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Attention Span, Sleight of Hand and the Electro-Chemical Plan


by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder how they can pull off these massive staged media driven stunts and so few seem to notice what’s really going on? Look at Sandy Hook. More inconsistencies than you can shake a stick at yet nothing, nothing contrary to the official narrative is allowed to be introduced into the news stream.

Unless of course it’s derogatory of anyone challenging the party line.

They’ll usually give a token acknowledgement of the “other side” and then move on so people figure that was covered and accounted for.

It’s almost alchemical how they’re able to utilize staged high impact news events, shove across their pre-planned “solutions” that need immediate, unthinking unsubstantiated action, and then dissolve the emotionally driven issue with new distractions before there’s time to even find out what really happened.


Hit, Hype and Run

It virtually doesn’t matter what really happens anymore. It’s the original shock value of the staged event, real or imaginary, and the complicit presstitutes that make the intended impression that matters. This is all.

You have to hand it to them in their warfare techniques: How do you not reel at the thought of dozens of very young innocent children being massacred in a school? It’s a horrific thought, never mind supposed event.

Same with 9/11. Hit the highest profile buildings in the world, mix in some dramatic long prepared back story of turbaned brown people in caves attacking American soil, and run and re-run these images and the resultant horror, screams, death and tragedy and you’ve got yourself an emotional tidal wave to ride straight into the middle east and beyond and the beginning of an Orwellian crack down on the supposed targeted  populace the likes of which the world has never seen.

You want absurd? And as the psychically accosted public is still reeling from the impact, before they know it laws are passing and wars are being waged.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam conflagration never happened we now know. Proven by FOIA documents. Does that stick in anyone’s mind? Martin Luther King was proven in public court to have been killed by the CIA, who remembers that? Or even knows it? After we were all taken to the cleaners with the mainstream story of another staged mass trauma, the JFK assassination.

Unless these profound truths are highlighted instead of ignored, skirted and buried, the sleeping masses figure there must not be anything to worry about.

That’s our sad state of affairs, right there.


The Terrorist Meme and a Gullible, Easily Swayed Public

“Terrorists strike barracks, embassies and ships”, “home grown militants blow up Oklahoma City building”, “Cavemen from Afghanistan permeate world’s most sophisticated defense system ever”, “lone nuts shoot up bases, theaters and schools”…I mean do I have to list them all?

Attention deficit is one thing, but we’re talking mass psychosis here. Just look how many draconian laws and executive orders have been passed while the tricksters have everyone looking the other way. The recent freedom ending coup de grace was this almost gratuitous Monsanto Protection Act getting passed, while the country is told the economy is recovering  and the media piddles over issues like gay marriage and the final four basketball tournament.

And all this rubber stamped by a propped up drone who came into office promising the exact opposite of everything he’s done (as if he’s the decider of anything, all a ruse)  including escalating the fascist Imperialist march into the Middle East and Africa…with more to come.

“Shock and awe” comes home to roost.

You have to wonder how this can transpire in a world soaked in information transfer and availability. Perhaps that in itself is one of the factors, where the populace assumes the truth will come out all by itself in such a connected world. “Surely they couldn’t hide much with so much media technology in place.” I’ve heard it said to me many a time.

“They will tell us”…and these are the same people that believe there is no “they” orchestrating the direction of society. I know, what planet are we on again?

The truth is still available if anyone takes the time to look. In fact more than any other time in history.  It’s just been so well marginalized as conspiracy talk or anti whatever speech they won’t even turn their heads to look for it due to the conditioning raining down on their eyes, bodies and minds.

Good news? Once anyone’s eyes are open they can perceive the big picture and the extent of this complete charade being perpetrated. If they have the courage to buck the hypnotized tide. Now you know why the zombie idea is pushed. For programmed acceptance. Zombification is fun for one and all!


Societal Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Syndrome is famous for a reason. It explains a frightening aspect of weakened, unaware human behavior:

“The term, Stockholm Syndrome, was coined in the early 70’s to describe the puzzling reactions of four bank employees to their captor. On August 23, 1973, three women and one man were taken hostage in one of the largest banks in Stockholm. They were held for six days by two ex-convicts who threatened their lives but also showed them kindness. To the world’s surprise, all of the hostages strongly resisted the government’s efforts to rescue them and were quite eager to defend their captors. Indeed, several months after the hostages were saved by the police, they still had warm feelings for the men who threatened their lives. Two of the women eventually got engaged to the captors.

