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by Robert Hitt, Contributor

There are consequences to everything.. The 10’s of millions of Americans without a job in the upper end of the workforce are people mostly ABOVE AVERAGE in intelligence and ALSO life experience..  This is not a bunch of dopes, they are the very people who made this country great.  The endless stream of bovine excrement that has been forced on the American people has an odor that is not going to go away. When I began to speak out in the late 1990s about the truth there were only a handful.. Now there are 10’s of millions.

In my investigation since April 15th I went back and looked at the date 4/19/1775 when the first shot was fired in the birth process of the USA. The location of JUPITER in that chart is at 21 Taurus.. That is the same degree of the zodiac that Gandhi had his natal Jupiter.  The upcoming solar eclipse on May 9th 2013 is at 19 of Taurus. A solar eclipse is an ACTIVATION and having it land in the same area of the zodiac as the first shots in 1775 makes me realize that indeed the perps have been CAUGHT RED HANDED.  This is a war that has started.. HOWEVER the war cannot be won on the terms the perps set up, it must be won with the same level of WISDOM AND INTEGRITY as the ghost of Gandhi would suggest. Violence is ineffective in the face of the same thing that Gandhi was facing in his day..

BOTTOM LINE is that Gandhi made it way too expensive for the Brits to continue to treat the Indian population as slaves.

There is a lesson here and I hope the American people will get it.. The way to take our country back is not to fight, it is to refuse to participate.  The British tried to force Indians into buying imported cloth so Gandhi had everyone make home spun fabric at home. The Brits wanted to tax salt so Gandhi lead a march to the sea to make salt from sea water. Eventually the British got so frustrated by the NON VIOLENT actions of the slaves they began to see just how much it was costing to fund an attempt to provoke the population into violence…  and so they just PACKED UP AND LEFT.

So a few action ideas. Think of some of your own.

Take your money out of the big banks and put it in community owned credit unions..
REFUSE to add to debt and pay any existing debt down as much as is reasonable.
For god’s sake cut off the cable TV.
ORGANIZE some nationhood POW WOWS to share information with others. Make it fun like a real life CSI or something.
Keep buying silver even in small amounts.. EVERY OUNCE COUNTS.

If little man Gandhi could cause the Brits to pick up and leave without any personal money to his name, then surly Americans can see that the concept of starving the beast that enslaves us is the way to go.  I am not in favor of the type of gun control being forced on us but at the same time the best gun is one that never needs to be used.

[Here’s an example of a Citizen reporter blowing the lid off of what’s going on.]




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  1. now we only have ONE challenge left:
    in the current situation still a lot of people believe that they are free or they are at least confused about who they are and what is going on.
    the indians could point their fingers onto the colonizers and did so and acted wisely.

    the best prison is the one which leaves the prisoners to believe that they are free.

    clearly the above mentioned IS the way to go but first needs to come the raise in and the rise of


  2. Fear is the biggest tool the parasite and its minions have over the sheep. From my observations that manifests itself mostly as a fear of losing ones’ employment. That keeps them docile and compliant. I totally agree there is no need for violent revolution simply if the populace in any given colonial boundary just dropped tools and said “I’m fed up and not going to work for the machine” the wheels would fall off! They don’t have enough bully boys to go round to each house and point a gun and force people back to work. The machine would lose its power within a week as everything it makes is geared for mass production and mass consumption.

  3. How man men and women do we all know that have plain and simple stopped thinking? Oh, there are little pulses of electromagnetism sparking through their lobes, but they no longer think, not critically, at least. The “thinking” that goes on for most exists based on what they are initially shown and told to think about (i.e. “news” or njews), which further morphs into more solidified beliefs based on conversations with other like minded idiots, and then becomes concrete faith after weeks of media advertisement of the definite conclusion.

    I know it hasn’t been different than this throughout time, but who in the world is going to be the “Ghandi” in the current situation? Reverend Jackwagon Moneybags looking to convince everyone that the Ascension is just a check and a signature away? The Kenyan Crusader signing his name on any writ that will get all of his homoerotic fantasies fulfilled? Or how about the same old new age squawkers, passing on just enough of a truth to suck in those that cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Jesus Christ, where is this second coming? If it goes like the first, where the man walks around and tells people to give up their worthless shit, then I guess it just might end up the same for people as it did then: Institutionalized characters and images, stories created to manipulate and confuse, religions wrapped around faith in symbols of torture and death, and a constant call for the plate to be filled.

