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Behind the Geoengineering Curtain

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Dane Wigington

Taking The Bait

The planet is in full blown meltdown and even now the spin masters have successfully triggered a new “global cooling” mob. It seems that if Al Gore is a hypocrite (and he is), science reality and the indisputable observations on the ground go out the window. And what about the incomprehensibly massive global geoengineering programs? Those that have jumped on the “cooling” bandwagon do not seem to take into account the fact that “global dimming” caused largely by the aerosol spraying from geoengineering is blocking some 20% of the sun or more, not to mention jet stream manipulation with HAARP and the artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms covered later. In spite of the ongoing all-out geoengineering assault, global temperatures are the warmest in at least 4000 years.

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If the planet is cooling, why are forest fires increasing in quantity, size, and intensity, around the globe?

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Losing Credibility

When so many anti-geoengineering activists pick up the “global cooling” banner without doing any objective investigation, it does not help the credibility of our cause. By taking a position on the true state of climate which is not supported by hard evidence and ground observations, it undermines the cause of stopping geoengineering. Potential converts to the anti-geoengineering cause, especially from academia, will likely throw out any information to support the conclusion geoengineering is a reality due to completely unsupportable conclusions of “global cooling” within the anti-geoengineering movement.

People are correct to be skeptical of the recent IPCC reports and the data they contain, but here is the rub, if one truly examines front line statistics, with all of the climate feed back loops considered (which the IPCC excluded), then it is indeed only possible to conclude that the IPCC data is wrong, but in the opposite direction of what most have factlessly concluded.

The IPCC predictions fall far short of disclosing the true gravity of our situation. The walls are closing in by the day in regard to the climate on too many fronts to elaborate on in this article, geoengineering is a huge element in fueling this fire overall in spite of the short term cooling effects of these climate modification programs.


Though the IPCC report mentioned global geoengineering in the final paragraph, as expected, they of course made no mention of the fact that these planetary decimating programs even exist let alone the fact that they have been deployed for decades. The massive global geoengineering programs are temporarily and toxically helping to hide some aspects of the rapid warming through solar radiation management (SRM) and artificial/chemical ice nucleation. At the same time, the environmentally decimating effects of these climate “cooling” programs are pounding the final nails into our collective coffins and are also making the warming worse in the long run.

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The Heat Build Up

The geoengineers can and are confusing perspectives on the climate. By blocking the sun, artificially/chemically nucleating/cooling storm systems, and falsifying temps to the “DOWN” side, the geoengineers can and are causing controversy, but the heat is building rapidly in spite of the recent wave of belief to the contrary. The climate “scientists” are also no help in unraveling the true state of affairs. The total omission of the ongoing geoengineering reality is incomprehensible. These scientists are either clinically blind, in total denial, being threatened, or paid liars.




Dane has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for over a decade.His personal residence was feature in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California.Dane put all his focus, efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying. He also noted significant decline in forest health. Extensive testing and research into the geoengineering issue was commenced and has continued since 2002.He is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to HAARP. He has appeared numerous films, and radio interviews to explain the environmental and health dangers we face on a global level from geoengineering.Dane lives in Shasta County, California.



    • Ah now here is a perfect example of someone being dumbed down with nothing more to say then this! I suppose that you believe that building 7 come down with out a plane hitting it, or that all those wispy clouds that form from the criss crossing of our skies by white jets in ALL directions up in central BC when the flight path is east west. Not sure what you are commenting on as it lacks substance ???? or is Bullocks your last name ???

    • I found that in Britain, “bollocks” is frequently used as some form of psychological pacifier. So many say it to quell any form of substantial subject of conversation that contradicts that of their own commonly held belief. Must have been first used by the “Royals”, and subsequently been impressed within the minds of the masses…….it is used frequently there.

  1. Ah yes it was not hard to convince my mother of 87 years of age to see the chem trail show here in Nelson BC at the mid way point between Calgary and Vancouver . it is still to hard for loads of folk to think that it is anything more then deposits left in the sky from the regular flight paths of the aircraft between these two metropolises. Just yesterday on a Sunday drive back to town my mother said “look at those mountains ,they have a blue haze in front of them like there was forest fires somewhere.” But no she put two and two together that this was particulate dropping from the wispy clouded shy. Annie initiated a campaign to rid her city of Hamilton Ontario of fluoride back in the 1960′s so it is understandable that she sees what she sees and tells people on her daily rounds of the thrift store what she knows is happening in her world. When people comment on how nice a day it is she will pipe up in a calm way about the clear blue shies being transformed into a purple haze. Then if she draws a blank look she may even add some comments about how they used to use fluoride to dumb down people but now they have taken it to a whole new level. Yes she may be right as it seems like either people do not want to hear of such an over whelming program or this could be a very effective action of macro management.

