream media keeps track of. Nor does history…unless it’s to their advantage to twist or instigate fear or minimize something for the next generation. They keep mindlessly on with the drumbeat mantra of “normal is now, now is normal

It’s hard to hear anything contrary.

When someone starts to wake up it’s all too often thrown into the ready and waiting context of either conspiracy thinking or a sci-fi movie, and they quickly compartmentalize it as such in the ever ready “unreal” category. Instead of “Where the hell am I?” and asking around saying “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”…it’s “What’s wrong with me for not feeling like everyone else?”

Serious deep programming for generations. It seems to be a lot to overcome.

But it’s not.

Just takes a little guts and common sense.

The En”trance” Fee

Everyone gets in here somewhere and we all have a free shot to see the Truth. It may appear more challenging for some than others, when the very basics of life are denied so many human beings around the globe and they appear to not have time to ponder such things.

Guess what. You live in the moment, Truth is staring you straight in the face. No matter who you are or your circumstances. The so called “advanced nations” are more backwards than they would ever begin to realize.

I spoke to a WW2 enemy camp survivor in Holland many years ago and he said they were the best years of his life. He found out what life really was, what was important, and how to live and love and what to live for when he got out. That was a seriously profound conversation for me.

Who’s to judge what an awakening or awareness is?

Today, however, is a different ballgame in many ways. Where people were self sufficient they’re almost all completely dependent now. To an amazing degree. From cell block like living quarters to supermarket or fast wickedly processed foods to mind numbing drugs and hypnotic television, even Orwell would be shocked at the world we live in.

The Global Cage

Admittedly societal engineers have a huge leg up with today’s technologies available to them. But they’re available to us as well, at least the essential communication capabilities, and so far so good on that one.

The point is, we may be in a prison for our bodies but not for our souls.


We can communicate. We can love. We can help empower each other with encouragement and kindness. We can keep the Truth alive.

The Power of Truth

“The Light is more than some abstract, unknowable energy force. Light is Truth. If Light is truth, then darkness must be lies. Each and every lie we tell to ourselves and others casts the shadow of separation upon us. Every time even the most minor deception is revealed and the truth is made known we are re-united with the Light. So, Let there be Light. Those are the words by which you can create your own magnificent world.” – Renee Bledsoe

Just one of many such wise quotations. Amazing how Truth is such a revelation to so many. That speaks for itself about the world we live in.  You’d think Truth would be the standard and not the deviant idea.

It’s incredulously strange the world we live in has become. Clearly, it has always been so, with whatever false projected paradigm has been smothering the society of the time, but we’re up against amazing contradictions in a very short time span with vastly high-powered technologies accelerating the plan.

The American experience is only 200 plus years old, yet it’s been rendered defunct over just a few short decades. Surely by design, but that’s fast work at the same time. Other empires have fallen rapidly within their own context, but what we’re being handed is a doozy.

Let’s be on target in our conscious response to all this. Be Truthful, be Peaceful, be Loving, be Fearless.

And be conscious.

We’ll follow in the footsteps of the greats. We came here for this.

Come what may.

Much love, Zen


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  1. Better than a hundred wells, is a single pond, and a religious sacrifice is better than a hundred ponds. Better than a hundred sacrifices is a single son. Yet Truth o King, is to be chosen over a hundred sons. When honesty was placed on a scale opposite one thousand Horse sacrifices, honesty was found greater. Learning all the the Vedas and bathing in all the sacred waters may or may not be equal to speaking the truth.
    There is no higher virtue than speaking the truth, for there is nothing higher than the truth. And nothing in this world is more bitter than deceit. Oh King, to speak the truth is to stand with God, and therefore our willingness to tell each other the truth is the highest covenant. Do not break your covenant. O King, rather, may you be united with truth!
    But if you are so fond of telling lies, and do not believe in the value of honesty, then I shall go, for I will not unite with someone like you.

    Sakunata addressing her husband Duhsanta, who has denied that she is his wife and Bharata is his son.

    I’m getting it Zen!!!