The Stockholm incident compelled journalists and social scientists to research whether the emotional bonding between captors and captives was a “freak” incident or a common occurrence in oppressive situations. They discovered that it’s such a common phenomenon that it deserves a name. Thus the label, Stockholm Syndrome, was born. It has happened to concentration camp prisoners, cult members, civilians in Chinese Communist prisons, pimp-procured prostitutes, incest victims, physically and/or emotionally abused children, battered women, prisoners of war, victims of hijackings, and of course, hostages. Virtually anyone can get Stockholm Syndrome if the following conditions are met:

  • Perceived threat to survival and the belief that one’s captor is willing to act on that threat
  • The captive’s perception of small kindnesses from the captor within a context of terror
  • Isolation from perspectives other than those of the captor
  • Perceived inability to escape.

Stockholm Syndrome is a survival mechanism. The men and women who get it are not lunatics. They are fighting for their lives. They deserve compassion, not ridicule.”  Source

See the state dependency that’s been cultivated and reinforced? This is centuries old but perfected in the information age. This is how they operate. It’s deliberate social engineering by the so-called elites of what they call the mass herd, the expendables, human resources.

We must be herded, and it’s best done when we’re sedated.


The Drugging and the Mugging

So why is it so hard for people wake up out of this imposed hypnotic state and see some of these obvious lies, cover ups and mass manipulations?

One reason is the fluoride that has been injected into the water system since the 1940’s after finding how effective it was at placating prisoners during WW2. Yes, fascist technology was passed on to other fascist states. Besides seriously hindering our mental and spiritual capabilities by simply drinking it, it’s now in the soil and oceans, further polluting our environment and food supply. Fluoride has even been been found in chemtrail fallout to further exacerbate this horrific poisoning.

Then there are chemtrails. Loaded with a cocktail of metallic and otherwise toxins these have a cumulative effect on our nervous, autoimmune and endocrine systems that are drastically altering our physical and more importantly mental state, reducing short and long term memory and making us more sensitive and thus susceptible to electromagnetic influences as well.

The combination? An easily manipulated populace growing more so by the hour.

The intention is exactly what they’re getting. Full sway over a very large mass of humanity for their own designs and programs. Hence, we must do our best to prevent what we can, detoxify, and become fully aware of this program.


Electromagnetic Manipulation of Our Metalisized Systems

Our ingestion of aluminum and barium is said to even make us visible by space radar. This is serious. Backing it up a bit, just assuming we’re getting a low dose of these toxic heavy metals being found in our air, water and foods, what does that make us susceptible to besides disease?

EMF pollution has proliferated on our planet almost faster than they can track. WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, GWEN towers, HAARP type facilities, radio bands of all sorts, these are nasty unto themselves. But coupled with a metalicized human body we’ve got problems. We’ve become a bionic receiving station for all kinds of impulses and EMF influences.

“A radio frequency engineer once told me, as we stood in a city park, that if we could see the invisible electromagnetic waves surrounding us, the air would look the consistency of pea soup. We’d be lucky to be able to see our toes. I asked him whether he carried a cell phone. He responded thoughtfully, “Do tobacco executives smoke? Of course not. Do electronics engineers carry cell phones? They know better.”

Few people are listening to the real authority to which they have instant access—their own body. Some of the most commonly experienced effects of EMFs, like depression, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, autism, sleeplessness, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s increase coffee shop and drug corporation profits as people look for relief. But a drug-dependent fix is different than vigorous health, especially for the planet.” Source

Don’t think that will influence minds?

I don’t know how advanced their sick technology is fully but I’ve read plenty of very real documentation stating what the capability of such weaponry is. We can see it used militarily even on police wagons where their low frequency sound blasters can disperse a crowd in seconds. And that’s obviously just the tip of the iceberg.

Research Project Bluebird and related info for some more exotic applications, but there’s plenty out there on these phenomena. The point is to beware.



We’re being tricked, bamboozled, lied to, deceived, misled, falsely accused, drugged, threatened and even cajoled. Never mind murdered. They are not our friends by any stretch of the imagination, whomever or whatever they truly are.

The best description of what we’re up against is a robotic, parasitic force. An other-worldly unfeeling, call it satanic or demonically inspired, invasion of our planet that’s been in the offing for a long, long time, and only now are we seeing its true, ugly mechanical face.

