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Black Friday Madness: Tent Cities Set Up to Buy Consumer Crap


John Galt
Activist Post

They don’t call it Black Friday Madness for nothing. Once again, as in years past, America will go wild and demonstrate the worst of humanity; including fights, near riots, knocking down children, and full-on degeneracy — all in search of America’s Holy Grail: a good deal.

And it has arrived earlier than ever before, which ironically has led to protests within corporate monolith Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart spokesperson, Bill Wertz, defended the early hours by saying that “associates understand that Black Friday and the holiday season is the most important time of the year.” The implication, of course, is that it is more important to be with Wal-Mart than to be with your own family for a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, at other corporate giants like Best Buy, “tent cities” have formed in Southern California parking lots as shoppers wait for doors to open, Some were reportedly taking a week off of work to “save money.” What kind of culture sets up “tent cities” in an effort to beat out their neighbors to see who can buy the latest garbage at the cheapest price? And probably on credit. A culture that can justify the following actual statement from within one of these Best Buy tent cities:

‘I’m here for the big TVs, games for the kids and PlayStations,’ Flores said. ‘If we had money we wouldn’t even be out here in the cold … we barely saved enough to get our TVs.’

Consumers of this mentality continue to overlook the vast catalog of corporate crimes, abuse and economic undermining of local economies, right along with overlooking their fellow neighbors living in squalor within real tent cities across the former American republic. A look at some of the latest economic numbers reveals a surprising disconnect from reality that does not bode well for a winner-take-all culture coupled with governmental predation.

Those who have suffered the effects of outsourcing, globalization, job and manufacturing destruction; who have been preyed upon by a criminal banking elite, and are looking at losing what little financial support remains, have been part of an expansion of tent cities appearing across the nation. Accurate statistics are hard to come by since many towns that discover tent dwellings have forced people to leave, or in some cases have torn them down entirely. Tent cities have also received very little coverage by the corporate media, as they provide real faces in place of the more preferable abstract (and manipulated) “economic data.” But we do know that there are at least 10-15% that consider themselves to be “new poor” and that entire American cities are beginning to resemble war zones full of refugees.
As an aside, it seems particularly demonstrative of social decay and a cultural disconnect from reality that the largest known tent city is on a 13-acre plot of land in the same region as Disneyworld. (Source)


Despite its ravaged economy that has seen America decline to number 12 on the Prosperity Index, America is still the world’s largest buyer of consumer goods, and perhaps stands as the best example of the cultural and moral failure that can result from this commitment to me, me, me.


The real strength of any nation lies in cooperating with one another in mutually beneficial ways. This survival of the individual, and a framework wherein they can thrive at the highest levels, demands that individuals uplift and empower other individuals to attain their fullest capabilities. This is not a progressive, socialist, or New Age notion; when you help your neighbor, you help yourself. Any time you can lend your skills to strengthen those of another within your community, you have just increased the likelihood that your community will weather literal and figurative storms. Conversely, when you ignore your struggling fellow citizen — by forming a retail tent city instead of visiting a real one, for example — you pave the way for your own possible destitution.

Being an abject consumer with zero skills to produce anything of worth is the fast track to hardship. We see its effects in America: it has resulted in a population that relishes their latest electronics purchase as some sort of proof that they are still part of a solid economy. In fact, most probably feel that they are directly contributing to the economy by making those purchases.

And, yet, as Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog points out, there are at least 55 reasons why Americans desperately need to wake up and see the big picture; buying American-made products this holiday season is a good start … preferably at the local level.

An even better idea would be to rediscover the spirit of entrepreneurial and innovative America, as opposed to the passive, dependent America that is on a runaway collision with a harsh reality of consumer-driven lunacy.

Now that the pathetic election sequence has been washed away, it is time to realize that every purchase you make equals a vote for one direction or another. It is a not a vote for Democrat or Republican; it is a vote for your freedom or your slavery. The best day to make such a statement is the day when half of America has chosen self-indulgence and ignorance. This Black Friday, “break the chains”, as Trends Journal forecaster Gerald Celente has repeatedly stated, and buy nothing.

If you feel compelled to purchase, do it with full consciousness of where your money ultimately winds up. Or, perhaps, as we see another year of ravaging hordes descending on their corporate churches of worship, we should realize that we would do well to prepare for a coming time of increased scarcity when these very same mobs might not even be able to afford the best buy, but will spread out to find what can be had for free.

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  1. See how the vile, slimy tentacles of Capitalism wrap around everything and squeeze every ounce of joy and goodness. Mindless zombies droning on to buy the latest consumer garbage, made in chinese slave labor camps. You can just feel the negative energy oozing from out of the package, infecting everything it touches. The split has been defined long ago and a chasm draws between us…I can still see them…hear them…smell the grease frying Genetically mutated, laboratory tested, factory made frankenfood. I no longer wish to see them. They have chosen. I have tried to tell who would listen. Conscious is clean. Let us now gather together those who have chosen the light, freedom and joy and march forward as sisters and brothers and make a new World. PEACE.

    • Hang in there Wilbur–totally hear you. So much is infected, but we can minimize our intake and be alert and aware enough to at least try to warn others. Don’t despair and keep on firing the Truth away! Just converted a service guy to chemtrail awareness today, blew his mind. Every time any of us can do a few things is a good thing…we just need to step it up. Love you, Zen

  2. Plan to supplant gorge-and-consume traditions so ardently espoused by profit-driven corps for a couple of my own. Will carve large pumpkin for oven-roasting/ sharing seeds with wildlife. Will contemplate relatively unruffled kitchen, and sleeping automobile, with a huge grin and a bottle of hard cider.

    Suggestions for other Alternative Plans??

  3. Human beings as a species were created to be followers, they inherently, need a leader, someone to think for them. They need a father figure. Its not only in America, but in a country like India, I see this consumer culture everyday, people just buy up stuff they won’t need it after a week. I think the cabal just exploits our deep psychological problems as a species to their advantage. I don’t think people change, People remain the same, only their surroundings change.

  4. wouldn’t it be a riot (pun intended)!
    CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 65% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Nov. 23rd when a pair of CMEs is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The incoming clouds were propelled toward Earth by the recent eruptions of sunspot AR1618. Black Friday might be tinged red and green by the glow of high-latitude auroras. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

    BIG SUNSPOT AR1618: The magnetic canopy of sunspot AR1618 is crackling with M-class solar flares, and NOAA forecasters say an X-flare could be in the offing. AR1618 has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for the strongest eruptions. Any flares today would likely be Earth-directed as the sunspot is directly facing our planet. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

    Sunspot AR1618 is so large (10 times wider than Earth) that Jett Aguilar was able to see it this morning when the sun came up over Marikina City, the Philippines:

  5. Unfortunately for you north americans you are now starting to taste what it might feel like in some small way to be one of the first nations peoples. That is to see your civilisation being destroyed by another more brutal one and with no power to stop it.

  6. We have to stop buying from the BIG BOX stores or were all done. People don’t get it !! If we keep supporting them we’ll all be working there buying their import goods and eating their GMO foods and living in tents. I pound this into peoples heads and most just don’t get it. One day they’ll have the option of working at Walmart or Costco creating someone else dream instead of their own, how utopian??!! Support your local industry as much as you can and learn to live within not without.

    Balanced and Aware

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