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AstroZen – Remote Viewing, Timelines and the Coming Equinox



by Robert Hitt

Contributor, ZenGardner.com

As of this writing there is exactly one lunar month to go before equinox. On 3/22 there is going to be a repeat of the rare outer planet yod aspect pattern that was also exact on 12/21/2012.  The reason this YOD will have a second visit with us is Jupiter was retrograde on the first alignment and is now direct. Based on the nasty events that took place when the yod was in play in December it is a reason to be vigilant on 3/22 as well.  Seems to me the NWO is in a full court press to wrap up the transition from what the USA once was to some type of zombie democracy..

The dominant astro as of right now is a persistent Saturn Pluto sextile and a Jupiter Uranus sextile with a lot of planets moving through Pisces. The sextiles are SOFT aspects that generally do not cause snafus.. Hence we see at least the stock market climbing in spite of the FACT that there is no reason except 85 billion of monetized new debt flowing into it every month. Everything else but USA stocks are reflecting econ reality much more.. Bonds are well off their highs and appear to be in the initial stages of a bear market.. Gold and silver are going sideways suffering from PRINTING of a different type which is naked short selling of paper contracts. As a long time observer this is a dead market that does NOT respond to anything but the next dose of new fiat cash.. These signs of zombie behavior usually don’t end well that is for sure..

The recent update I did about a tsunami warning was based on the similarity of the present to the March of 2011 period when a lot of planets including mars were going through Pisces. On Feb 6th Mercury Mars and Neptune made a very close to exact triple conjunction that turned out was on the very day of the Solomon islands 8.0 and tsunami. The next very hot date is February 26th when Mercury goes retrograde while it is in a conjunction to Mars in Pisces on a full moon. This conjunction will be located at 19 degrees of Pisces which IS the same zodiac degree the sun is located on MARCH 11th and that IS A FUN WITH NUMBERS DATE. March 11th is the opposite of 9/11 by the way.  The Madrid train bombing as well as Fuchushima occurred on 3/11… just sayin..  So the next month or so is ripe for something off the scale be it a false flag or worse.  I do NOT SUBMIT TO NEGATIVE OUTCOMES AS FATE and continue to focus my own attention on whatever is ahead in the scripting as FAILING to manifest as any large scale event.

After the recent death of Ingo Swann I have spent a good amount of time researching “controlled” remote viewing that goes back to the early 1970s government sponsored STAR GATE program. Ingo stated in several lectures that the program was terminated in the mid 1990s because the bosses upstairs were concerned what the implications of a wide spread knowledge of telepathy would have on “national security”. I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND that the RV work was discontinued but was morphed into another type of program that was more concerned with CREATING FUTURE EVENTS rather than just reading the future.  AHA maybe you can see why there was a fear in high places about telepaths? As far as I am concerned manipulation of the future using spiritual abilities to violate the free will of billions is the blackest form of black magic. Military types may not see it that way but I DO.

After looking at many hours of video presentations recent findings by the original group of CRV I am noting what is said and NOT SAID.  There is a lot of talk of a MAJOR DESTRUCTION EVENT such as a tectonic plate shift event or a solar kill shot that may be the catalyst.. Web bot clif and RV associates are calling it a global coastal event.. Ed Dames is calling it a KILL SHOT from the sun.. In the case of Dames he is reporting the the location on the timeline is unclear but that a precursor event just before the big one would be a NORTH KOREAN NUKE.. Hummm.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjiaB9ZuGCM  Judge for yourself.

I have to ask a good question here.. WHAT ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  Anyone paying attention for the last decade KNOWS that there is an elephant and discussion of him seems to have consequences.. I have personal experience with that.. WHY IS THERE NO DISCUSSION IN ANY OF THE RV VIDS OF THE BIGGEST ISSUE OF OUR TIMES.. That issue being WHO serves the crime empire and WHO BENEFITS from the theft of trillions and the wars that were required to pull it off.
The simple answer may be that the information is CLASSIFIED.  When a person takes money from high places in a gov sponsored program there is a CONTRACT which is another way of saying LIMITATIONS ON WHAT CAN BE REVEALED.  In simple terms classified = SPIN.. Spin = FALSE REALITY..  false reality = VIOLATION OF FREE WILL..
A more complicated answer may be the program was designed specifically to avoid seeing the elephant.  Government is run from the top down to put the people below on the pyramid of power into COMPARTMENTS.  The compartments are designed to make it a violation to even ask questions outside of the box. I would prefer to think that people like Ingo Swann were working in a compartmentalized environment where the questions being asked were designed to deceive even the RV people. This maybe is the reason why the Gov terminated the program when they realized that information is not going to be limited even by signing some sort of contract..  Seeing is still seeing.. And seeing while in a telepathic mindset transfers the information to the minds of others.. 100th monkey eh?