    • Reading ‘sacrifice’ brings this to my mind:

      ‘If you will sacrifice then sacrifice your time on the altar of the common good. Eat the fish, or give it to someone who is hungry.’
      – Terry Pratchett, Nation

      LOVE and Blessings!

    • The truth is, for me as for the other god.
      The truth is not negotiable.
      Then, even with God is not a bargain.
      Who covenant with God or claims
      that has a contract with him, living a lie.

  2. The Way out of here is inwards, eh?

    The 8 of Swords from the Tarot comes to mind…or even the Devil card. We are free. We just don’t know it or beLIEve those that tell us we are not.
    I like this quote from Dune Zen, timeless. Makes people really uncomfortable:

    Seek freedom and become slave to your desires. Find discipline and be free (paraphrase).


  3. Found this quote earlier today, synchronistic or what?

    “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    Everything is happening so fast now, time has been speeding up. Their antics are designed to basically confuse, produce fear, and also for distraction.
    Truth and Light are the shield and sword in this ultimate fight. Absorb the Light and radiate the Truth, let yourself shine like the Sun.

  4. Thank you, brother!

    Just what I’m observing and pointing out to others for years (even before my awakening): The basic (corporal) needs (food, water, shelter) are getting more and more expensive and people earn less and less money so that we become slaves to the system.

    Then the PTBs put growing your own food etc. under punishment.
    In addition, the indoctrination system does its part to achieve a zombie nation very well.

    But sheeple keep telling me: “Oh, it’s your own fault if you don’t make it. You have to be flexible!”

    Yeah, it’s easy to be flexible if you have no backbone, if you are an amoeba.

    Like it’s said in the manga “Akira”: “Imagine what would happen if amoebas had the power of man.”
    Yep, just have a look around! They devour everything that comes their way.

    Time to evolve!


  5. Mountaintops inspire leaders, but valleys mature them.
    Be Truthful, be Peaceful, be Loving, be Fearless.
    Trust the inner voice to guide you, for we know not yet the grand scheme of things.
    Oh God…hasten the arrival of the Mahdi.

  6. It seems odd that nobody has given a mention to the most potent tool in raising awareness on a large scale – Orgone Energy.
    A 3oz piece of Orgonite called a Towerbuster (TB for short) placed within 440 yards of a cell phone tower (mind control tower) transmutes the DOR (deadly orgone energy) being emitted by that tower into POR (positive orgone energy).
    Yet nobody has given this a mention.
    Why not?
    It’ll be interesting to see if this post disappears or if I’m subject to the usual debunking nonsense/character assaults that plague so many other websites.
    I’m a member of Etheric Warriors (www.ethericwarriors.com) have a look at what we do.

    • Hi Shaun~Welcome!

      I did a quick check and saw that you also commented on the “Masked Morphing Chemtrail” post where you suggest orgonite and etheric warriors. Guess you didn’t read the “Big Tex Gets Chemtrailed” post from May 23rd because there was not only quite a few mentions of orgonite and Cloudbusting but I myself provided a link to the Etheric Warriors site. Look for it…ZGs response might allay your distrust so perhaps you can be rest assured that this special Garden of Awakening and Activism is authentic and tended by an individual with honor, integrity, humility and immense love for his fellow travelers on this journey.

      In fact in my mind I’ve dubbed him Zenji (G) 😉 and the folks who comment generally are also of high caliber— some trolls inevitably crawl out of the woodwork but we’re mostly regular salt of the Earth people who resonate with the truth vibes here. I for one am so grateful to have stumbled upon this oasis in the desert!

      I can sympathize with your skepticism and suspicion because there are many dead end roads out there that looked so promising at first (Hope and Change anyone?) but this place is the real deal so glad you joined the conversation and I definitely applaud the invitation to DO something positive. Orgonite rocks!

      Here’s a song for Y’all in these challenging times–hope it gives a boost :


      Keep on keeping on~love jo

      • Jo, well it’s been 3 days and so far I’ve only had the one debunker/character attacker – I was expecting many more, so on that front I’m pleasantly surprised.
        The problem I have with websites of this nature that are not “invitation only” (meaning a website like Etheric Warriors where a person has to be invited to join by the owner if that person wants to add any posts) is that the NSA and CIA always infiltrate the forum to debunk any positive contributions made by an individual.

