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Where Is My Buffalo – Mason Profitt

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As Pam said, “beautiful, beautiful song.” Enjoy.



  1. A beautiful song that comes on the heels of my viewing these archived photos of the massacre at Wounded Knee:


    A sadness will envelope anyone who reads “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and a river of tears will likely flow when you allow “Indian Sunset” to wash over you. With an incredible arrangement by Paul Buckmaster, lyrics by Bernie Taupin and vocals by Elton John, Indian Sunset takes us back in time, forcing us to confront the horror and the blight perpetuated on the indigenous people of the America.

    What have we and what are we doing to ourselves?

  2. Thank you Zen,

    There was an article you posted on Ray Bradbury, that caught my attention, so cruising around on the net looking for Ray Bradbury this came up.

    This man was so passionate about his life. At 81 years old he tells about how he pursued this passion.

    All about synchronisity and the belief in ones self.

    An Evening with Ray Bradbury 2001


    Enjoy and thank you again

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