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AstroZen: Understanding Generational Markers

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 And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart, closer to the heart

The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart, yes closer to the heart

Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart, well closer to the heart

(Closer to the Heart –– Neil Peart.. 1952 Virgo dragon)


By Robert Hitt


This is a continuation of the observations made in the previous post. http://www.astroecon.com/mtnebo12-10-2012.htm  The video presented is a must watch. The reason I was so keen on it I finally started to see the generational strengths emerging of those  born between 1970 – 1983.   I am going to have to back up in this post and give more details on the generational identity cycle so we all can have a better idea on how we can DO OUR PART  just by being true to ourselves. I have seen non astrological analysis of generational patterns such as the FORTH TURNING and feel that astrology has much detail to offer beyond it.


The location of Pluto in a person’s birth chart is the generational marker that defines the role of the entire group.. If we do not understand the evolutionary process we can unknowingly get into generational warfare over the differences between us.. And I might add we can also be PROVOKED into generational warfare by those at the top of the pyramid..  So lets get into the nuts and bolts.

Pluto takes 248 years to make a full rotation. And for 20 years of that orbit period Pluto is INSIDE of the orbit of Neptune.. This last occurrance of that intrusion was from 1979 to 1999.. If one thinks about that it seems that a lot of the damage the dark side did without being caught occurred during that period. I have speculated for a while that because the orbital plane of Pluto is not aligned with the other planets orbital plane that Pluto is not a part of the original solar system. One thing any astrologer will tell you is Pluto is a very dominant planet to a point of potentially serving as the accelerant of evolution.
Check out the cool graphics here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pluto#Orbit_and_rotation ..

All of us on earth at present were born during a time when Pluto was moving FAST through the Zodiac.. That means we have a LOT of generations alive on the planet at the same time now. Right now we still have a few Pluto in Cancers left that were born before 1938.  We also have Pluto in Capricorn babies being born now so we have 6 generations here all at the same time. On the other slow side of the orbit an entire lifetime could be lived with only two generation living together.  Too many generations living at once can lead to a lot of conflict in purpose.  The idea I am attempting to convey in this post is to explain how we can cooperate generationally rather by understanding rather than be at cross purpose.  The zodiac signs are ROLES which tend to over reaction moving from one sign to the next. Example is an Aries starts everything and finishes nothing but the next sign Taurus wont start anything until a current project is finished.

The Current Generational Mix

Pluto in Cancer 1912 – 1938.. Humm seems to me something important emerged as a marker here which is the FED born in 1913. The Fed is a Pluto in Cancer “entity”.  This is the first generation born into slavery of a ponzi fiat debt scheme but they set it up to benefit from it.. This is the generation that fought WW2 which established the dominance of the FED… They for the most part experienced the depression in childhood and have a very Cancer oriented defensive yet nurturing nature to them.  This group came back from WW2 and established the family values that allowed for the middle class suburban lifestyle we still enjoyed until very recently. Keep in mind that the idea of HOMELAND SECURITY was catalyzed by the OLDEST generation alive now still manifesting what they view as their ROLE. HW BUSH is a Pluto in Cancer. Their children were the Pluto in Leos born from 1938 – 1958..

Pluto in Leo 1938-1958.. I am part of this group.. Pluto is exalted in the sign of Leo so it is exceptionally strong there. Pluto in Leo is all about drama and self expression.. This is a reaction to the conservative Pluto in Cancers.. Pluto in Leo is speculative and creative..  LOLOL the Pluto in Cancers being such homebodies were quite productive procreators so the baby boomers were a huge bulge in the population.. This bulge has been one of the vexing economic issues for 60 years.. Everything the Pluto in Leos needed was a big econ driver from diaper sales in the 40s-50s to the housing boom in the 60s and 70s to conspicuous consumption of the 1980s to the leveraged retirements of the 1990s-2000s to the now critical issue of medical care for an oversized group of old folks. ..  The desire to break to new ground beyond the idea of Cancerian “safety” came to fruition as the hippies who were intent on breaking down all the walls their parents created.   The previous Pluto in Leo generation was when BEN FRANKLIN was born..

Pluto in Virgo 1958 – 1969.. The children of the younger Pluto in cancers and older Pluto in Leos.. Many raised in a Leo themed sex drugs and rock and roll environment.  Virgo is very problem solving by nature relying on science and data and logic. Virgo is not all that good with emotional issues. To me seeing this group as a Leo member they are technocrats control freaks and at one point I labeled them THE BORG. Hey I guess it was payback time considering what the wild Leos did to their Cancer parents.. Obama is a very typical Pluto in Virgo. They naturally are rejecting of their perceptions of Leo self centered egotism and many actually relate better to the Cancerian themes as they get older.  This is how so many hippies spawned so many nanny state control freaks.. Yikes.. Why do you think they are running the DHS right now that is their strength. They came in the wake of the baby boomers and have a deep seated generational inferiority complex.. While the boomers were in mid life dominance the Virgos were kept in a tough situation with very limited opportunity except leftovers that they perceived as piggish of us Leos. We have not seen the last of THAT problem as the boomers end of life issues approach. As of right now the biggest generational conflict is the Virgos vs Leos. The Leos made grandiose promises to themselves and the Virgos were expected to pay for it.  Today’s “cliff” problem a result..