        In my opinion everyone saying, “yeah, we need to wake up and send the Illuminati packing” isn’t constructive enough, they’re just words.

        Yes, we all know the state of affairs, yes global genocide is the goal of these families who control the corporations who control the governments but expressing our displeasure at these people on websites like this one isn’t going to get the job done.

        Words on a computer screen are never going to change a persons world view and you’d be foolish to even try, there is a far far more effective method to ‘wake people up’.


        It takes all of 10 seconds to start waking a person up once they hold an orgonite pyramid in their hands – tell them to hold the point of the pyramid directly under their nose and take in deep breaths, their lungs will expand like an accordion, they are breathing in pure ‘orgonised’ air.

        Orgone Energy is the sea of energy which powers the Universe, it is both awareness and consciousness, it is through the global distribution of orgonite that the stinking corporate order that has plagued us for maybe as long as 6,000 years will finally be defeated.

        Has it occured to anyone that as we right now head toward a new cycle of the earth, we find that ‘orgonite devices’ are being deployed by more and more people across the globe, this is not a coincidence, as the earths frequency rises so our own frequency rises – just look at the effects orgonite is having in Africa, absolutely astonishing, entire desert regions becoming lush with vegetation, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself: http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/english/orgoneinfo/orgone-orgonite-wilhelm-reich-history.html

    • Shaun, have been gathering the materials to make the orgonite pieces. If you were the one that posted this awhile back on Zen”s comments, Thank You. Best piece of info I have come across in a long time, whole family is involved in getting these beauties together. Going to “gift” as many places as possible in our area of the world. Am pretty sure people have been gifting them within this area as well, our “chemtrails” do what the videos show happens when these beauties are in the area. Again, good info, keep posting it for others. Keep up the “good” fight.

  7. It was sometime during the 6th or 7th Century BC that the “priests and scirbes” decided that it would be a good idea to tell their tiny little number (ten villages not different from the encampments of the Beduin of today. Look up the videos made by John McCartney called “It Aint Necessarily So.” ) These “priests told all these very poor people who were semi nomadic, that they should not longer worship Asherah, the consort of their tribal god called “Yahweh” and that only “Yahweh” should be worshipped and the offerings to him should be brought to these “priests”. These “priests” took all the symbols of Asherah such as the Tree of Life and “smashed her, broke her in small pieces, burnt her and ground her fine to powder and threw her in the river Hevron”. Socrates came along not long after and announced that all myth was nonsense – and he was a homosexual. So, this lack of balance between the Thinking function, masculine, and the Feeling function. feminine has become more unbalanced as time went on, and that is what is causing this insanity. The Thinking function is so dominant that we are living in an insane World ruled – misruled – by Science and The Machine. And Mother Nature has been more and more disregarded and insulted so that the Earth is being used in a stupid and ruthless way, as if we have the right to do so when actually we are completely and entirely dependent on her! We surely have gone mad, but that seems to be where it first started. Furthermore, Christianity, the real thing, was the religion of the Egyptians – definitely not the Jews!

  8. The great destroyers of our earth are in the process of shifting the old imposed paradigm into a new and even more destructive paradigm, involving total control. This paradigm turns human beings into “useless eaters” and tells us we are no longer essential to their plan. Human beings are being blamed for everything, including breathing, we’re told we are too many and some of us (many of us) will have to go. These evil doers have turned our planet into a toxic waste dump and yet they blame us, human beings. Human beings have been slaves for centuries and now we are told the new paradigm doesn’t require as many slaves.

    We can only hope that humanity will rise up against the machine and recognize our true human potential: the ability to live in peace and harmony, not just in our world but our Universe.

  9. I have seen the truth, and the truth is that people are far more predictable than the Architect in matrix and yet he hit is SPOT ON (as did the designer of these human shells in our ‘actual’ world, the “Demiurge” which translates roughly into “half-assed creator of counterfeits”). That fundamental observation of truth is this: DENIAL.

