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Bethlehem Unwrapped – Separation Wall Replica in Central London

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[Maybe people will start to get the idea of what Zionist apartheid really looks like, since most of the western world haven't a clue. No doubt we could see some serious controversy over this, but the Zios aren't going to want to give it too much attention so may choose to try to ignore it, being such a powerful image all on its own. I guess we'll have to see. - Zen]

(London) St. James’ Church in central London unveiled an eight-meter-high replica of the Israeli-built concrete wall that entirely surrounds the Palestinian city of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, the traditional birthplace of Jesus.

It is an effort to bring to London some of the reality of what it is like to live in Bethlehem in 2013.

The wall deliberately obscures the facade of the historic St. James’ Church “because that is what has happened to Bethlehem’s holy sites and historic places.”

“This Christmas we’ve built a huge wall across the front of our church. We’d really like you to come and see it because it’s what the people of Bethlehem are experiencing today,” explains Reverend Lucy Winkett, rector of the church, in the brief video above.

The wall is part of the “Bethlehem Unwrapped” festival, which features a week of events, starting on 29 December, including music by Reem Kelani and Nigel Kennedy, comedy with Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel, as well as films and panels.

“Unwrapping” traditional images

“We’re unwrapping the traditional, Victorian, sentimental images of Christmas and showing this is what Bethlehem today looks like – an eight-meter high concrete separation wall surrounding it,” explains Justin Butcher, the festival’s director.

Butcher said that the replica took eight months to plan and eight days to build before it was unveiled on 23 December.

During the time it is up, people are invited to write their own messages on it. MORE



      • Perhaps the most surveilled city in the most surveilled country in the world, in a location that is on the doorstep of the square mile = psy-op

        • That’s always part of their plan, even when they didn’t plan it. Monitor, evaluate and measure. Easy to get a human collective profile snapshot, and in this case, maybe tag a few “radicals.”

          “I said now, watch what you say, now we’re calling you a radical, a liberal, fanatical, criminal
          Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable.”

    • What happened last night is how we Palestinian have been trying to exist for the last 70 years, too afraid to mention who we are, these Zionist supporters make sure our voices never come out.

      We’re trapped just like the holocaust times, our children are suffering everywhere, Zionists are NOT satisfied that they took our homes, country, culture, heritage, schools, literature, hospitals, bank accounts, slaughtered and kicked out our parents and families from Palestine, who’s left is buried alive behind 700 km wall, 70 years on, we’re not safe any where on this planet, and definitely not in London.


  1. * OR!…maybe it is!…just what it is!…a group of concerned people, that are illuminating the plight of the Palestinians by showing the average person passing by….& reflecting exactly to scale… the state of Apartheid oppression & ‘AshkeNAZI’ tyranny… that the men women & children of Palestine endure daily
    …ME….I would have placed a leased D-8 Bulldozer just outside their recreation of the WALL….with mock- bullet-proofing & a Star of David emblazoned across the blade…with a big red arrow pointing underneath the carriage of the mechanical beast ….with a memorial photo of Rachel Corrie…. with a lit candle…unless she was a psy-op as well.

    • Apparently the NWO is about the abolishing of all differing religions and political beliefs……I’ll stick with psy-op.

        • Ha !! Now that will be the Psy ops of all psy ops Zen .Holograms , voices ,sounds ?? , what a show . Just wondering though , how many will be deceived ?. :) Kitty XX

          • I don’t know Rollo , who does ?’ Even the very elect shall be deceived ‘ . Reading your comments I’m sure you know that quote I would say of myself that I am ‘totally in this world but absolutely not of it ‘Thanks to my parents being awake and aware since I was a teenager is actually sometimes quite wearing and sometimes I feel I suffer from a spiritual acidy that takes away that inner child from me . I still always wonder though , :) which is why I’m here and feeling so happy to be talking to you and all the other Gardners here . Kitty XX

  2. I think you’re right Alex . It is at it is It’s causing huge controversy among the pro Zionist groups in the secular and church ‘community ‘ I’d love something for once to be as it is instead of trying to second guess constantly :) it just gets so wearing , is it so hard to see the good in something occasionally ?
    I think your idea is a good one remembering the beautiful Rachel Corrie would be a step forward too X Kitty X

    • Cheers Miss Kitty…sometimes…an apple is just an apple…& not a computer
      …Are you acquainted with the artist Rene Magritte?, who created ‘Magic Realism’… as the content subject of his unusual surreal & juxtaposed paintings?…He did a painting of a beautiful & appealing ‘mouth watering’ (lol) ripe apple, that filled the canvass…. & in words painted underneath said: “This is NOT an apple”…I’m sure YOU get it (lol)…much love to you & yours over the holidays…..cheers

  3. Its fairly obvious that the course of action the opposition have adopted is to constantly portray these actions as secret controlled opposition. That way any personal reinforcement others might gain from their actions is swept away and we are left feeling helpless and totally impotent consciously and spiritually and dare I say politically.We are meant to be swamped with the sensation that there is nothing we can do and which ever way we look we are on our own and even when there is a glimmer of hope that others are waking up its only a ploy worked by our controllers.

