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AstroZen – The Turning of the Ages is in Progress



by Robert Hitt


Today is 13 days and counting.. Less than half a lunar month.
Well before the so called Mayan long count was a known, the hippies knew something but it was vague and very far away back then.. Whispered dreams..
The words of Morpheus still ring in my ears from 2000 too..
Something about a “splinter in your mind” or something like that.  You know something is wrong but you don’t know what it is at the same time.

I think we ALL KNEW at some level for a good while now but a vast majority were determined to escape from knowing what they don’t know. When you are aware of what you don’t know the world around you is infinite with possibilities.. THAT IS A VERY SCARY THING TO THOSE WHO HAVE SURROUNDED THEMSELVES WITH THE SQUARED OFF CONTAINER OF BELIEFS IN SEPARATENESS.  Believe… Interesting word..  BE-Live?  BE-Lie?  Backwards…  EVIL-BE..

If one takes a minute to think about the above symbol and the divide and rule core message things become a bit more clear as to how we got into the mess we are in. The basic concept of EVIL is hidden in that symbol..  Yes this is a Masonic symbol.. Do I think freemasonry is inherently evil?  Nope.. But misuse of sacred knowledge is evil when it is used only for personal gain. The Masons learned from the Templars who learned it from the Qabalists who learned it in Babylon 3500 years ago who learned it from a previous civilization we could call Atlantis maybe 13000 removed from today.

The opposite of divide and rule is to become ONE AND BE FREE.   Evil attempts to protect itself by making everyone else like itself.  Humm.. Original sin taught in Sunday school??  So many laws passed here in lala land that one is being broken every time you step out the door?  Carbon tax for breathing? Oh ya now I get it. The word DEMONIZE comes to mind which is short for DEhumanIZE.

EVIL IS SO ALONE BY IT’S NATURE THAT IT IS DESPERATE FOR THE OPPOSITE IN A UNITY BUT CAN NEVER KNOW IT.. Evil has no choice but to destroy itself in the process because it is based on a LIE.  The quantum calculations here in 4D prove out that matter is either a wave or a particle..  The wave is a NOthing because NO ONE is paying attention.. The particle is “real” only if consciousness is paying attention.  A thing in 4d is real when we look and not real when we don’t.

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The turning of the ages is in progress..

This is a long process . Did it start in 1967 when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo?  Did it start in 1996 when the solstice Sun began to move in front of the dark rift?  Did it start in 2000 when we started the new millennium?  Did it start in 2011 on 11/11/11 when the “Calleman count” suggested?  Or does it begin in 13 days?  I suspect that ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TRUE..

The turning of the ages is in fact as constant as a wheel turning.. It starts when YOU START. And the so called END OF THE WORLD STARTS WHEN YOU QUIT.


So.. Is the divide and rule symbol itself also a POINTER to a specific DATE(s) on the time line?

The very rare YOD alignment that will be exact on 12/21/2012 is a dominant aspect.. This can be looked at as the “divider” on the symbol.. 150-150-60 degree triangle. humm

The other very dominant aspect in play right now is the SQUARE between Uranus and Pluto.. This SQUARE started almost to the day on the Gulf Oil spill in April 2010 and lasts into 2015. This is CHAOS..

 So is the DIVIDE AND RULE symbol a yod and a square and in reality an astrological symbol? hummmm .. Interesting that this yod arrangement is going to reform THREE MONTHS LATER on spring equinox 3/20/2013.

Is the symbol speaking to A NEW WORLD ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.. More hummm.




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  1. If the “alone” evil found it’s opposite and joined with it, then it would be good. It wouldn’t be evil anymore. There’s also an assumption that all beings that are alone are evil, how can that be true? Aren’t we all alone at one time or another? Certain things take partnerships, certain things take organizations and networks, certain things are done alone. Certain things are top-down, certain things are horizontal. To say “Evil will never find it’s opposite and thereby destroy itself, because it is alone, it is evil, is somehow not very rational or compassionate or logical regarding what is commonly perceived as “evil,” of the sadistic tortures and deprivations undertaken by others, against whom you might say? Most likely, a person, who would be “alone,” thereby being defined as “evil,” and yet taking no harmful or unlawful actions against anyone or anything. Does not compute

  2. CHOICE is the only word in the English language that can be written on a piece of paper, held up to a mirror and it reads the word CHOICE. The secret is in how to hold that paper! Hat tip to Tom Robbins. Love, A.

  3. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your astrological knowledge. It is also so interesting about words (as you point out) when you really think of them. I was looking at the word “Juniors” the other day. And something intuitively within wanted me to really look at the word. Then I realized “Juno” as in ancient goddess was in the word. Juniors is the term used to refer to a clothing size for teenagers, so it makes them all little “Junos”, isn’t Juno aka Isis. I also thought about the phrase, “Silence is Golden” maybe to mean “Silence, ie mediating leads you to spiritual gold. Also, “Home is Where the Heart is”, ie, maybe When you are in your “Heart, you are closest to your “True spiritual home.” And if you bear with me on another one, “mis” is the prefix meaning bad, as in MISerable, MIStake or Miss out. Thanks a lot who ever came up with the term Miss as in “Nice to meet you Miss Lane” as an address for young women. Not giving young women a very good start with that one.

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