    Just the other day i had to send an e mail to my 3 children in their 20′s and 30′s pertaining to the severity of the effects upon our planet being presented by Fukushima as they have not been keeping a tune to its levels of biological distraction. Yes we have come a long way. Still wondering if they are viewing their old dad as a pervader of doom and gloom but I simply can not Idle no More even if i don’t have all the answers. What a far cry from those days when i was door knocking with my older brother on the anti fluoride campaign. At least in those days we felt like we had a mechanism for calling out to others as sisters and brothers in what was wrong and what was right.

    In this campaign i keep soldering on because i see it more to do with the process rather then the end result of saving the planet. I have learned a great deal from my Mom who spent 4 years caring for my withering father before his passing a little over a year ago. So now i get to be a care giver for the likes of my best friend who is dealing with the ups and downs of cancer in his cabin next to our garden. So yes my children will learn how to deal with the train coming down the track or the elephant in the room as we know about compassion and caring for others that we love. Its all about being here for the process in the process.

    So Red Bird flies again as the crow population has increased 500 time since the 1970 i am told!

    • “i keep soldering on because i see it more to do with the process rather then the end result” – so true. Ours is to live up to the truth we know – which includes telling others. That is each of our jobs. Keep on flying red bird! ;)

  2. As far as I can tell from experience being in the middle of Germany, the temperatures have been cooling down here for years.
    The summers are mostly too cool, spring sometimes too hot, fall began too early this year( begin of September) and the first snowfall comes in October with a long lasting winter into April.
    I find it very hard to build on ANYTHING concerning this topic when it comes from a source that I can not verify.
    I heard of droughts in North America as well as heavy rains, the same elsewhere. On one side I hear the ice cap on Northpole is huge, the other says it´s little.
    At the end I can only tell that I for myself do not experience warming weather, but certainly strange weather patterns.
    I wished it was warmer where I live, more like it was 20 years ago with the seasons in order and row, a shorter winter, a warmer summer with constant temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius.
    There is certainly something going on regarding weather and climate( and of course geoengineering) and so on all the planets in our home solar system.
    The spraying seems to cool down because of the blocking of radiation from the sun.
    That is really everything I am totally be sure about.

  3. My true take on this is “they”, though geoengineering for decades have deliberately brought this on as one more means of planetary control and destruction. As psychopaths they seriously believe in order out of chaos. research all the historical data on this. Being a scientist myself and having worked in this environment for decades see the complete takeover of all agencies and scientific institutions. I just posted this on FB:

    I was just thinking how much this cabal has most of the scientific community in their power and so mind washed. Then saw an article just published in Nature— once again on climate warming and how they need to use geoengineering. How can any thinking person, let alone a scientist not have figured this out and have seen this going on in the sky years ago!! then to boot there are comments posted also from those in the science community showing their total ignorance to this horror taking place on our planet. what the hell has happened to their minds and ability to think and see/observe? I have said this before and will say again, they have no right to consider themselves scientists in the true nature of that term. the definition used to be someone who thought and thought for themselves and used the powers of observation and investigation. hah. I have sent links to many of my colleagues who just delete without reading and refuse to investigate—this is pure ignorance. “Condemnation without investigation is the Height of Ignorance” Einstein.
    The schools and universities long since infiltrated with this program of peer review/collectivist and total destruction of the creative mind and freedom of thought has resulted in a society of robots. A true paradigm conspiracy. it is a joke and the joke is on all of us.

    • How true Betty. It’s still probably the most ‘uncracked’ issue: how come all these people cannot or will not see the unmissable? I read that a particular function of mind control is it’s ability to cut out a critical part of the activity of the neocortex nerve system – ‘override’ might be a better expression. Just wondering..

  4. Educate yourselves….you could start here.
    Here in Saskatchewan it was an unusually long winter 2012-2013, followed by late cold spring….over the year has been cold and dry.
    Fall has been quick and cooler.
    A lot of Chem-trails this past year.
    We are…. I would suggest going into a Dalton Minimum.
    But then again I could be just copping and pasting.

    Michael Burns


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