Nothing could be this concerted, coordinated, negatively spiritually inspired, so wicked against the cause and purpose of loving mankind than a force from the Underworld, a force of evil as we would perceive it.

To them it may be conquering, to us it is anti-life, anti-Truth, anti-Source, anti-Creator. Wherever it’s coming from.

Parasites have long been at war with the living, sucking them dry for the energy they need but cannot create on their own.

It’s time to confront and expel them at every level of our existence, including the minions that have yielded to them.

We are conscious awareness. The ultimate force of the Universe.

Decision day is today.

Resist, respond, recapture our planet. We’re under attack and need to fight back. Our weapons are spiritual.

Be conscious, aware, informing and on your toes. This is one heavy duty time and in itself a call to arms.

Ours is to simply respond responsibly and consciously.

Love, Zen



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  1. Call to arms indeed. We must take up the sword of light and go forth into darkness. That is our road.
    That is our purpose and our destiny.
    One Love 936hz

    • Knowing we chose to be here at this time is a great reminder we have everything we need for the battle we face. Activation of those inherent gifts is our primary purpose for being here. The rest will follow. Love, Zen

  2. Nailed it again Zen. If we need a barometer, a yardstick to measure how sick the masses are, look at how they gobble up the gruel as if it were true.

    Continuity is lost, minds moving so fast, they can’t even remember what happened week before last.

    Bust ’em and dust ’em, there is an end to this charade, it’s comin’ on fast and it won’t be late.

    • Well said, Randall. Seems it’s accelerating. Some is more obviously manifest than other. People need to trust their hearts about what’s going on more and more, esp. when the infrastructure starts to crumble under them. This is a very fragile time.

  3. Rise above the madness and the meanness and the manipulation and take the world up with you. The power of a trained mind is beyond limits. The power of trained minds and hearts working compassionately together for the betterment of all is unlimited and unbeatable.
    You and I are the pilots of this earthship, take her up gently now.

    • I’m ready to fight back what ever way I can. I’ve been ready since before I was born. Time we avenged those murdered by a Satanic criminal cabal on 9/11 and in the illegal wars that followed. Who cares about my house, my car, my job? I was not incarnated down on this Earth to go to McDonalds or talk about football. Morally we all have a duty while down here on this Earthly Realm. Call it a Duty of Care for our fellow souls down here right now….and the ones calling out to be Avenged.

  4. Terrific article, as usual, Zen, Thank you. The conclusions at the end are precise and accurate. The parasites are indeed mechanical, blood-suckers based on silicon.
    The push-back is with Heart-centered self-preservation instinct, even if the heel of the shoe is applied to the cockroaches, it by necessity is with Heart. Arjuna, anyone?

  5. All true. I’ve just come home from the movie ‘Samsara’. It’s brilliant – and unbelievably moving. The sad and sorry state that is our world, that you have described here, is told in images. No narrative, or dialogue necessary. The robotic, desperate, fragile human condition. The exploitation of our animal brothers – heartbreaking. If we are treating them thus – is it not surprising we are being treated the same way. This is ALL the evolutionary journey we are on. Can we save ourselves if we wake up in time?? It seems a long shot when you look at the state of things – but we can’t give up hope. Thanks again Zen. See Samsara if you haven’t already.

  6. I just want to point out that Adolph Hitler was a puppet that was chosen by the war mongers for his likeability . Just like Obama. And thank you for making the comment box more expansive.

  7. Great write up ,.I Love how you tied it all together, The captions are killer good “The Drugging and the Mugging” Haha ! could be more spot on .

    • Tx Peek. Funny how words are. But it’s what we have to work with as our language of the heart develops and hopefully telepathy is just around the corner. That’ll be fun, eh?

      • LOve that .! But man the way my yap is with words People will be duck taping foil around my head to shut me up.. I sent this out to a bunch of other link minded people,

  8. The way you write it, it sounds like an impossible task. The awake and aware are a minority, being dragged down by the drugged majority. Whatever hope have we got, on our own, of overcoming such a force? The people I come across are absolute no-hopers; lost out to the “force” years ago. Life for them is carrying on hunky-dory, they merely laugh at anyone trying to point out dangers such as the eurozone crisis, the Cyprus bank thefts, brain-toasting mobile phones, dodgy wi-fi, etc etc…..they just can’t see the dangers in any of it.
    How on earth are THEY ever going to wake up and help us?

