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  1. Black Elk also said ‘wowasake kin slolyapo wowahwala He e.’
    Know the Power, that is peace.

    He’s talking about the Power of the Heart.
    Much Love528
    Mitakuye Oyasin[all my relations]

  2. wow, that is an awesome quote & photo. what a great visionary soul & leader he was. i read his book “Black Elk Speaks” many years ago…now its starting to make more sense. thank you for the reminder <3

  3. Mr. Black Elk was much wiser than the people of today who believe there’s a center and an edge of space, as per Big Bang quackery.
    Space, time, matter are experienced within our minds.
    “Mind is the cause, not the effect.” — Walter Russell

  4. It we would be nice to go back in time and listen to these great elder stories about our ancient civilizations and bring them forward in time to awake the masses.There are probably great lessons that we never had a chance to learn because of the institutions/religions that overruled that way of life.


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