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Benny Netanyahu's Magic Marker and the Red Line!


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  1. I think this clowns message was loud and clear: apparently the rest of us in the world are so uneducated and stupid that we need a cartoon diagram to get the idea.

    Wake up, asshole! We are not falling for your zionist crap! Get bent!

    Peace and Protection!!!!

    Sean (Eaglehart)

    • Well frikking said…the guy’s off the charts demonically insane, yet the world watches with frikking respect, and even adoration! Go figure!

  2. YES,YES, FUCKIN YEEESSS!!! Put this on every tv channel, put this on every fools i-pod/pad, let’s hold this up proud for this is the truth and the light. DOWN with benni, CRUSH him, Cure the world of his NAZI evil! Wow, how strange…..that does not even sound contradictory to me!!

  3. At least this time they didn’t all walk out on command when Irans pm spoke (sorry don’t know how to spell his name) and I’ve been told that the applause you hear while Bibi was speaking was coming from the Zionist stooges in the visitors gallery, Not the delegates.

  4. When I was 12yrs.old,(1963) my family visited NY & the UN,as part of our itinerary, during a summer vacation… I can remember being allowed, by a friendly security guard (my how times have changed) to access the stairs beside the stage & stand behind the famous podium; surrounded by the jade green marble slate, with a painting of Dag Hammarskjold, lit & hung on the wall to the side.
    ……Little did I know that 48+yrs. later… the epitome of a ponerological socio/psychopath, would be ‘holding court’ & pontificating from where I stood (in memory/ facing the seats of the assembly) … addressing the world at large, with the SAME ol` “Big Lie”…that an implacable Adolph Hitler intoned,… to assuage & thereby seduce & control the ‘masses’,.. in his time of infamy.
    …..Like an evil twin masquerading as a macabre, demonic ‘Caligula/Nero chimera’ & in a bizarre ‘Felliniesque’UN setting,in a archetypal antagonist display -if you will, of a self-serving, morally depraved & prevaricating ‘Ringmaster’…Bibi,(looking more like Wile.e.Coyote & his Acme bomb diagram) expectantly stretches out in narcissistic anticipation, for the feeding of his ego craving for the salutations of ‘rose petal’ admiration & adoration; as exemplified & more recently evidenced by the 29 obscene & obsequious ‘standing ovations’, he commandeered while ensconced in the dark mahogany & red velvet & leather, plush interior of the capital” Whore House” on the hill, of applauding sycophants!…after all…they are the ‘best’ that Wall Street $$$ (stolen from the taxpayers) can buy!
    …..It’s the sheer weight & audacity of his obvious, pronounced mental illness… inflicted upon the world, with such capricious impunity, while our democratically elected[sic] “representatives” go thru the motions & play the same criminal make-believe, bankster game of ‘Zion’ charades & ‘Jesuit’ musical chairs…..All the while gazing down like gargoyles…dismissively… on the ‘goi’, from their lofty perches, with facia, ‘death-gripped’ in reptilian talons;…. far & away from the vicissitudes & consequences of the contrived & connived machinations of the Imperialist 1% & their genocidal ‘Killing Fields’ for the global ‘capstone chess players’
    ……Yes!…-this is a vitriolic & verbose ‘rant’…but this is how my mind works when I’m really pissed!!!…My wish is – the critical mass of ‘awareness’ is inexorably approaching a collective ‘tipping-point’ epiphany of certainty!,.. with a clear & recognizable realization of the simple facts of our shared predicament, in a plain indisputable sight… as our “sleeping beauty” consciousness is aroused, finally, from the malicious poisoners & their alchemical fog of MSM alpha-wave TV propaganda & the maniacal programming of the duplicitous circus “elections”…with the ‘in-your-face’ smiles-lies & falsehoods of the mercenary cabal co-conspirators of the Borg.
    …. Just the truth,… & in spite of all the crap & the psychometrically engineered, selected police state intimidation, they’re throwing at us right now….I’m getting ready for the 100th human!

    • Yeah, we’re possibly there. It does seems we hit the 100th numbnuts some time ago. Now it’s the awakened’s turn. Gr8 rant. Love..Z

      • cheers…now it’s off my chest…
        …I thought about it later… that it would take a minimum 7 million awakened souls…that’s 10% of the approximately 7 billion inhabitants on the planet, to approach the critical mass tipping point… for an awakened mass consciousness, to light a candle in the dark…much like the radio receiver analogy of comparable values…..’if wishes were fishes’.lol

        • …this same logic might appear as ludicrous as ‘Paulie,’ from the Soprano’s, estimating the’ time’ in purgatory that he’ll have to do, for the atonement of his sins…while standing on his head-(lol)

          • Reminds me of the joke:
            A bad person dies and is greeted by Saint Peter. Peter tells the man he must choose between three hells.

            The first hell is very hot and he sees a lot of people burning in fire. The next hell is freezing cold and he sees people shivering and clamoring. In the third hell, he sees people standing in shit up to their waist but they look quite happy. They are drinking a cup of coffee and are chatting with each other. So the bad person says to Peter, “I choose the third hell with all the people standing in shit up to their waist.”

            So Peter admits the bad person to the third hell. He gets a cup of coffee and feels quite comfortable. Suddenly he hears a beep from a loud speaker that says, “Attention. Attention. Coffee break is over. It’s time to stand on your heads again now.”

  5. This psychotic jew sold out america. Where was his redline when he stole and sold nuclear secrets to china and russia. LOCK THIS JEW UP!

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