Pluto in Libra 1970 – 1983.  Libra is at a 90 degree square to Cancer. If anyone is to break the “homeland security” complex up it is this group. As the Libras enter mid adulthood they are starting to have a generational conflict with what is left of the Pluto in Cancers.. Libra is social.. Libra is about law and agreements between parties.  I raised one of the younger Pluto in Libras and she seemed to be a proto lawyer from infancy.. EVERYTHING had to be negotiated. “Not fair” was a constant response to any parental demand and she was inclined to take her argument to a higher court rather than admit losing an argument.. She would back up her arguments with precedents so it was really not so easy to deal with.. Watching her grow into adulthood I was exposed to her peers and it seemed until recently this group was self absorbed like a Leo but without the gravitas of creative drama to go along with it. I considered them as a lazy group of lightweights until recently when I started to see the adults of the group begin to emerge into self empowerment..  The UNGRIP video (http://www.zengardner.com/ungrip-declaring-our-inherent-independence/) was a tipping point for me and I now see the Libra generation emergence as the power of using the law to free all of us from tyranny. George Washington was a Pluto in Libra. I can report I am really excited about this generation now and the role they are about to step into as lawyers for universal law.. We NEED THEM TO SUCCEED.. They maybe are not going to be the ones to fight the actual fight other than with pens. The job of enforcing the law is going to land on the Pluto in Scorpios who are built for it.. The Libras job is to lay the legal groundwork for the future.

Pluto in Scorpio 1983-1994.. Scorpio is 90 degrees squared to Leo.. I suspect that the over leverage and ponzi approach caused from the Leos is what the Scorpios are here to confront. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto so this group is as powerful as the Leos are but have no interest in the drama part.. They have a deep interest in secrets. They have exceptional bullshit detectors. Yes they are young at present with the first of them just reaching the 30 year threshold of adulthood.. I raised one of this group too and the differences were apparent between her and her sister right away..  Keep in mind the Scorpios are deadly serious being raised in the post 911 world. They do not scare easily,  are coming to grips with having been raised as cannon fodder by the PTB and they don’t like it. They are also reacting with seriousness having a distaste for the lightweight Libras life is just a party attitude. This group is the opposite of lazy I can tell you first hand. The soldiers in the revolutionary war were born 1730-1750 with Pluto in Scorpio.. They were led by a Pluto in Libra George Washington.

Pluto in Sagittarius 1994 to 2009.  Sagittarius is philosophical adventurous and educational oriented.. No doubt about it this is the very first generation to be fully immersed in the information field from birth with almost no limits on what they can learn at the snap of a finger. My observation of this group is they want to learn and be happy and as a result are not so serious as the Pluto in Scorpios.. Truly a generation of philosophers. I see a few of the older ones already displaying huge talent in music and poetry and they seem to have innate ability to deal with their natural psychic ability.  They will emerge into mid life power AFTER the revolution.. Keep in mind that the previous Pluto in Sagittarius group was at entering adulthood when the USA had become independent and they were instrumental in creating the philosophical foundations for the country during the late 1700s.. Constitution.. Bill of rights.. and a generation that knew more freedom in mid life than any since that time in my opinion..

Pluto in Capricorn 2009 to 2024. Lets just say that this is the opposite of the Pluto in cancer energy.. They are just little babies now.. They may be inclined to live in a civilization we would consider anarchy. This is not for us in the present to determine. This generation maybe is the epitome of self governance and personal liberty. The previous Pluto in Capricorn generation was born 1760 – 1778 so they were the children of the soldiers who fought in the revolution.  Pluto will move into Aquarius in 2024 so it would appear that is around the time that our new country will be formed from the ashes of the old.


Time marches on.. One generation is born and one dies and the wheel turns. History repeats in ways that are not easy to see if one has no accurate clock to note the “time”.  The way to tell what the time it is means look at the biggest clock you can find.  Pluto’s cycle is that biggest clock.




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    • I would hate to think were Neil came up “Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
      We have assumed control.” at the end of 2112

      • Neil Probably fell asleep watching David Bowies – “Man who fell to Earth” and woke up to – “The Running Man”. There – it came out of a Stephen King novel or someone else who dreams of the dark.

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