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Brazen Intervention in Ukraine by Same Old Suspects

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Para-military trained neo-nazi rightists called Pravy Sektor or Right Sector in Ukraine have taken over the protests and launched a full-scale guerilla war against the government security police.

By Zen Gardner

The push for full spectrum dominance knows no boundaries. The globalist march into any and every country and province is incessant almost beyond comprehension. This take below makes total sense in light of the continual march for territory and political clout that seems to be so easy on the current manipulated world stage. The march is on and it will continue, however it’s disguised.

In the heat of recent exchanges and deaths of protesters in Ukraine many have lost sight of the insidious role key players in Washington and certain EU countries are playing. Their agenda seems to be to force an immediate end of the elected Yanukovich government in Kiev and lock Ukraine into the EU and, ultimately, NATO. Washington’s agenda has little to do with “democracy and freedom,” and a lot to do with destabilizing Putin’s Russia.

On Sunday, January 19, the eight-week-long series of protests and demonstrations against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev escalated to a new level of violence. Bands of neo-nazi rightwing militants called Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), attacked Ukrainian police guarding government buildings and attempting to contain the protesters.

Enter the Neo-Nazis

Demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at riot police from the top of the Dynamo Kiev football stadium in central Kiev beginning January 19. Police responded by using stun grenades and tear gas against the mobs. Vehicles were torched by the hooligans from the neo-nazi Pravy Sektor. More than sixty police were hospitalized from barrages of rocks, stones and Molotov cocktails.[1]

The core of Pravy sektor is made of the activists of radical groups, including ‘Trizub’, ‘Patriot of Ukraine’, as well as UNA-UNSO and the ‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) ultra-right party, which won nearly 10 percent of votes at the last parliamentary election in Ukraine. They are “pro-EU.” [2]

The far-right violent radicals told Radio Free Europe, a US Government media agency tied to the CIA and State Department, that they were preparing full bloody guerilla war against the government. Andrei Tarasenko, Pravy Sektor’s coordinator warned, “If they attack and try to carry out a bloody crackdown, I think there will be a massacre. Guerilla warfare will begin in Ukraine.” [3]

Tarasenko stated that their “demands” are to oust the current government and “build a nation state” in Ukraine. What kind of nation state we must imagine. They also demand that Yanukovych step down, but, generously enough, add that they would give him and his family “24 hours to leave the country safely.” On their social network VKontakte website, the organization calls for donations of items such as slingshots, steel balls, gasoline, laser pointers, glass bottles, chains, and pyrotechnics.[4]

Their published Manifesto is nothing short of bizarre: “All those who at this point would try to tame the revolutionary energy of the masses should be proclaimed traitors and punished in the most severe way. The time of peaceful singing and dancing at Maidan is over. This is waste of time. There can be no negotiations, no compromise with the ruling gang. We will carry high the fire of national revolution.” [5]

Curious is the fact that in the beginning of the protests, Pravy Sektor members were calling themselves ‘the Maidan self-defense force.’ They had been designated by the main opposition leaders – Vitaly Klitschko, Arseny Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tyagnibok–to provide the security of peaceful protestors. Now they clearly have split from the peaceful protests.[6]

Even more bizarre is the fact that in recent days ambassadors of several EU-member states, as well as the US and Canada have gone to Maidan to meet Pravy Sektor activists and learn how ‘the headquarters of national resistance’ operates.

Instead of unequivocally condemning the rise of violent Ukrainian nationalism, which could turn Ukraine into another Yugoslavia or Libya, the West is only threatening President Yanukovich with sanctions, while turning a blind eye to the Pravy Sektor real danger. [7]

Boxer Klitschko Favorite of West

The Tarasenko demands are virtually the same as ex-boxer-turned right-wing politician, Vitali Klitschko, the pro-EU apparent favorite of Germany’s Merkel government. Klitschko has lived in Germany for the past years.

The nominal reason for the latest explosive protests in Ukraine was passage of a series of emergency laws to control the civil disorder by the Parliament on January 16 which, among other things, restrict the right to protest, constrain independent media, and inhibit the operation of NGOs.

Evidence suggests that key players in the Ukraine protest movement are being steered and orchestrated by Washington-funded NGO’s like National Endowment for Democracy, the German Marshall Fund in The United States, a Washington think-tank financed by a donation of the German Parliament, and certain key neo-conservative Bush-Cheney leftovers in senior positions at the State Department.