 More thoughts on the period ahead ..  The events which the remote viewers are talking about are quite similar to my own “visions” about things out on the timeline. I have “seen” the tsunamis and also the solar kill shot going all the way back to the mid 1970s .. I do NOT want to see that happen but it is clear enough that the possibility field has such a thing on it and the question I cannot answer is…  IF those events are on a timeline that is NEAR TO OUR OWN TIMELINE (15 minutes) but we ARE NOT GOING TO EXPERIENCE IT as the major disaster that many people are seeing. 

The asteroid pass on Feb 15th is 15 minutes from hitting the earth. In other words if the earth were 15 minutes ahead of where it is in the current orbit around the sun it would be a direct hit. The thought occurred to me that the 15 minutes of TIME between ours and that 15 minute ahead timeline maybe represents an ALTERNATE TIME LINE where all that nasty stuff the RV people are seeing does indeed happen. .. In the timeline that is 15 minutes ahead of us an impact does cause the seas to crash onto many shorelines and volcanism changes the climate in a huge way.. We will just have to be keen observers because the answer to that question about multiple timelines is maybe the key to understanding how the future becomes the present. One thing to keep in mind also is an event on the sun may have an effect on ALL TIMELINES and we maybe take that for what it is worth…




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  1. Robert~ Much enjoyed this post…especially 15 minute scenario, I think we experience “echoes” from alternate timelines in the space-time continuuim ~ I think those “echoes” are sometimes percieved within the collective unconscious…and maybe bubble back up during dreamtime. Anyone seen that hundredth monkey…? Maybe before we can unify humanity IRL we have to do it first by coming together in that collective unconscious. Just thinking out loud, thanks for the post.

  2. Hmmm ……….. very thought provoking.

    I’m wary though of taking webbot scanned data as a base for projections into what is likely to happen. Why? Because you are assembling vast amounts of digital data but not including input from the world of nature or the world of mind, especially from those who are not wired. Sometimes researchers forget that countless people do not have access to the wired world, neither does the animal world nor plants. And how about beings from other dimensions, some of whom might consider our Internet to be the equivalent of a child’s toy.

    Having said that, the coming equinox is a time-honoured opportunity to send positive frequencies into the collective consciousness. It’s a moment in time when the length of daylight is equal to the length of darkness. It other words, it’s a balance point. Equinoxes are the optimum time to time to fire up your intentions for the well-being of all, focus on them and send them out into the shares consciousness of all living beings.

    You can find information about the exact times in your area on the Internet.
    The exact times can be found at the following links: There is a window of several hours around the exact time which gives you some leeway if the exact time is not practical in your area.

    At http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/longest-day/equinox-solstice-2010-2019.htm
    Date & Time of Solstices & Equinoxes in 2013
    Equinoxes: March 20 2013 11:02 GMT/UT

    From http://www.archaeoastronomy.com/2013.html you can find times across the world. All on March 20.

    What we think and what we believe determines how we live and ultimately affects our environment.
    Each person sets his or her own energy resonator in motion whenever he or she thinks, speaks or acts. People working together magnify those energies to many times the sum of the individual contributors.

    Many are already working together to pool resources and energies. They see how every fleeting moment of consciousness is dependent upon others and how all is interrelated and interdependent.
    Within each mind moment we affect the consciousness of others. In the same way that the resonance of a pure, high note can set glasses singing, so our thoughts and actions set up waves of conditioned reaction within our environment.

    When individuals tune into inner peace, the effect is felt around them. When groups of friends come together and focus their combined energy, the effect resonates throughout the Earth.

  3. THX for the thoughtful comments.. re the webot comment.. I know clif and we have spirited discussion on our differences and we are still good friends.. As I see it he is picking up the human created thought forms that have been laid out before us by our own intentions and thoughts.. my proposal for some time is we who are at least somewhat conscious can use our own minds and intentions to dampen the effect of so many crazy people dreaming up nasty outcomes. “forgive then for they know not what they do” is meaningful in that respect.

  4. i do suspect that the comets and asteroids that come so close are a warning that disaster for our habitat is a distinct possibility. a sought of event to humble us for want of a better description. 15 minutes is so very close. and the comet that split into 22 pieces as it approached jupiter is another one. i do feel that many purifying disasters have been delayed to enable the increase of consciousness.

  5. There is another explanation: supported by all the latest crop circles from 2008-2012.
    My intuition completely resonates with this upcoming event: it is not a ‘killer shot’ that the RV people detected.
    It is the fact that our Sun is going to reach the Red Giant phase – this will allow the planets in our Solar System, -including Earth – to ‘ascend’ into higher vibrations. It is already observed, and getting harder and harder to dismiss. All the planets are visibly transforming, as if ‘anticipating’ this magnificent transformation. We are here to ‘graduate’ with Mother Earth – to enter 5D and above. ~.~

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