    A few years or even a couple of years ago this would have worked. Only thing is that conscious awakening is worldwide, humanity wide and accelerating. People can listen to an address and take from it the reality and anything that bonds to their new found awakening and all that goes with it and at the same time distracting diversions are seen as simply that.

    • Sorry Reg, have difficulty buying into the scenario put forward in this piece taking place in a city where 7/7 was pulled off, but hey!!………….just wondering.

        • Ezekiel 25:17
          The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

  4. Tarantino took the original verse which is ; And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes ; and they shall know that I am The Lord , when I shall lay my vengeance upon them . The rest he added to fit in with Samuel L Jackson’s character . Perhaps you are right after all Rollo and nothing is as it seems :) Kitty XX

    • Takes some serious moxy to be able to disengage from it. That said, how do you define disengage? You have to be able to laugh at it, which in effect changes your vibes, and the prior vibes disappear and cease to be, and no longer can the vampires feed. Lighten up, is a great term……….double meaning, but not really.

  5. Hmmm

    It is truly amazing looking at these comments how just a handle full even mention, let alone address the terrible suffering ongoing in Palestine as we speak. That the Israelis can openly commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes (findings of various international courts not just my opinion) against the Palestinian people and yet so many Jews in the international community do nothing. In effect this passive response is aiding and abetting the criminals. In order for Israel to stop its horrifying actions against the Palestinians the international Jewish community must act. I see instead comments that belittle and mock every effort to help the Palestinians which seem to reflect the general indifference especially by the Jewish controlled media.

    Israel is now on the verge of facing the consequences of its heinous crimes. The question the world will soon be asking is like its former ally South Africa has the current Israeli government delegitimized itself to the point that the international community must step in and institute regime change for the greater good? Israel has claimed it has a right to exist, and rightly so. But has it abused that right beyond the point of no return? I think that justice will exact a stiff price for Israel’s crimes.

  6. Interesting that this wall is being likened to surveilance, when in fact the UK is the most survelanced country in the world with one third of the worlds cameras present here, watching every move we make. This does not exist in israel or the palestinian terrirtories.

    Furthermore, its all well to say you dont agree with the wall but it has proven to stop the many terrorist attacks which the palestinians have tried to make on israeli civilians. If the wall is removed these attacks will continue. Unless you have a solution to this, by removing the wall you are effectivly saying that its fine for the palestinians to continue killing innocent people.

    • Not by a long shot, mb. More Palestinian civilians and innocents have been killed than Israelis. If Americans Knew documents this disparity quite well. Do you have the guts to go look? Or will you fling more platitudes and disinfo at us? http://www.ifamericansknew.org

    • The wall is for incarceration of the Essenes (Palestinians). I lived in Israel, there are cctv’s everywhere. And once you are in the country, it is sometimes not easy to leave. I was held because they thought my golf clubs were some form of bomb. They x-rayed the bag at the airport, and since their version of TSA agents had never seen golf clubs, they had no idea what was going on. The supervisor gave them sh*t as they had to quickly get me to the departure gate as they held me to within 10 minutes of my flights departure.

      • ‘The wall is for incarceration of the Essenes (Palestinans)’Yes Rollo !! :) you are just so right !! I’v been waiting for someone to say this , it had to be you of course ! Kitty X

        • Again, think Planet of the Apes, the Israeli hierarchy are essentially Georgian Neanderthals raising a food source that contains a very old genetic line. Phil Valentine goes deeply into the subject of Melatonin, Serotonin and Melanin. Some months back the mainstream media even made light of the Rabbi’s trade in Palestinian body parts. Zira dissected humans in the Planet of the Apes.
          I think Mckenna said, “the deeper you go the weirder it gets”.