Already in October, 11, 2011, the German Marshall Fund hosted Vitali Klitschko, then WBC heavyweight boxing champion just entering Ukraine’s political boxing ring to a Washington meeting to discuss Ukraine’s European perspective. [8]

Again in 2012 during the October Ukraine elections The German Marshall Fund in the United States hosted a top-level group of UK, French and German journalists to visit Ukraine, where they also met Klitschko. The Marshall Fund journalists  were told by the US Embassy officials in Kiev that, “Ukrainian oligarchs would like to see a strong opposition to the Party of Regions in the new parliament in order to temper the enrichment of President’s Yanukovich family.” [9]

That “strong opposition” is today headed by three very different political parties. One, which won a shocking 10% in the last elections and sits in Parliament, is Svoboda, a neo-fascist nationalist party led by Oleg Tyagnibok. Tyagnibok backed the US-financed 2004 Orange Revolution. He is openly anti-semitic and anti-Russian, once claiming that Ukraine was ruled by a “Moscow-Jewish mafia.” [10] The second largest opposition party, jailed opposition figure, Julya Tymoshenko’s  ”Fatherland,” led by Arseny Yatsenyuk, has signed an agreement to work with the neo-fascist Svoboda party. [11]

The opposition figure most attractive to the West is ex-boxer Klitschko, head of UDAR, the smallest opposition party, who has spent the last years living in Germany. In order to have a chance at a Parliamentary majority in 2015, Klitschko will be forced to make a coalition with Svoboda and its policies, even though he is trying a delicate tightrope act of claiming to distance from Svoboda’s anti-semitic ultra-nationalism.

In an OpEd in the London Financial Times, Klitschko wrote, “the official halt in Ukraine’s European integration unmasks the true face” of the Yanukovych regime—“a cartel of commercial self-interests that has captured public office and believes that political longevity can be bought by selling Ukraine’s interests.” Ukrainians, he warned, would not allow Yanukovych “and his cronies to steal their future” and if their views were not taken into account, “more protests are yet to come.” [12]

A central role in encouraging the Ukraine protestors is being played by the US State Department and especially Victoria Nuland.

State Department’s Role

A review of the official statements from Nuland, who met personally with opposition leader Klitschko in early December, is instructive of the open interference of Washington in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Nuland, Hillary Clinton’s appointee who now is Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs in the State Department, did not respect a sovereign decision by Ukraine’s government in November 2013 not to accept the dismal terms offered by Brussels for a Ukrainian EU “Association” status.

The EU “offer” would have forced Ukraine to open its economy to “free market” rules in return for little. When Yanukovych told the EU of his government’s decision in November, Nuland’s spokesperson issued the statement: “We continue to support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to achieve a prosperous European democracy. European integration is the surest course to economic growth and strengthening Ukraine’s democracy.” [13] That was an undiplomatic intervention on the side of the protestors designed to embolden the opposition. It did indeed.

Then on December 5 in Kiev after her meeting with Vitali Klitschko, Nuland declared, “There should be no doubt about where the United States stands on this. We stand with the people of Ukraine who see their future in Europe…” [14]

She followed her speech with a high-profile bizarre media photo-op where she carried a single plastic bag of food to give to the opposition demonstrators. Nuland’s partisan pro-EU comments were followed by a brazen appearance from Republican warhawk Senator John McCain a few days later, siding with the opposition in December. McCain is chairman of the Board of National Endowment for Democracy’s International Republican Institute, which has been in the middle of all US Color Revolution destabilizations since 2000.[15]

Most recently, on January 15, after attacking Russia for granting a vital $15 billion bond purchase to help stabilize Ukraine, Nuland all but outlined the standard US government template for election tampering that has been done in countless “color revolutions” since the NED’s 2000 coup against Yugoslavia’s Milosevoc. She told the US Senate, “the use of violence and acts of repression carried out by government security forces and their surrogates have compelled us to make clear publicly and privately to the government of Ukraine that we will consider a broad range of tools at our disposal if those in positions of authority in Ukraine employ or encourage violence against their own citizens.” [16]

She then issued a direct order to President Yanukovych, “we call on him to make it credible through concrete actions to restore government accountability, rule of law and engagement with Europe and the IMF.” And finally, referencing planned 2015 national Ukraine elections, she added, “US pre-election assistance to Ukraine likely will include programs to support citizen oversight of the campaign environment and the conduct of the elections, independent media coverage and informed civic awareness and participation.” And finally, “the State Department and USAID are reviewing how best to support Ukrainian civil society and media.” [17] USAID is widely cited as a cover for CIA operations in foreign countries.

Victoria Nuland herself is a former assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney, and married to neo-conservative guru, Robert Kagan. She was under fire when caught recently lying to the American people when she was Hillary Clinton’s State Department spokesperson. Nuland pushed her superiors then to completely delete numerous references of extremists linked to al-Qaeda in Benghazi and eastern Libya after the assassination of the US Ambassador. She also persuaded more senior officials to delete information on at least five other attacks against foreign interests in Benghazi by unidentified assailants. [18]





  1. As always, it comes down to the banks and who controls the nations in which those banking systems are imposed, namely the IMF, the western/european tentacle of the Rothschild octopus cabal attempting to extend it’s reach as far back into Russia as it possibly can by inventing “protests” and “political dissent” among the people using dupes like Klitschko and Pravy Sektor to shove some old, wrung-out phony ideology down the Ukrainian’s throats. If years of suffering under soviet joowish bolshevik communist rule didn’t teach ‘em anything, i guess there ain’t much to talk about is there? It’s really not much different than Syria, Egypt or Libya. turn right/Nazi? turn left/Bolshevik? what’sthadifference? It’s the money, honey. Do ya think people will ever catch on to this shit?

  2. This is a fully backed coup … I was watching the formation and the tactics ..Its not just angry people .

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