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It appears Russia has been conducting systematic data dumps on 9/11, the releasing of more factual information on the attacks than any US Government source.

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Lenon Honor patiently breaks down how the conscious and subconscious mind are manipulated by the mass media to trigger relived trauma for the sake of control. Terrific teaching tool.

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To find out more about the event this Saturday where the pictures will be released go to ae911truth.org. To see the pictures follow Luke on http://twitter.com/lukewearechange.

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Perhaps this endeavor by so many will reach the minds of the clueless. This war we are engaged in, for whatever form it will take, will only find its worth when we have arrived at everlasting peace.

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9/11 is the mother of all them all. Truth is its mortal enemy. Revealing it is crucially important. Growing numbers of Americans and others worldwide reject the official 9/11 myth.

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A clever satire on the obvious controlled demolition of WTC building 7 and cockroach Larry SIlverstein's famous confession that he ordered them to "pull it".

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We are rapidly approaching 13 years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, where the suppressed facts surrounding the deaths of thousands of Americans continue.

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Like a cold shower, watching Seven inexplicably collapse shocked many people into a new awareness. For the first time many of us would begin to question officialdom.

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An answer to a question from siblings about how have I kept up with world and American events being outside the US so many years, and other subjects we've recently been debating.
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