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I don’t know how much more profound or life changing a quote can be. Let’s not take this intellectually, but rather yield to the Truth and act accordingly. – Zen


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  1. Taking a position vis-a-vis the police state still taking form — for now seemingly benign, if you don’t run afoul of a “peace officer” (“war is peace”), later maybe not so:
    Simply no longer patronize “mass transportation” — currently primarily airports, takes a while to gear up on the scale TPTB contemplate! — access to which “forces you” to go through a TSA portal. Just say no, which is a relic of a soul whose person was named Nancy Reagen.
    Simply do not buy food which contain GMOs. Let the companies who make such food know of your choice.
    Staying more at home these days as a consequence, like me? Plant a garden, build a greenhouse, get to know your neighbors.
    The evolution begins.

  2. “Yield to the Truth”. Zen, that is perfect. I think Martin Luther King is pleased with us. Each in our own way, we are speaking and acting upon our Truth and sometimes we get hit by busses, but we get up and speak again, love again, move forward again. And when there are too many busses, take a break and let them run into each other! Love, A.

  3. This guy was on the wrong side phony from day one a communist all the way controlled by remote control

    • WTF are you talking about? This man died due to his principles. What have you done? You’re a disgrace with your anti-communist rants…

  4. I miss reading quotes such as this one. Often times i’d walk along the banks of the potomac river besides the mighty district of columbia and alongside the river in certain areas are great quotes spoken by some of historys finest. One id like to encourage is the vets memorial in dc. What is so symbolic and powerful there, similar to what mlk said, was a very simple quote behind the very famous wall of vets that died, that simply said “freedom does not come free.” surely folks as u and I are what keeps the spirit alive! Keep up the inspirational stuff

  5. Saint Augustine said “The truth is like a Lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.”

    • Wow, good one. Hadn’t heard that before. Tx! I had a dream about a lion coming out of hibernation a while back. Funny, lions don’t hibernate, but this one was. When it came out of the fallen tree it was sleeping in, another animal deliberately jumped on it to sacrifice itself for food for the lion. Thought of David Icke’s Lion Sleeps No More theme. It’s the lion in each of us.

  6. “There exists no struggle more noble or long enduring than that of humanity versus the truth.” Brendan Gil

  7. Yes, Altea, I had had a few busses come my way as I spoke truth that many are not prepared to see. I am finding that people from other countries, have a much better grasp on what is going on here int he U.S., than those in our country. Partiicularly the dumbing down of the U.S.

    • Dumbing down of the ‘education’ system has been going on in the UK for decades, also. Each and every year exam passes set new records, and the kids think it’s because of how hard they have studied!

      According to what I’ve read about Agenda 21: “Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.”

    • It is sad but true that foreign born (not born here) people that come to this country can see what is happening here and the people born of this once great country can’t, or simply won’t. Alas it is true what you say, so sad.

  8. Beautiful and profound. Just like he was. Ever notice how people like that who get too much following end up dead? (MLK, Jesus, JFK…) I’m not really putting JFK in the same category as the other two, but he did speak dangerous words that came close to exposing the evil ones. BTW, Zen, I’m a regular reader. I love your posts. Fun with reptoids makes me laugh so hard!

    • So glad, Mary. Look up “Supersized – Faces of Evil that Rule the World” on my site for a real kicker…;)) What fools these imposters are. Love you, Z

  9. Funny you should run an article with quotes from a proven communist, and plagiarizer. He probably stole this quote from someone else.

    • What is up with these “he was a Communist” comments. What, are you stuck in the 50’s? MLK was a great man!

  10. When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do. ~William Blake

    One can feel in the heart; the origin of great art or poetry. That it arose out of the “Great Mystery”. That is what makes it great. It carries the power of bringing itself forth again in the observer. Yet many do not know this, but it is the beginning of transformation – the transcendence from form into the formless.

    Thank you, Zen. For giving me a daily dose of inspiration. :-)

  11. we are all the cavalry we are waiting for
    if not now, when? if not you, who?
    Time to step up, peacefully,
    be the change
    love tonyo

  12. I cannot for the life of me, see how anybody that fought for civil rights as courageously as he did, could ever be a communist. As far as plagiarism goes, and be honest, how many of us have heard or read someone elses material and liked it so much that we used it ourselves? For instance, I will plagiarise the bible for a moment, “Let he who hath not sinned, cast the first stone.”
    Zen, it’s funny how synchronicity works. Just this past week, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to open up your webpage and see a MLK quote. I was really hoping it would be a picture of him with “Free at last, free at last!” as the heading. Maybe someday.

    • Soon John, soon we will be free.
      I just had to comment on your synchronicity.
      I always find things here that I have had on my mind. Zen has his finger on the pulse of the awakening.

  13. Is it right to mislead people concerning their fate and the fate of the world in which they live? Is it right to pretend that all people are the same when in fact there are those who have the Truth IN them and those who have NO Truth in them whatsoever, though their bodies may look exactly the same? It is cowardice to suggest that all mankind is some sort of brotherhood that is going to ascend. It is an evil lie of one who either never had real conscience or whose conscience is long dead.

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