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Awaken from Slumber

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  1. Yes…to every line of this statement. The enemy has infiltrated the family camp of America…and so many are becoming awake, not from a gentle tug on the toe taken from the daily news, but from the pain and suffering found in their own kinship.

  2. It’s really horrible how far all this sort of BS is brought on to the people already.
    On DavidIcke-headlines Just today were some horrible examples again.
    And then were not even talking about gmo’s, vaccinations, chemtrails and the likes.
    And last years the wealthiest people of the earth got more the 3 trillion richer.
    This all fits in Agenda 21.

    Happily we could read recently on this site that it’s normal to feel at least somewhat depressed over all this… But now for what to do about it.
    Whistleblowers are still so alone and get persecuted, see Edward Snowden. But that’s still how it works in general for wb’ers. I hope there will come larger groups who take on things like that. but it will be hard even then. Recently I watches Gasland II, from Josh Fox, it shows how difficult it is for even groups of people.
    Well, luckily more and more awaken!

    Here some of the DI articles, connected with this.

  3. we need to find a way to get rid of money , and there wont be an Elite anymore they will fade away , they control the whole world by this piece of paper , who can they control if theres no wages of papers

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