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Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?" Report Detailing Conspiracy Against Iran Redirected on Website


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Update from Tony Cartalucci: Brookings has moved around their documents, leaving dead links for anyone who cited them over the years. All documents cited by Land Destroyer will now be hosted online using Scribd, and linked to that way.

Those who have been following Tony Cartalucci’s articles about geopolitics and the strategies employed by Western governments to destabilize the Middle East and surrounding regions have no doubt seen many references to the 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” report.

This report is key proof that what we are seeing around the world today is not by accident; it was a well-coordinated effort that we see unfolding by the day according to scripts created by think-tanks such as Brookings Institution. For those who might be new to this material, this single report, as Tony Cartalucci points out, “conspires against the nation of Iran. Plots include using terrorists, provoked war, economic warfare, and covert military and political subversion against the Iranian people.”

Brookings has now moved their documents. This creates a large amount of dead links on both our site, as well as Cartalucci’s Land Destroyer.  In an effort to preserve this key document both sites are posting the embedded report in full below.

For a full analysis of the document please see Cartalucci’s reporting on “Which Path to Persia?” Part I and Part II.


Brookings Institution’s "Which Path to Persia?" Report

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  1. I was sickened to see huge swaths of Syria reduced to rubble.. The murders and destruction that have our names etched on the crumbling walls. Tens of thousands forced from their homes, because our bombs are destroying yet another country.
    It’s not the fear of fema camps that makes me want to run to an island, it’s separating from the deathstar. Imagine our degree of horror if we were to see downtown Cleveland or Portland flattened. What those people must be feeling, I’m sick about it.. And maybe the worst part, it’s just one more chess move toward their real target….

    • So far what they have done to Syria is nothing compared to the incredible destruction of Lybia – from the country with the highest standard of living in the whole region to chaos, great suffering and rule by fanatics…
      But “we” saved them?
      Btw, how does a “no fly zone” translate into flattening all of a country’s infrastructure?

  2. Me friggin GODS how can we allow this to go on? Have any of these blood thirsty pricks ever even been to Iran? All I know for sure is after here that PSYCHO benni talk and listening to Mahmoud there is only one “person” here and let’s just say it , it aint benni. Iran, if I could I would come and fight with you against this worldwide conspiracy. You are just…they are NAZI’s every fuckin zionist one of them. DOWN WITH ZIONISM, DOWN WITH WARMONGERS, DOWN WITH the little man, benni !!!!!!

  3. It’s interesting to see how blind the us has become in its egocentric ignorance.

    In fact, pretty everything in the above “study” is wrong.

    The reality:

    – the us can not negotiate. There is simply nobody trusting them any more.
    – whatever the us offered as “carrot” would hardly suffice to compensate the dammage they created.
    – the usa is bankrupt. They may dream about military options but they couldn’t afford it.
    – The us is by far the most hated nation ever. Even here in “us-friendly” europe they are widely despised, hated and considered big-mouthed scum.

    Also very importantly, even their way of thinking is egocentric, corrupt and plain wrong. Unlike americans Iranians have honor and can not be simply bought or frightened by wet american phantasies.

    If the americans have any brains left they stay at home and repair their rotten economy and country. Maybe, just maybe they might be lucky and recover.

    If, however, they attacked Iran any more in whatever way (“sanctions”, military, …) they would in effect let go their last chance to recover and push themselves over the edge.

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