    • All depends of what the task is as to whether it’s possible or not. No, not everyone will wake up this time around. No, we can’t save the systems of this world, especially when they are supposed to crumble. No, we most likely cannot stop many of the things set in motion at this point.
      But I already made the real change. The game ended when I woke up. I’m already where I want to be. There’s no more striving. Others can also know they are already where they’re supposed to be – awake and aware, conscious and happily living in the NOW no matter what transpires. That profound awakening changes the dynamic drastically, and the more who make that shift the more the entire landscape of what’s going on shifts, even if it doesn’t change everything. The new world is already here and always has been.
      I don’t mean to be enigmatic but it’s part of detaching from this ship, sailing or sinking. And I’m not saying sitting still in some utopian state of Nirvana. We still stay engaged in whatever we’re called to do, or not do any longer. Our choices of actions and inaction change.
      When the lower levels of the pyramid they’ve assumed over us stop holding it up, it falls. Awake awareness stops futile actions and brings actions that cause more awakening.
      All the best…cheer up. As dark as it gets the brighter each light will shine!

      • Zen, this was the perfect reply, and it’s just what i needed to hear. Your words become more of an inspiration each time I read them.

        Many thanks for all you do!

        Much love,

  9. It is the height of hypocrisy for these media clowns to push gun control and unnecessary wars at the same time. Nothing but excuses and for and distractions from the bloated military-industrial complex, the militarization of society, debasement of culture etc… but the shrill, hysterical Cassandras cry foul when kids act out the gruesome scenes they are constantly inundated with…

  10. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

    Spot on, Zen

    I was just thinking about the HUMAN RE-SOURCE departments around town (I’ve applied to many throughout the years). I remember my first job — I reported to the PAYROLL DEPARTMENT!! then it became something else after they had to hide the word propaganda/ Doh – I mean public relations dept. ….. then it was business affairs? human services for a time I think — saw a few headhunters along the way!!

    great post

    we should market a human “parasite be gone” spray. funny thing — I bet the peeps would believe it — power of suggestion….. we know how all that works.

    demons be done — spray where necessary — available in black/white/grey mist

  11. I would say one of the best tools we have as spiritual warriors, in my opinion is thought focused meditation. It’s not for me to tell you what thought to focus on, that is always your choice. But for me personally, I believe that if I meditate on thoughts, feelings, and emotions of peace for 10 minutes, I’m putting positive energy back into the planetary grid and invisibly affecting the consciousness of all humans on the planet. I really feel that if we continue to meditate on positive emotions, like peace, harmony, unconditional love, planetary healing, empathy and compassion, etc. that we can shift the consciousness of the masses in due time. No, it won’t be overnight, but sooner than later I feel this positive energy being put back into the Earth’s planetary grid will multiply and affect the psyche of humanity on the planet. It will soon manifest into individual’s altering their actions and decisions to better reflect an enlightened state of mind.

    The truth of it is that the planet is full of dry tinder. There are many many minds that are just waiting to be lit up with the burning Truth and flame of enlightenment. As the Buddha say, the only difference between a person who is “englightened” and one who is not, is simply the awareness that one is enlightened. We are all enlightened beings and it is only a matter of realizing it. SOON, people will wake up to this spiritual fact and Truth. So NOW more than ever it is important that those of us who are already burning and lit up with the flames of Truth, that we seek to light the dry tinder and ignite the collective global human psyche into the most amazing ball of Truth fire that any of us could ever possibly imagine. At the point, it won’t matter whether evil, parasitic forces still persist, because they will only have TWO options: Get transformed in the fire of Truth and learn that they must accept unconditional Love or be absolutely destroyed and burned alive by it.

    The bottom line is we have TPTB/parasitic sociopath rulers on the ropes. They see the baby flames burning and as much as they try to put them out another 5 or 10, 20, or 100 have already begun spreading elsewhere around the planet. Please think about how long it’s been since we had a global fire of Truth on this planet… The renaissance comes close, but that was more like a controlled brush fire to let off a little steam. The park ranger overlords of this planet have been working hard on putting every fire out for too long… they’ve let the dry tinder build up to their own demise, because once the flames reach a critical mass their little park ranger station/charade of a circus matrix will be turned to ashes and humanity will rise once again as the spiritual beings of integrity, love, and Truth that we have and always will be.

    So listen folks, when it comes, don’t worry at all for one second. Instead exclaim to yourselves and others, BURN BABY BURN! The light of Truth given off by the flames of love shall never be extinguished from the hearts and souls of all human beings.