    Ostriches, as one humanoid version of their species proferred to me in cowardice, actually don’t bury their heads in the ground, but put their heads low so that they can better see what may be coming as far out as he horizon…………. Ah, such wisdom and far-sightedness……… THAT’S what these “sleeple” have all been doing!!! And the rest of us I suppose are the few strange ostriches that fit the myth more than the fact when we defy the avalanche of intimidation tactics this world and its lemming denizens have since time immemorial have thrown at us merely for pointing out the obvious which they would have seen if they weren’t so busy looking at the horizon….. these Promethean visionaries, while we have some extremely keen faculties if in order to see what is right in front of us we must bury OUR heads in the sand. The irony is BEYOND surreal.

    But I’m glad you brought up the surreal because it raises more than the academic question of how can there be degrees of reality and so forth (although that is very important too). You are focusing on the in-your-face existentiality of the fact that what’s right in front of our far-seeing Ostriches has a habit of sneaking up on them like a well in front of Thales, although these wise beings seem too proud to admit any bit of philosophy in the pipe which contains whatever it is they are smoking.

    To cut through to the chase, they are smoking the CRACK of DENIAL. They hit that pipe rather hard and mock anyone who looks at them crosswise for it. Isn’t that SURREAL. The fools mock the wise? And we were not applying for the job of wise, for we didn’t like the bitter taste of acquiring this wisdom of noting the obvious facts in front of our faces along with a persistent addiction to logic and intuition which allowed us to make the most HONEST use of these facts toward knowing what was really going on so we could make the most properly informed decisions, preferably in such a way as to do a service to our souls and answer properly to our consciences…

    It seems most people are unworthy of their souls, if their souls haven’t already long ago abandoned their former shells in utter disgust, or in some cases something like a fox chewing off its precious paw so that it might trot away with the other three. But I don’t like to judge others on appearances, and I prefer to resist in spite of what I’ve just said about denial, and I used to like to give the benefit of the doubt to others, especially the poor children. But I’ve found a new way to find out whether a person has remained true to their soul, if they ever had one…..

    How do they answer the fundamental question which we may call the “problem of evil”? You ask them, if you can catch them in a sincere moment and if it even seems worthwhile, whether they even comprehend moral terms such as good or evil. If they do, then proceed, otherwise abandon them to their fates (this could be turned into a neat sort of flow chart!!!! I always loved those). If they do, then see if they can admit that the existence of evil could not have come from a good being. Remember that you must first see if they can admit there is such a thing as “good and evil” and they must admit that they are absolutes in the important cases and that relativities resulting from circumstances of ambiguity or complexity of admixture of secondary attributes by which we judge good and evil in CASES has to be left to the side. We are talking absoulute distinctions of black and white.

    If they admit that raping children in dark chambers under the vatican and they slitting their throats when reaching orgasm through sodomizing them is evil, and if they don’t claim there is some valid karmic “learning experience” for either party, THEN we ask the question if you were a being of absolute goodness and power, would you needlessly make a world so that people could, for no meaningful reason that could be sincerely dreamt up, somehow choose by mistake or by desire or by random whim to be “evil” as described for illustration herein? What kind of sick twisted *&%#$@ would do such a thing as design beings CAPABLE of making such a choice and then SUPPLYING them with extremely vulnerable and plentiful and accessible victims? This is the scenario we see on this planet now. This is in every country in some form. Some would go on to say that then entire physical universe is designed to inevitably lead to these very conditions, and were it an OPEN system to the source of energy which may have once supplied it then it would do so indefinitely. What if it were a closed system which was formed by a primeval clash between forces of good and evil, completely alien to each other and the most fundmental forces in reality compared to which the physical forces and objects of this pseudo universe count as nothing but utter fakeries? Well, I’ll tell you that their eyes sort of glaze over…..