  7. Kieron i didnt realise peace and justice is about numbers of those dead. just because less israelis have bene killed does not mean the palestinans are just in using terror to delibratly target civilians. going on to a civillian bus in israel (as happened last week) and blowing up women,children, men is a clear act of terror not against the military but against innocent lives.

    whether you agree with the wall or not does not take away that this is happening and the fact that none of the comments made are acknowledging the fact that israelis (including arab israelis) are being murdered says alot about how one sided people in this room are against the jewish people and others who live in israel.

    The palestinians have their own goverment who are meant to be helping to bring peace. but hamas encouraging their people to blow up others is only encouraging more war and death. Hamas clearly states in their manifesto they they aim to wipe israel and ipso facto, its jews, of the map. If that is not an act of terror and a clear threat being made than im not sure how you are defining terror.

    This should not be an argument about this side has lost more people than that side. that is not what peace is about. We should be looking how to bring peace collectivly to the region for all people who live there and if we look at this through sides and not a collective peace will not be possible.

    ps. Rollo, i agree the airport may not always be the most pleasant experience but there has never been a major security incident in terms of a bomb in the airport or on el AL because they check belongings and people very carefully. i know id rather have my golf clubs checked thoroughly, even if i lose a little bit of time at the airport and as a result prevent a potential bomb.

    • MB, how many dead and maimed Palestinians do you want us to turn a blind eye to before we can acknowledge that the rest of the world can clearly see?? How many dead and maimed by bombing Gaza before every Israeli election? How many dead and maimed in illegal detentions without any charge??? you’re aware of the daily torture that goes on, especially to the 700 children a year(UK Judges watched for 6 months before they wrote their report) WHY?? how can we allow this to carry on??? what kind of human beings does it make us???

      What governments do the Palestinians have when they’re under Israeli siege? Israel control the air, sea and land access, they’re in the dark right now as we speak, flooded by sewers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1Gh7YNVuFk WB and EJ are behind a 700km wall, controlled with 500 checkpoints, what kind of existence do you call that??? How much longer??? you honestly think if you woke my children at dawn, blind folded and took them away I will at any time be talking to you about peace??

      Israeli brutal military occupation has to end NOW, Siege on Gaza has to end NOW, the more than 500 checkpoints have to be dismantled NOW, these are NON negotiables

  8. pps. Rollo, the reason golf clubs my seem strange to officials in israel is because there is only one golf course in the whole of israel and so this is not a very common item to be taken through customs in israel. Thus checking them thoroughly seems quite logical and rational.

    • Two actually, as of when I was there. They did not check them, they held me for three hours, and did not release me until a supervisor that had more than half a brain realized these monkeys were just not alert. Supervisor personally apologized and whisked me to the departure area, on, ironically, a golf cart.
      mb, my experience in this country, leave rationale at the arrival gate.
      ps- if you think Americans and Brits are brainwashed, converse with a Israeli.

  9. Why do check points exist?? because people bring in weapons to kill civilians in israel. of course these check point wont disappear if this is the action taken. No one is arguing that the israelis methods towards palestinans are as they should be and nothing should be changed by by acknowledging one side only peace will never be brought,. if people are willing to turn a blind eye to the deaths of innocent isrealis than peace will never be achieved.

    weather the number of deaths from rockets or bombmings in isareal is 1000 or 1, you can expect israelis to live with this fear everyday of being attacked and expect the goverment in israel to do nothing about it to protect its own people.

    Hoew can peace be made when the palestinians have 2 goverments who arent aligned, one of which clearly states their goal is to destory israel and the jews?? Are you so naive to think that if israel removes the wall that peace will follow?? if anything it will cause more terrorist attacks by the palestinainans which will lead to more harsh response from israel which will then lead to even less peace than currently exists.

    • Over militarized, over protected Israelis might live in imaginary fear created by their politicians, Palestinians live in real fear with NO one to protect them at the Israel’s mercy, being killed at checkpoints, outside schools, bombed from the sky, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGBWPeuZjmw&feature=youtu.be

      How do you expect the 2 governments to get together when Israel cut of WB from Gaza?? even simple people cannot cross between the two on humanitarian grounds, they’re completely cut off.

      One minute you say the Jews, the next minute you say Israelis, make your mind up, Jews lived for centuries as part of the Palestinian people, everything was fine, Israelis are Jews who had NO connection to the land, were brought in after the massacres and expelling of the Palestinians, into the newly created Israel, into Palestinian homes, Palestinian businesses, banks, hospitals, schools, everything that was called Palestine was completely replaced by incoming Israelis, I hope you wouldn’t mind when I turn up at your doorstep with my luggage and expect you out of there, when your children wake up tomorrow morning and find out everything around them turned into a different language by different people, while they’re rounded up in one of the 5 centres, surrounded by barbed wires, dogs and soldiers.