    The first time around wasn’t wrong, or bad. It just ultimately had the effect of creating a cult of buck-passers that saw fit to have faith and believe in an image as a means to their own salvation. What happens in between Sundays stays in between Sundays. Once father pheelaboi waves his magic smoke and water, all of that other stuff is forgiven by the god of books and spooky music.

    If I were Christ, and I had a second coming, I would be pissed. Not a little pissed; we’re talking fire and brimstone, strike a bunch of fat asses with lightning, kick a politician and a priest in the bells pissed.

    If I were the second coming of Thomas Jefferson, I would do the same…

    • Who is going to be the Gandhi? One would think that by this time, we’d have learned our lesson!
      Every time a leader came, he was taken down, and the rest of us is left sinking.. It’s happened over and over.

      Com’on. Let’s be our one leaders!

  4. truth isn’t on holiday on account of stupidity…everyone self adjudicates…


    even Devvy Kidd…http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/

    clearly all rational “people” should JUSTIFIABLY HOMICIDE TALMUDVISION


    and laugh [HARD] at the idiots swirling the drain to the bottomless pit….of ultimate stupidity

  5. Ghandi was fortunate in having the British as his opponents. If he had lived in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, no one would ever have heard of him. The Constitution of the United States (as well as the Declaration of Independence) is not based upon the doctrines of Ghandi, and cannot be enforced by primary reliance on those doctrines. See the first thirteen words of the Second Amendment.

  6. Nice write Sir Hitt , forgive my lack of understanding on astro. I can say I am in the slow learners group .

  7. Nice sentiment but… they made a Hollywood movie about Gandhi. I think THAT is proof in itself that there is more to the Gandhi story than the popular myth would convey. Instead of India being ruled overtly by the British, the Indians were then covertly ruled by the same network that controlled the British empire. Gandhi would have been proud of the billion plus population currently in India and the fact that the country is practically just one large call center for multi-national corporations.

  8. Ghandi made a contract with the Rothschilds that he would let them have the financial sector of India. According to Mayer Amschel Rothschild they do not care who rules a oountry whose Finances they control.

    If you belief they would give up rich India because a men in Sandals wanted it so you are naiv about the nature of people we are up against. Adolf Hitler made more than 40 serious peace efforts and still their stooges (the Jew Churchill) declared war on Germany as per The Protools….’.

    Maybe they set up Ghandi and propagandized him to be the role model for stupid Goyim to fight peacefully whereas they smeared Hitler as the biggest evil to show how evil is war against them.

    • right on, finally someone smart and with some guts.

      Ghandi was a paid of gate keeper. “over throws the British empire, zero guns used” HAHAHAHA nice one. anyone that still believes this needs to wake up a bit more. the rothchilds love hearing people say that.

      Chandra Bosu and Adolph Hitler freed India, any Mumbai cab driver will tell you that “Hitler freed India”

      ironically the truth is , we could prob win this battle with minimal bloodshed if we ALL began speaking the truth at once, telling the truth about ww2, hitler, and ISLAM.

      and no, you’re not smart by using the nazi rethroic on the “elites” you’re just playing into their trap. time to level up to the 100% truth now.

  9. “Eventually the British got so frustrated by the NON VIOLENT actions of the slaves they began to see just how much it was costing to fund an attempt to provoke the population into violence… and so they just PACKED UP AND LEFT.”

    But not before the Brits screwed the Indians!

    India then was like a dog and a cat in a bag. Hindus and moslems together, each religion 180 degrees apart.
    During the British Raj and the Tea Co., the Brits kept each religion at each other’s throats, divide and conquer, you know. Perhaps favoring the moslems more, and stumping onthe Hindus more.

    But BEFORE the Brit scum let go of India, they made sure to divide India PERMANENTLY…by separating the Indian Province of Sind, etc. and creating Pakistan and W. Bangledesh and on the other side, Bengal, to tranform it into E. Bangladesh, giving all three to the moslems.

    THEN, the Brits left India.

  10. There was only a handful of us in the 80’s and a few of us suffered under prosecutorial misconduct. There are still a few of us still around waiting to play our restoration role.

  11. local currencies like berkeshares and ithaca hours are a must. the more goods produced locally the more freedom we will have.

  12. “Is not to fight but to refuse to participate.” Well, yes, but LEFTISTS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND TO A LESSER DEGREE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, all have no problem at all, already excluding the citizens in the polticial process. Mass Amnesty, continued mid-east wars that aren’t explained to the public, and countless other decisions. None of it bothers the political machine in the slightest. So I don’t understand the meaning of “not refusing to participate. The fanaticsm of the open borders left, alread assures this strategy’s DOOM.

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