    Now here it gets slightly easier when I ask one of them, perhaps a mother, and especially if her child is on hand for reference (hey, use rhetoric when logic fails, it helps), and I’d ask her if she thought she might have any reason to have her hubby bring a very cute-looking and interesting-looking scorpion to the child-birthing so that, when the child is born, it could be offered a choice: Obey me, your mother (or let the father do it depending on your gender aesthetics vis-a-vis power trips) and DO NOT TOUCH THE PRETTY SCORPION because if you do it will STING YOU and that will HURT…… ORRRRRRRRRRR…… You can DIS-obey me and touch the scorpion because despite my hubby’s better judgement in not wanting to present it to you it turns out that you find it, as he predicted, very INTERESTING and it has been placed directly in your reach and you have instincts that tell you to pay special attention to it and grab it and in spite of my perhaps knowing these things I’ve decided that the crux of this is my notion that you have something called “FREE WILL” and it is up to you and besides, I’ve informed you of the consequences and supposedly adequately designed all parameters of the test, including temptation levels, instinctual strength, the exact distance at which the scorpion is dangled, how it is dangled, how it looks (not too cute, not too menacing) etc etc etc……

    Ok, any mother that finds that scenario acceptable is deluding herself or is quite “sick” or in my words “EVIL”. Truth is if hubby brought a scorpion and did that she would take the scorpion with her bare hand and attempt to throw it away, all quite fearlessly.

    So she seems to think such a “test of obedience” and any silly notions of “morality” which may be purported to hinge on it can all go to hell. I think Solomon in his wisdom constructed such things probably far better and with very realistic props in order to help people be honest with themselves and his court, and to prevent their wasting his time. I presented this case to the woman and she seemed dimly aware of its point.

    Then I explained that God could not have been good and also engineered a similar feat of indecency on what would, even worse, be a COSMIC level, with the force of infinitude which drives the logic of reality as studied in metaphysics (properly understood, not as some misconstrue it either in universities or in the New Age Movement). This would be impossible. The only possible conclusion is that evil comes from a source with which it is one in essence and this could not be God, at least not the GOOD one… And if I prefer good friends to evil “friends”, then I can imagine that I infinitely more prefer Goodness to Evil AS SUCH, their metaphysical well springs of essence, or for our purposes Gods. That all seems to stand to reason.

    But her indoctrination and her precious book told her a stupid like which her own deepest feelings and the most meticulous logic all demand she reject, and she does what? She OBEYS………….

    There are two kinds of people in this very surreal world, friends. Those who submit and obey arbitrary and external commands whether or not they collude with any internal moral dictates (again whether they exist or not), and then there are those who WILL NOT OBEY. They will do what seems right and only that, no matter what God or Man or Beast or Alien or Chipmunk tells them they should do and no matter WHAT the consequences, because what is right is right and what isn’t just isn’t. And this person has integrity. (ignore convoluted digressions into ethical theory right now concerning consequentialism and externalism and so forth).

    So now I just cut to the chase. Is the person I’m talking with wholly owned and effectively unsouled (but very sold) subsidiary of the Evil Gold-Eating Lizard %$#@&* and his little turds within this soon-to-be shut down hell disguised as hell-lite? If so, then when they are proposed such inexorable consequences they, like the wise ostrich, will look out to the horizon and remind me that this is all just my opinion and would I like to hear their opinion and everybody has their own opinion etc. I’ve learned that if I can just find some short-cut to this inevitable dichotomy then I can save myself a lot of emotional activity which I don’t need on the behalf of people who will just be a waste of my time and breath and energy, and I can focus on people who might be worthwhile. My heart chakra will be pleased, my throat chakra soothed, and my ajna and crown chakras will both bloom a lot faster and with less pain. Those who need a nudge from me will meet the me with enough energy to help them and even grow with them into more energy as a result rather than the drained version of me would have been squandered on ostriches.

    • What a DUMP !

      I’m sure you feel much better. Thankfully it was in the Garden.

      Once it is assimilated, it should bring forth abundant fruit, vegetables , and flowers.

      Don’t stop weeding though

  10. Your first two paragraphs pretty much sums it all up .The American people have been indoctrinated for so long by ” government schools ” they are too stupid to realize they don’t know what they don’t know .

