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[Peak cracks the Banksters coffin with another huge nail in it. – Z]

Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It
Goldman Executive Resigns

Broken clocks are right twice a day. On March 14, so was The New York Times. It gave rare op-ed space to high level Goldman executive Greg Smith for views worth sharing. He served as executive director and head of the firm’s domestic equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Headlining, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs,” he said:

After almost 12 years with the firm, today was his last day. He worked there “long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.”

In “simplest terms,” he said client interests are sidelined. Goldman thinks only about making money. “The firm has veered so far from the place I joined right out of college that I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what it stands for.” (More HERE)




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  1. Yet another head shot to the great shining lie, seven more heads to go on this unholy hydra and unless I miss my guess, the Peekster has a full clip, every time (pun intended). Some damn good info here, spooky as hell, but good stuff…all of which was overshadowed by the extemporaneous scat vocals of Cracker Jack Peeks, now appearing for a limited engagement on Planet Earth! Outstanding!

    • Cracker Jack Peek…ooooo, that one’s gonna stick! I feel a song or poem coming on… 😉 I already sing Mr. Peek Crackers to the tune of Mr. Bojangles…now you got my motor hummin’. Peek, you’ve mastered that video format in a heartbeat, just amazing! Keep on good man!!

    • Chautauqua haha love the clippings of pun , thank you Sir for noting the extemporaneous verbal roll I once talk to a old Ojibway chef when i was a kid and his words stuck with me . ” if you cant say words of what you think and can do this with out having to study your mind fist for words that fit , then you can speak to all life ” ((( Top Left ))) and Chaut your such a great soul man! really are.

      Mr sun shine! Man that day you sent me song it was pouring rain and I had just came into my office form standing it like a jack ass staring up in the sky ..I had no lights on and just poured a streaming cup of coffee, and i was thinking about the path one is on when they choose not follow in with topical sheeple behavior of life , and Pow you sent that vid . it was a Total reminder of my stance .it was Very heart felt Thanks Zenster I would have to say that between you and chaut you booth have very much inspired me to put my thoughts in motion. ((( huge man ))) Cheek pinch ass pat , Noggies wet willy s titty twister .. Just orgy if Man for horse play! Luv both of you Fine Gents

      • Chautauqua…you must have ‘piqued’ inside my hologram ie: a Head shot + Seven heads (or 7 Deadly Sins) + an Earth reference…coincidence/synchronicity or what!?!…great minds…hahahaha!!!

  2. Ah…but then again… aren’t we all a bunch of conspiracy theorist!!! There is no plot to enslave us…move along, nothing to be seen here!
    Great work Peek…I have learn something new again today. :)
    Huge hugs to ya my garden friend.

  3. OMG and to see this at Rense, too.
    Go VJ MPC!
    You seriously are on course, angel.
    Zen, Chat & YOU are so inspiring.
    Be well.

  4. The Izisnots thinks they’ve got us buddled up ready for the sacrifice when along comes Sir Peeks with his bat-catching version of a Black Maria(h) and bundles them into a black hole. A curtsey to you Sir, and a knighthood to Sir David D at the same time. Now where did I put that sword of the realm? Erm… oh yes, thank you Lord Michael…. Done

    By the way, Black Maria(h) – rhymes with Messiah – is a nickname for a secure police van with separate locked cubicles, used to transport prisoners.

    • Sol Love the comment , its was a great way to start my morning off Love the “Black Maria(h)” metaphor never knew that one.. awesome! massive gratitude to you ..Hug combo Hold the wedgies ?

  5. Well done Peek! I think you should market your container and advertise it as…..ZEMC
    “Zio Emergency Management Containers” funded by the Sovereign Citizen Swat Team.
    Keep on Rockin’!!

  6. from Alex
    rom Alex
    ..I think I can already see the bruises percolating on Blankfein’s
    genetic bald-spot, from a ricochet off of Dimon’s forehead, from that
    missile launch south paw pitch> from the ‘Peek Freak’s
    original>'”Gob-Spit’purple-nurple-wobbler>’KNUCKLE Ball”> …for a
    Strike! …Good thing you caught em with their pants down!, when they
    were preoccupied with their own ‘pitcher-catcher’ sico thing goin
    on…y’know! (lol)… doin the daily ‘Durty-Dawg’-‘Doggy-Style’ …coz of
    Jamie’s insatiable need to be on top & fuk everybody!…..Had a ‘flash’
    that banksters truly epitomise the parasitical locust-like infestation,
    in this time on Earth, as a direct result of the pernicious perturbations
    & perverse consequences of the proverbial-“Seven Deadly Sins”…it isn’t
    hard to imagine these disturbing comparisons at all…..Hopefully you
    just led a few more stragglers to water…maybe they’re thirsty?…Cheers

    • * Tip-o-the-hat Peeks…. as I tried to load this comment twice!…just to watch it disappear into the ether …it only happens with your articles…hahahaha!….Trolls or glitches obviously lack humor…I guess it all depends on which wolf you feed….Cheers

  7. Peeker does it again…..outstanding. I get this picture of the Peek after each presentation: The skeletal peek puffing on the stoagie with a large spotlight walking down the dark forbidden corridors of the liars marketplace.
    He comes to one of the cockroaches doors and kicks it in, shining the beam on the flavor of the week.” OK, bitch, (peek holding the squirming thing by the nap of the neck), it’s your turn to make real headlines…ever heard of Stage Zen….well you will real soon” Peek continues…”hold still, this won’t take long”.

    • LOL thanks Scooter . Ya my T V has been long gone it just gets me acting like i have turrets.. FUCKING LIAR .. .. BULLSHIT! SAY THAT TO ME BITCH! ect ect //

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