  10. by removing the wall no solution to bringing peace is being suggested. rather what is being said is that as theres no peace anyway why not let more innocent people on both sides be killed by taking away any means of some type of peaceful co existence which currently exists. That is not the solution and not the approach that should be suggested if a peace for both sides is supported.

    • One democracy is been suggested for a long time http://onedemocracy.co.uk/ , it work all around the world, there’s no reason for it NOT to work in Israel (supposedly the only democracy in the ME)

      Every person protected by the same law and have exactly the same basic human rights.

        • Why ONLY in Israel you’re allowed to have complete disregards to the most basic human rights? what kind of a state arm Jewish citizens to freely shoot Palestinians in WB? I’ve watched settlers run over and kill children in the streets, everywhere else is a crime, if Israel was a civilised state, then surely they’ll be a law against that.

          What about the regular settler’s attacks, on school kids on their way to and from school, why do we have to send international monitors to protect the kids to and from schools from the settlers/IDF soldiers?? How can a country have 35 communities under fire zone?? IDF training daily (Except Saturdays and Jewish holidays) on thousands of children living there?? Israel is a country that lost any moral legitimacy, and anyone supporting the state of terror they’ve created for the trapped Palestinians, need to check what kind of human beings are they??

  11. it seems that whilst people on here are horrified at the death of palestininans, the killing of innocent israelis, children inlcuded, you seem to have justified as being fine and acceptable. there should be no differentiaition when it comes to the killing of any innocent people. we should be looking at this through central eyes of how do we prevent killings of innocent people on both sides, not simply how do we remove bariers which, though should be challanged have infact prevented the deaths of many innocent people on both sides.

    • I didn’t justify anything, it’s your stalling that made the whole world do NOTHING until now, 65 years of waiting for Israel to sort things out while the Palestinians right now are DYING, images are all across the world of starving children in refugee camps, Gaza in the dark, watched footage on children shot on the checkpoint coming from school, and when his mates tried to get to him, they were shot at too.

      More Israelis die of peanut allergy that any terrorist attack, definitely not in the last 65 years, we’ve lost count of the dead and maimed innocent children who’s only crime is being Palestinian.

      There are NO both sides, Israelis are thriving at the daily destruction of MILLIONS of Palestinian people, that’s the reality today.

  12. Once again not even one acceptance that even israeli kids killed by Palestinians are victims. This shows that you do not care about peace or human life. Rather your concern is purely an agenda to allow Palestinians to be free to kill however many jews and others with no accountability for it.

    • Scuds, fired by Mossad, missiles from Lebanon, fired by Mossad, missiles from the occupied territories, fired by Mossad. Just read how it was done in 1984, fire missiles overhead and say it is the enemy, 911 was just a glorified version.

    • mb, I believe the first step down the rabbit hole is to cease thinking in terms of countries. Patriotism is a shackle, there are many, but this is a big one. Look at Americans singing along with the star spangled banner, or brits with Rule Britannia etc. (ps- laughable line from rule Britannia…….. “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.) Was there Neanderthal involvement in 911? of course, was there Wahabi involvement in 911? of course, was there Crown involvement in 911? of course, was there Vatican involvement in 911? etc. Do those who rule over the state of Israel murder their own citizens? of course, every country’s hierarchy does this. The ruling powers in Israel are Neanderthals from the caucasus region, many are unaware of their true heritage.

  13. if you are claiming israel is responsible for 9.11 then you are claiming israel is attacking american people, not their own citizens. that is a very big statement you are making.

    secondly, why is it you are fine with grouping palestininans as a unit yet you dont see value in grouping other countries as countries?

    And i very much believe patriotism does exist and can see examples of it all the time.

  14. it must be very sad and very tiring to live in ‘your world’ where all leadership appears to be corrupt and patriotism is dead. and please explain in more detail how each country you named was involved in causing the 911 attacks??

    • “and please explain in more detail how each country you named was involved in causing the 911 attacks??” Give me your take on 911 first, kind of wipe the slate clean, so I know where your “head”
      is at.

  15. I havent forgotten, (although i dont quite know what you mean by take on 9.11), but you still havent answered any of the above points, but rather you keep sending links. i want to hear from you an explanation of the very big statements you seem to be making with great ease.

    • Take on 911meaning, how do you perceive the events of that particular day.
      Please list what you mean by above points, as I can’t know what you take from what I write as I am not you, so I do not know how you perceive what I write.

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