    They have the attention span of a sloth , an I.Q. of an amoeba , and the thought process of a tapeworm. ( in general )

    I’m a new subscriber but have read your articles before . Very interesting , keep up the good work Mr. Zen .

  11. Z love the article…again the answer is LOVE. there are more of us than the few and if more of us become LOVE beacons, then it becomes logical that the negative energies will be overpowered by the LOVE frequencies that the LOVE beacons are spreading…it is easy…pray, meditate, fast, whatever… again, the LOVE frequency 528 Hz helps. LOVE & Peace to you and yours…

  12. Hi ZEN,

    why is it that so many people, more and more by the day, get their information from websites like yours, David icke, Alex Jones and all the others, where (with very few exceptions) no solutions are offered?

    Could it be that lots of truther s site, if not most of them, are controlled opposition?

    I know there are very easy to conduct solutions to solve most problems we have but why are the bad news, no matter if lies or truth are so popular? Could it be that the other site knows very well that most people will rather keep on being bombarded with bad news so they can point with the finger. So they have somebody to blame for what is happening, in general and their own lifes, but not themselves?

    Why looking on the inside (where the solution actually is) when looking on the outside is so easy and nicely presented, right on the silver platter?

    Once one knows that the game is rigged, the system is trying to kill the 99% slowly but surely and all you see in the MSM are just lies one could (should?) stop wasting time with research which is just confirmation of what one knows by now and invest more and more energy in finding and practizing solutions?!

    That ride will not be nice, even fpr most people who think themselves prepared. Very few seem to have understood that they are as programmed and directed as can be. Even if they think that they think for themselves. Stunning, isn t it?

    Enjoy the ride, it surely will be a big one this time.

    My best wishes


  13. When they wake up to the truth, it’s like turning on a light switch that dispels darkness in a room. There can’t be darkness when the light switch of truth has been turned on. The rest will figure itself out, but let’s keep helping others turn on their light switches.

  14. I am so glad to be here now sharing this experience with you Zen I am grateful for your wisdom and uplifting encouragement.

  15. Nice post. I didn’t learn anything new though. But your writing is pretty good. I think I am a Zen master too. I’m easily the smartest and most handsome fella I know. And I have never argued with myself over my own personal World View. The only thing you left out is how is was all manufactured. Which I already know. Good stuff mister.

  16. An objective type of love can be obtained by resonating with Lord Krishna, the cosmic higher self, or oversoul, of all of us (not at all related to Yahweh or Allah or plastic Jesus).

    This tuning fork of love, the Supreme Lord Krishna (Krishna has no name really, Krishna just means in Sanskrit,’The all-attractive soul’. Millions of other languages on different planets in different species, land based, airborne and aquatic, will have their own words to also express the quality of that same being, who is the greater part of all of us, not in advaitist philosophy, which is mistaken, but in achintya bheda bheda tattva.

  17. Have you guys seen this Kickstarter project? http://kck.st/JxNbCP


    It is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the cosmos… and


    The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know… and this documentary will let you in.

  18. Michael,
    Glad you pointed that out.
    You are correct, many websites rant on about how we are all programmed/brainwashed by the corporate controlled media and how we all need to wake up/raise our awareness without ever offering any practical means of doing so.
    Why is this?
    Because many of these “information” websites are run by colourful and charasmatic CIA/NSA goons whose job is to present the facts without presenting a solution, thereby disempowering the people who read these facts.


    Wikipedia is a CIA sponsored disinformation website, be wary of any “informative” website which quotes from wikipedia. Just look at the total nonsense wikipedia have written about Don Croft, Orgone Energy, Don Bradley, Al Bielek, Wilhelm Reich – that’s if any of these wiki pages still exist!

    David Icke.