    Much Love to you all! <3

    Also check out http://www.doasone.com to breathe with others around the world. Also consider this fact presented on their website:

    "Definition circa 1300: From Latin “conspirare” which means “to agree, unite, plot,” and “com” which means “together” + “spirare” meaning “to breathe.” So, literally “conspire” means “to breathe together.”

    According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “conspiracy” is from 1386; “conspiracy theory” is from 1909. Before 1386 the word “conspire” simply meant to breathe together. After the word “conspiracy” was born, the root word “conspire” took on a new meaning – to plot something wrong, evil or illegal.

    Modern definition of conspire : 1. To agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal; 2. To act or work together toward the same result or goal. -Dictionary.com, 2010

    The power of breathing together was hidden for centuries due to the misdirection of a powerful word. Do As One is reawakening the original meaning of the word and inviting people to conspire anytime, anywhere in one of our LIVE Breathing Rooms."

  12. Standing up and applauding you Zen, overwhelming love in the delivery! Shine the light and bring forth your strengths indeed… Thank you for coming forth so strong lately, no more around the bushes, through the mountains we go!

  13. you are all armchair quarterbacks.
    you sit there in the safety of your abode and write about taking up arms, taking back control of your government, putting a stop to the madness, etc., and you haven’t done a thing except talk.
    You point back to your little movements (all orchestrated by the ‘1%’ which you are to naive to see or accept).
    You speak about the ‘good’ they have done and accomplished – which is exactly what?
    Now all of you will write in telling me how ignorant I am and how little I know because I dare put the truth to you. Plus, you will even tell me I do not know the truth. Best you honestly look in the mirror first – if you dare – the majority of you cannot even do that.
    Not a one of you is EVER actually going to do a thing except talk.
    I pity all of you.

    • Sheep,
      It begins with the name. I offer you our love; we all know and understand the “game/play” well. We will not take upon your offer, hostility, anger, and provocation, it is exactly what the dark desires because it kills and destroys the most beautiful gift ever to be had, the human soul. We are not your everyday comatose folks here. We are past the attacks and we are past the action/reaction trap. Please take a moment and go over this little heaven of information this Zen place is. You will find it to resonate with your being as you get to advance in your knowledge about the effects of the lies you’ve been fed over your existence; you and I have so much in common (in fact we are one), the difference is in the understanding and approach to the understanding of how to resolve your conflict, what you would see as a “real solution”. We are not naïve, in fact quite the opposite, we are not under a spell, in fact quite the opposite, and we will share and assist to change this resolve from the very root of the delusion that causes it, it is a detox of your body/mind and most importantly your soul. You did not think the dark was all that mighty all by itself did you? Stop assisting what it is that you are trying to destroy. Much love.

    • I’ve thought the same thing over and over sheep dog. We know these “arab springs” are all orchestrated. It’s becoming pretty obvious. Talk talk talk talk talk – talk a lot talk a little more. It all helps. It’s our fuel for the fire that’s been raging forever and ever and ever and ever….

      come on, sheep dog — fire it up! we can use all the help we can find

  14. Great post!

    Thanx for connecting dots to expose the exoteric realities so we can bring our esoteric consciousness more alive and awake. Though the many wish the safety, security and comfort of someone else solving the massive problems we, and more importantly, the future of all children face. It is only when we flic our own bics into the growing darkness that we take responsibility and control of our lives. When we allow ourselves to see our true paths more clearly we also allow others to see their own paths through he ambient light we created, like you do with your blog…

    Once light has been shone into darkness, it is no longer the unknown and unseen and that genie can never be put back into the bottle. Then it becomes a choice to take action and confront or not… and destiny becomes under our own powers once again.

    • How about starving millions of people to death and killing all his officers in order to secure himself again assassination. Just a couple of things there are many others….he was basically a thug!

  15. I see very clearly the connection between the metals from chem trails that are now in our body and the increased effect that radio frequency waves have on us. Chemical spraying is criminal!
    Thanks for the heads up.

    • My pleasure. Think of the coffee and energy drink uptick to overcome this crap….that’s pretty substantiating, no? Keep on…your conscious awareness is your health and your power. Truly.
      Love, Zen

    • ??? Is that in jest? If not, sure it’s not synchronicity? Nothing in there I “stole” from anyone…universe speaks plainly and it’s for all to hear. I just try to relay my little part as I get it. Love, Zen

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