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Call To Action: Stop Bill C-18!

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CALL TO ACTION: Stop Bill C-18!On Dec. 9, 2013, bill C-18 amends several Ag laws to give multi national corps greater power and control over Canada’s seed industry.

The National Farmers Union (NFU), has released “Fundamental Principles …for a Farmers’ Seed Act” which recognizes the inherent rights of farmers to save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds:

READ: http://www.nfu.ca/story/fundamental-principles-farmers-seed-act


http://www.nfu.ca/issue/stop-bill-c-18“Those who control seed control food, and as a sovereign nation we must ensure that control of seed and food is protected in the public interest”, said Terry Boehm, Chair of the The National Farmers Union Seed and Trade Committee.

This is not the farmers battle, it is our battle, about our food and your children’s future.

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  1. My garden growing was SO disappointing this past summer. Seedlings withered, died & I literally cried. So much of our planet perishes. We need a much higher vibration to fight this! I grew organic, but the “consistent contrails” decimated my efforts. Why else would such an unnatural act be proposed? I guess I should go outside & sing ” You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey”. Rollo, as a fellow Canadian, can you sing along? Much love everyone!

    • Lynne,
      Sorry about the garden.
      In Central Washington State, Naches, we had the best garden ever under the chemskies last year. We had one sweet 100 tomato plant that was 5′ around and 5′ high. I believe the reason was the Orgonite it was planted near as nearly all the plants within a 10′ radius of it flourished. Experiment with it this year. ;})

  2. The Modern Farmer article, called The Post GMO-Economy, makes an excellent case for farmers dumping GMO. Some of the interesting facts the magazine uncovered include:

    The cost of growing one acre of non-GMO corn was $680.95, the cost of growing an acre of GMO corn was $761.80 according to Aaron Bloom. That means it costs $80.85 more an acre to raise GMO corn.
    GMO seeds can cost up to $150 a bag more than regular seeds.
    The market for non-GMO foods has grown from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $3.1 billion in 2013, partially because some Asian and European countries don’t want GMO seeds.
    Grain dealer Clarkson Grain pays farmers an extra $2 a bushel for non-GMO soybeans and an additional $1 a bushel for non-GMO corn.
    The market for non-GMO seed is growing. Sales at Spectrum Seed Solutions, which sells non-GMO seed, have doubled every year for the last four years. Sales at another company that markets non-GMO seeds, eMerge Genetics of West Des Moines, Iowa, have increased by 30 percent a year for five years.
    Spectrum Seed Solutions president Scott Odle thinks that non-GMO corn could be 20 percent of the market in five years

    • I’ve heard of one local US farmer sell out say it costs too much for all the different pesticides so they cave to where they only hve to use round-up…sickening, and they’re clearly not calculating the full cost…although they might start in gentle on the pricing and then jack it slowly, wouldn’t be surprised…

      I don’t know if those numbers take into account that farmers have to BUY NEW GMO SEEDS EVERY SEASON by santioned Monsanto ruling- they’re not allowed to use their own seeds generated by the plants, the process for millenia. Huge added cost and totally disempowering, a huge part of the agenda…as well as to put farmers out of business so big brother agra can grab up all the land as per Agenda 21…
      Gr8 comment Rando…pls send links…or put something together? ;)

  3. When it all boils down…… BRAKE the Chain of LIFE SOMEWHERE and ….well…. the Life regenerating cycle is BROKEN!!!! …be it the link called seeds or the link called water or the link called healthy soil or the link of right amount of sunlight or the link of right KIND of soil/growing conditions as in for instance the soil’s Ph
    The seeds put in the ground at the right Moon phase ( put in th wrong NOTHING will come up , no matter how good seeds and healthy soil -etc- one has!
    SEEDS alone in a piece of land does NOT do what we want seeds -and land -to do: produce food for us.
    The CHAIN of LIFE needs to be kept WHOLE –like in HOLY — for us to benefit from the seeds.

    Monsanto try as it might,can do only SOME harm IF We the People really know how to handle agriculture’s ALL phases: from one years seed to next seasons seeds and ALL that needs its own right kind of care to produce this wonderful cycle of Life and KEEP IT GOING from year to year to year!.

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