    Icke would have us believe that reptilians exist in the 4th dimension and are the puppet masters who control the families who control the governments.
    If it were true that reptilians only existed in the 4th dimension it means they can harm us but we can’t harm them – it’s more disinformative nonsense that is mean’t to trigger feelings of fear and helplessness.
    If you shoot a reptilian you will kill it – absolutely no question.
    They do not exist in the 4th dimension as David Icke well knows.
    I bought his “Freedom Or Fascism” 3 disc DVD live set, he explains the history of the Illuminati, the history of symbolism and corporate world order, on the 3rd disc he talks (briefly) about chemtrails, cell phone towers and mind control, I thought at any minute he’s going to talk about Cloudbusters and Orgonite, but he didn’t even give them a mention, all he kept going on about was awareness, consciousness, time to wake up etc.
    Icke promoted Cloudbusters extensively on his website back in 2002, yet this DVD was filmed in 2006 and he doesn’t even give them a mention – why not send him an email and ask him why he did not inform the thousands of people who purchased his DVD about the enormous benefits of Cloudbusters and orgonite.

    These days I rarely post anything outside of Etheric Warriors, it’s the one and only website where everyone is pretty much on the same page, there is no religious babble, no Theosophy/Masonry chumps, no CIA/NSA disinformants, just a group of people dedicated to raising awareness and improving the ambience of our planet courtesy of the one tool available to everyone – Orgonite.

    • Hey Shaun-glad you came back and added those insights to the mix.

      Maybe you would be willing to answer a question about why Don Croft maintains that chemtrails have been harmless and neutralized by the EW movement since 2002? As much as I respect him and the work they do, this one aspect does not make sense to me—even if sylphs are on the job too.They’re obviously still spraying something as numerous folks just waking up are currently reporting everywhere.

      Would appreciate a response-thanks.

      I’m going to post this again in case it got overlooked in a previous post::



        • No, I don’t think the current chemtrails that are being spewed into our atmosphere are harmless.
          My own personal opinion is that the chemtrail programme has multiple purposes.

          1. I have seen with my own two eyes a large Sylph bend itself in two to avoid the aerosol spew being laid by a chem-plane. It was one of the most astonishing sights I’ve ever seen, there was no question at all that the Sylph was taking evasive action to get out of the way.
          I believe the chem-planes seek out Sylph’s to try and neutralize them – I’m not sure if a Sylph can be “killed” as they appear to be more elemental than anything else.

          2. Again with my own eyes I have watched chem-planes lay chemtrails which have prevented a weather front from forming over the English Channel, the front was pushed back over the space of 2 hours by constant chemtrailing of the same area by more than 20 planes.

          3. I believe that these chem-planes now carry an assortment of toxins dependant upon their mission/goal/target that particular day. Our hospitals are no longer packed with people suffering from severe respiratory problems as was the case back in the early 2000’s, so while there is no immediate danger from whatever it is these chemtrails are, I believe there may be a long term health hazard from them.

          This is all subjective of course, it’s my own personal opinion, this is how I see it and I don’t expect anyone else to agree with anything I’ve written.

  19. Lots to chew over here… here’s a thought – if, as many claim “we” will be victorious etc… realise a new paradigm, light conquers darkness and that kind of stuff. Then this will be accomplished BECAUSE of all these things which are the subject(s) of people’s complaining, blaming, finger-pointing, (chemtrails, satanists, bank frauds, wars, corruption, religion…) as opposed to IN SPITE OF, yes?

    Perhaps then, remembering this, that these ‘terrible’ things are our learning-tools, and those who perpetrate them are not our enemies but our greatest teachers.

    Just a thought, anything to get people to stop the hating, dividing, destroying. These ‘teachers’ are manifestations of our collective thoughts, feelings. Trying to disassociate oneself from ‘them’ compounds the primary delusion.

    • Thank you, Flex! Good point.

      As I began waking up I was carrying several charms with me most of the time. Until I realized: True power comes from within!

      I’m glad I had the charms, did good (learning-) jobs. And sometimes I still carry one with me or I offer one to people who could need them.

      But what’s a tool without a mind that can really make use of it?
      ‘Yesterday I successfully drove in a nail with this hammer. Today I’ll repair my watch with it.’

      If we focus our thoughts on things we don’t want we merely give them more power.
      We’ve to LIVE (think, feel, speak, act…) the way we want the world to be.

      If we depend all changes on material tools only the material level can change. We can’t really change human relations with material tools. Instead try empathy.
      Even ‘magical’ tools are limited to some point. The soul isn’t!



  20. @Shaun – Hi Shaun, thanks for the answer, at last sby who pays a little attention :-) But since Croft wrote about Plasterite he outed himself to me as another bullshitter. I tried all kinds of stuff and systems i could find, and always do, because i very much believe in what i SEE or TRY for myself what works or won t. I know plasterite does its job, very similar to Orgonite but not identical. And what i see in the Orgonite community is very few open or better said tolerant people. It s THEIR opinion or fuck off. Detail ridden fanatics when you go through the forums. Sad that is, but not my problem, it s theirs. Plasterite is not Orgonite and comparing the 2 is like comparing apples and pears. They both can be eaten but they taste different. If you re open to new things try and do a Agnihotra. You ll wrap up orgonite in a rush. There s much more harmony in it than in any other system, device, gadget i ever encountered. And so much more to do with the resulting ash. As for David Icke, he is the only one, except for Andreas Clauss and Peter Fitzek i ever saw actually offering sth the does change our world to the better, wether he talks about orgonite or not i couldn t care less. He is doing his thing going his way, weather Reptilians exist in the 4th or 5th or whatsoever dimension, everybody who can see auras will confirm they can be seen reflected there! Let 5 blindfolded people touch an elephant on 5 different places and they ll give you 5 versions of what they touched, bit it s still an elephant. I judge people by what they do and not their talk. So few do and so many talk, that s why so little changes. Again, not my problem :-) i ll make my way and so does the rest of the world, keep cool, it s just a ride anyway :-) cheers, Mike

  21. Thanks Shaun for your thoughtful reply and also everyone else for adding their perspectives. It makes this quest for truth so….interesting and entertaining! 😉

    So here’s a favorite tune to start the day but as I commented on YT it is important to be wholistic as in not either this or that but both/and for that is unity consciousness to me it is our response where we get to choose love or fear.. Dualism so easily divides people and distracts us from seeing from a higher place. Anyway, enjoy!



  22. your all talking about the bible and waiting for god to do something,. He,ll do that after you die…. Its the bilderbergs and the government thats controling society and the way we eat live die and learn… We have to ELIMINATE THEM TO LIVE FREE AND IN PEACE!!!!!!

  23. know that we have many friends who are here helping us and have been for many many years. Their operations will become obvious by the end of this year I assure you. I can just feel it, we’re not here on our own, we have a lot of help and I for one am extremely grateful!

    Also their seems to be a lot of negativity on this website, it seems you have caught it from Icke perhaps? You guys do a great job of waking people up to what’s going on but you still have much negativity in you, and directing towards people who, while they are people with perhaps a generally negative vibe around them, don’t need any more negativity directed towards them because at the end of the day they are you and you are just fueling the fire you want put out. I hope you heed this advice Zen, because for all the love you claim to be sending out (And I believe you are sending a lot!), you are sending much negativity and also focusing others negativity with your articles at the same time.

  24. “come what may” …

    In the scheme of things, all may be as it should be. (Re-cognized) synchronicities serve well to remind.

    Best to be mindful of circumstance and surrounding, but ‘something’ tells me that true sense of well being can only be sourced from within.

  25. The Power of Truth….Loved it…..thanks Z so very beautiful to read!

    Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked,
    in which you can walk with love and reverence.
    – Henry David Thoreau

    If in our daily life we can smile,
    if we can be peaceful and happy,
    not only we, but everyone will profit from it.
    This is the most basic kind of peace work.
    – Thich Nhat Hanh

  26. I felt like I was listening to @GBTV. This is their message, to support and help one another. If you aren’t listening, you should

  27. I don’t know if the world is in its current state by design. It could also be just because of complacency and laziness of the masses towards being ruled.
    We gave the stupid bastards who love to rule over people too much freedom to do as they please, and this is what we all ended up with. That’d be a way more terrible truth than some kind of master plan being executed, wouldn’t it?

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